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A Song For My Daughter (On Her Wedding Day)
by New Wedding Traditions
Just once upon a yesterday
I held you in my arms
You grew into a little girl
with lovely childhood charms
Now it seems I only turned around
And I see you by his side
Oh, I can't believe my eyes today
My Daughter is a Bride

I guess somehow I always knew
This day would soon be here
Still I wonder as I look at you
What became of all the years
And no words could ever quite express
The way I feel inside
Oh, I can't believe my eyes today
My Daughter is a Bride

All the laughter and the teardrops
The sunshine and the rain
I would relive every moment, Dear
If I could bring them all back again

But now, My Love, the time has come
To send you on your way
So I wish you every happiness
And the blessings of this day
And I hope the love I've given you
Will forever be your guide
Oh, I can't believe my eyes today
My daughter - Oh, I can't believe my eyes
My Daughter - Oh, my angel and my pride
My Daughter is a Bride

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