Let’s be honest, traditional church weddings are so out-of-date and overrated, particularly in the 21st century. Stately homes are the new top wedding venues in the UK, but how about stretching further out and tying the knot abroad? When organising your wedding plans remember to renew your EHIC card before travelling as there is nothing worse than getting ill when you’re due to get married. Here are some of the best places in Europe to consider for your wedding.


Known internationally as the city of love, Paris may well be the top romantic wedding location you’ve always dreamed of. The Four Seasons Hotel George V is among the most popular venues in the world for tying the knot and it is within view of the Eiffel Tower. The city is well regarded for its streetside cafés, jazz clubs, galleries and museums, which may well make it the ultimate spot for your honeymoon too.


If you fancy an Italian flavour to your wedding then look no further than the Fonte de’Medici, a cluster of farmhouses in the Tuscan vineyards that lie between Florence and Sienna. The Chianti region of Europe will provide a relaxed atmosphere in an intimate setting with fantastic food and wine. You could even consider purchasing your wedding dress from Milan (one of the fashion capitals) and as for the honeymoon you can take a romantic trip on a gondola or a cruise around Lake Como.

Swedish Lapland

If you think of yourself as Elsa from Frozen, you may find yourself at home in the Icehotel, a romantic (if chilly) wedding venue. There is a dome shaped chapel with an ice altar and pews upholstered with reindeer skin. The local pastor oversees all marriages, you can enjoy your wedding breakfast at a local, rustic inn and spend a night in one of the hotel’s suites (don’t worry, it’s not as cold as you’re probably dreading).


This little Cypriot island has a white-washed church on a cobbled square, and the area is purposefully designed to look like a Mediterranean village. There are also options to get married on the beach or even in the hotel gardens. A wedding in Cyprus is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to the wedding and the honeymoon with beautiful weather all year round.

The beginning of fall is right around the corner and we’re bringing you the perfect petals to walk down the aisle in September with. From orchids to cranberry shades, take  peek at this autumnal beauties.


Want to have a kid-free wedding? Many do. Not everyone knows how to raise well-behaved children, resulting in nightmares that involve small fingers in wedding cakes, crying babies, tantrums, overly-playful preschoolers, various messes…the list goes on. If you really and truly want a wedding free of children, prepare for backlash. While some, namely those who do not have spawn, will be more than happy to attend your child-free wedding, those who have kids are probably going to pitch a fit…at least to each other. They will complain about finding babysitters, but if you want your wedding to be an adults-only affair, it is important to stand firm. After all, it is also a way to trim the guest list!

Review a few tips for ensuring no one brings their younglings to your wedding:

Let People Know BEFORE You Send The Invitations

Let guests with kids know before you send out your invitations that your wedding is not going to involve children. This gives them plenty of time to find a sitter, as they will literally have months to prepare.

Call It An “Adult Reception”

Avoid mentioning that children are not allowed at your wedding on the invitations. It is considered tacky. Go with wording such as “adult reception” instead, or writing “We have reserved [this number] of seats for you” on the RSVP card. It will obviously include the number of adults attending only.

Stay Firm

Do not waver on your stance, even if your cousin Charlotte is bemoaning that she just wants to bring her one “angel” to your wedding. Allowing one or two people to bring their children when you expressly said yours is a kid-free affair is a surefire way to cause tension on your wedding day. Those who left their children at home are going to be miffed, so be clear and firm: your wedding will not feature children. Not even a flower girl.

You could opt to have a babysitter at your wedding–someone to watch the kids in a designated area. However, this could give the children separation anxiety and cause problems…so if you really want your wedding to be kiddie-free, make sure it stays that way. It’s your wedding after all–so do what you want!

Designs that will sweep you off your feet, make you fall in love and have you daydreaming every moment of the day that you’re floating down the aisle to the one you want to say, “I do” to, that’s exactly what you’ll find within these wedding gowns from Krikor Jabotian.


Planning your wedding to the tee is exceptional important to ensure that your entire day runs completely smoothly. America is one of the best places in the world to have a wedding, whether you’re looking for a beach wedding, a winter wedding in the Rocky Mountains, a Vegas wedding, or even a cowboy themed wedding, there’s so much to choose from all around the 50 different states. However, it is important to make sure that you’re the happiest day of your life is as wonderful as it can get, when you plan your wedding in America.


If you’re planning your wedding in America, and you’re looking to travel you and your family in for the big day, you need to ensure that everybody has completed their ESTA application and it has been approved before they come. Doing this in advance of the wedding is important, to ensure that everyone can be approved for the ESTA, and if not then ensure that they begin the lengthy process of a full visa. The ESTA visa needs to be completed by everyone in the wedding party, and allows them to be in the country for travel or for business, for up to 90 days. The ESTA also lasts for up to two years, so you should be sure that you carry this out as soon as you confirm your wedding, to ensure that nobody is affected by the visa requirements.

Legal Requirements

When it comes to planning a wedding in America, there are a few legal requirements that you will need to consider in order to ensure that the wedding is legally binding. For example, if you want to head to Vegas and have your wedding there are a few aspects that you need to ensure to be certain that it is valid both in the country you are marrying, in your home country and ensuring that you have the specific paperwork requirements. In the US you shouldn’t have too much of a problem securing the right documentation, but it’s always worth a double check wherever you’re getting married.


When it comes to your holiday in America, there are plenty of locations that you need to consider in order to pull off the perfect wedding. If you want a beach wedding, you should consider some of the best beach destinations in the US such as Florida, Hawaii and many more. Alternatively if you’re looking for a small wedding affair, then a Las Vegas chapel could be the ideal place for you. Looking at your budget, cost of flights and accommodation options are all exceptionally important when it comes to planning your wedding in America in order to make it the perfect day.

Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal dinners are a tradition in North America, and it may help you and your family to really prepare for the big day if you take part in one of these. The rehearsal will help to make sure that everything that needs to be in place, is in place at the right time, and this rehearsal can take place from a few weeks prior to just a few days before the wedding, depending on when you want it and how prepared the day is. If you’re looking at having a large wedding then you might want to have a rehearsal dinner in order to ensure that everybody knows what they need to be doing on the day.

Is your maid of honor or one of your ladies in waiting also expecting a bundle of joy when your wedding day rolls around? Instead of having her ditch the aisle, check out some of these unique and beautiful maternity bridesmaids gowns. Have her steer clear of discomfort and the traditional frumpiness of the usual maternity wear and try on some of these designs!


2016 has been a stand out year for destination weddings. Couples have been taking full advantage of all that going abroad can offer, and with that, comes a brand new set of trends that we are excited to share.

Locations on the Rise

The traditional beach wedding certainly isn’t going anywhere, with Mexico, the Bahamas, and Jamaica continuing to hold the top spots for many to-be-weds. However, locations like Ireland, Spain, Iceland and South Africa are starting to gain some ground with couples looking for something different. Getting married in an Irish castle or a Spanish mountainside is not only an exciting journey, but makes for some stellar wedding photos as well!

It’s All in the Details

The custom details of any wedding, whether it’s abroad or at home, are one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding and key to creating a personalized experience. This year, there has been a shift from the shabby chic style to rustic glam. This style brings out romantic lighting and bold table patterns that are mixed with metallic and neutral accents.

Brides heading down the aisle have been drawn to dramatic backs and embellished sleeves in 2016 (can this be a trend forever, please?). Grooms have been getting in on the fun too with colorful shoes and patterned bow ties that make every groom stand out.

While bold shades and metallic hues are certainly making a scene at destination weddings, neutral tones and pastels are also here to stay. In fact, Pantone’s colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, have been incorporated in countless celebrations since they were announced.

The Food

Couples are steering away from traditional wedding food and incorporating regional cuisine into their menus. This is a great way to not only be cost effective, but to show off the destination and give guests an authentic cultural experience! Naked cakes and buttercream have emerged as favorite choices for destination couples as well.

As the destination wedding market evolves, so do the trends that couples bring to the table each year. Knowing what’s on trend can serve as a great source of inspiration while still staying true to what your wedding vision is. No matter what you choose, there is no doubt that it will be the experience of a lifetime for both you and your guests.

Megan Velez is the Vice President of Product at Destination Wedding Travel Group, the world’s leading destination wedding and romantic travel planning company. Destination Wedding Travel Group, which encompasses, and, has worked with nearly 25,000 couples and half a million guests to plan dream destination weddings around the world. For more information, visit



Trying to figure out where to go on your honeymoon? If you’re stuck for ideas or just can’t seem to agree on anything good, check out the following destination suggestions. You’re bound to find at least one you like, or at least get inspired:

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau has plenty of posh hotels, such as the all-inclusive Melia at Baha Mar. It also offers 3,000 miles of white sand beaches, stunning (and preserved) Caribbean gardens, and ridiculously-clear sea water. If you’re planning a springtime wedding, Nassau is a great honeymoon spot, as the destination is at its sunshine peak in spring.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is one of the most-visited cities in the United States, with Universal’s Harry Potter World arguably playing a role. If you’re a HP nut or simply like the perpetual warm weather and sunshine featured in the southern state, Orlando makes a great honeymoon destination. The spring break crowd is gone by April, allowing you and your beloved to enjoy many romantic moments.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is among favorite Google searches for honeymoon destinations, and it’s not hard to understand why. Phuket features views of the always-sparkling Andaman Sea as well as mountain landscapes, and there’s also spas and plenty of other good stuff. March through May is the time to go, as you won’t get hit by monsoon after monsoon.

England, UK

In 2014 London was deemed the most popular tourist destination in the world by the MasterCard Global Cities Index report. In addition to the many attractions London features, such as the famous Tower of London, there’s also the epically-gorgeous English countryside to discover.

Islands Of Tahiti

Tahiti routinely makes the list of best honeymoon destinations thanks to its function as an island paradise. All-inclusive options are available, such as those at The Brando, a resort featuring 35 Polynesian villas. Each villa features its own pool and section of beach. And yes, the resort is named for the legendary actor.


Croatia had a record 10 million visitors in 2013 due to features such as an ancient city center, warm Adriatic Sea, fabulous wineries and seafood, and views of the Paklinski Islands archipelago. June is probably the best time to go, as that’s when the sea is perfect for swimming.

Have the above suggestions sparked any ideas yet? Other options include Kauai, Hawaii; Fiji; Florence, Italy; Brazil; Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Los Cabos, Mexico among others.


We know the feeling. You schedule time to workout in the week, but before you know it the slot has been double and triple booked. You need to meet your wedding planner, or stay late at work, and despite your desire to get training you just can’t seem to find the time.

We want to share some simple ways to make exercising a part of your week and even a part of your everyday. Some of these points will require a change in your mind set whereas others will be more practical. By combining these all, we are certain we can help you get on track with your fitness goals.

Make it a priority

Too many people let exercising be an optional extra in their life. It is viewed as something to do in your spare time, and not necessary. People that are serious about fitness have a different mind set. They make fitness a priority and they give it the same importance that they would give to a business meeting or a dinner with close friends. Your fitness session is as important meeting with yourself. It is much-needed me-time in the week. If you start to adopt this mindset you will begin to find that excuses no longer get in the way of your scheduled workouts.

Get a personal trainer

If you have the right mindset, the next thing to do is to get a personal trainer. This is a sure fire way to make sure you don’t miss a workout and a great way to stay motivated. Rain or shine, good day or bad day, your trainer will expect you to show up to your sessions and you will be held accountable if you keep cancelling sessions.

Ditch the car

We all rely on either public transport or our cars far too much. As well as being terrible for the environment they are also terrible for our waistlines. By organising your day better e.g. waking up earlier, we could all find the time to walk more regularly. This is especially important if you work in an office and are seated for most of the day. You will find a walk in the morning and evening will either energise or relax you, depending on your mood and help you to be more productive during your day.

Work out at work?

Many companies have now caught onto the fact that healthy employees are happy and productive employees. Many companies run fitness sessions for their employees, following the examples of leading giants like Google and Apple. Why not round up a group of colleagues and ask your employer to fund some company fitness sessions? They are relatively inexpensive and will help you bond with your colleagues during your lunch or before or after your working day.

Buy the dream dress

We believe that sometimes a bit of extra motivation (or shall we say fear!) is good for us all. Buy your dream dress, the dress that you imagine yourself in, well in advance of your big day. If you have a weight loss goal, this is a fantastic way to remain motivated. For example, if you are a size 14 but would love to be a size 12, this dress will be a constant reminder that you need to prioritise your health and fitness. Make sure your weight loss goals are realistic and you give yourself enough time to achieve them.  For example, dropping a dress size in six months is definitely achievable if you are working with a personal trainer.


Besides engaging them in the best bachelor party ever, you might be asking yourself what gifts to get the groomsmen in your wedding. These people are obviously pivotal parts of your life or you wouldn’t have them in your wedding, so you don’t want to get them just any old thing. At the same time, wedding costs add up FAST, so you certainly can’t buy each of them a trip to Jamaica (though you wish you could). There’s no need to worry, especially with everything else on your plate. Read on for tips on awesome gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t get groomsmen gifts that are erring on the side of ho-hum. A unique gift can also be something they use. Grab something they can wear on the big day. Some personalized bow ties from Knotty Tie would definitely do the trick, and colorful suspenders will offer a fun surprise in the wedding photos. We can also imagine a group shot of everyone wearing these hilariously unique socks for men. One idea we think all groomsmen would really get a kick out of would be these group caricatures. Especially if they’re all friends, seeing their personalities come out in the artistry would be amazing.

Get Boozie

A wedding is often an alcohol-fueled occasion, and men are known for their love of craft beers and/or a good scotch. But don’t just get them their favorite bottle of liquor. Go next-level gifting with an engraved decanter from, a personalized beer opener flask, or wine bottle. This is a conversation starter to be sure and will serve them well in all of their future entertaining endeavors.

Positively Personalized

We’ve already mentioned a few of these above, but personalized gifts are a way to really go above and beyond. Because their initials are unique to them, these types of gifts are automatically more special. We suggest personalized whiskey barrels, coolers, or pocket watches. Dudes don’t like to often admit to sentimentality, but these personalized touches would surely mean a lot to them. The sky is truly the limit, and you can add a heartfelt touch to your gift by picking items that are indicative of each groomsman’s personality and hobby preferences. For one it could be a set of personalized golf balls, while you could order a personalized coffee mug for that consummate professional that needs his daily caffeine fix to make the work day fly by. Take your time to think of items you know they’ll use.

Go Philanthropic

If you’re running short on time and inspiration, philanthropy is always a solid choice. Much like how many couples are now donating to charities in lieu of wedding favors, you can do this for your groomsmen. Simply send them a nice heartfelt card telling them that you’ve made a donation to [Insert Charity Here] in their honor. This is a gift you, your future spouse, and the groomsmen can feel great about. Check out to find a great cause.

Incorporate the Bachelor Party

Another thing you can do for your groomsmen is to offer to pay for a meal or the like while you are all together on your bachelor party. It could be a day of skiing (although this could add up!), a dinner out, or a show. If you’re going to the unofficially official bachelor party destination that is Las Vegas, you could get each groomsmen a certain amount in gambling chips. It’s not something physical they can take with them but the memories will last a lifetime (especially if they win big on the tables!).

Wedding party gifts should be the last thing you need to worry about, so follow these tips for a bull’s-eye when it comes to awesome gifts for your groomsmen.


After selecting the venue and the dress, the location of your honeymoon is one of the biggest wedding decisions you’ll make as a couple. A holiday that represents the start of your married life together, you need to be able to pick a destination you’ll both enjoy.

When you’ve waved goodbye to the stress of wedding planning, your honeymoon is the time for you to unwind, reconnect with one another and create memories that will last a lifetime.

How do you choose the perfect honeymoon? Here are 5 romantic locations that also offer a little something extra.

Savannah, Georgia

A coastal city in South Carolina, Savannah is known for its slow pace of life and architecture. An American city may seem like an odd choice for a honeymoon, especially when so many honeymooners jet off to beach side resorts, but Savannah has so much to offer newlyweds.

Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage, enjoy a picnic under a beautiful magnolia tree in one of the parks, take a trip to nearby Tybee island where you can relax on the beach, visit historic forts or go on a bike ride.

The Mediterranean

If you’d be bored by a fortnight of lounging on the beach, basking in the sunshine and drinking cocktails, then why not pack as many places into your honeymoon as possible? There’s no need to stay on a tiny island when you can view country after country.

Embark on a Mediterranean cruise (like these from Iglu Cruise) and stroll through the streets of Rome, visit glamorous star-studded Cannes, dine in Greek tavernas and view feats of architecture in Barcelona. Sounds like an incredible adventure!


While these may be a group of islands, the Galapagos offer something more than the typical romantic beach honeymoon. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos are a haven for wildlife, making them the ideal place for nature lovers.

Take your partner’s hand and go in search of the giant tortoise, explore the surrounding islands by yacht, or go on a scuba diving trip and explore one of the seven wonders of the underwater world.


If you wouldn’t class yourself as a sun worshipper, or your wedding date is during the winter months, then consider a cooler honeymoon. You could go skiing in the Alps or visit Lapland, but one of the greatest and most romantic locations: Iceland.

Warm up in one of the country’s hot natural springs, hike grassy and volcanic landscapes, or chase one of nature’s most beautiful sites: the aurora borealis, more commonly referred to as the Northern Lights.


Plenty of movies have revolved around weddings, or at least featured wedding scenes. Some are beautiful and wonderful and magical, others are disastrous or just plain funny. With that in mind let’s look at some of the very best wedding dresses that have ever appeared on the silver screen:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The comedy classic is all about Toula (Nia Vardolos) marrying a non-Greek man (John Corbett) despite her father’s wishes. The hilarious movie eventually features Toula in plenty of, well, tulle, on her wedding day. She takes most of the tulle off after the ceremony on the way to the reception.

The Graduate

The last scene in The Graduate is one of the most famous in movie history, and features Ben (Dustin Hoffman) running away with the bride (Elaine), aka the daughter of “Mrs. Robinson.” One thing’s for darn sure: Elaine can really run in her wedding dress!

Gone With The Wind

The wedding gown Scarlett O’Hara wears to marry her first husband was a voluminous frock that nearly took up the entire screen. Her marriage didn’t last long, but fans still remember the dress.


Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph’s) wedding dress is very…ruffle-tastic. The dress came from Paris, but it wasn’t, um, the best choice.

Father Of The Bride

Annie (Kimberly Williams) wears a traditional wedding dress in Father of the Bride, however her footwear is anything but. She rocks white lace trainers in honor of her dad (Steve Martin), who owns an athletic shoe company.

Sex And The City

The dresses Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wears for her wedding Vogue shoot are incredible, as they’re all by very famous designers. Carrie gets sent the gorgeous Vivienne Westwood option, though she ultimately marries Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in a nameless white suit dress.

Steel Magnolias

Shelby (Julia Roberts) marries Jackson (Dylan McDermott) in a classic ‘80s wedding gown.

Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts is adorable as Maggie, the woman who runs out on three grooms before finding love with a writer (Richard Gere). The dress she ultimately marries in is a stunning off-the-shoulder number perfect for a hillside wedding.

The Five-Year Engagement

Tom (Jason Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt) extend their engagement for five years due to numerous complications, most of which involve their careers. When they finally marry they do it in excellent style, as they run around choosing what they want (officiant, clothes, music, etc) thanks to Violet’s pre-planning.


The ‘80s was a fantastic decade for music, and many tunes from the era lend themselves to wedding festivities. From love-filled power ballads to sweetly-sweet tunes to songs that make you want to feel the beat of the rhythm of the night, there’s endless options for creating the perfect wedding playlist. Check out a few excellent songs to discuss with your wedding DJ or band:

‘Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car’

This classic from Billy Ocean is a wonderfully-zany, highly-danceable tune that’s guaranteed to make everyone smile…and get on the dance floor. The combination of clever lyrics, awesome beats, and Ocean’s unmistakeable voice create the perfect wedding dance song.

‘P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)’

No wedding playlist is complete without Michael Jackson, and the King of Pop has plenty of energetic songs to choose from. ‘P.Y.T.’ is merely one great example, as there’s also ‘The Way You Make Me Feel,’ ‘Beat It,’ ‘Billie Jean,’ and (of course) ‘Thriller.’ Who knows, you might inspire a ‘Thriller’ dance segment at your reception!


The hit from Toto isn’t exactly a dance song, but it’s still a great tune with romantic lyrics. “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you/ There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do” is a wonderful sentiment that certainly works for a wedding.

‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’

Cyndi Lauper’s iconic tune is always a huge hit at weddings, whether just the girls or the girls and guys get up and dance. Add a little Cyndi to your wedding playlist and delight your guests.

‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’

‘Dance’ is in the title! ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ is one of Whitney Houston’s most dance-worthy songs, and yet another option that’s sure to get everyone moving.

‘I Want To Know What Love Is’

If looking to slow things down every now and then, ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ from Foreigner is a great choice. Dance to it with your partner and know you’ve found lasting love.

‘Material Girl’

Madonna is another wedding must, as most if not all will want to dance to the Queen of Pop. ‘Material Girl’ is a fabulous option, as is ‘Holiday’ and ‘Get Into The Groove.’ Songs during dinner can include ‘Cherish,’ a song the icon wrote for then-hubby Sean Penn.

What other ‘80s tunes make great wedding playlist additions?


Help yourself plan for your upcoming nuptials by following a few awesome wedding planners and designers on Instagram. You’ll get a break from incessant photos of your friend’s latest brunch food and hopefully extract a few ideas to use for your big day.

Check out some of the coolest wedding peeps to start following:

Mindy Weiss (@mindyweiss)

The author and designer posts a variety of cooler-than-cool wedding snapshots, including flower arrangements, dinner table settings, celebrity wedding dresses, gorgeous cakes and venues, and more. There’s also plenty of photos of bridal parties to sift through for ideas.

Hey Gorge Events (@heygorgeevents)

Rhiannon Nicole Bosse is the artistic director at Hey Gorgeous Events and provides plenty of beautiful wedding photos on her Instagram. Once you look at her feed you’ll see she definitely has a color scheme going on, as the images are frequently pastel in nature. Check out stunning venues, excellent floral and wedding guest gift ideas, and so much more.

The Nouveau Romantics (@thenouveauromantics)

This full-service event planning company based out of Los Angeles was named “best of” by both Harper’s Bazaar and Martha Stewart Weddings. It’s filled with amazing wedding image after amazing wedding image, many of which are venues. If an outdoor wedding is something you want, you’ll do well to follow this Instagram handle.

Oak and the Owl (@oakandtheowl)

Nancy Teasley is a Southern California-based event planner who also happens to own a garden rose farm. Many beautiful rose pictures pepper her feed, as do other fabulous wedding floral arrangements. You’ll also find plenty of wonderful venue setup ideas here.

Preston R. Bailey (@prestonrbailey)

The “one-of-a-kind” floral and event designer features plenty of fantastic venues and flowers on his Instagram feed, including one shot of a carousel floral installation that’s just too cool. Plenty of celebrities and fellow industry planners are also found on this feed, however if Vegas is where you want to have your wedding, Bailey is a must-follow.

Amorology (@amorology)

Wedding designer and stylist Heather Balliet is the founder of Amorology Weddings, a company based out of San Diego. Her wedding creations are nothing short of super, and include lots of lush destination wedding images, engagement photo ideas, wedding decor options, incredible cakes, and much, much more. Scroll down and find an image of a bride with her Maid of Honor in a wooded area…it is simply breathtaking.

Find your favorites and get inspired!


Simply put, weddings are a wonderful time that you want to spend with family and friends. After all, if it wasn’t for wanting to share this day with all of your guests, you would be eloping, right? However, there are always going to be some people that can’t make it, whether it’s simply bad timing, poor health, or you’re planning a destination wedding and family and friends can’t make the long and expensive trip. Whatever the reason may be, there is a way; if you can’t bring all of your guests to your wedding then you can still bring the wedding to them by streaming it live online.

Pick a Service

You can go with the basic options like Skype or FaceTime, but this requires your streaming guests to have these services as well. However, if you use something like YouTube Live, Livestream, or a service specifically created for weddings like I Do Stream, all your guests will need is a computer and an internet connection to access your live stream. Livestream is highly regarded and not only streams the wedding, but it also records and stores a video copy in cloud storage for you to be able to access later. However, if you go with their free options, you can’t make your event private, which may be of interest for something as intimate as a wedding.

Make it Private

Although usually setting the stream to private means you need to manually invite everyone, the extra work is often worth it. So when you choose a streaming service, make sure you look into the ins and outs of unlisted and private streaming options. Many of the services that offer private streaming also implement a proxy server. It sounds complicated, but ultimately a proxy server keeps the connection safe between a private network and those accessing it on the internet – see here for a better description. This type of connection will ensure that, even though you are streaming on something as public as the World Wide Web, only the guests that you have invited – and given the access code to –will actually have access to it. Also, it won’t get hacked or interrupted by outside sources; just a little extra peace of mind to make your big day run as smoothly as possible.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

And of course you need to make sure that you have the right tools and set-up. You obviously need a video camera or at least a high-quality webcam, a computer, and an internet connection – preferably broadband. And because no one wants to watch a poor quality, obstructed, or shaky stream, it is best to set up the computer within perfect shot of the couple, and on a flat or reliable surface. This could be a tripod for phones and tablets, or a chair or table for a computer. Asking someone to hold the tech throughout the ceremony is usually a recipe for a shaky video, so we would recommend avoiding that. Do, however, have someone tech-savvy on hand to handle any glitches that you may experience with the stream and do a test stream before the big day to make sure everything is working properly. Oh, and don’t forget to disable screen savers and sleep mode! The last thing you want is for your stream to get cut off just before “I do”!


Many people believe that a wedding is all for the bride. She is the one who wears the beautiful gown, fancy shoes, and who stresses out over every detail. What people should understand is that the wedding is just as important for the man. If you are a man and are having a South Asian themed wedding or you are getting married in South Asia, there are several things that you should know to make the day as special for you as it will be for your bride.

Your Attire

While your bride will likely wow your guests with her gorgeous dress, you should also wow them with your attire. If you are having a South Asian wedding, you would need to wear a mens wedding sherwani on the big day. There are a variety of styles and contemporary fashions available to make you look elegant and trendy at your wedding. If you are getting married in South Asia, you can find a sherwani at any store. If not, there are several sites online that offer a huge selection.

Ceremony and Reception Venue

The venue for the wedding and reception should be something that both you and your bride agree on. Some couples choose a traditional church wedding, while others want to get married on the beach or in a garden. This is not just your bride’s wedding, it is yours as well. You should choose a venue that you both have agreed upon.

The Wedding Dinner

The food that you serve at your reception is very important. If you are getting married in South Asia or if you are having an Asian themed wedding, you should find a caterer who specializes in South Asian cuisine. The right caterer can tie the cuisine in with the whole theme of the wedding.


No wedding is complete without music. If you want your wedding reception to be great, you should hire the best wedding dj in Sydney or around. A good wedding DJ will listen to your ideas when it comes to music, rather than trying to get you to accept their ideas. You also want to hire someone who asks you questions about you, your bride, and your relationship during the interview. When they do, they will likely use this information to make your wedding reception more personal. There are couples who hire a wedding band. This can be a mistake. If the couple has a particular playlist in mind for their reception and the band does not know some of their songs, they can be very limited. A DJ will have all of the music that the happy couple requests and they can even take requests from guests.


Many couples will use a limo hire to get the bride to the ceremony and then the bride and groom to the reception venue. While this is a good idea, you deserve to be driven to the wedding in style as well. You can either use the limo after your bride has arrived at the ceremony to get ready, or you can hire your own. It is your wedding too, therefore, you deserve a luxury ride there as well.

As a man, your wedding is just as important to you as it is to your bride. Even though most of the focus is on the bride, your wedding should be a day that you will never forget. To be sure of this, you should give your input when it comes to all of the decision-making. This way, your wedding will be a day that both you and your bride will remember always.


Every bride deserves to have a unique wedding to make her stand out from the rest. One of the prettiest parts of a wedding ceremony is the flowers carried by the bride and her bridesmaids. There are quite a few different styles of bouquets, and each one is appropriate for a different type of wedding. The following are Top 20 Wedding Bouquets from Reids Wedding Flowers in Belfast:

1-The hand-tied bouquets.

They are commonly seen on summer weddings taking place outdoor. They have taken their inspiration from nature. It’s a simple bouquet that ties the flower blooms altogether. Flowers are often tied either by a bow or a ribbon. They suit either in a formal or an informal wedding.

2-Cascade bouquets.

They possess an outstanding representation. The cascade bouquet is larger than some kinds of bouquets. Selecting a cascade bouquet must consider whether it matches the colour and the size of the dress you are wearing. Although it is outstanding, it wouldn’t be much of a compliment if it wouldn’t go well with your dress.

3-Over arm bouquet.

They have a simple appearance but is consist of a striking design that is suitable for any wedding. This kind of bouquet is often made up of long-stemmed flowers like calla lilies, orchids, and roses. Flowers are sometimes wrapped together with the use of a ribbon.

4-Posy bouquet.

It is composed of smaller flowers. This is often intended for bridesmaids and flower girls. Some flowers used for this kind of bouquet are baby’s breath, lily of the valley, and spray roses.

5-Round flower.

This wedding bouquet is often used for bridal flowers. This bouquet has a similar characteristic with the posy. It goes in large size as well. This kind of bouquet is also ideal for both formal and casual wedding.

6- Nosegay.

This is the perfectly round arrangement of flowers and is especially favoured by brides who like roses. This classic style is appropriate for any style of wedding except the most casual ones.

7- Posy Bouquet

They are similar to nosegays in shape but are smaller. They are lovely for petite brides who might be overwhelmed by the size of a larger bouquet. Due to their small size, poses are best when made with dainty flowers, such as lilies-of-the-valley. Sweet and romantic, they have an old-fashioned charm.

8-Colorful shower shaped bouquet.

The shower shaped bouquet goes along with your wedding dress, like a part of the dress itself, no matter how classic, out of date, and mommy-looking your conventional dress is, this wedding bouquet can be your wedding fashion saviour.

9-Artificial Wedding Bouquets.

This type of bouquet is often less expensive than natural flowers. Of course, it depends on the type of flowers, but natural flowers can be quite expensive, especially if those flowers are in demand of it it’s an off season for such flowers.

10- Biedermeier Bouquet.

This type of bridal bouquet creates an alternating shade of flower layers within a firm pattern. The florists can use any variety of flowers in this bouquet, other floral arrangements, and centrepieces. The most popular combinations of calla lilies include white with red roses at the bottom, purple with lily-of-the-valley, and orange with banksias.

11- Cascading Bouquet.

This calla lily wedding bouquet is rounded on the top layer, and then gradually flows downward. If you want to have a more formal finish to your bouquet, use only one colour of and then add shrubbery to the arrangement.

12-bouquet of roses.

The fun thing about roses is that they come in a variety of colours and are great for a romantic indoor ceremony or a beautiful garden wedding. So, if red roses aren’t your thing, you may consider a bouquet of bright fuchsia or peach roses to make that elegant, yet summary statement you might be looking for.

13.Hydrangeas Bouquet.

If you are having a beautiful summer ceremony on the ninth green or a front lawn ceremony overlooking the ocean, hydrangeas would not only make for a perfect bouquet, but would also add to the romance of the setting. These flowers also come in different shades of blue and green, which are hard floral colours to come by.

14-Gerbera Daisies Bouquet.

If you have carefree and casual summer nuptials, then some bright and cheerful gerbera daisies are just the right bouquets for you. This type of daisy comes in a variety of bright colours such as orange, fuchsia, and yellow, and they look great with any bright coloured or brown bridesmaids dress, as well as, your beautiful white bridal gown.

  1. Lilies.

If your wedding is going to take place barefoot and on the beach, you should consider playing with the non-floral options that are available to add to any bouquet such as shells and pearls, or you can keep with the simplicity or a beach wedding by sticking with a bouquet of white lilies. Lilies are a simple, but elegant flower that will add to the carefree tone you are trying to set for your big day.

  1. Purple orchids Bouquets.

If you are trying to set the vibe for a trendy, city affair, you may want to consider using purple orchids in your bouquet. Orchids are a gorgeous flower that will add elegance to your gown, but still help you pull off that chic, night-club appeal you may be going for.

17-silk wedding bouquets.

They are the best types of bouquets to be used during your wedding ceremony, then read along.

18-Fresh Flower Bouquets.

Nowadays, many people have their wedding ceremonies outdoors. Fresh flower bouquets tend to wilt if they are not exposed to ideal weather conditions. Even on the loveliest days, these bouquets still have flaws because they will only last a certain period out of refrigeration and water before the flower arrangement loses its shape, colour, and radiance.

19-Tulip Wedding Bouquets.

Tulips are simple, beautiful, ornamental trumpet-shaped flowers that are not toxic in any way and come in a variety of wonderful colours in particular red, orange, white, yellow, pink, mauve and purple. Some are mildly scented although most are without any scent whatsoever.

20- Breakaway Bouquets.

Just before the toss, the bride will separate the breakaway bouquet into the individual ones and throw those over her shoulder. This way, more than one single women will receive the bouquets.


Once you’ve said “Yes!” to your beloved, you have signed yourself up for a long, complicated, and expensive journey to the altar.

Of course, the level of difficulty is largely up to you, but even with the simplest plans, you’ll still have some tough choices to make and a budget to manage.

A very common first step for many brides is to purchase the dress. The minute they’ve got the ring–or maybe even before!–they are searching for designer wedding dresses, hoping to find the perfect one to wear for their Prince Charming.

It’s a fun process that is usually shared with family and friends, and it’s also one that can really try your patience. Brides who have a hard time with the wedding dress process typically make mistakes in a few common areas.

If you can muster the self-control to avoid these pitfalls and stick with a good selection process, you are much more likely to have a joyful and exciting experience.

Picking The Dress First
Shopping for dresses is easy. Picking them out may be challenging, but finding lots of choices is very easy. That’s why a lot of brides jump right in on the search for their dress, neglecting other important things that will affect their dress choices.

You need to think first about the wedding date. You don’t necessarily need it to the day, but knowing the season is very important.

A beautiful sleeveless dress is not going to be a great choice for a glittering December wedding, and a high neck will look downright miserable if your nuptials are set for a scorching summer day.

Again, the exact date isn’t critical if you have confines that will commit you to a certain season. For example, if you want to complete the wedding prior to your fiancée’s overseas deployment or immediately after a college graduation, you will have a good idea of what season you’ll be in.

And the venue is important too, in terms of the dress style. An outdoor wedding may not be suitable for a long train since it may tangle in grass. On the other hand, a higher hemline may look out of place in an elaborate cathedral.

Get your approximate date and your likely venue settled, and you’ll be able to choose a dress that looks at home there.

Picking After Picking
For some women, the choice of a wedding dress is the hardest decision they’ll ever make–two or three times. Maybe even four.

Don’t sabotage yourself with regret by buying a dress, taking it home, and then choosing to go out and shop again. It’s important that you spend enough time on the process that you are sure about what you’ve chosen, and if you haven’t, you may find yourself buying a “placeholder” dress that reassures you that there is at least something you can wear if nothing better comes along.

That’s a recipe for headaches and second-guessing. If you insist on getting a placeholder dress, make a note of its item number and keep it in mind if all other options fail. Then you can go get it. But more than likely, a “good enough” dress is anything but, and you’ll wish later that you’d kept looking.

Commit enough time to the process that once you’ve found one, you know it’s the right one. And don’t shoot yourself in the foot by going shopping again.

Blowing The Budget
Shopping for a wedding dress is a lot like shopping for a car. In the calm environment of your home, you’ve chosen a drop-dead maximum that is not going to change. Then you hit the stores and find one that is $200 over your limit, or $300, and you have soon gone way over.

It’s one thing if the overage is simply a psychological impact that doesn’t really create financial strain. It’s another if it threatens your overall wedding budget. Buy a dress that you can feel comfortable paying for, and remind yourself of what it will leave for the rest of the ceremony’s expenses. If you have itemized your wedding budget, figure out where you’re going to cover the overflow if your dress price starts creeping up.

Getting married is incredibly exciting, and that euphoria can easily make us irrational and reckless. Get caught up in the excitement; enjoy the process. But make sure that you don’t rain on your own parade by making mistakes in your dress purchase.


Your wedding dress is one of the most important pieces of clothing you’ll ever wear, and one that obviously means a whole lot to you. However, many wedding dresses go in the closet and never come out again…if you don’t want that to happen to your gown, check out some of the many things you can do with the beloved dress:


Donate your dress to a charity such as Brides Across America, which provides wedding dresses to brides who can’t afford to purchase new ones. Just think: your wedding dress could make someone who really needs a beautiful gown very, very happy!

Christening Gown

Turn your wedding dress into a christening gown for your child or little relative. Most dresses are easily reworked in this way. Other options include dresses for naming ceremonies and first birthdays.

Work Of Art

Transform your wedding dress into a work of art rather than allowing it to collect dust in the attic. Dresses, veils, and garters can be professionally framed, allowing you to enjoy a custom piece that reminds of you your special day always.

Cocktail Dress

Create a cocktail dress from your wedding gown with the help of a talented seamstress. A form-fitting cocktail dress that was once the gown you said “I do” in is a great conversation piece. It also allows you to wear your wedding dress for years!


Sell your wedding dress if you need a little extra cash post-ceremony and honeymoon. List it on auction sites such as eBay or wedding-specific options such as and Nearly Newlywed.


Preserve your wedding dress for the next generation if you wish. If you really think it’s an option for your daughter or simply don’t want to let the dress go yet, discuss the best preservation possibilities with your local seamstress and enjoy handing it down when the time is right.


Trash your dress! That’s right! “Trashing the dress” is a real trend, and a way to give your wedding gown one heck of a goodbye. Brides have swam in their dresses, played around at muddy farms, burned their dresses as part of huge bonfire festivities, and more. Feel free to get as creative as you want, and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!

Have the above options inspired you? Do you have other ideas for wedding dress reuse you’d like to share?

One Day Bridal will sweep your away with their whimsical, fairy-tale inspired designs. But, they’re also stun you. They’re sexy, they’re unique and they’re not for the average bride.

We’ve already professed our love for Jenny Packham designs. These gowns go from bold to vintage to sophisticated in the mere blink of an eye. Perfect for young brides or older brides or brides with a bit more experience under their belts, brides renewing their vows or walking down the aisle all over again, these gowns will give you a bit of an edge.

Are you sitting down? If not, we beg you to take a seat before you’re swept away with these Michael Cinco wedding gown designs. Check out 10 of our favorites!

She’ll want to carry it around all the days leading up to the wedding. She’ll keep her wedding binder, Pinterest copies and more tucked away inside. Every bride-to-be needs a bridal tote to keep it all organized. So, why do you surprise her with one! Check out 8 of our favorites and spoil her a bit!

Kate Spade: Wedding Belles Tie The Knot Tote


Splurge a bit with this tote choice. Whether you’re the groom looking to spoil your bride or the MOB wanting to give her baby something to feel really special with, we are loving this one! 

The Wedding Chicks: Adventure Begins Tote


It doesn’t have to be obviously bridal, it could be subtle and magical like this adventure-printed tote.

Target: Diamond Tote


You can do something more functional like this diamond tote and use it for organizing more than styling. It’s a great one to bring for the day of as well!

Beau-Coup: Bridal Cotton


Here’s another easy tote. It’s made of cotton with a few different choices depending not he bride-to-be’s personal style. 

Amazon: Mud Pie Bride Sequin Tote


For those that love sparkle, we found the perfect tote complete with style and shine.

Vistaprint: Here Comes The Bride


Here is another easy cotton tote that is within budget and useful for any bride around, but one with a more contemporary style!

Avenue Blue: Beach Bride Tote


And if you’re bride is a beach-lover or even having a destination wedding, snag this Etsy find for her.

Wishful Printing: Personalized Tote


Finally, if you want something more personalized, then check out this design from another snazzy Etsy shop.

If you’re envisioning a beautiful wedding day full of antique details and old age spirit, then you need to start your guests off on the right foot. With a vintage-styled wedding invitation you’ll have them daydreaming about what you’re entire celebration will transform into. Give them a little taste and check out these 10 favorite designs we are swooning for!

Always . Classic


It’s simple and classic with a vintage flair that comes from its easy charm and beautiful font choice.

Lucious Lacing


Coming in a variety of colors, this lace, floral embellishment is a real beauty. 

Gilded Shore


There’s something antique and artistic about this design, and it’s filled with real foil!

Enchanting Floral


We’re loving this floral design that evokes a sense of spring but also a glamour found some decades ago.

Rustic Banner


There’s some rustic vibes that you’ll find inside of this wedding invitation and we love it for those country-flavored events.

Delicate Moment


The powder blue flowers accenting this piece is so lovely, but don’t worry they come other tones too!

Foil Foliage


Here’s another design made with real foil and some beautiful foliage making for a clean and breezy look. 

Lasting Lace


If you’re looking for something more formal, check out this lacey little number.

Joyful Jar


And for those with a shabby chic vision of this vintage wedding, you’ll want to peek at this “joyful jar” design.

Flowering Affection


And finally, this gorgeous design has floral embellishments and some of the most beautiful font.


Hairdressing is a fantastic career where you get to meet and talk to lots of people, express your creativity, and make your clients feel fantastic. Whether that feeling is delivered in a salon environment by performing a day to day cut and blow dry, or practiced after acquiring the knowledge to perfect somebody’s hairstyle for the big day in a mobile setting, the opportunities for versatility in a profession are endless.

There are definitely some great advantages to starting out as a mobile hairdresser, but like any industry however, there are also some drawbacks that are worth thinking about before you take the plunge. Here we take a look at what you should think about if you are deciding whether or not mobile hairdressing is the right career for you.

Being Your Own Boss

Even though you’ll be working by yourself, becoming a mobile hairdresser is effectively starting your own business which has all of the pros and cons associated with any kind of small business venture. While you won’t have to worry about aspects such as pleasing your boss and working your way up in a company, you will find you have to handle all of the money and logistics of taking care of your customers yourself.

You also won’t have access to any further training without paying for it, unlike in a salon where you can learn from other people you work with or sign up to courses that your company pays for. Yet, if you are confident in your skills and don’t mind putting in the work to promote your new business and win clients, you will enjoy the fact that you can take all of the profits for yourself, and the credit for the great work you do!


Managing expenses and supplies is very important when you are a mobile hairdresser, as you will have to take everything with you when you go to each appointment rather than having a full salon full of styling tools, hair treatments and colour preparations to use. It will be worth considering what services you will offer, as obviously cutting or formal styling requires far less in terms of materials you need to keep in stock than being a colourist. Consider what you’ll need in your basic toolkit and then be sure you are happy choosing the different types of colour and perming chemicals if your client requests them.


As a mobile hairdresser, you do need your own transport, as trying to find locations using public transport with all your equipment can be a nightmare. If you live in a small residential area and only plan to serve local people you might get away with it, but in general a car is a necessity.

If you have considered all of these things and are happy with them, then why not get started planning for your new mobile hairdressing business?

We’ve rounded up some gorgeous, bridal-worthy manicures for your enjoyment. Although this choice may have been put on the backburner, it’s still something you need to think about! If your pre-wedding nail appointment is coming up, it’s time to get inspired and decide what finishes off your ensemble just right!

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Ethereal flair and soft romance are just two factors in transforming a regular ole’ wedding dress into something beautiful, whimsical and full of bohemian vibes. We’ve compiled a short but powerful list of dresses that are not only in trend but outside-the-box and original in bridal style. Take a look!

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A bachelor party is an event that the groom-to-be has been looking forward to ever since he popped the question. It should be legendary night everyone will remember and serve as the final blowout before he says “I do.” As the Best Man, it’s your job to ensure you, the guests, and the groom all have fun and most importantly, make it back in one piece. Preparation is crucial. Follow these steps and your bachelor party will be one for the memory books.


If there is one good lesson The Hangover movie preaches, it’s DO NOT throw the party the night before the wedding. Now obviously the events of the movie most likely won’t play out, but no one wants to be tired and red-eyed the day of the wedding. The entire clan of both bride and groom will be there and everyone needs to be on their A game. Plan the party for a few weeks before the actual wedding day to avoid any possible mishaps.

Make it Unique

While most bachelor parties follow a similar template, it’s important to make little tweaks to set the one you plan apart. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Maybe have a funny drinking rule for everyone to follow throughout the night or have everyone wear special bachelor party shirts—this might even come in handy, as it will make it easier to hunt down anyone who has a bit too much fun and wanders off.

Who to Invite

Make sure everyone you plan on inviting gets approval from the groom. The last thing you want to do on his special night is surprise him with someone he doesn’t like being around. Having a smaller group of close friends will make for a better night than having a big group of glorified acquaintances. Also, there is preconceived notion that a bachelor party is strictly guys-only. You can invite a few of those wild female friends you and everyone always had fun with. Just be sure they are not close friends with the soon-to-be bride as this will certainly be a night of debauchery.

Don’t Expect Everyone to have Tons of Cash to Blow

Although you might have been saving up for this, don’t expect that everyone on the guest list has too. True, renting out a high-class Las Vegas penthouse would be awesome. But the sad truth is at this point in time, most people on the list are probably just beginning to have families of their own and are working to get their finances in order. It’s important to make the night memorable, but keep it within reason.

The Itinerary

Make sure there’s a solid list of destinations worked into the plan. You don’t necessarily have to follow the itinerary step-by-step, but you should have a solid grasp of what is going to happen as well as backup plans. Whether you are going to a restaurant, gentleman’s club, or casino, keep a good arsenal of destinations in your back pocket to make sure you don’t all end up standing around wondering what to do next.


This step is extremely important. More than likely, everyone is planning on doing a good deal of drinking throughout the night and no one should even think about getting behind the wheel. Hire a chauffeur or limo service to take care of all the driving. DON’T skimp out on this!

Keep it Under Control

This night should be epic and symbolize a legendary end to a chapter in life. However, there will absolutely be some degenerate behavior involved. As Best Man, it’s your responsibility to keep everything under control. Don’t let anything stupid or dangerous happen that could negatively affect the wedding.

Keep an Eye the Groom

This is where you prove why the groom chose you to be Best Man. Chances are, people will feeding him shots and all sorts of stuff throughout the night. Now you don’t have to babysit groom by any means. Just keep a subtle eye on him to make sure he gets back safe and doesn’t do anything he might seriously regret. This is what being a Best Man is all about!

Now that you have the basics covered, have a great time and make this night the best it can be!


Planning your wedding is an exceptionally exciting milestone, as you tie the knot with the one you love. Everyone wants to make their wedding stand out, and there’s no better way to do so than have a weird and unusually themed wedding. Whether you want to have your wedding reception in the midst of a casino with the tinkling of winning slot machines making up the music for the bride to walk down the aisle to, or an underwater wedding, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the most unusual themed weddings.


All brides and grooms want to feel empowered on their wedding day, and there’s no better way to do this than having a full blown superhero bash. Whether the groom plans on ripping off his shirt to reveal his superman attire, or the bride slips on a mask and instantly turns into Batgirl, fighting crime in her wedding dress, there’s plenty of ways to pull this off.  Of course, a superhero themed wedding wouldn’t be complete without a villain trying to spoil the day.

The Walking Dead

A Walking Dead themed can be easily recreated to give a whole new meaning to the vow ‘till death do us part’. Couples can get creative with this themed wedding, with zombies, special effects and creepy décor. Whether the bridal party dress up as the zombies, or special actors are hired, there’s plenty of ways to pull of this unusual theme. From eye-popping cocktails to a blood splattered cake, you can go all out with a memorable The Walking Dead themed wedding.

Game Of Thrones

We all hope that no-one wants to recreate the Red Wedding in Game Of Thrones, but a GoT wedding would be a true medieval affair. As one of the most popular TV shows, based on the bestselling series by George R.R. Martin, this fantasy epic has led to many weddings being themed around it. Many of the scenes are set in the forests, barns and outdoor venues of Northern Ireland and Scotland and big halls for the reception, with the newly-wed King and Queen at the head of the table. If you have a pet pup that you wouldn’t want missing the ceremony for the world, you can even dress him or her up as your dire wolf to get even more involved.


For Wrestle Mania nuts, a wrestling themed wedding could not get any better. Why not have an exciting reception centred on a wrestling ring? Or perhaps be a bit simpler with a DJ acting as the ring announcer, championship belts worn by the groom and groomsmen and themed walk-in music just like this couple did in 2013. Either way, a wrestling themed wedding is a very unusual wedding theme, and is sure to get the guests ready to rumble.

Old-Time Carnival

If the carnival and summer fayres was where you met, or just something you both loved to do as a kid, and you want to incorporate that into your wedding, then an old-time carnival theme is the perfect way to do so. With candyfloss, a kissing booth, balloons, retro-sweets and maybe even actual fairground rides for the reception, there’s plenty of ways to pull off the perfect carnival themed wedding.


Big Fat Indian Weddings are getting more and more popular these days. We want to help you be ready if you are lucky enough to be invited to one of these glorious shindigs.

Here are 7 quick tips to do it right when you go to an Indian Wedding:

1. Be Colorful

Indian weddings are a fun, colorful affair. Avoid pure black or white as those are for more somber affairs in Indian culture. Do not wear too much red either as that is usually reserved for the bride.

2. Have Multiple Indianwear Outfits

Indian weddings usually occur over a 3-5 day period. You will want more than one colorful outfit. For the ladies grab yourself a Saree for one day and a Salwar Suit for another. Guys, just get a couple combos of Kurta Pyjamas and you are set.

Traveling to India? You can use popular Indian fashion websites to have outfits shipped to your hotel. Save a little extra if you find an online sale or use Myntra or Jabong coupons. Those are the two best sites for online purchasing.

3. Give Money As Your Gift

Straight cash is a normal gift for Indian weddings. Find a nice card and stuff a denomination that ends with a 1 in the there. Tradition is that numbers that end in 1 are lucky: $51, $101, $151…

4. Eat The Food

Indian food is incredibly flavorful. It’s not all spicy and it’s not all vegetarian. There will be food for all kinds of pallettes. Just ask the waiters or caterer what would be good for you and they will find you something.

5. Don’t Worry About Time

Nothing will start on time at an Indian wedding. It’s a big event and takes a lot of coordination so be flexible.

6. Learn Some Bollywood Moves

There will be dancing and you should study up on some fun moves for the floor before you go. Watch this video for a couple easy steps:

7. Ladies, Wear The Fancy Jewelry

Indian wedding jewelry is some of the prettiest you can find. Get yourself an accent piece for your outfit and have some fun with it. Do not show up the bride. One nice piece should be fine.

You excited?! Good, now you should have a good idea for your first Indian wedding as a guest. Have fun!

From photo-ops to ceremony decor, this new floral design trend is taking the wedding world by storm. From bohemian to garden-inspired celebrations, they’re a beautiful addition to the party. Check out some gorgeous examples of wedding wreaths, their styles and how to incorporate them into your big day!

Carolina Herrera designs are always full of innovation and one-of-a-kind spirit and that fact is no different when it comes to bridal. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite Spring 2017 wedding gowns that we’re loving and daydreaming about, so take a peek and see if one of these will fit your walk down the aisle.

Full of whimsy and luxury in every design, these Kelly Faetanini wedding gowns from the Fall 2016 Collection are sure to take your breath away. Gorgeous fabrics, sexy silhouettes and all the right details, these dresses are more than worthy of a blushing bride-to-be.

Lightly bohemian and dipped in an ultra-romantic style, Ti Adora wedding gowns by Alvina Valenta will have you swooning. They’re perfect for brides that want to feel like Juliet or may be dreaming of a destination wedding. Check out our favorites from the Spring 2016 Collection!


You and your girlfriend are approaching that threshold of your relationship. You both think that it’s time to propose, but you want it to be extra special. This is a moment that you two will remember forever and you want to have fond memories to cherish. Finding the perfect proposal ring can be a mind-boggling dilemma, but when you call on the professional jewelers to help you out, things get so much easier. Amaze your loved one with a customized engagement ring!

Customized for Her

It can be difficult to choose the perfect proposal ring for your girlfriend. There are so many things to think about: clarity, cut, shape, carats, and so much more. What’s a guy to do? Well, when you give the professionals a call, you need just say the word and they will answer to your need for a jewelry expert. Identifying stunning solutions for your engagement ring is simple and efficient with their customized design guide. After all, your girlfriend is absolutely one of a kind, so why would you get her a standardized, boring proposal ring? You wouldn’t!

Highest-Quality Diamonds

The cut, the clarity, it is all perfect when you choose the right jewelers. Trust the professionals who have spent decades honing their craft and expanding their knowledge of diamonds and exquisite jewelry. When choosing just the right engagement ring, there are multiple factors to consider, and it can be quite overwhelming for someone who is inexperienced in such matters. The experts will help you decide on the cut of diamond you want, as well as the best metal to match. Your loved one deserves the very best that you can offer, so team up with a professional jeweler to show her that you do care and that you treasure her above all else.

Sincere Service and Professionalism

Not sure about how to even get started with a customized engagement ring? Just call in or visit the experts online and ask! They are always ready and willing to walk you through the entire process. They get to know each and every client so that they can determine what would be the perfect proposal ring for your loved one. This is a once in a lifetime event, so turn to the professionals and allow them to guide you through the process without being interfering or overbearing. They just want you to choose the ideal piece of jewelry that will make her say “yes!”