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Two Hearts, One Love
by Kimaya & Monte Seward
Style: Popular Wedding Music R&B
Wedding Music Central duet. A beautiful Pop/R&B ballad featured on the TV daytime soap opera, "Another World" for the Unity Candle, First Dance
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They say that love is blind
You must have read my mind
`Cause you`re the only who`s ever seen
The part of me I`ve only dreamed
Together feels so right
The two of us are so alike
This must be destiny
You and I are meant to be

Two hearts, one love
A love that`s deeper than the night
A love forever burning bright
Two hearts, one dream
A dream that`s coming true for us
`Cause baby here we are
Now you`re part of me
We`re in one love with these two hearts

Though you`ve been loved before
I promise even more
And as the years go by
We`ll find the way
To reach forever day by day
I didn`t know til now
You`re the one thing I can`t do without
In your arms the whole night through
I can`t help lose myself in you


I know that heaven was listening
`Cause I was only existing
Til I saw forever in your eyes
And now we`ll be for all our lives


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