4 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Theme

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After setting the date for your big day, your next task is to come up with a wedding theme or color scheme. What style will represent you as a couple? Which color will tie everything together? Keeping these four things in mind will narrow down your choices, and take a little stress off of planning.

Select a style you will love for years to come. Trends will come and go, and your love for that trend my fade by the time you walk down the aisle. Stick with a specific color you have always loved, or a theme that you keep going back to over and over again.

Sometimes going simple is the best. Keep it classy with a main color and add one or two accent colors for contrast. A color can be a theme, and say a lot about the couple.

If you decide to do a theme, make sure it represents the bride and the groom as a couple. For example, if you are having a garden theme wedding, make sure there are some elements of your groom represented in the wedding. If he is a cowboy, then have the groom and groomsmen wear cowboy boots. Adding small touches from both of your personalities into the theme is a great example of two different people becoming one.

Budget is the unwanted topic, but it’s important. Don’t dash your dreams for a certain theme because of your budget. Get creative, and find ways to incorporate the ideas you love without breaking the bank. DIY some pieces of the décor, visit thrift stores, and comparison shop. Being a smart bride, can get you the theme you want on a budget.

Setting the theme is the hard part. Use the color palette or theme you dream of as the foundation for building a beautiful wedding that you and your fiancé will love.

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