Hairdressing is a fantastic career where you get to meet and talk to lots of people, express your creativity, and make your clients feel fantastic. Whether that feeling is delivered in a salon environment by performing a day to day cut and blow dry, or practiced after acquiring the knowledge to perfect somebody’s hairstyle for the big day in a mobile setting, the opportunities for versatility in a profession are endless.

There are definitely some great advantages to starting out as a mobile hairdresser, but like any industry however, there are also some drawbacks that are worth thinking about before you take the plunge. Here we take a look at what you should think about if you are deciding whether or not mobile hairdressing is the right career for you.

Being Your Own Boss

Even though you’ll be working by yourself, becoming a mobile hairdresser is effectively starting your own business which has all of the pros and cons associated with any kind of small business venture. While you won’t have to worry about aspects such as pleasing your boss and working your way up in a company, you will find you have to handle all of the money and logistics of taking care of your customers yourself.

You also won’t have access to any further training without paying for it, unlike in a salon where you can learn from other people you work with or sign up to courses that your company pays for. Yet, if you are confident in your skills and don’t mind putting in the work to promote your new business and win clients, you will enjoy the fact that you can take all of the profits for yourself, and the credit for the great work you do!


Managing expenses and supplies is very important when you are a mobile hairdresser, as you will have to take everything with you when you go to each appointment rather than having a full salon full of styling tools, hair treatments and colour preparations to use. It will be worth considering what services you will offer, as obviously cutting or formal styling requires far less in terms of materials you need to keep in stock than being a colourist. Consider what you’ll need in your basic toolkit and then be sure you are happy choosing the different types of colour and perming chemicals if your client requests them.


As a mobile hairdresser, you do need your own transport, as trying to find locations using public transport with all your equipment can be a nightmare. If you live in a small residential area and only plan to serve local people you might get away with it, but in general a car is a necessity.

If you have considered all of these things and are happy with them, then why not get started planning for your new mobile hairdressing business?

We’ve rounded up some gorgeous, bridal-worthy manicures for your enjoyment. Although this choice may have been put on the backburner, it’s still something you need to think about! If your pre-wedding nail appointment is coming up, it’s time to get inspired and decide what finishes off your ensemble just right!

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Ethereal flair and soft romance are just two factors in transforming a regular ole’ wedding dress into something beautiful, whimsical and full of bohemian vibes. We’ve compiled a short but powerful list of dresses that are not only in trend but outside-the-box and original in bridal style. Take a look!

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A bachelor party is an event that the groom-to-be has been looking forward to ever since he popped the question. It should be legendary night everyone will remember and serve as the final blowout before he says “I do.” As the Best Man, it’s your job to ensure you, the guests, and the groom all have fun and most importantly, make it back in one piece. Preparation is crucial. Follow these steps and your bachelor party will be one for the memory books.


If there is one good lesson The Hangover movie preaches, it’s DO NOT throw the party the night before the wedding. Now obviously the events of the movie most likely won’t play out, but no one wants to be tired and red-eyed the day of the wedding. The entire clan of both bride and groom will be there and everyone needs to be on their A game. Plan the party for a few weeks before the actual wedding day to avoid any possible mishaps.

Make it Unique

While most bachelor parties follow a similar template, it’s important to make little tweaks to set the one you plan apart. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Maybe have a funny drinking rule for everyone to follow throughout the night or have everyone wear special bachelor party shirts—this might even come in handy, as it will make it easier to hunt down anyone who has a bit too much fun and wanders off.

Who to Invite

Make sure everyone you plan on inviting gets approval from the groom. The last thing you want to do on his special night is surprise him with someone he doesn’t like being around. Having a smaller group of close friends will make for a better night than having a big group of glorified acquaintances. Also, there is preconceived notion that a bachelor party is strictly guys-only. You can invite a few of those wild female friends you and everyone always had fun with. Just be sure they are not close friends with the soon-to-be bride as this will certainly be a night of debauchery.

Don’t Expect Everyone to have Tons of Cash to Blow

Although you might have been saving up for this, don’t expect that everyone on the guest list has too. True, renting out a high-class Las Vegas penthouse would be awesome. But the sad truth is at this point in time, most people on the list are probably just beginning to have families of their own and are working to get their finances in order. It’s important to make the night memorable, but keep it within reason.

The Itinerary

Make sure there’s a solid list of destinations worked into the plan. You don’t necessarily have to follow the itinerary step-by-step, but you should have a solid grasp of what is going to happen as well as backup plans. Whether you are going to a restaurant, gentleman’s club, or casino, keep a good arsenal of destinations in your back pocket to make sure you don’t all end up standing around wondering what to do next.


This step is extremely important. More than likely, everyone is planning on doing a good deal of drinking throughout the night and no one should even think about getting behind the wheel. Hire a chauffeur or limo service to take care of all the driving. DON’T skimp out on this!

Keep it Under Control

This night should be epic and symbolize a legendary end to a chapter in life. However, there will absolutely be some degenerate behavior involved. As Best Man, it’s your responsibility to keep everything under control. Don’t let anything stupid or dangerous happen that could negatively affect the wedding.

Keep an Eye the Groom

This is where you prove why the groom chose you to be Best Man. Chances are, people will feeding him shots and all sorts of stuff throughout the night. Now you don’t have to babysit groom by any means. Just keep a subtle eye on him to make sure he gets back safe and doesn’t do anything he might seriously regret. This is what being a Best Man is all about!

Now that you have the basics covered, have a great time and make this night the best it can be!


Planning your wedding is an exceptionally exciting milestone, as you tie the knot with the one you love. Everyone wants to make their wedding stand out, and there’s no better way to do so than have a weird and unusually themed wedding. Whether you want to have your wedding reception in the midst of a casino with the tinkling of winning slot machines making up the music for the bride to walk down the aisle to, or an underwater wedding, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the most unusual themed weddings.


All brides and grooms want to feel empowered on their wedding day, and there’s no better way to do this than having a full blown superhero bash. Whether the groom plans on ripping off his shirt to reveal his superman attire, or the bride slips on a mask and instantly turns into Batgirl, fighting crime in her wedding dress, there’s plenty of ways to pull this off.  Of course, a superhero themed wedding wouldn’t be complete without a villain trying to spoil the day.

The Walking Dead

A Walking Dead themed can be easily recreated to give a whole new meaning to the vow ‘till death do us part’. Couples can get creative with this themed wedding, with zombies, special effects and creepy décor. Whether the bridal party dress up as the zombies, or special actors are hired, there’s plenty of ways to pull of this unusual theme. From eye-popping cocktails to a blood splattered cake, you can go all out with a memorable The Walking Dead themed wedding.

Game Of Thrones

We all hope that no-one wants to recreate the Red Wedding in Game Of Thrones, but a GoT wedding would be a true medieval affair. As one of the most popular TV shows, based on the bestselling series by George R.R. Martin, this fantasy epic has led to many weddings being themed around it. Many of the scenes are set in the forests, barns and outdoor venues of Northern Ireland and Scotland and big halls for the reception, with the newly-wed King and Queen at the head of the table. If you have a pet pup that you wouldn’t want missing the ceremony for the world, you can even dress him or her up as your dire wolf to get even more involved.


For Wrestle Mania nuts, a wrestling themed wedding could not get any better. Why not have an exciting reception centred on a wrestling ring? Or perhaps be a bit simpler with a DJ acting as the ring announcer, championship belts worn by the groom and groomsmen and themed walk-in music just like this couple did in 2013. Either way, a wrestling themed wedding is a very unusual wedding theme, and is sure to get the guests ready to rumble.

Old-Time Carnival

If the carnival and summer fayres was where you met, or just something you both loved to do as a kid, and you want to incorporate that into your wedding, then an old-time carnival theme is the perfect way to do so. With candyfloss, a kissing booth, balloons, retro-sweets and maybe even actual fairground rides for the reception, there’s plenty of ways to pull off the perfect carnival themed wedding.


Big Fat Indian Weddings are getting more and more popular these days. We want to help you be ready if you are lucky enough to be invited to one of these glorious shindigs.

Here are 7 quick tips to do it right when you go to an Indian Wedding:

1. Be Colorful

Indian weddings are a fun, colorful affair. Avoid pure black or white as those are for more somber affairs in Indian culture. Do not wear too much red either as that is usually reserved for the bride.

2. Have Multiple Indianwear Outfits

Indian weddings usually occur over a 3-5 day period. You will want more than one colorful outfit. For the ladies grab yourself a Saree for one day and a Salwar Suit for another. Guys, just get a couple combos of Kurta Pyjamas and you are set.

Traveling to India? You can use popular Indian fashion websites to have outfits shipped to your hotel. Save a little extra if you find an online sale or use Myntra or Jabong coupons. Those are the two best sites for online purchasing.

3. Give Money As Your Gift

Straight cash is a normal gift for Indian weddings. Find a nice card and stuff a denomination that ends with a 1 in the there. Tradition is that numbers that end in 1 are lucky: $51, $101, $151…

4. Eat The Food

Indian food is incredibly flavorful. It’s not all spicy and it’s not all vegetarian. There will be food for all kinds of pallettes. Just ask the waiters or caterer what would be good for you and they will find you something.

5. Don’t Worry About Time

Nothing will start on time at an Indian wedding. It’s a big event and takes a lot of coordination so be flexible.

6. Learn Some Bollywood Moves

There will be dancing and you should study up on some fun moves for the floor before you go. Watch this video for a couple easy steps:

7. Ladies, Wear The Fancy Jewelry

Indian wedding jewelry is some of the prettiest you can find. Get yourself an accent piece for your outfit and have some fun with it. Do not show up the bride. One nice piece should be fine.

You excited?! Good, now you should have a good idea for your first Indian wedding as a guest. Have fun!

From photo-ops to ceremony decor, this new floral design trend is taking the wedding world by storm. From bohemian to garden-inspired celebrations, they’re a beautiful addition to the party. Check out some gorgeous examples of wedding wreaths, their styles and how to incorporate them into your big day!

Carolina Herrera designs are always full of innovation and one-of-a-kind spirit and that fact is no different when it comes to bridal. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite Spring 2017 wedding gowns that we’re loving and daydreaming about, so take a peek and see if one of these will fit your walk down the aisle.

Full of whimsy and luxury in every design, these Kelly Faetanini wedding gowns from the Fall 2016 Collection are sure to take your breath away. Gorgeous fabrics, sexy silhouettes and all the right details, these dresses are more than worthy of a blushing bride-to-be.

Lightly bohemian and dipped in an ultra-romantic style, Ti Adora wedding gowns by Alvina Valenta will have you swooning. They’re perfect for brides that want to feel like Juliet or may be dreaming of a destination wedding. Check out our favorites from the Spring 2016 Collection!


You and your girlfriend are approaching that threshold of your relationship. You both think that it’s time to propose, but you want it to be extra special. This is a moment that you two will remember forever and you want to have fond memories to cherish. Finding the perfect proposal ring can be a mind-boggling dilemma, but when you call on the professional jewelers to help you out, things get so much easier. Amaze your loved one with a customized engagement ring!

Customized for Her

It can be difficult to choose the perfect proposal ring for your girlfriend. There are so many things to think about: clarity, cut, shape, carats, and so much more. What’s a guy to do? Well, when you give the professionals a call, you need just say the word and they will answer to your need for a jewelry expert. Identifying stunning solutions for your engagement ring is simple and efficient with their customized design guide. After all, your girlfriend is absolutely one of a kind, so why would you get her a standardized, boring proposal ring? You wouldn’t!

Highest-Quality Diamonds

The cut, the clarity, it is all perfect when you choose the right jewelers. Trust the professionals who have spent decades honing their craft and expanding their knowledge of diamonds and exquisite jewelry. When choosing just the right engagement ring, there are multiple factors to consider, and it can be quite overwhelming for someone who is inexperienced in such matters. The experts will help you decide on the cut of diamond you want, as well as the best metal to match. Your loved one deserves the very best that you can offer, so team up with a professional jeweler to show her that you do care and that you treasure her above all else.

Sincere Service and Professionalism

Not sure about how to even get started with a customized engagement ring? Just call in or visit the experts online and ask! They are always ready and willing to walk you through the entire process. They get to know each and every client so that they can determine what would be the perfect proposal ring for your loved one. This is a once in a lifetime event, so turn to the professionals and allow them to guide you through the process without being interfering or overbearing. They just want you to choose the ideal piece of jewelry that will make her say “yes!”

Getting engaged is a euphoric but also serious event in every woman’s life. We all dream about the special day when our loved one will ask us to marry him. Furthermore, we start thinking about our wedding day since we are little girls. Main topics that young girls think about are their wedding dresses, floral arrangements, menu, cake, etc. However, when it comes to wedding rings, we usually want to give our input into choosing it. There are plenty of options out there, but pearl wedding rings seem to be in fashion nowadays.

Pearl ring in shaped box

Top 5 Trendy Wedding Rings

When it comes to wedding rings, you should choose what best suits your personality. Although, this is only possible when your fiancée doesn’t surprise you with a proposal ring of his choice. It does not matter whether you are a traditional bride or not. From simple, minimalist styles to vintage models, there are many ring types you can choose from.


  • Colored diamonds. White simple diamonds are the most common ones on the market. However, if you want to be original and stand out, you should pick a colorful precious stone. Most of the diamonds don’t just have one single color. They also present different hues which are beautiful, especially in the sunlight. A good option could be a yellow or pink stone. However, if you are a brave person, you can even go for a black or chocolate diamond.
  • Square rings. Untraditional brides could give a try to a square band. This is not only a courageous statement, but it can also feel more comfortable. It is said that being square-shaped, this kind of wedding ring is not constricting for your fingers.
  • Vintage designs. Some families keep their precious traditions by passing a wedding ring from generation to generation. However, if you don’t have a wealthy grandmother to offer you her engagement symbol, you can still find a vintage ring. This kind of ring will draw others’ attention to your hand, for sure. Furthermore, a vintage design has a more glamorous look. It is practically timeless.
  • Pear-shaped diamonds. Everyone can have a classic round diamond. However, wearing a pear-shaped stone can create a more special vibe. It is a more luxurious style. Furthermore, it will complement your fingers, making them look longer and thinner. These rings are usually more expensive than the round ones.


  • Pearl wedding rings. Pearl wedding rings are making a comeback. They were very popular in the past. Pearls are symbolizing purity as well as wealth. However, in the last years, they were shadowed by other types of stones and gems. Pearls change any outfit, making it more stylish.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring?

jewelry with black pearl and diamond

jewelry with black pearl and diamond

When picking a ring, you must think about what style and cutting will most complement your hands. There are plenty of factors to consider before actually purchasing a wedding ring. Besides the budget, there are also the following things to think of when choosing the perfect ring:

  • Your lifestyle. Think of the fact that you will have to wear this ring probably every day for the rest of your life. Therefore, you should choose a comfortable ring, especially if you have an active lifestyle. If you are a sporty person, or you play an instrument, you should pick a slimmer band for your wedding rings.
  • The length of your fingers. If you have long fingers, you can choose almost any type of stone, from common round ones to marquise-shapes gems. However, when your fingers are shorter, you should stick with oval or pear-shaped stones. These types will slim your fingers, too. Try not to choose a very thick band, because this will create an unpleasant aspect.
  • Color. Do you prefer a white stone or a colored one? When it comes to diamonds, there are plenty of choices. You can go for a pink or even a chocolate-hued one. If you are a traditional bride, white pearl wedding rings are a great option. You can also opt for gray or black pearl wedding rings, which will stand out from the crowd, for sure.
  • The band’s material. You can choose whatever you want, from gold to silver or even platinum, depending on your preferences as well as the budget. However, if you prefer pearl wedding rings, then you should select a silver, platinum or white gold one. This kind of band matches pearls perfectly.
  • Think about its maintenance. Don’t choose an engagement ring that will be hard to keep clean. Some stones are very fragile, and they need to be washed and brushed gently with a soft tool. However, if the ring is simple and made of gold or platinum, its cleaning process will be much easier. Pearl wedding rings are easy to clean, especially if they don’t have any other additional stones or fancy cuttings.

Why Should You Choose Pearl Wedding Rings?

Pearl wedding rings are classy and give a simpler, more elegant look to everyone who is wearing them. Furthermore, they are more durable and less expensive than a traditional diamond ring. However, even pearl wedding rings must be taken off while doing housework or other activities that might damage it.

Don’t fret if you do not have the hands of a pianist, with never-ending fingers. Pearl wedding rings will polish your overall look and make it more sophisticated. Natural pearls are the most beautiful ones but also the most expensive type. However, there are other alternatives such as cultured pearls, saltwater or freshwater pearls.

Final Words

Choosing an engagement ring is a beautiful thing, but it can also become a stressful one. You must consider several aspects before deicing which one to buy. It depends on factors such as budget, lifestyle, bride’s personality, finger length, preferences, and more. Some traditional brides would love to wear a classic diamond ring. On the other hand, there are other alternatives such as pearl rings.

It’s all a matter of taste and preference, so choose carefully. No matter which option you go for, it will remain with you for the rest of  your life, as a symbol of eternal love, commitment, and devotion.

“If there comes a time when we can’t be together, keep me in your pictures we will stay there forever.” The line echoed in my head as I finished savoring the memoir of my grand affair through the pages of my wedding album.

In my opinion, your wedding pictures perhaps remain the only tangent remnant of the first step towards your happily ever after (apart from the face you wake up to every morning, of course!). From the venue covered in blooming orchid coteries to the angelic wedding dresses, luscious looking food, wide grins of the relatives, and everything in between; there’s too much that call to be cherished again as you flip through each of the captured memory. While every couple is aware of the importance that these pictures hold, not all of them pick the best hands for the camera, either due to their lack of knowledge about the art or in the haste of the moment. To resolve the above dilemma we here have a few tips that would help you to pick a photographer that puts soul into your wedding.

Where To Begin?

To find the best man for the camera, begin with understanding the theme and style you want your wedding to be covered in. Figure out, whether you want your wedding photographs to appear like an excerpt from an old documentary or you want to adorn them with a hint of fashion. This will not only clear your vision, but also narrow down your focus and save a lot of time.

Know His Expertise

Remember, the photographs you preserve might be the only memory that remains 20 years down the line; therefore, make sure the person you have given the responsibility is the master of his art. While seeking a wedding photographer, scan through all the pictures of the events he has covered, and ‘not just the best ones exhibited in his showcase’ You don’t necessarily have to pick a person with ample experience, sometimes it’s the creativity and enthusiasm of the raw minds that serve the purpose well.

Hire The Style, Not The Stardom

In the haste of In the haste of finding a suitable photographer, couples often pick someone who is too experienced in his style but fails to match their story scene eventually.

While going through the portfolio of the photographers, observe closely the kind of photographs they have put on display. Think about how you want your dream wedding to look like and compare your dream scene with the pictures you see in their portfolio.

Enquire About The Equipment

I completely second that the skill of the photographer counts, but the outcome and the quality of the photographs depend largely on the equipment being used by the professional. The cameraman doesn’t necessarily need to carry the most expensive camera, but having a good set of equipment is imperative. Apart from gauging the quality of the camera used, make sure that the photographer is carrying along the necessary backup. Nothing could be worse for a cameraman than missing out half of the pictures because he isn’t carrying any spare tool in his kit.

Know your Photographer

This person is going to paint the beginning of your ‘happy ever after’, but how would he know what kind of paintings do you fancy? The key to have a ‘great photo album’ is to spend a ‘great time’ with your photographer pre-wedding at the venue. Every wedding is unique and every couple has their own story which demands to be reflected in the pictures. To get the best outcome, spend ample time with the photographers before the wedding! The more they know about you, the more will be the chances to get the images you’d love.

When it comes to finalizing the photographer for your wedding, there are no tips set in stone to pick “the right one”. The desired result will come your way when both of you will work cohesively as a team for the D-Day! With this I am wrapping up the post, hope the given tips would help. Good Luck, and thanks for the read!

Ines Di Santo wedding gowns will make you weak at the knees. Just take a glimpse at these 10 whimsical and romantic designs!

These 10 Sherri Hill wedding gowns are making us swoon and daydream about our own walk down the aisle. Check out these standout designs!


We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality jewelry to each and every client, and we don’t cease until we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Among our prestigious collections of rings are our handwoven wedding bands, which provide a new and interesting take on the traditional wedding jewelry. Men typically get the short end of the stick when it comes to experiencing the luxury of a wedding, but we think that both the bride and the groom deserve to be pampered on their special day. Our wedding bands allow you to relive the magic of the moment each and every day.

An Eye-Catching Display

Our handwoven wedding bands are one-of-a-kind creations that are crafted from the finest elements and with the utmost care. You will proudly want to display your wedding ring for all to see, and they will be intrigued by the twists and turns of the eye-catching rhythm and movement. These rings come to life and are a far departure from the boring and old-fashioned wedding rings of decades past. While looking and appealing, these rings still maintain the elegance and luxury of their older counterparts. Everyone will find something to love about these rings, but the most important thing is that you fall in love with it!

Choose the Character of Your Ring

When you opt for one of our handwoven wedding bands, you can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and metals. The handwoven designs can range from intricate and minimalist to sweeping waves that circle around your finger. Your metal options include white and yellow gold, as well as rose gold, palladium, and platinum. The interwoven designs are surrounded on each side by a stunningly bright metal of your choice. You may also choose the width of your intertwining pattern; choose from a narrow patterned band around your finger or a wide display of twists and turns in your carefully selected metal.

High-Quality Every Time

Any choice you make is going to be a great one because we pride ourselves on offering only the highest-quality stones, metals, and materials out there. We want both the bride and the groom to be more than satisfied with their purchases, which is why we take the time to get to know you and what you want from a wedding band. Handwoven designs are the ideal choice for the couple who is looking to go against the grain, make a statement, and start their own wedding tradition.


One of my dearest friends recently got married and in her infinite wisdom she chose the one person who has never been married, will most likely never be married and who knows practically nothing about weddings to be her maid of honor – me!

As flattering as that was I hit panic mode because like I said, until this point I had absolutely no experience with weddings. So that night, I spent hours trying to find out what exactly I was supposed to do as MOH.

And then I was terrified! By the time I was done I had worked out that a while a wedding is all the dreams a bride has ever had about her big day finally coming true, it is up to the MOH to turn them into reality! Now if that’s not stress, then I don’t know what is! So if you you’re as clueless about your MOH responsibilities as I was – here’s what I learned from my experience…

Have a meeting with the bride before the planning starts
The maid of honor’s duties will completely depend on what the bride wants, so that means you need to get together so you can discuss what she expects from you. Does she want you to be a traditional MOH who helps with the hosting of all the pre-wedding celebrations such as the bridal shower, will you need to help with the cake tasting, dress selections and fittings as well as everything else wedding related?

Or does she have other people handling those things and you’re only meant to show up on her big day, trying to look pretty in whatever dress has been chosen for you? Whatever the case may be, it is essential that you have both agreed on your role so that there are no last minute surprises and hurt feelings as the big day approaches.

What you’ll be doing before the wedding
The MOH is the brides right hand woman, her sidekick in the wedding war (trust me – it is a war!) and the person that she will depend on the most in the days leading up to the day, on the day of and even after the day!

The bride will be asking for your help with everything from shopping for the wedding party’s outfits to helping with the décor, and sometimes just listening to her vent about everything that’s going wrong with the wedding plans!

So be prepared for almost every spare minute of time you have from this moment until the wedding is over to be booked with wedding related activities, start becoming an expert on weddings and make sure you know every trick to calm your bride down when necessary! If the money becomes a problem, try checking out coupons. There’s plenty of them online nowadays, on such sites as Discountrue or RetailMeNot, so you can choose out of many different stores. JCPenney, Neiman Marcus – you name it, it’s there!

Choosing the dresses
Some brides have been dreaming about their wedding dress forever, and know exactly what they want. Others have only the vaguest idea and spend months looking for the perfect one. And you are going to need to be at her side the whole time, helping her find the dress that makes her look and feel as beautiful as possible!

Your honesty is crucial here, because brides can be pretty insecure about what they look good in, and they can get over excited about a REALLY bad choice!

As the MOH you probably have more say in the bridesmaid’s dresses, which is fantastic news for you. But if your bride is has several bridesmaids, then remember you’re not the only one standing at her side on the special day.

So be kind, avoid potential unhappiness among the bridal entourage and help the bride choose dresses that will be comfortable for and flattering to all the bridesmaids. Also, the MOH traditionally pays for her own dress, shoes and jewelry (as well as any wedding related beauty treatments).

Hosting the pre-wedding parties
Have I mentioned that being a maid of honor can be pretty costly? You already know that you are probably going to be paying for your own dress and accessories, but the MOH is also normally responsible for the bachelorette party and the bridal shower.

And if you are hosting a party of any kind that means you are going to be responsible for at least some, if not all of the costs related to it. So before you agree to be a maid of honor, make sure you are upfront with the bride about what you can and can’t afford!

Sometimes the hosting of these parties falls to other people, but make sure you’re ready to arrange both of them – just in case! And if you find yourself drowning under this responsibility then don’t try to be a superwoman, ask your fellow bridesmaids for help!

Know as much about the whole wedding as the bride does
No matter how simple your bride wants her wedding to be, it is one of the most involved and complex events there are. There are dozens of little details and everyone is going to have questions, which means you need to be able to provide the answers.

You are the brides’ sidekick, and she has tons on her plate so it is understandable that she might forget things. So you need to know the wedding planning schedule – who is responsible for what, when important appointments are happening and when things need to be ready by.

You’ll also need to know answers to the questions the guests may ask which includes everything about the registry (where it is, what’s on it), events leading up to the wedding and specifics about the itinerary for the day of the main event.

Make sure all the guests have your contact details so they can get hold of you if they need to – your social media details, your email address and your phone number. By making sure you’re available to answer any and all questions you’ll reduce a lot of the bride’s stress!

Be the ultimate sidekick
The MOH needs to be there for the bride as much as much as possible, but especially on her big day. Whenever she needs something – whether it is a tissue, assistance when going to the loo, someone to run interference or a calming influence you need to be within arm’s reach!

The bride will probably be pretty emotional on her wedding day, so you will need to do everything in your power to reduce her stress. That means you’ll need to handle the vendors if there are any questions or problems, have backup plans for backup plans and manage the bridesmaids.

You are also going to have the honor of witnessing and signing the marriage certificate, and then be on hand to help the bride while the post ceremony photography is happening. That means touching up her makeup, and finding the guests who are supposed to be present for the photographs!

By this time a lot of the pressure is off, but you are still going to need to know how to bustle your brides dress for the reception which can be a lot more complicated than it seems! It is also up to you to make sure the bride actually eats something or she may just pass out before the reception is over!

It is not always compulsory, but have a maid of honor speech ready if your bride has asked for one. Pull out a few personal stories, but don’t embarrass her in any way! And lastly, get the bride ready to leave by helping her change if necessary and collecting any gifts that guests brought to the wedding.

Our closing thoughts
No matter how many or how few duties your bride has asked you to perform, at the end of the day there is just one thing you need to remember – and that is to have as much fun as possible! Help your bride laugh at any disasters that happen, instead of falling to pieces.

She chose you to help her get through one of the most important days of her life, and it is something that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives. By the end of it, your friend will be Mrs. Prince Charming and that is something precious – so embrace and enjoy it and help her do the same!

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1. Dr. Scholl’s Mole Skin: Probably our favorite item on this list. Your wedding day is not the day to be limping around with blisters from your shoes rubbing in all the wrong places. Pre-remedy this by slapping moleskin on in all the places where there’s potential to rub.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: A good powder controls shine and minimizes the look of pores — which you’ll need to be photo ready all day long. This is the perfect compact to slip away with to pat your nose.

3. Goody Mini Bobby Pins: We are partial to the mini kind. They hide easier. Match to your hair color.

4. Clear nail polish: Whether you need to smooth over a nicked nail or stop a run in hose, clear nail polish is the star of many hacks.

5. Safety pins: This is the most important outfit you’ll ever wear…but things happen. A button may burst, a piece of fabric might snag, and so on — so be ready! Safety pins are lifesavers.

6. Healthy snack: Okay, this one is really important, so listen up. You need to eat while you’re getting ready. We repeat, you need to eat while you’re getting ready. Things get hectic, so plan ahead and stash a couple protein and fiber-packed bars in your purse. Try KIND bars.

7. Sewing kit: You’ll want mini scissors, thread, needles and buttons to mend any snafus that come up.

8. Hair spray: No explanation needed. Mini Hard Head by Bed Head is a winner for maximum hold.

9. White chalk: Ditch stain remover pens. When it comes to masking a stain on a white gown, chalk is the way to go.

10. Clear Band-Aids: Whether you cut yourself shaving, or accidentally get a paper cut, have some clear band-aids on hand to help you out.



Don’t be afraid to shower your bridesmaids with a bit of extra love on your big day. Don’t go with cheap, favor-like gifts but instead, try to invest in a piece of jewelry or a designer piece they’ll keep around for years to come. But besides the usual “thank you” token, there are some other items you may need to make sure your ladies in waiting have when the day of arrives.

A piece of the ensemble: from jewelry to cardigans or even a hair accessory or two, you could surprise your gals with a piece of the day they can wear now and later.


Square CZ Pendant Necklace from CC

Disposable Cameras: Pass these babies around and have your bridesmaids snap shots throughout the night. These candids will be the most sought after of memories.


Fujifilm Quicksand Flash 400 Single-Use Camera from Amazon

Candy or Snacks: Provide your gals with snacks that will put a spike in their blood sugar. It’s not unusual for all the ladies to go without a bite and this will be ready for each and every one of them when they need a pick-me-up.


Wild West Pop from Dylan’s Candy Bar

Extra Band-Aids: Provide your ladies with some extra boxes of Band-Aids. Make them neutral, make them fun, either way be prepared for accidents and blisters!


Oh Joy! Adhesive Bandages from Target

Bottled Water: Keep those girls hydrated. Just like candies or snacks to keep your bridesmaids on their toys, make sure they have a drink of something nice when and if they need it.


Fiji Natural Artesian Water from Walmart


Weddings and engagements don’t happen everyday, yet you can look back at the event every single day of your life when you choose Now and For Always Photography. Expert equipment, stellar skills, and the knowledge of capturing the romance and magic of the day, these professionals will fully take care of your special event’s photography. When you think about it, why wouldn’t you entrust a reputable photographer to snap pictures of the happiest day of your life?

The Perfect Angle, Every Time
When you choose Now and For Always Photography, you are guaranteed to have perfect photos, every time. Your wedding or engagement is a once-in- a-lifetime event; one that warrants the best quality photography possible. That is why these professionals don’t rest until they snap the perfect picture that you will want to cherish for years to come. One of the most popular reasons why people hire professional photographers is that the experts know which angles work best under specific lighting circumstances, in various situations and locations, as well as just how to capture the ambiance and romance of the event.

When You Want, Where You Want
Another wonderful aspect of hiring the professionals at Now and For Always Photography is that as the client, you have the power of deciding where to shoot and when. As long as timetables allow, you can have any part of your wedding ceremony or reception photographed with top quality equipment and the utmost skill. Before and after the event, feel free to fit in time for a photo op with the wedding party, your new spouse, or friends and family members. Plus, you can tell the experts when you want your pictures to be taken, so that you can plan out the day to fit in with the rest of your activities.

A Memory That Lasts a Lifetime
Finally, just imagine how busy you will be on your big day. The bottom line is that you want to fully enjoy the event and just be in the moment. A professional photographer helps to make that happen, because you don’t have to worry about following the photographer around or even toting the camera around by yourself. You also don’t have to entrust a friend or family member to take the pictures, which puts less stress and drama on the entire situation. Yes, the experts are there to help you, and they know the ropes like the back of their hand. You will be well taken care of!


As a little thank you, send off all of your guests with a tiny treat. Whether you want it to be edible, keepsake worthy or just plain fun and unique, have it coincide with the overall vision for your day. Start shopping around, grabbing ideas and taking a peek at some of our favorite picks that are some of the best buys around – sale included!

Light in the Box has some of the most inexpensive and expansive favors list around. And some of our favorites include:


Dove, Scented Soap in a Box


Heart-Shaped Metal Cookie Cutter


Eiffel Tower Bottle Opener

My Wedding Favors always has chic and sophisticated finds as well as the most trendy-worthy favors! And they run some of the best sales too!


Bamboo Coasters


Personalized Mint Life Savers


Mini Woven Picnic Baskets

JJsHouse is another spot that you’ll find a variety of inexpensive favors. They run sales and have both traditional, personalized and unique options.


Star Stainless Steel Bookmark


Key Beer Bottle Opener


Personalized Key Change / Bottle Opener

Beau-coup wedding favors are seriously some of the most adorable. Check them out and skim what’s on sale for the best deals.


Personalized Stemless Wine Glass


Mini Honey Pots


Coral Hand Fans

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Planning a wedding can be a very time consuming and stressful process that has obvious rewards when done right. There are many different elements that go into the planning of a successful wedding like choosing the right Jamaica wedding villas and the décor you will use for the ceremony. The look and feel of your wedding is a very important part of people’s perception of the affair. One of the best ways to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of you event is by adding ice sculptures to your wedding. The following are a few of the benefits of having ice sculptures at your wedding.

Originality and Creativity

One of the biggest benefits of having an ice sculpture is that it can add a sense of creativity and originality to the design of your wedding. Many people struggle with a sense of originality at their wedding due to the décor that is traditionally used in weddings. You will be able to give your ideas to the ice sculptor and then they will take them and bring them to life for you. If you do not have any ideas about the sculpture, then the ice sculptor can help you get some ideas that may work with the existing décor that you have.

Conversation Piece

Another benefit of having an ice sculpture at your wedding is that it can act as a conversation piece that will bring people at your wedding together. Typically, the guests at a wedding don’t know each other that well and conversation can be a bit scarce in these situations. By having a beautiful ice sculpture in the middle of you wedding, you will give people a jumping offer point to converse at the wedding. The more communication there is at your wedding, the more enjoyment people will have at your wedding proceedings.

Cost Effective

Another benefit of having an ice sculpture is that it is very cost effective to get and the benefits that come along with it are more than worth it. You need to speak with a few different companies to see who can give you the best price on the sculpture that you want. In most cases, the couple planning the wedding has a firm budget that they have to follow, which is why ice sculptures are such a great idea

The more research that you do on the ice sculptures companies you are considering, the better off you will be in the long run. Getting a great ice sculpture is contingent on getting the right company.


An engagement is one of the most delightful moments of your life, so why not hold onto that memory with a beautiful photo? Finding the right expert in engagement photography in Chatham doesn’t have to be a chore, but there are some things to look out for. Of course cost is an important detail, but also pay attention to professionals who offer outstanding customer service, freedom to create the scene you want, and the knowledge and expertise to handle the photo shoot perfectly.

A Memorial of the Magic
Choosing the perfect engagement photography in Chatham means doing your research, because this is a once-in- a-lifetime event and you want to make sure that every detail is just right. With a recognized expert, you never have to worry about preserving those memories so that they last a lifetime. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure that your engagement photo says more than just “will you marry me?” A professional photographer is able to capture the intimacy and romance between a couple, as well as the past experiences and moments that they’re been through.

Aesthetic Ideas and Expert Skill
Sure, you could try to take your own engagement pictures, but the effect is nowhere near the same as when you entrust this moment to a trained and skilled photographer. First of all, the expert can give you some aesthetic ideas to set the scene and recreate the magic of the moment. Secondly, a professional photographer will know how to get the ideal lighting and angles to make you and your partner look absolutely astonishing in the picture. Without the right knowledge of camera equipment and artistic compositions, your engagement photo will just end up looking ho-hum.

Competitive Pricing and Customer Service
Finally, as you scope out your options, you will find yourself wanting a photography service that can offer high quality but not a high price tag. Believe it or not, you can choose a professional who is trained, experienced, and recognized without having to pay big bucks. Just do your research and make sure that you take into consideration the technical aspect of photography, because a bargain price doesn’t always mean a great photo! Only the experts who take customer service seriously should be on your radar. Recreating the happiest day of your life takes on a whole new meaning when you have the help of a distinguished professional photographer.


Each self-planning couple looking for a perfect honeymoon location spends a few hours surfing the internet looking for other travelers’ pieces of advice and recommendations. Even if your trip will be taken care of by the travel agency, it is still fun to gaze upon beautiful views online as well.

For those who are willing to go hand in hand with the latest traveling trends and for those who don’t necessary want to spend their honeymoon on an island, today we are going to share a list of five most exotic and lovely cities according to cheap hotels booking site Travel Ticker!

1. Ubud: one temple for everyone

In the Indonesian island of Bali, you can find a small city of Ubud, which got a lot of attention after a super popular 2011 movie called “Eat. Pray. Love.” The film made the island and the cultural center of the island the city Ubud famous, so now it attracts thousands of visitors each year. Here you can get familiar with traditional local dances and arts, and afterward explore thousands of temples, which are believed to be found in every yard there is. To be fair, travelers are also rushing to visit another island’s celebrity – green, surrounded by jungle, Tegallalang rice terraces which will look breathtaking in your honeymoon pictures.

2. The old Hanoi on the old scooter

An increasing number of travelers flock to Vietnam to see such natural wonders as Halong Bay, but their tour of the country begins at the Hanoi airport. In the capital and second largest city of the country where is a ton of things to see, since all around the city you can see a lot of remains of the era, then Vietnam was a part of French Colony.

Do not miss the chance to visit the most important part of the city – Ba Dinh Quarter, where the narrow streets and the ancient buildings can be explored on the scooter. There is also no shortage of souvenirs and traditional goods shops so that you can bring a lot of lovely gifts after the honeymoon too. By the way, this area has a very vibrant nightlife too – bars and karaoke clubs can be found on every corner.

3. The magical neighborhood of Siem Reap

Although Siem Reap city in Cambodia is full of bars and clubs, people from all over the world come here not only to party. Tourists are rushing to see one of the world’s seven wonders –  the Angkor. Huge, more than 160 hectares covering Hindu temples and the palace complex, settled in the middle of the jungle has sprouted at the 12th century.

Angkor will take your breath not only by the number of temples here but also by drawings on the walls picturing the exploits of the gods: there are about 3000 different art pieces all over the complex!

4. Marrakech: aromas instead of tour guide

In recent years, Morocco was discovered by many tourists around the globe who were attracted by the beautiful nature and ancient cities. One of them – Marrakech, which spirit you can best feel at the Jemaa el-Fna Square. Here you will be greeted with thousands of small local vendors trying to sell various colorful goods.

Since the stalls are full of fragrant spices, fresh fruits, and traditional Moroccan dishes, follow your nose and thus discover the delicious Moroccan delicacies which will bring a whole new taste of your honeymoon.

5. Istanbul views from the historic tower

Istanbul remains to be one of the most popular vacation or honeymoon destinations. Turkey’s biggest city will amaze you with the beauty of Byzantine cathedrals, crowded markets and the cafes and bars. However, most travelers are rushing to visit the Bosporus Strait, which separates city into two parts – one European and one Asian. Here you can also visit the famous Virgin tower.

Built on a miniature island, this structure in the past served both as a lighthouse and as a prison. Now more than 800 years old city’s celebrity works as a wonderful observation deck, a historical museum, and a restaurant.


Make your guests green with envy with a wedding cake that stops the show. Green may not be the most popular color in the wedding world but it can sure make a scene with its organic and natural tones. Check out these cakes dressed in this rich and beautiful color!

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Every wedding deserves a signature cocktail. A sip that tastes like and represents the day’s theme and season all in one. We’re gathering the year’s best in flavors and sharing the look and ingredients of some of our favorites. And today’s it’s all about the refreshing and revitalized tastes of summertime. Take a look at these 6 summer-inspired signature cocktails and see if one catches your fancy or works for your celebration!

Watermelon Sangria

Watermelon Sangria

Watermelon is known for its light and refreshing nature, making it the perfect summertime treat to both cool off and revive in the heat. Serve up some sangria with a side of this melon-infusion. Don’t forget to add extra ice to this white wine concoction that we’re sure will satisfy every one of your guests! And of course you can make a non-alcoholic version for the little ones.

Coconut Margarita 


Serve up something that could really get the celebration started with these coconut margaritas. The best part about them is this is actually a skinny recipe, but it’s completely indulgent too. Entice your guests with something that feels like vacation on your big day!

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

raspberry limoncello prosecco

This signature cocktail will light up the reception with its sweet, summertime flavors and light, breezy feel. It’s sweet and a bit feminine, but everyone will want to take a sip. Especially with these fresh raspberry garnishes floating around the glasses for extra pops of color. And it’s bubbly too, which is perfect for celebrating.

Beach House Cosmos


We found the perfect recipe for those that are having a destination celebration. Get ready for your beach wedding with these beachside cosmos! And they’re blushing with all the right ingredients including: limeade, vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec and fresh lime slices as garnish

Tropical Fruit Punch with Fruit Ice

tropical run punch with fruit ice

Make something extra fruity and delicious with the help of this fabulous and unique recipe. And what’s extra unique and detailed is the addition of the “fruit ice” your guests will rave over! It’s certainly one of the most perfect, summertime cocktails around.

Sparkling Mint Pineapple Lemonade


Here’s another unique drink mix that all your guests will fuss over and remember. It’s quintessential of the season but it’s also something that is original enough to serve as a signature drink of the day. Catch the recipe and try this one out before the celebrating starts.

Check out springtime flavors here!

You want your wedding to be elegant and stylish. That’s why you buy the most beautiful dress, why you book a stunning venue, and why you should design a gorgeous wedding table setting. These are our 18 helpful tips to get you started on designing the ideal wedding table setting for your perfect day.

1. Know Your Colour Wheel


Using a colour wheel to determine what kinds of colours go well together will save you the embarrassment of a clashing colour palette.

2. Banquet Tables


Long banquet tables are modern and make the most use of the space available, leaving plenty of room for the dancefloor.

3. Bright Colour Accent


Choosing your colour palette is important, but if you are looking for something simple and modern, choose one accent colour against white linens. A colour theme that pops makes for a memorable wedding design!

4. Tall Pomander Centrepiece


A tall pomander centrepiece is not only a bold statement piece, but gets a big display off the table, allowing your guests to see each other and making room on the table for all the dishes.

5. Simple Rose Decoration


Decorating a table with a lone rose is simple and chic. Enough said.

6. Crisp White Linen


Neutrals are a safe bet when determining a colour palette for your guests’ tables. And nothing says class more than a crisp white table cloth, neat white napkins, and white roses and candles as the centrepiece.

7. Engraved Wooden Box Centrepiece


If you’re looking for a centrepiece for your rustic wedding, a wooden engraved box, with the word “Love” or with your names is a great DIY project and makes a perfect container to build a floral arrangement. Use floral foam to pose and arrange your flowers.

8. Flower Bulb Wedding Favor


If you’re looking for wedding favor inspiration, look no further. Not only does a flower bulb wedding favor add colour to your table setting, it’s also a sweet gift from you to your guests.

9. Creative napkins


Who says table decoration has to stop at the centrepiece? Use creatively folded napkins to add some flair to your table setting.

10. Simple Jar Vases


Use jars or glasses as vases, and jazz them up ribbon or paper. Fill the bottom with beads or marbles to make them look even better.

11. Beach-Themed Centrepiece


Centrepieces don’t have to be floral. If you are having a beach themed wedding, try a beach-themed centrepiece. Use some sand and shells, and a candle holder filled with water holding a floating candle.

12. Quality Crockery


When choosing plates for your wedding table setting, you may be tempted to select the cheapest option. But the quality of the crockery you select will impact the quality of your entire wedding table setting. You want the very best, so make sure you learn exactly what items are required for a wedding table setting and how to set the table properly.

13. Rose Petal Centrepiece


Need to save space on your wedding table setting, but still want a beautiful centrepiece? A minimalist centrepiece using scattered rose petals is a lovely way to use the space you have without taking up too much room.

14. Round Tables


Round tables are classic. They leave more room for centrepieces and allow your guests to communicate with more people across the table and beside them without yelling down a banquet table.

15. Candle Centrepiece


A candle centrepiece looks lovely, but also serves a purpose, giving off beautiful golden light when the lights are dimmed and offering a truly romantic feel to your wedding reception.

16. Rustic Hessian Table Runner


If you are having a rustic, barn wedding, your wedding tables should suit your theme. Try a hessian table runner and couple it with candles and wildflowers.

17. Matching Place Cards and Menus


If you want to avoid utter chaos at your wedding reception, it’s best to assign seating. Place cards should be visible and face towards the guest’s seat. They should match the design of the menu card.

18. Succulent Wedding Favors


Choosing a succulent as a wedding favor and decorating the pot or jar with twine and hessian will look beautiful on your rustic wedding table setting as well as make a beautiful and lasting gift for your loved ones.


Now that you’ve sorted out your table setting, why not move on to choosing your bridesmaid dresses or take a look at these unique wedding cakes.


There is something about winter weddings that evoke a sense of magic and mystery in even the most mature of us. As it is more common for couples to host their weddings in the summertime, many of us may have not had the chance to attend a winter wedding, let alone know how to plan for one. Tips are scarce when it comes to a frosty celebration, but that is going to change today – the time has come to make sure your winter wedding is even more memorable than its more common summer sibling.

Follow this guide to planning your winter wedding to perfection and host one of the most memorable mid-year wedding events that everyone will be talking about for the rest of the year!

1. Light It Up!
As the days in winter are shorter and darker, it is important to have sufficient and adequate lighting at your winter wedding. It is advisable to hold your ceremony a little earlier than you would in the summertime, to fully utilise all the sunlight that you possibly can. Once the sun has set, you want to make sure that your venue is well lit for both visual and photography purposes. One great thing about winter weddings is how magical it can look with appropriate fairy lighting and tealights.

2. Go Wintery With Your Wedding Favours
Another plus of a winter wedding is being able to hand out wedding favours that differ from the norm. Including blankets or pashminas, sparklers, warm spiced cookies, mulled wine spices or little bottles of warm alcohol are all very cute and doable winter wedding favour options that will be remembered for a long time to come!

3. Warmth And Weather
The weather is often unpredictable during winter – it can start pouring rain at any moment, or sometimes the wind starts howling like a wolf out of nowhere. It is important to familiarise yourself with the weather for the day – look on weather applications and websites. Once you know what to expect, check with your venue ahead of time to make sure the building will have had time to warm up before your ceremony. According to a company that specialises in marquee hire in Melbourne, many choose to set up marquees at winter weddings just in case the rain decides to pay them a surprise visit. There is nothing worse than guests not being able to concentrate or pay attention because they are wet and freezing their socks off!

4. Pay Attention To Those Winter Coats!
As most of your guests will be arriving at your winter wedding in a cover up or coat, make sure to have someone in charge of collecting coats at your reception and making sure that they are kept safe and available for collection at any point during the ceremony or reception.

5. Flowers
Unfortunately, certain flowers will not be in season during Winter – but don’t let this get you down! Talk to your florist about what flowers are in season during winter, and work from there. You will be surprised at how many beautiful flowers (that you would not have even thought about) are available during the colder months. Greenery like eucalyptus leaves lend itself well to a winter wedding, and branches can be inexpensive and elegant centrepieces.

6. Keep Your Guests Warm And Toasty!
Consider making an effort to ensure that your guests are kept warm and cheery upon arrival. A hot drink such as warm tea on arrival is a nice and simple idea, and another fantastic idea is to provide each guest with a pair of pocket warmers. On top of that, having pashminas in baskets or on chair backs for guests can be a great idea in case they start to feel a little chilly.

7. Don’t Forget Cocktail Hour!
Winter is the perfect time to spruce up that boring old cocktail menu that everyone else uses at their weddings. For a winter wedding, you will want to serve drinks that fit the season. In addition to the usual lager, wine and standard cocktails, be sure to include a choice of warm drinks such as Irish coffee, Hot Chocolate, Espresso, and Boozy White Hot Chocolate. Make sure there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices, so that there is something for everyone!

Always remember, winter weddings can be one of the most stunning and memorable events that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come. With both this guide to planning your winter wedding to perfection and a little research, you too can have the magical wedding of your dreams!


The planning of your special day can be part of the fun, but it can’t be denied that it can get a little stressful from time to time, especially on top of your day-to- day duties. Therefore it’s worth trying to reduce some of this strain wherever possible so you can enjoy the whole wedding process, from start to finish. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Leaving Little Room for Error
Plan everything in only one location; this will help to minimize error and everything going awry. To make sure that everything shows up at the right location, including your guests, one location makes things so much easier. It will be helpful for vendors – like your caterer or florist – and will give you peace of mind.

Make a “Plan B”! Seriously, there is nothing more disappointing on your wedding day than when the weather simply won’t agree and your once-in- a-life- time affair gets rained out. Of course you can’t control the weather, but you can plan for it. Make an indoor Plan B alongside your outside Plan A. Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst.

Here’s a handy tip. In case the cake gets slightly damaged in transit or during set up, keep a couple of flowers from your color scheme on hand. Place them on any damaged areas to keep your cake looking perfect. It will also look like it was ordered that way, because your cake will adhere to the wedding color scheme.

Keep it Organized
RSVPs are incredibly important in order to know how many people are actually coming to your wedding. Make your life easier by numbering on the back of each RSVP that corresponds to the guests in your list. Looking for a number instead of names will help you more quickly check them off the list. Furthermore, you should include self-addressed envelopes for guests to send the RSVPs back. This is made easier by printing them out, or buying a stamp or personalized stationary. This saves you the effort of hand writing the same address over and over again. It’s also a good idea to address two envelopes to each person right from the get-go: one for the invitation and one for the thank you card. This will help your post-wedding tasks go quicker and more smoothly as well.

Of course one way to keep everything organized is to throw it all into digital format. Instead of worrying about your guests mailing RSVPs back, why not make this a feature on your wedding website? This will keep your RSVPs organized and up to date, without waiting for them in the post and without risking any getting lost along the way. Aside from RSVPing, you can also have them picking their meals, sign up to the program schedule if they want to present something, and even allow them to tick things off your wedding registry. It’s incredibly easy to set up a site like this and there are a lot of free graphics, templates, and backgrounds out there to get you started – there are plenty of options discussed here. In the end, accumulating the info you need through a website will make your life so much easier. It also helps you to give your guests more information than is possible on the invite alone; for example, letting them know that the wedding will take place on a lawn and therefore they should probably not wear stilettos.

DIY Decision Making
Get other people to do some of the work for you. For example, once you know your color scheme, tell each bridesmaid and give them a link to a site in order to pick out their own dresses. This ensures that they find something that they like and that you have one less thing on your to-do list before you say your I do’s. Just be sure that everyone uses the same website so that the dresses are all the same shade of the color you told them to go with.

Let your guests seat themselves! Not only does this give them a bit of freedom and ensures that you don’t get blamed for seating someone at the wrong table, it also saves you from having to create a seating plan and place seating cards in each spot at the tables. This will save you a lot of time and planning hassle.

Black and white, black and gold, even a bit of black and pink can set the scene for not only a sophisticated and classy affair but a wedding full of romance too. Just check out some gorgeous examples of real-life celebrations that utilized the timeless shade in its overall design. And make sure to visit our first set of inspiration here.


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Dressing all your beautiful best friends for your big day can be tricky. We love our friends for their different personalities, styles and characteristics but they’re also usually all different shapes and sizes, and this can prove to be quite the task when trying to dress them all the same as bridesmaids for your wedding. There are a few things you can do to make this a little easier, here are our top tips for choosing your beautiful bridesmaids dresses:

Mismatched maids
Long gone is the tradition of having all your bridesmaids in the same dress. Going mismatched adds a real trendy edge to your wedding day and makes making decisions as the bride a lot easier. Pick a colour pallet you want your bridesmaids to wear then let them pick their own style dresses. That way each of yours bridesmaids will feel comfortable in their dress and the different fabrics and hues will really complement each other, adding a fashionable edge to your day.

Make a mood board
To avoid turning into a bridezilla, making a mood board of different fabrics and colours that you like then invitee all your bridesmaids around to discuss what shapes and styles they like to gather a consensus of what types of dresses to start looking for. It’s your wedding day so don’t be afraid to push for what you want but remember you want your friends to feel comfortable on your big day.

Go colour crazy
An alternative way to do mismatched is to pick out a dress you like and let the bridesmaids wear the same dress in different colours or let each bridesmaid pick their own colour and style dress. This works particularly well with different pastel shades or bold colours which complement each other.

Have a girly day
If you do prefer a more cohesive look when it comes to the bridal party, there’s nothing better than having a girls day out to pick your dresses together. Visit a few different shops and try on lots of different styles of dresses to get a feel for what types of dresses your bridesmaids like. Occasion wear specialists like Coast have amazing advisors in store who can help and plenty of different styles and sizes online to make ordering your dresses super easy.

Although it’s important to make sure your bridesmaids look lovely when stood altogether, thinking about how they’re going to look next to you is also important. Don’t forget to consider how the fabrics and colours will match your gown most importantly.

Check out this stunning, teal wedding inspiration and how you can incorporate this smooth tone all around your big day! From the fashion to the reception, you can weave this rich shade throughout the entire celebration.


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Don’t follow tradition if it doesn’t feel right, instead go with something a bit more unique and outside-the-box. Take these marbled wedding cakes for example. You can a classic, center of the reception and a sweet bite with a more personalized and original styling!

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Isabelle Armstrong wedding gowns are gorgeous and ultra feminine. And we’ve chosen 10 of our favorite designs from their Spring 2017 collection to show off and feature all of the delicate details.

When it comes time to decide on wedding invitations, one can get seriously overwhelmed. Color choices, font styles and themes become the cause of a lot of stress and confusion. But when you’ve got trust in the makers behind the invites, things can be more enjoyable and less worrisome. And that’s what we’ve got here; 5 of our favorite wedding invitation sites that you can completely trust and order your Save-the-Dates, reception cards and actual invitations with the click of a few buttons!

Wedding Paper Divas: This site has a great mix of invite styles from girlishly vintage to crisp and modern. You’ll find a ton of great inspiration too especially if you’re looking to find a design that’s on-trend and influenced by the fashions of the present time. You can even request free samples and an entire kit to try tangible see and feel what you’re ordering and interested in.

PicMonkey Collage

Shimmer                                                                                                 Natural Luxe

Minted: Precision, tradition and complete quintessential bridal spirits are found here. You’ll find foil-printed, letter-pressed and even minibook designs that will wow each and every one of your guests. We love this classic, minimalistic “Someone Like You” design which encompasses how chic and sophisticated this site is when delivering up the perfect invitation for your vision. And look at this “Wed In Type” design as well – modern, contemporary and forward-thinking when it comes to fonts!

Tiny Prints: They may not have strictly wedding invitations but they have a generalized section that you can personalize and make work for your big day. And we love it because their designs are incredibly lively, unique and fun! Sifting through these quirky invites you’ll find everything from chic appeals to artistic vibes.

Stellar Gala    Gala Stripes

Gala Stripes                                                                                         Stellar Gala

Mixbook: If you’re looking for a spot to get a fully customized look, then this is the place to peruse. From words to photos to colors, you can truly create your own work of art for every guests to have and to hold until the big day arrives. Just check out this “Delicate Overlay” finish that will have you all swooning in delight. Plus, those engagement photos will come in handy quite nicely.

Shutterfly: And finally, if you didn’t know about Shutterfly already, you’ll thank us immensely later. Here too you can make a more personalized and customized design. Although, they have some trendy, ready-made designs waiting for your to sift through as well. They’re great at mixing photos and moments with gorgeous overlays and accents. Take a peek now!

True Love  Stunning Duo

True Love                                                                                                           Stunning Duo