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I Do (Promise to Love You)
by Phil and Brenda Nicholas
Style: Christian
I've waited so long for this day to come
It's hard to believe that it's finally here
I know a man, ain't supposed to cry
But it's getting real hard to hold back the tears
When I see you walking down the aisle
And you flash to me that gorgeous smile
As you near, my heart skips a beat
And at the altar we finally meet.
And I tell you...

Yes I do promise to, forever love you
I'll love and cherish you the rest of my days, yes always.
This love that God has given, makes life much more worth living
He's blessed us with a love that could only come from above.

I've waited to long for this day to come
We'll be two hearts beating as one.
Just how I feel, mere words can't express
But saying "I Do" says it best, I can't wait to tell you

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