Show off those your toned and tanned arms by highlighting them. These one-shoulder wedding gowns bring the eyes up and are quite glamorous too!

One Shoulder Wedding GownsDipped in a golden-cream tone, this plush number will make you feel like a dancing queen.

One Shoulder Wedding GownsSophisticated with a bit of Cleopatra inspiration, this outside-the-box gown is quite the stunner.

One Shoulder Wedding GownsA more traditionally-styled ball gown but with sparkle and crystal to make you fee like a princess, we’re in love with its charm.

One Shoulder Wedding GownsSome lace, some sparkle and a womanly silhouette makes this design a showstopping piece.

One Shoulder Wedding GownsWow your guests and your groom by walking down the aisle in this bold and beautiful selection.

One Shoulder Wedding GownsShow off your curves and your loves of ruffles and delicate texture with a gown such as this!

One Shoulder Wedding GownsThere’s something so wintery and refreshing about this gorgeous number, don’t you think?

One Shoulder Wedding GownsThese ruffles and curls were made for the dance floor, just imagine your first round as husband and wife in this!

One Shoulder Wedding GownsThe lace detail of this gown is absolutely stunning, with so many intricate lines.

One Shoulder Wedding GownsTiers and ruching make this gown a great choice for a variety of sizes and shapes!

all photos via Brides

Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

destination wedding planning checklist

Destination Weddings are weddings that take place away from where the bride and groom live. They happen in some of the most exotic and wonderful places in the world. These types of non-traditional weddings provide the bride and groom with dreamy settings, while doubling as an opportunity for guests to experience a place they have never been before. But, because destination weddings mean traveling far away from home, the bridal couple and their guests may need additional time for all planning components. They must also apply a little more due diligence on research side then they would do for a traditional wedding.

Following is a destination wedding timeline which can be modified to suit your individual destination wedding vision.

12 Months or more

  • Create a wedding binder. Keep all ideas, swatches, photos, correspondence, etc. and keep it in an easily accessible place.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Consider purchasing wedding insurance to protect your special day.
  • Compile a reasonable guest list. Don’t over invite assuming guests won’t come because of travel. Invite anyone you want to have present (budget permitting) and allow the guest to decide if they can/want to travel.
  • If you are getting married outside of the country, consider hiring a wedding consultant who specializes in destination weddings.


11 Months prior

  • Set up a profile of the type of destination wedding your want
  • Research, research, research locations before you book. Note distance from airport to hotel, weather, seasons and time of year (consider hurricanes) amenities, etc.
  • Settle on a wedding date.
  • Send save the date cards. (optional).
  • Verify marriage residency requirements.
  • Research travel and accommodation options for guests
  • Consider visiting the destination to be sure this is THE spot for you.


10 months prior

  • Make destination wedding planning trip, if necessary
  • Set up meetings with any stateside wedding professional who may be traveling to your wedding locale.


9 Months prior

  • Start putting together any legal documents required to marry at the destination wedding location.
  • Make travel arrangements to the destination wedding site, if possible.
  • Book the lodging accommodations for wedding attendants
  • Complete itinerary for tours or any other extra curricular activities for guests, if applicable
  • Make your own travel arrangements for the wedding


8 Months prior

  • Register for gifts
  • Determine style, formality and colors of wedding
  • Consider style of stationery, invitations


7 Months prior

  • Select your wedding gown
  • Choose and order bridesmaids wedding dresses
  • Order groom and groomsmen attire
  • Shop for wedding rings


6 Months prior

  • Make final selections on wedding cake baker, florists and décor, and transportation necessary.
  • Work on ceremony details and buy any necessary items
  • Finalize menu and wedding cake order


5 Months prior

  • Purchase fiancé’s gift (optional)
  • Order favors (optional)
  • Buy gifts for wedding attendants and parents


4 Months prior

  • Finish addressing wedding invitations and mail out


3 Months prior

  • Update your budget
  • Review contracts again and familiarize yourself with arrival times, etc.


2 Months prior

  • Start creating seating charts. Yes, it is hard but it must be done.
  • Call guests who have not yet responded


1 Month prior

  • Release any unnecessary rooms
  • Finalize all wedding day itineraries
  • Confirm travel arrangements with the hotel/resort


3 Weeks prior

  • Send out emails to wedding providers who have been contracted to finalize the details.


3 Days prior

  • Arrive at wedding destination
  • Meet with banquet manager
  • Go over details
  • Bridal beauty – manicure, pedicure – no change in facial products at this time. Any change in cleansers or makeup should be done at least one month prior to the wedding.


The day of

  • Relax, say “I DO” and live happily ever after!

Have your mom dress in a beautiful, blushing shade of pink on the day you say I do. It’s such a romantic and versatile color for a variety of skin tones. Take a peek at these gorgeous options!

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesA bit Grecian and full of movement, this is an affordable and elegant choice from ASOS.

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesThe elegance, the color and the butterfly sleeves are all perfect for a mother of the bride!

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesA one-shouldered beauty with a slit to match, the youth and sophistication of this dress is tangible.

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesA clean palette and a silhouette that works on a variety of shapes and sizes, this choice is easy to style and accessorize.

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesFor something a bit shorter and more contemporary, go with this ruffled beauty.

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesCinched at the waist with a flowing shawl to match, this is a beautiful and comforting blushing pick.

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesEither of your mothers would feel gorgeous and appropriate is this beautiful and complimentary design.

ROMONA KEVEZA BRIDAL SHOWHave your mom a part of the day’s overall vision with this vintage, party piece!

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesOne of my personal favorites of the bunch, this silk stunner has gorgeous, illusive sleeve and a delicate charm.

Blush Pink Mother of the Bride DressesThe ruffles outlining this dress make it such a fun and celebratory style that it at least deserves a try on!

all photos via Brides

Wedding Dress Shopping Tipsvia

Prepare yourself and do your homework before making your way into all of those wedding gown boutiques. Of course you should be doing your homework and have some kind of idea in mind before you make your way into the heaps of lace, white and tulle – but more importantly have the essentials with you to make your experience stress-free with a flawless finish.  Have everything you need with you before you start shopping, and begin with our list of must-haves!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips via

  1. The posse: We believe you should take loved ones with you when shopping, but don’t make it a spectator sport. No more than 2-3 people are necessary to make this experience a fun and stress-less time. You don’t need unwanted opinions, but rather those that you trust to help you figure out what suits you, your body and your vision.
  2. A price point: Yes, bring a price point with you on your journey into the racks. You’ll regret trying on a dress that’s thousands of dollars outside your range when you fall in love with it. It’s important you only look at what you think you can handle.
  3. Some ideas: Scour the Internet and bridal magazines for some tangible ideas to take to the salons with you. It’ll make finding what you want a bit easier and your consultant will have a clear image in mind on what your personal style is.
  4. Strapless Bra: Even if you don’t want to wear it all day, make sure you have a strapless bra to help you try on some of the gowns. It’ll make the”end” vision and fit that much easier and more clear for you.
  5. Nude Underwear: We suggest you nix the thongs and pretty panties and come in comfortable, nude underwear. You don’t want to be bare-bottomed in front of the bridal consultant helping you get in and out of dresses and you don’t want black or printed panties distracted from all the gorgeous whites and creams that you’ll be dawning.
  6. Any Accessories: If you by chance already have the veil you’ll be wearing on the day of or the shoes, maybe you’re wearing your mother’s, go ahead and bring them along too. If you find a dress worthy enough, you may want to try on the entire ensemble together.
  7. A hair clip or pony holder: Whether you want to see what your hair looks like up with your dress or you just need to get your hair out of your face (trust us, wedding gown shopping can be quite the exercise), don’t forget these in your purse. You’ll thank us later.
  8. A bottle of water & snacks: You’ll more than likely be spending a couple of hours at larger salons, so grab a granola bar and bottles of water for yourself and your friends. Again, that bottle of water will come in handy if you get a bit too hot in the dressing room.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tipsvia

Plan your winter wedding with simplicity and romance in mind. Here’s a quick list of some beautiful and simple reception designs that pay homage to the season in the most gorgeous and subtle of ways.

Winter Wedding ReceptionGolden, rustic and glittering this table is glowing with winter romance, don’t you think?

Winter Wedding ReceptionA bit of icy flavor is welcoming throughout the cold weathered months, and this slick reception has it in heaps.

Winter Wedding ReceptionThis modern reception is dressed in posh, crisp wedding white. It doesn’t get any more sophisticated and simple than this.

Winter Wedding ReceptionThe venue of this reception is magical, but so is the family style seating and arrangement of the welcoming tables.

Winter Wedding ReceptionYour day celebration can beat the cold inside but still get inspired by the crispness within your designs.

53f74d38a32b6$!400xAnother bright white reception but this time set off by some gorgeous winter blues.

Winter Wedding ReceptionThere’s something about winter that makes brides feel like a princess, and this magical reception style would do just that.

Winter Wedding ReceptionWe love the organic and lush nature of the centerpieces  floating above the tables!

Winter Wedding ReceptionIf you’re lucky enough to be able to still hold an outdoor reception during the winter months, we love this subdued tablescape as inspiration.

Winter Wedding ReceptionFrom the tables to the ceiling, this reception pays homage to winter months in some beautiful ways.

all photos via SMP

The average wedding will cost you approximately £21,000 whilst the wedding planners themselves take a sizable cut of this fee. That is a significant sum eating into the budget of what is already going to be the most, or at least in the Top Five most, expensive days of your life.

No-one can deny the expertise of such companies and individuals, our hats truly go off to them. The ability to arrange a spectacular event, such as your wedding day, with charm and ease is impressive to say the least. With a knack for creativity and superhuman organisational skills, wedding planners can seem, and be, a necessity to many looking to ease the pressure of planning this momentous occasion. However, there are ways you can channel your inner planner to save yourself a small fortune and get the wedding of your dreams.


It is the start of a brand new year and that can mean a number of factors. A new weight-loss plan, quitting those nasty habits and reading more books are always top on the resolutions list, but there is a far more pressing matter at hand; you’re broke.

The festive period also happens to be one of the most romantic times of the year with many couples choosing Christmas as the ideal time to get engaged, but when January rolls round, so does the planning.

The costs are already beginning to mount up by there are many simple ways that you can become your own wedding planner:

Free online tools

You don’t have to go it alone. The internet has revolutionised our lives, we often don’t know what we would do without it, but there is more to it than cute animal videos and Facebook. The internet is a treasure-trove of wedding inspiration; delights that will suit every style of couple you can possibly think of, and more.

With a wedding site directory at your fingertips and more Pinterest mood boards than you can wave a bouquet at, online tools are often free and full of advice to guide you well on your way to marital bliss.

From seating planners to maintaining your budget, your planning is all in electronic form, neat, tidy accessible.

These online tools will become essential to your planning, but also make sure to take advantage of the online directories. Thousands and thousands of suppliers are listed and compared for your benefit, no matter where you live or when you’re getting married. You can filter by budget and relevance to book meetings; the Big Day sorted in no time.

Write everything down

Calendars, diaries and post it notes will become your best friend. Well, second best friend after the internet.

Whilst the internet has that sheer abundance of inspiration and the organisational skills only a robot can possess, a mixture of cyber space and good old fashioned note making will take you a long way.


Carry around a pad of post its to jot down addresses of venues and suppliers as well as all-sorts of inspiration that you see out and about. Make sure that pad stays with you at work, home and in-between sticking as you go to create a powerful trail of contacts and ideas.

A calendar or small diary dedicated to your wedding planning can also give a focused yet fun approach, keeping you calm and ahead of the game.

Enlist friends and family

Your friends and family are with you through thick and thin, so why not throw them headfirst into the whirlwind world of wedding planning. This is making us sound a little evil but there are a number of fun ways you can get your loved ones to help without filling them with dread.

Those imaginative parents who are handy with a glue gun can get their creative juices flowing with some beautiful invitations and all those little details that make a wedding complete. Your budding chef of a Gran can create canapés and nibbles fit for a royal wedding whilst your friends will be perfect at suggesting venues, locations and of course, the hen party/stag do.

Friends and family are always happy to help and including them as a vital part of your wedding will make the whole planning and Big Day itself that extra special.

Reward yourself and others

Whilst wedding planners reward themselves on a job well done, and a lovely fee, you can reward yourself in many different ways.

For example, the more you stay under budget, the more you should spend on yourself as a couple. Create a piggy bank to collect all funds saved and treat yourself to a honeymoon of a lifetime, your new home or split the funds and get each other something special as a surprise.

Staying on, or underneath, your budget has many advantages for yourselves but why not treat those guests too? With small and intimate occasions, you can give those attendees their very own token from the day, whether that’s a piece of jewellery or some posh chocs. For bigger fanfair style weddings, the jewellery option might work out a little too pricey. An amazing band, food and individual card creates a personalised touch for everyone.


When you are in the market for an engagement ring, you will soon see by looking at the market that there are a wide variety of choices that are available. No matter what your taste, you will be able to find something that is suitable for you to celebrate your engagement, as well as also fits your budget. Whether you choose a brand new engagement ring or decide to go with an antique one, will all depend on your taste, as well as also depend on your budget. Whatever you decide on there are advantages to choosing both types of engagement ring.

Keeping it in the Family

There are many people that like to keep traditions in their family alive, and a popular tradition is to pass down antique engagement and wedding rings. If you have a ring in your family, this means that you will not have to go out and look for antique engagement rings for sale. You may be lucky to have one in your family that is not only suitable for the job, but also looks stunningly beautiful. One thing about passing down a ring and keeping it in the family is that this can save you potentially quite a lot of money when planning your wedding. Engagement and wedding rings are not always cheap, especially if your partner is looking for something that sparkles on their finger. If you have a ring that is passed down through your family, you can then put the money you save towards other wedding expenses, or potentially towards the cost of your honeymoon.

Purchasing a New Engagement Ring

If you do not have a ring in your family that you will inherit, or would rather have a new ring, there is still a world of choice available. One of the first things that you will need to decide on is what your total budget is going to be. When you have worked out your budget, you can then start touring all of the jewellery shops to see which ring catches the eye of your partner. You will find that most jewellery shops will also have a website, so you can even do a lot of looking around online from the comfort of your home. By using the internet, you can narrow down your search before you start to visit the shops to try the rings on, which can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Buying a New Used Engagement Ring

If you like the idea of an antique engagement ring or wedding ring that you can pass down through your family as a heirloom, you can always purchase an antique rather than buying a new ring. There is something to be said for antique rings as they can not only look terrific, but some of them have a lot of character about them. You may even find that you can get an antique ring cheaper than you can buy a brand new one, so this could be a worthwhile investment for you and your partner. You may even be able to afford a more extravagant ring than if you were to buy a new one. As well as having character, your antique ring could also add a bit more bling to your finger! Whatever style of ring you decide on, it all comes down to the commitment you make as a partnership, with the ring just being the icing on the cake!

Check our some of our favorite Claire Pettibone gowns from her Fall 2015 Collection! They’re whimsical, romantic,  and full of bridal style and vintage inspiration.

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionBlue-hued and tiered to perfection, this gown has unique style and a certain bridal feel.

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionThe sleeves of this dress itself are romantic and whimsical enough to make a splash all their own.

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionSubtly Victorian but with a sexy silhouette for a bride that wants to show off her curve, this beauty is a must-try!

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionThe light and breezy bell sleeves to the light and breezy skirt, we are loving the movement that this gown uncovers.

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionThe silver, lacey overlay of this dress is such too beauty to describe. It’s romantic, unique but with just enough old-age spirit to act as sheer elegance.

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionEvery detail of this dress is built and sewn to perfection, from the lace to the sparkly embellishments.

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionIf you pick this gown you cannot go without the matching veil, the combination is stunning, don’t you think?!

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionAnother gown with details that will stun not only you but your guests too, there’s so much love that goes into these pieces.

Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 CollectionCap sleeves that make a statement and a 1920′s spirit that’s obvious but subdued at the same time, we are loving this design!

all photos via Brides

The Best Wedding Planning Books. Only Two Matter

Want help with wedding planning, but don’t want to hire an actual planner? Wedding planning books are great resources, and offer everything from advice about vendors and flowers to helpful hints regarding annoying family members. Check out two fabulous options and enjoy moving forward with the planning process!

1) The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide

A book featuring “hundreds of tips and tricks for hitting your budget,” including “the top 14 rules for choosing your location, dress and menu,” The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide is ideal for anyone not looking to break their bank. Written by Dana LaRue, this wonderful and witty wedding guide is chock-full of wallet-friendly advice. Find sample budgets, DIY ideas, and plenty more awesome ideas here. You can also check out LaRue’s website, The Broke-Ass BrideThe Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide

Screenshot 2014-12-28 15.31.20

2) Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette

Written by Anna and Lizzie Post, the great-grandchildren of Emily Post, this guide provides updates on the original author’s text from 1922. Find tons of etiquette tips here (don’t advertise your wedding on Facebook!) as well as lots of helpful advice (how to deal with divorced parents, etc.). Check out info on budgeting, guest lists, style, reception details….there’s even detailed wedding checklists, tipping charts, location tips, and so much more. Nifty! Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, 6e


Check out one or all of these books and get the help you need! Happy planning!

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Create a wedding day look that’s even more whimsical with a matching cape to dawn throughout your winter celebration. You’ll be bridal and beautiful in one of these stunning designs!

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesChic, slick and beautiful, this gown will be fun to accessorize with but also gorgeous flowing down the aisle towards your groom.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesLace detail on the top, lace detail on the bottom and a beautiful silhouette and shape in between, this gown is a beauty!

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesDelicate and whimsical, this illusion cape tops off this easy design with the perfect feminine touch and unique appeal.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThe embellishments and intricate details of both the dress and the cape are too incredible to look over. It’s quite the showstopper.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesAlthough the gown underneath seems simple and sophisticated, the voluminous cape atop adds a certain bit of charm that would otherwise be missed.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThere’s something quite glamorous and bold about this piece, especially the insanely gorgeous high-neckline that will bring all eyes up and onto your blushing face!

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThe topping to this dress is unique, elegant and such a great way to bid your goodbyes in at night after a celebration of dancing.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesLong and full of lace, both the gown and cape make a romantic and powerful style for everything from walking down the aisle to the receiving line.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThe silhouette of this gown doesn’t need to be covered up, but the cape surely tops off the simple design with a certain bit of elegance and fashion-forward energy.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesDrape this light and flowing cape over your shoulders to top of an easy winter-inspired bridal look.

all photos via Brides


perfect wedding dress for your body type

Want to find the best dress for your shape? Check out our guide:

If Pear-Shaped…

…look for a dress that gradually flairs out in an “A” formation from the natural waist to the floor. This highlights the midsection while cleverly disguising hips and thighs. Try sturdy, non-cling fabric such as duchesse satin and taffeta for best results. Additionally, a spaghetti-strap bodice or “V” neckline will showcase a slender upper body. Note that this silhouette is best for more formal weddings, however it can be reworked for casual weddings using fabric such as eyelet lace.

wedding dress for pear shaped bride

If Busty…

…go for a dress with a scooped neckline. This opens the face and displays the décolletage without revealing a ton of cleavage. If a fan of strapless gowns, opt for one with a sweetheart neckline over one that goes straight across. The latter will make the bust look even bigger, and worse, shelf-like. Also keep in mind that ruched bodice fabric or that with a sheen will add volume and once again call attention to the chest.

wedding dress for busty bride

If Plus-Sized…

…try an Empire dress with a skirt that begins just under the bust. Ensure the seam does not begin on the chest and the fabric doesn’t feature pleating, as these features are for maternity dresses! A loose dress will add weight, so look for an option that plays up the shape. In terms of fabric, go for options that offer structure, such as satin. Stay away from “flowy” fabrics as well. If a fan of this look, opt for a gown with a stiffer base, then add a tulle overlay.

wedding dress for plus size bride

If Apple-Shaped…

…look for a dress that cinches in at the waistline’s smallest point, then flares out into a gradual “A” shape. Try a bodice with lots of texture, such as ruching or lace, as this creates a corset-like effect. Deep “V” necklines are best, as they draw eyes “towards the vertical.” Avoid trumpet-style dresses, which accentuate the widest parts of the body.

wedding dress for apple shaped body

If Tall…

….go for a dress with a simple silhouette, which emphasizes the natural shape. The lower waistline and floor-sweeping hem do well for longer proportions, and if wearing sleeves, make them longer. This will avoid the “I’m wearing a dress that’s too small!” look. A statuesque figure also doesn’t need a lot of dress embellishments, such as ruffles and rosettes.

wedding dress for tall bride

If Straight-Lined…

…wear a dress that creates the illusion of curves. Think wispy, bias-cut sheath dresses, as the curving seem will provide the va-va-voom needed. Other options include ball gowns that cinch at the waist and descend into full, flowing floor-length skirts. This shows off slenderness and doesn’t bring attention to lack of hips. Bodices with ruching are also ideal for small busts.

If Petite…

…look for trumpet, modified A-line, and sheath gowns. Find a style with a waistline above the natural waist to make the lower half of the body appear longer. While detailing should be small and limited to the bodice, any fabric will do, including shinier options. Stay away from dresses with a dropped waist, which make legs go bye-bye, and ball gowns, which swallow small figures. Anything calf-length makes the legs look short.

wedding dress for petite bride

If Small Chested…

…a ruched bodice is best. Extra fabric at the top fills out the upper body and provides curves; try lightly-padded halter styles. Self-adhesive silicone bras are ideal if wearing a strapless or backless dress.

Use this guide to find the ultimate dress for you! Have fun!

wedding dress small bust bride

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Dress your ladies in a rich shade of navy blue and let them wear a dress that floats down the aisle. Check out these beautiful, full-length gowns that will make your ladies in waiting sparkle.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsThis easy Grecian style will compliment a variety of sizes and shapes, a winner in the bridesmaid world.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsFormal and fashion-forward, this peplum number will look incredible in photos and certainly liven up your ceremony setting.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsA traditional dress that can easily be accessorized to fit the day’s theme, this a classic choice.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsA more couture choice, this dress may not look incredible on every girl but may be the right choice for one stand out lady like the maid of honor.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsElegant and beautiful, the illusion neckline speaks of vintage style, perfect for a wedding with a Victorian feel.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsAnother choice that will compliment a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as fit into a variety of wedding themes and styles.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsWe love the neckline and sleeve shape of this modern design piece, it cinches at the wait and still has a skirt that can move on the dance floor.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsPerfect for a formal ceremony and reception, this too has Grecian style and timeless elegance for your ladies to dawn.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsThe slit makes this choice a bit sexier and more youthful, and we also love how we get a rogue, 1920′s vibe with its styling.

Full Length Navy Blue Bridesmaids GownsThe uniqueness and comfort found behind this gown is a total benefit to bridesmaids, and it accents in all the right places.

all photos via Brides

Thinking of adding something blue to your bouquet? Why not add some uniquely-hued flowers right into the mix? Check out these bouquets filled with bits and pieces of blue!

Blue Bridal BouquetsThis creamy bouquet design has all the right feeling of bridal spirit with just the right amount of blue “pop” in its dainty arrangement.

Blue Bridal BouquetsA blush and cream look with soft blues that tone down any harsh glances, we are loving this textural piece.

Blue Bridal BouquetsHave your bridesmaids sport a wildflower look for your spring, outdoor wedding celebration.

Blue Bridal BouquetsCranberry and powder blues are striking and complimentary, especially in fall and winter months!

Blue Bridal BouquetsWinter-inspired with a frosted flair, we are swooning over this delicate and “snowy” arrangement.

Blue Bridal BouquetsEclectic and quirky, blue and plum surely know how to make a scene and standout!

Blue Bridal BouquetsTraditional and textural, this arrangement is a classic and timeless beauty.

Blue Bridal BouquetsThis is another beautiful example of blues and purples that can come together and create an artistic and gorgeous design.

Blue Bridal BouquetsSimple. blue hydrangeas can really make a statement, don’t you think?

Blue Bridal BouquetsJust the hint of blue tone in the middle of this wintery bouquet takes it from dull to wedding-worthy.

photos via Green Wedding Shoes & SMP

Looking for something that will not only compliment the groom but the weather too? Take a peek at some beautiful fall and winter tuxedos from Bonobos!

Fall Winter Bonobos Tuxedos

Just in time for the colder temperatures and crisper evenings comes Bonobos Fall 2014 collection … for your men! Their new set of wool suits, tweed blazers and tuxedos are the perfect addition to your wedding party’s attire. Remember, it’s not only important to think about your bridesmaids but your groom and groomsmen need to be looking fashionable and beautiful as well!

Bonobos focuses on better-fitting clothing, which we want to point out is extremely important when it comes to men’s suits and tuxedos, especially since your wedding day will be immortalized in photos! Too many times we see men in jackets too small and pants too long, it’s time to be bold but detailed in groom style … and in the meantime, take a peek at some of these photos from their Fall 2014 Lookbook.

Fall Winter Bonobos Tuxedos Fall Winter Bonobos Tuxedos Fall Winter Bonobos Tuxedos Fall Winter Bonobos Tuxedos

Walk down the aisle in a stunning bridal ball gown that matches your setting. And these designs are great choices for a warm, winter wedding full of romance and sparkle.

Winter Wedding Ball GownsWe love the mix of Victorian embellishment and contemporary style, the meshing of two themes makes for one unique look.

oscar-de-la-renta-wedding-dresses-spring-2015-019Feel like a princess bride is this ball gown, it’s sleeves are winter-inspired and the cream hue is so complimentary on a variety of women.

altair-yumi-katsura-wedding-dress-primaryBillowing ruffles and a crystal-encrusted neckline, this gown deserves at least a try-on.

reem-acra-wedding-dresses-fall-2015-007If you’re looking for something a bit sexy with a “wow” factor sewn right in, try this two-piece stunner.

randi-rahm-wedding-dresses-fall-2015-016Sparkling with a silver tone, this gorgeous wedding gown is full of style and surprise.

Winter Wedding Ball GownsA classic style, a classic silhouette and a beautiful choice for your cold weather celebration.

Winter Wedding Ball GownsVoluminous and detailed, this gown has a winter flair reminiscent of snow-capped mountains.

Winter Wedding Ball GownsThis elegant design would be perfect for a Christmastime wedding, don’t you think?

Winter Wedding Ball GownsA soft, blushing hue sets this design off like no other, it’s an absolute show-stopper and versatile for a variety of brides.

Winter Wedding Ball GownsIt glistening like the snow and would certainly make a statement as you head down the aisle towards your groom.

all photos via Brides

Are you walking down the aisle during the most magical time of the year? Take a look at these whimsical, Christmas bridal ball gowns and enjoy each bit of they’re holiday spirit!

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsLook like a Christmas princess in this delicate, lacey ball gown.

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsThis is the season to sparkle, so why not try on a gown that not only have beautiful tulle and an illusion neckline, but a shiny bodice as well?

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsA golden, toned bridal gown will pay homage to the festivity but also make you feel like a glamorous bride.

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsThe textures of this design give us a festive spirit but those florals extending from her waist also remind us of hanging mistletoe.

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsLush, layers of snowy tiers make this beautiful ball gown something that will wow the guests and the groom.

50282-davinci-wedding-dress-primaryGolden embellishments and a bit of drama, you’ll have all eyes on you walking down the aisle in this number.

2091_casablanca_bridal_wedding_dress_primaryYou’ll feel like a bride and look like a snow princess in this sophisticated, glam ball gown.

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsThere’s something about Christmastime that calls for a bit of bold style and sparkling spirit, and this dress holds both.

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsElegant and stylish, you’ll be the most memorable present your groom has ever received.

Christmas Bridal Ball GownsAnother gown that is reminiscent of a beautiful snowfall, what bride wouldn’t wan to at least try this beauty on?

all photos via Brides

Are you searching for some wedding bands that are a bit outside-the-box? Diamonds, colors, patterns and additions, there are so many ways to personalize and scour for the perfect wedding day and lifelong piece. Instead of going with classic white gold rings, grab some inspiration from this compilation of gorgeous, unique wedding bands.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsBirds of a feather, flock together with this beautiful band.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsThese recycled silver pieces are lovely.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsIt doesn’t get more romantic than your partner’s fingerprint stamped right onto your wedding band.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsThis art deco inspired design is super stunning and delicate.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsAre you inspired by these love branches, because we are.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsThis floral piece certainly has a lush, vintage air about it.

il_fullxfull.467093511_cac4This band is a quite charming and we are loving how you can wear this on its own without the accompaniment of your engagement ring.

il_fullxfull.577619325_p8k2Have your wedding date made right into your ring using Roman numerals for a surprising and sophisticated style.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsThe never-ending rope can symbolize your infinite love.

Unique Women's Wedding BandsYou may prefer a more contemporary look, like this hammered rose gold band.

all photos via Etsy

Dress your ladies in a stylish and festive way for your Christmastime wedding. With these red gowns, they’ll be dawning the magic of the season all throughout your celebration!

Red Bridesmaids DressesFlowing and flattering, this formal gown will fit all of your bridesmaids with elegance and comfort.

Red Bridesmaids DressesThe beautiful, floral embellishment at the waist makes like a present on Christmas morning, festive and stylish!

 Red Bridesmaids DressesAnother versatile and flattering choice, we love the sparkle belt addition and simple beauty.

Red Bridesmaids DressesIf you’re looking for something a bit shorter, try out this party dress for your ladies!

Red Bridesmaids DressesSexy and complimentary, the ruching will build an illusion of comfort while showing off all the right curves and right places.

Red Bridesmaids DressesThis gown has a classic, A-line silhouette which works on a multitude of sizes and shapes.

Red Bridesmaids DressesThis is another sexy, yet elegant, choice for your bridesmaids to wear. It’s perfect for an evening celebration.

Red Bridesmaids DressesYour ladies in waiting will love having this dress out on the dance floor during your big celebration.

Red Bridesmaids DressesThe satin and tiers of this dress make it such a fun choice for your bridesmaids!

Red Bridesmaids DressesA soft peplum and a flowing skirt, this design is stylish and comfortable too!

all photos via Brides

From destination celebrations to reception-only looks, we have something for all brides to get inspired with. Short wedding gowns work too, whether you’re a traditionalist or an outside-of-the-box thinker, we urge you to take a peek at this wonderful selection!

Short Wedding Dresses

Simple, youthful with a silhouette that will flatter most, we love this dance-ready dress.

Short Wedding Dresses

A modern take on an Aubrey-Hepburn style, this dress is fit for a fashion-forward, contemporary celebration.

Short Wedding Dresses

Sexy and youthful, this gown with its ballerina-inspired twist is so much fun!

Short Wedding Dresses

The beadwork on this dress is breathtaking and so its the silky satin foundation.

Short Wedding Dresses

We feel as though this number is the best pick for a fun reception gown. Take off the ball gown you said, “I do,” in and grab this for the party!

Short Wedding Dresses

Those sleeves were meant to be seen, so don’t be afraid to be bold in this stunning, yet simple, design.

Short Wedding Dresses

This flirty dress has a detachable train that will work everywhere from the aisle to the dance floor.

Short Wedding Dresses

How incredible is this fluffy skirt and one-shoulder combination, especially for a winter wedding reception.

Short Wedding Dresses

Flowing and gorgeous, we love how this piece takes from both traditionalism and contemporary traits.

Short Wedding Dresses

Sparkle and shine down the aisle towards your groom in this sexy and elegant dress.

all photos via Brides

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Are you thinking about planning a winter wedding? From the snow covered streets to the hint of festivity and magic in the air, it may not be the most popular time to get married, but we like to think it’s the most romantic season to say your I do’s. What’s also great is the extra themes, styles and decor pieces you can choose from that you can’t touch throughout the rest of the year. So, let’s take a peek at 5 fun and festive themes that will get your winter wedding planning off to a great start. 

Princess Winter Wedding Themesvia


As we said earlier, there’s something quite magical about a winter wedding. The snowflakes in the air, the creams and golden glitter, it’s all quite royal and, well, princess-like. So, what better time to have that quintessentially bridal moment, dressed in a princess gown and feeling like the princess you’ve always dreamed of, than during a cold, dark night in the midst of a “winter wonderland” inspired reception? From blue-hued lighting to icy details, this is a theme you can have a lot of fun and get creative with.

All White Winter Wedding Themevia


Of course, an obvious theme for a wintertime celebration is to go with the “all white” style. From the floor to the ceiling, you’ll choose various shades or just one bright white color to create the night. Reminiscent of the snow-covered mountaintops or flakes falling on Christmas morning, it’s such a romantic and beautiful way to theme your wedding. You can play with certain styles, from modern or feminine, but the overall monochromatic mood will, no doubt, stand out from the crowd.


Christmas Holiday Winter Wedding Themevia


Of course this too may be an obvious choice but it’s also a great one since you can only use it during this time of the year! Christmas-themed weddings are festive, magical and so much fun for all of your guests. So, if you’re saying your I do’s close to December 25th why not design your big day around the bold spirit of the holiday? Rich, cranberry reds, crisp whites and cozy greens can all come together to create a holiday celebration with a lot of love and fashion-forward energy.

Rustic Winter Wedding Themevia


Rustic, country-flavored weddings don’t have to be meant for outdoor weddings only. Instead, think about how cozy a cabin is in the wintertime, with its fireplace and candlelight, you can easily recreate that same warm and welcoming feeling for your wintertime, evening wedding. Think organic, natural details and soft, amber lights. Your guests will feel right at home and it’ll be such a romantic way to celebrate your vows.

Frosted Winter Wedding Themevia


Just like with an all-white wedding, you can go with a similar theme by following the sparkle and shine route. Throughout the holidays, we see a lot of glitter or “frosting,” and we like to think that the first snow of the season has that same hint of sparkle. Powder blues, silvers, golds, blushing pinks, pastel purples and more, go with the tones that are subdued, romantic and you can add a bout of shine to.


From beautiful real weddings to a host of the best images and inspiration from over the past year, here’s our top picks from the past week’s most creative and beautiful wedding fun!


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10 finishing touches to your wedding that you may not have thought about before. — Alice in Weddingland

Peek at this charming, rustic wedding full of homespun ideas and inspiration. — Boho Weddings

Mad Lib Drink Coasters? Have some fun at the showers, parties or the actual wedding with this DIY idea. — Martha Stewart Weddings

A wedding by a castle, well that’s a definite must-see, don’t you think? — Love My Dress

Jot down some notes as you read about these 6 magical ways to banish negativity from the wedding plans — Offbeat Bride

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re celebrating your holiday with a wedding, you may want some floral ideas that pay homage to the season. Let’s take a peek at some festive, Christmas bridal bouquets, shall we?

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetA bit of cranberry and cinnamon sticks are the perfect way to give a nod to the Christmas season and texture to your design.

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetVibrant and festive, we are loving this floral bouquet sprinkles with Christmas spirits.

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetThis bouquet is lush and beautiful with a bold finish, it’ll certainly make a statement down the aisle. 

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetDusty greens make for a gorgeous, “snow on the landscape” type of look for your simple, holiday celebration.

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetWhen you get married at Christmastime it calls for a voluminous and lush floral design, and this is it.

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetSmall, but still  with volume, this charming white and green bouquet will give an easy festivity to your bridesmaids.

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetAnother all green stunner, with a touch of cream, there’s something quite “princess-y” about this one.

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetDusty miller and a blush peony, this is a great choice for your “frosted,” festive ceremony.

Christmas Wedding Bridal BouquetA bit of icy blue may be in order to celebrate your winter wonderland wedding.

53e2076d28a5d$!600xWhen creating a wintery, Christmas bouquet, think lush, festive colors and lots of texture.

all photos via Style Me Pretty

Are you planning a winter wedding complete with snowflake details, frosted accents and rich, sultry hues? From your gown to the treats passed around during cocktail hour, every part of your celebration will reflect your couple style and the season! And with a winter wedding comes so many unique ideas that spring, summer and fall cannot handle. Although you may think it’s more challenging to plan this type of party during wintertime, it can also be a lot more personal, romantic and unique: all the way to what your guests will be sipping on! We suggest warming your loved ones up with one of these heated, signature drinks … take a peek!

Hot Toddy Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Sweet Tea Hot Toddy

Offering up a hot toddy to your guests will be like offering up a nice, relaxing night in at home. It’s relaxing and comforting, with some incredible flavors. First you start with a tea of your choice, lemon, honey and pick your bourbon or whiskey mixed with hot water. This is a great choice for an afternoon wedding or one with a more rustic, homey setting.

Peppermint Mocha Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Kahlua Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate

Use this recipe that we stumbled upon or create your own twist on this idea, whatever the case, you cannot go wrong with a combination of warm, chocolate and peppermint, especially during the holiday season. Your guests will feel like they’re getting the ultimate treat and completely being spoiled by this signature choice, especially if you’re saying your I do’s during Christmastime!

Apple Cider Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Hot Buttered Rum

Brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and of course, some rum, are just some of the key ingredients in this cozy drink. Some of your guests may never have tasted this treat before, but when they do they’ll never forget it. A liquid heaven that agrees with most, it’s a most sophisticated drink for a more formal or evening wedding throughout any of the winter months.

Mulled Wine Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Mulled Wine

Most of your guests will expect wine at your wedding, but none will except a warmed, mulled wine! And that’s why you should surprise them with it! With some orange slices and the right glasses, your guests will get to choose not only between the usual white and red, but mulled too! It’ll be a detail they’ll remember along with all of your others nods to the season.

Orange Spiced Cider

Orange Spiced Cider

This cider has a bit of rum in it so give it a boost and personality, which we’re sure your loved ones won’t mind. But cider is a great choice is you want something that people are familiar with. The key is to make it better than any other cider than they’ve ever had before. Which is why the rum and orange touches come in handy.


Most brides want their  flowers to match the season the wedding occurs in, which makes….well, perfect sense! If you aren’t exactly sure which flowers belong to which seasons, check out our short guide and enjoy picking the right blooms for your upcoming nuptials!


Winter weddings are super-romantic, but many brides feel there isn’t a huge selection of flowers to choose from. Yet never fear–plenty of options are available! Some that come into season during chilly weather include amaryllis, which you can use with holly to create ah-mazing centerpieces, as well as cymbidium orchids. While the latter is available year-round, you’ll get the best price for them during winter. Other tropical flowers widely available during cold months include tropical anthuriums, or you can try red dogwood stems and tactile pussywillow stems to create arrangements.


Nature comes back to life in the spring, and since the season is all about birth and renewal, it’s ideal for weddings. Among the many blooms available in springtime are peonies, Lily of the Valley, forsythia, daffodils and tulips. Peonies are available in open and closed blooms; just tell your florist if you want them open.


Another season brimming with flowers, summer options are many and include delphiniums, gladioli and columbine (aquilegia). Irises are available in late spring through the summer and work well in assorted displays. Other options include bright bouquets filled with pink roses and lime green chrysanthemums, or displays featuring snapdragons (Antirrhinums).


Fall is synonymous with rich reds, burnt oranges and stunning yellows, and it’s entirely possible to purchase arrangements with all of these hues. You may want to infuse fruit with your displays, such as crabapples and Chinese lantern fruits. Other autumn bloom possibilities include dahlias and ornamental cabbage.

Additional Tips

It’s perfectly okay to go with non-seasonal flowers for your wedding, however you will get the best prices and the freshest blooms when you buy in-season. Flowers available year-round include roses, lilies, tropical flowers, orchids, gerber daisies and anthuriums.

See Also



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One of the most fun parts of any wedding is the dancing, so if looking for awesome tunes that inspire everyone to get up and get moving, check out the 20 most-requested dance songs of 2014! From classic Michael Jackson tunes to recent hits, you’ll find a wide range of danceable options here:

20) ‘Billie Jean,’ Michael Jackson

19) ‘Thrift Ship,’ Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz

18) ‘Yeah,’ Usher featuring Ludacris and Lil’ Jon

17) ‘Twist and Shout,’ The Beatles

16) ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me,’ Def Leppard

15) ‘Wobble,’ V.I.C.

14) ‘Call Me Maybe,’ Carly Rae Jepsen

13) ‘Moves Like Jagger,’ Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera

12) ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’, Beyoncé

11) ‘Love Shack,’ The B-52s

10) ‘Sweet Caroline,’ Neil Diamond

9)’Cha Cha Slide,’ DJ Casper

8) ‘Gangnam Style,’ Psy

7) ‘Brown-Eyed Girl,’ Van Morrison

6) ‘You Shook Me All Night Long,’ AC/DC

5) ‘Livin’ On a Prayer,’ Bon Jovi

4) ‘Sexy and I Know It,’ LMFAO

3) ‘I Got a Feeling,’ Black-Eyed Peas

1) ‘Cupid Shuffle,’ Cupid



Screenshot 2014-12-28 09.59.24

We Are Giving One Lucky Reader $500 In Cash To Use Towards Her Wedding

To celebrate the start of 2015 and the wedding season getting into full planning mode, Top Wedding Sites is giving away $500 in Cash to one lucky bride to use towards her wedding. The cold hard cash can be used for anything from wedding invitations, wedding flowers, wedding cakes, wedding dress, favors and just about anything else you want.

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Winter Wedding CAkes

From wedding gown inspiration to lists of winter wedding ideas, this week’s best of the best has so much planning and brainstorming material that anyone prepping for their big day just has to take a peek!

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Your southern, winter wedding just got the best real-life celebration to snag ideas from. — Style Me Pretty

Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

There is so much winter and holiday-inspired ideas on our best of the best list this week. From cakes to colors, let’s have a look at our favorites from the wedding world this week!


How to plan a successful and tasteful bachelor party …. check out our tips! — Top Wedding Sites

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This site has some of the best budget-saving tips, and their #12 is a must-read. — The Budget Savvy Bride

Blush is one of the best wedding day colors, so when we find great inspiraiton we have to share it with you. — Style Unveiled

Winter wedding cakes that will wow and inspire you with some fabulous ideas. — Chic Vintage Brides

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Take a peek at this beautiful list of engagement rings for a non-traditional bride. — Top Wedding Sites

Planning The Ultimate Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties and weddings could not be further apart in terms of what to expect. One is wild and raucous and unrestrained, and the other is organised, charming and dignified. Most everyone has a concept of what to expect at a bachelor party, and that’s probably why the groom cuts loose with his best buds in attendance. The bachelor party is essentially an opportunity for the groom and his groomsmen to pay homage to a life once lived and now relegated to the annals of history. For others, the bachelor party simply provides an opportunity for the boys to hang out and do their thing before the big day. All sorts of fun-filled activities typically pepper the evening at bachelor parties. Depending on who the characters are, the evening could include things like a night out at the movies, tenpin bowling, miniature golf, bars and strip clubs, and of course the thrills and spills of casino-style entertainment. It is the latter pastime that many folks have taken to, and with good reason!

photo credit: via photopin cc

photo credit: via photopin cc

A Boys Night Out

Movies like The Hangover have really been instrumental in redefining the concept of a bachelor party. The premise is simple: a group of guys head off to Vegas in search of fun before the wedding. And so it is with many other guys seeking casino-style entertainment as the theme of their bachelor party. It makes sense: the hubbub of casino resorts in the iconic Las Vegas strip, or the Atlantic City boardwalk is incredible. There is action and entertainment 24/7, and the casino games are exceptional. In Atlantic City for example, Caesars Atlantic City recently launched an online casino known as Caesars Online Casino. Now, it’s possible to book your bachelor retreat at any of the Atlantic City casinos, enjoy a wild time on the casino floor and then relax in your room with And the gaming selection is a marvel to behold: slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, jackpot games and standard casino games abound.


As an extra special treat to the groom and his groomsmen, even offers a generous first deposit bonus to players. You can claim a 100% welcome bonus up to $300 once you register and deposit at the casino. Among the many offerings is an impressive selection of no-download casino games, many of which feature all the wild and unrestrained action that bachelor parties typically thrive off. Online slots games like Big Vegas, Aladdin’s Legacy, Dam Rich, Star Trek and Street Fighter II abound. Of course the distinguished gentlemen also enjoy games of blackjack, and Vegas Blackjack, European Blackjack and Win Win Blackjack are all in attendance. With these online casino games, you don’t need to go out looking for the party; the party comes to you!


Screenshot 2014-12-10 10.01.05

Your girl isn’t like other girls. No, sir. She’s tough, sharp as a razor, and she’s got more ink than you do. She can drink wine with the girls and beer with the boys, and she doesn’t do pink. A traditional white diamond engagement ring for this lady would be appreciated, but it wouldn’t woo her how you want to woo her. For all the guys here in love with a woman who doesn’t do “girly”, these engagement ring suggestions are for you. You can pretty much mix and match these suggestions, too.

Coloured Diamonds

While white diamonds are time-honoured and conventional, coloured diamonds have been trending in recent years. Coloured diamonds have become a fashion-forward accessory on the red carpet, with celebrities including Carrie Underwood, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez sporting the coloured eye-candy.

Produced in every hue of the rainbow, red diamonds are the rarest of all coloured diamonds. The colour which graces these gemstones is produced from what the American Gem Society calls imperfections, however we don’t think many people view coloured diamonds that way.

For the extra-alternative diamond pick, black diamonds exist, too. And they’re cheaper to produce than white diamonds, probably because diamonds are valued based on their bright, vivid attributes.


Another diamond trend that’s popular with more contemporary couples is massive gemstones –that can be seen from across a crowded street with the capacity to blind innocent bystanders.

Yes, popularized on the red carpet and trending among both traditional and non-traditional diamond aficionados; big booty on the ring finger is becoming a mainstay.

Not only are they adored for their girth, they’re appreciated for their value as an asset. Giant chunky diamonds only make up a small percentage of the overall diamonds produced globally, annually. In other words, they’re kind of rare –and their rareness makes a statement all on its own.

Scrap the Diamond Altogether

Birth stones and rare gems are making a comeback, with many engagement rings opting for the striking look that only some alternative gemstones can provide. Sapphires, moissanite, sunstone, opals, pearls, rhodolite, and tourmaline all make the cut in terms of grace and style, and our sure to impress your contemporary lady.

Shapely Curves

Diamonds and other gemstones cut into geometrical shapes are most commonly cut into the following shapes;

  • Round – The most popular shape for a diamond, comprising 75% of all diamonds on the market. Round cut diamonds are also the brightest cuts, due to their shape and the way it reflects light.
  • Princess Cut – Popular for engagement rings and versatile enough for any kind of ring, the princess cut was first engineered in 1980 and has been widely appreciated ever since.
  • Oval – Oval diamonds are a brilliant cut that’s been tweaked to have a very unique brilliance about it, almost like fire-light.

Beyond the latter top three gem stone cuts, other popular cuts include; marquise, cushion-cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, radiant, heart and pear shaped as well.

Is The Love Of Your Life Non-traditional

Some Advice

While selecting the right engagement ring for your lady friend is a top priority, how you select your engagement ring is equally important. A diamond is also an asset, and a liability if it isn’t properly valued and protected and diamond retailers are still businesses trying to make a buck. No matter how relatable and pleasant; a diamond sales person is not your best friend.

Common Pitch

Jewellers will often show two or three diamonds of various cuts or quality in an effort to sell you the best of the options shown. But that’s the thing –the best of the options they selected. They could be good, bad, and ugly for all you know, so be sure to compare based on repeatable metrics such as how deep and fancy the cut is, the true GIA colour grade, and carat weight.

The carat weight is typically rounded up in a fraction from a decimal, and deeper poorly cut diamonds are worth a little less per carat than finer cut diamonds.


Ensure that your jeweller can provide you with a certificate which speaks to the diamond’s quality called a GIA grading report. If they can’t provide one, it’s best to pass on that jeweller.

Fine Print

It is important to do a little research and take into account other factors such as warranty, colour grading, symmetry, depth of each cut, and so on. There are a lot of really great resources online which thoroughly break down each and every factor you need to consider when looking for beautiful diamond rings for sale. Make yourself familiar with exactly what is covered under your warranty beyond the usual free cleanings and regular inspections.

It is quite common for diamond warranties to not include coverage for theft or loss, so it is also suggested an insurance policy is purchased for your engagement ring. They only cost a small percentage of the cost of an engagement ring annually, and are much more affordable than the cost of replacing a misplaced or stolen engagement ring.

Word play is also quite common; there is a difference between a diamond that’s been certified by a GIA trained gemmologist and a GIA certified diamond, with the latter being more likely to follow proper grading protocols, and therefore be more accurately graded and appraised.

As with any large purchase, also be sure to get a second appraisal on your diamond ring at some point to confirm its value.

photo credit: Bernice Sheppard via photopin cc

photo credit: Bernice Sheppard via photopin cc

There are so many things to keep track of during wedding planning.  In the blur of cakes, gowns and caterers, don’t forget about your marriage license.  Without that important piece of paper you may say “I do” at your wedding, but it won’t be a legal marriage.

A marriage license is the legal document issued by your county clerk’s office that will be filed by your minister or officiant after your wedding ceremony to ensure that you are legally married.  After it is filed, a certified marriage certificate will be issued by the clerks office and mailed to you.  That document is your legal proof of marriage.

Every state and even each individual county can have different rules relating to filing for your marriage license.  It is imperative to research the rules of the county you are getting married in.  You should know if both you and your fiance need to file in person, how many days prior to your wedding you should file, how long your marriage license is good for, what the fee is and  if any blood test results or legal documents need to be presented when you file.

Does understanding the whole marriage license filing process seem overwhelming? MarriageLicenseNow was created as a simple online resource to provide brides with the exact information they need to know about acquiring a marriage license in their county!  No more sifting through endless government sites and hoping you get the process right the first time.  Everything you need is in one place and you can even read tips from brides in your county on the best ways to file for a marriage license based on their experiences!

Winter Wedding

From gift ideas to must-read proposal stories, this weeks’ roundup of the best of the best from the wedding world has some fun surprises hidden throughout!


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Colorful Alternative Wedding Gown

From a wedding dress that will wow and inspire to a simple and fun DIY project, this week’s best of the best is light and airy, just as your wedding planning should be!


Check out our tips and ideas on what to wear to a winter wedding. – Top Wedding Sites

This forest elopement Snoqualmie Falls can be summed up in one simple word: WOW! — Green Wedding Shoes

Check out this DIY rope table runner, perfect for classy, yet rustic, celebrations! — Ruffled

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Why not come or go from your big celebration in a gorgeous car? Check out our top picks! — Top Wedding Sites

A photoshoot that will inspire and ignite your floral and romantic senses, we love the delicate charm of this spread. — Grey Likes Weddings

wedding sports car

photo credit: Son of Groucho via photopin cc


The wedding car is an important part of every wedding, no matter where you’re tying the knot. Be it in a church, hotel or Country Park, arriving in style adds that layer of class to proceedings and the right vehicle should be chosen for both of you.

Many will have shared the standard dream of arriving in a horse drawn carriage, ala Cinderella, but that’s not always practical and can be costly for such a short period of usage. Likewise, using a generic wedding car can be expensive and may not suit your style. There are many other options out there.

Classic Cars

Using a classic car to drive to and from your wedding in adds a unique touch. If the two of you have a passion for a particular model then it should be no problem to rent one, as long as it’s not a rare version. Browse the classic car section on Exchange & Mart to find ideas if you’re both struggling to agree.

You don’t just have to rent it either. Buying a classic car can be relatively cheap depending on the model, and you could even ask for it as a combined wedding present from guests. Just don’t ask for a Suzuki X-90.

photo credit: Ed.ward via photopin cc

photo credit: Ed.ward via photopin cc

Sports Cars

More expensive than a classic car to buy, renting a sports car for weddings is becoming more common place. It’s your big day, so if being chauffeured round in a Ferrari has always been the dream then you may as well splash out that bit extra to make the occasion even more memorable.

Convertibles to 4X4s will help to make a grand entrance, though you’ll have to consider the colour to avoid any clashes with the dress. And deciding who’s going to drive it away at the end could prove the first test of newly married life.

photo credit: MikeDixson via photopin cc

photo credit: MikeDixson via photopin cc

Other Vehicles

It doesn’t even have to be a car you use. A speedboat gives that feeling of power but is only useful if the wedding venue is near a river or lake. Tractors could be appropriate for countryside locations while motorbikes are great for the more daring couples. Even helicopters have been used by those with the finances.

It all depends on what you both have a passion for but any of these options will help create a far more unique wedding experience. They will also improve the photographs tenfold and ensure your special day really is that. Especially for the inner car fan.