Makeup Tips for the Natural Bride


So makeup’s not really your thing; you’re most comfortable in your favorite pair of jeans and a T-shirt and you’d rather be outside than inside. But your wedding day is approaching, and you’re not sure how to go for something a little bit fancier than your every day look, while skipping the drama-heavy makeup. Use these tips to enhance and highlight your natural beauty.

Base Layer

Skip heavier cream foundations and go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead; these will even the tone of your complexion and give your skin a dewy finish without the feeling of wearing makeup. If your complexion is oily, top the moisturizer or BB cream with a light finishing powder.


Swap darker berry or rose hues for peach-toned blush instead; peach hues brighten almost any complexion and bring warmth and color to your expression without looking forced. For an even more natural look, choose a liquid cheek stain instead of powder: they tend to go on lightly and absorb a bit, leaving behind a wash of translucent color. Just be sure to practice ahead of time, if you are applying it yourself, so you know how much to apply. You may have to layer it slightly.


Use a good under-eye concealer to brighten the eye area, and you can apply it to the lids as well as a base layer beneath your eyeshadow. Pick an eyeshadow that is a half shade darker than your skin tone and has a bit of shimmer. A very thin line (or line of finely-spaced dots) snug against your eyelash line will open the eyes without looking overdone. Finish with a waterproof mascara.


You can go completely natural with your favorite lip balm, use a nude lipstick, or dot apple-red lip stain lightly along the centers of your top and bottom lip—blend it in with your fingertips and top it with Vaseline for a rosy, natural lip that will look exactly as if you were just laughing—or kissing.

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