While wedding websites and social media status updates have become commonplace for sharing wedding details, printed newspaper announcements are still considered special (especially if the newspaper is The New York Times). Announcement details vary from paper to paper, but it’s best to obtain the publication’s requirements like word limit, picture size, deadlines and associated fees before preparing your submission.

Photo via nytreprints.com

Photo via nytreprints.com

Here are a few additional items to consider when submitting your wedding announcement:


Typically couples submit a wedding announcement to their local hometown paper and/or that of their spouse. Some couples also opt for a national newspaper or alumni newsletter/magazine.


Although many papers will not print wedding announcements until after the ceremony has taken place, confirm the newspaper’s publication deadlines so you allow ample time to complete your wedding announcement submission. As an FYI, The New York Times requests that announcements be received at least six weeks before the wedding.

Wedding Details  

Think of your announcement like a wedding invitation, and provide details like the date, location and your parents’ names. Also, include the city of residence for your parents as well as for you and your spouse once you’re married. The names of wedding attendants are often added too.

Education and Occupation

Give background information on you and your spouse such as where you went to school, your career and where you grew up.


Many newspapers will accept photos to accompany the wedding announcement, but be sure to ask about photo size and quality before submitting (e.g. black and white vs. color, pixel requirements, etc.). Most importantly, don’t submit original wedding photos as many publications don’t issue returns. Submit copies of photos with your name, wedding date and phone number on the back.

Contact Information

Include your phone number and email address with the announcement in case the editor has any questions or needs additional information.

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Perhaps your sister is getting married this summer, or you’re invited to a number of friends’ weddings in the span of a few months’ time. Whatever the case, there’s plenty of stuff to do as a wedding guest, even if you aren’t a member of the bridal party! Check out the ultimate list of what you need to know before you attend your next wedding, and remember, be gracious and have fun!


  • Do not, repeat, do not bring a guest unless the couple has indicated that you can do so on the invitation.
  • Be sure to double check that you wrote your name on the RSVP card.
  • Leave the kids at home unless they are part of the wedding party. It may not be mentioned in the invite, but that’s not a reason to bring them.
  • RSVP on time!

General Etiquette Tips

  • Don’t text or call the bride the day of the wedding to ask questions or discuss whatever issues you’re having–she has enough to do.
  • Be present! Put the phone and the camera down, and celebrate with the bride and groom!
  • The pretty sparkly plates at your place setting? Those are chargers. Do not use them as dinner plates.
  • Bring a gift, even if it’s a small one. If you are purchasing a gift, send it to the couples home instead of bringing it to the reception. Cards are always a nice touch.
  • Be there on time! Whatever the start time says on the invitation, show up at least 25 minutes beforehand.
  • Read all of the information on the accommodations card and wedding website so you don’t have to ask the bride or groom for anything in the days leading up to the ceremony.
  • Stay out of the gosh-darn aisle during the ceremony!
  • Avoiding grabbing items you find. This includes an umbrella covering the photographer’s equipment, candles, centerpieces, other people’s favors and jackets.
  • Don’t attempt to turn your friend’s wedding into your family photoshoot/reunion–this is not the time or the place.


  • Please remember the bride’s wishes. If the planner tells you that the reception space isn’t open until a certain time, don’t argue.
  • Know that the photographer will get the shots that the bride and groom want. It’s not on you to capture every moment.
  • Refrain from jumping in front of the photographer with your own camera during important events.
  • Avoid talking to the photographer during the ceremony.
  • Don’t take your own photos next to or near the photographer.
  • Remember that vendors involved with a wedding most likely know more about what’s happening when and why.
  • The couple hired a professional photographer for a reason! They don’t need you to do it, or any other guest. Just sit back and enjoy everything.


  • Dress according to the weather, and check the weather report before you leave. Sweaters and or umbrellas may be necessary.
  • Dress according to the setting. Use the invitation to determine the style of the wedding and recommended attire. If you can’t figure it out from that, ask fellow attendees, not the bride.
  • And while this is obvious, for goodness sake don’t wear white!


  • Please remember that the bride and groom (and perhaps their parents) are paying for you to eat and drink. Your job is to enjoy it!
  • The couple *really* wants you to dance and use the photo booth! Like, really.
  •  At the reception, don’t assume “extra” favors such as cameras, candies, centerpieces, bottles of champagne, etc. are yours to take! Unless the couple tells you to take what you want, don’t!
  •  Arrive at cocktail hour when it starts, and stay the entire time. The bride and groom likely have a plan for this event, so keep that in mind.
  • Don’t try to push and shove your way into the reception because you’re ready to sit down. Everyone else wants to sit down, too.

Every wedding is different, however these tips are pretty darn universal. Keep them in mind, and have fun!!


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Mother of the Bride & Groom Advice

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, it’s important that you look the part. But, it’s also important that you try not to outshine the your daughter, future daughter-in-law or act as one of the bridesmaids. From silhouettes to colors, it can be challenging finding a dress that not only fits your body, your personality, the style of the big day and goes along with the MOG & MOB rules. But, have no fear, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best colors to choose from if you’re at a loss of what to wear on you daughter or son’s wedding day!

Mother of the Bride & Groom Fashion Advice & Tips

A bit of sparkle is okay …

If your daughter or son is planning a formal, evening event, it’s okay to dawn of bit of sparkle. Nix the bold or dramatic colors and keep them discrete, but it’s okay for the mom’s to feel glamorous and beautiful too, in a tasteful way, of course. Soft golds and creams, powder silvers and even very pale, pastel blues and lavenders make for a great foundation to add a bit of shine to.

Mother of the Bride & Groom Fashion Advice & Tips

Try to stay away from black, but charcoal could be nice …

Personally, I’m not a fan of black for the moms. It doesn’t seem joyful enough on such a happy day. You don’t want guests to think you’re in mourning for your child’s wedding, instead, if you’re looking for something darker and always flattering, try out charcoal for a more romantic style.

Mother of the Bride & Groom Fashion Advice & Tips

Why  not try some black & white prints …

If you really want to add a classic black into your ensemble, why not make it a print? This gown is not only age-appropriate but it’s gorgeous and lighthearted. The black doesn’t overpower the design and moms will still feel sophisticated, comfortable and fashionable. Also, this print will never outshine but blend into a wedding party full of gorgeous monochromatic tones.

Mother of the Bride & Groom Fashion Advice & Tips

Blue hues are the best …

I’m a huge advocate of blue tones for all moms. It’s good luck and you can find a shade of blue for every body type and skin tone. You can dress it up, dress it down and mix it well within any and every type of wedding and style theme. It’s also one of the easier tones to find when you’re shopping for gowns, let alone ones that are made for MOB’s & MOG’s!

Mother of the Bride & Groom Fashion Advice & Tips

 Creamy neutrals are always beautiful …

If you’re shopping for a spring or summer wedding, moms may want to go with something a bit lighter to pay homage to the season and to feel more comfortable because of the weather! Try out some creamy neutrals, from beige to tan or golden tones, mom will blend in with the wedding party but still look like a VIP of the day, which is essential.


all photos via Style Me Pretty

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Are you a bride-to-be looking for a wedding gown that makes a statement? With a textured skirt you’ll not only have unique interest and artistic appeal, but drama as you walk down the aisle. Ruffles, pickups and patterns will help to create incredible pictures and help you feel like the beautiful, blushing bride you’re meant to be. Take a peek at our roundup of gorgeous, WOW! wedding gowns with textured skirts and grab some inspiration.

Wedding Gowns with Textured Skirtsvia

Modern but quite fairy-tale like, between the volume and the stripes, you’ll definitely be the center of the show!

Wedding Gowns with Textured Skirtsvia

With a 1920′s appeal, this glamorous, flapper-inspired gown is fun, flirty and quite glam.

Wedding Gowns with Textured Skirtsvia

A bit more traditional, this textured, satin gown still has a sense of personality and sparkle.

Wedding Dresses with Textured Skirtsvia

Luscious and fun, this fit and flair has a whole lot of posh and pizazz happening!

Wedding Dresses with Textured Skirtsvia

We love how elegant and youthful this gown is, and still very bridal-worthy.

Wedding Dresses with Textured Skirtsvia

A bit more contemporary and fashion-forward, this voluminous design is a stunner.

Wedding Dresses with Textured Skirtsvia

These large lace decals make this dress one fantastic piece of art.

Wedding Dresses with Textured Skirtsvia

Touchable crunch and volume … who knew that could translate into something this gorgeous?

Wedding Dresses with Textured Skirtsvia

The delicate, flower motifs on this dress are absolutely charming, perfect for a garden wedding.

Wedding Dresses with Textured Skirtsvia

There’s something very soft and cloud-like about this design. We love the ethereal air.

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Gold Dipped White Rose Bouquetvia

A white rose bouquet hand-dipped in gold and sparkling hairpieces for every bride, this week was filled with gorgeous inspiration. Check out our weekly roundup of the best of the wedding world!

Wedding season is upon us! Figure out what to wear as a guest to the wedding with our easy guide. — Team Wedding

Make sure to have a looksie at these beautiful, vintage wedding invites! — Grey Likes Weddings

It’s time to drool over these gorgeous, delicate and uber feminine hairpieces by Jennifer Behr. — Style Me Pretty

At a loss for what gifts to get your groomsmen, check out this fun, unique list of ideas! — Green Wedding Shoes

Looking to put a pop of color into your summertime wedding, here are some wonderful pieces of inspiration. — Ruffled

Are you dreaming of a lush, garden wedding? Make sure you take a peek at this beautiful real-life celebration. — Once Wed

All you need are some drapes to completely transform your wedding day venue. — Ashley’s Bride Guide

Grab some honeymoon ideas from this beautiful Mexico vacation. — 100 Layer Cake

A white rose bouquet, hand-dipped in gold. This is a must-see! — Brenda’s Wedding Blog

Some Italian-inspired, a bit of rustic charm – this real wedding is welcoming and romantic. — Wedding Chicks


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Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Jobsvia

According to tradition, the ring bearer and flower girl are meant for much more than to simply look absolutely adorable and pose for hundreds of adorable photographs. In fact, there is a lot of meaning and description to their roles and responsibility. Yes, that cute little 4-year-old you are having throw rose petals down the aisle has a bigger job than you once thought. Let’s take a peek inside these little ones’ wedding day duties and quick tips for planners.

The Flower Girl 

Flower Girl Responsibilitiesvia

Once you’ve pick the little doll to do the dirty work. You’ll be picking out a fluffy dress and accessories in no time. But be sure to know exactly why she is doing what she’s doing and how to teach her to do it in the right ways.

  • Just before the maid of honor, the flower girl will make her debut. Bopping down the row with her petals in hand, she will scatter them along the path to the altar.
  • Starting in British tradition, flower girls used to carry sheaves of wheat and herbs to bless the couple with fertility and prosperity, of course the tradition has since evolved into something a bit more “stylish.” Although, tucking away from wheat and herbs inside the basket could only bring you more luck!
  • Typically, these tiny beauties wear mini versions of the wedding dress. Think about what you want this young lady to wear and make sure it’s age-appropriate.
  • It’s also important that the bride or groom, at the very least, offers to pay for the flower girls’ day of ensemble.
  • Include the flower girl into the rehearsal. If it makes her feel more comfortable use the buddy system by pairing her up with the ring bearer or an older bridesmaid!


The Ring Bearer

Ring Bearer Job Descriptions

Find a handsome little fellow to take the biggest piece of the ceremony down the aisle. Dimples, dirty hands and crooked smiles for days, tiny boys aren’t to be left out of the big day. But, make sure everyone knows what’s happening before the pillow is taken.

  • Sometimes ring bearers walk down with the flowers girl or they walk down themselves right before or right after the petals are tossed.
  • The ring bearer, traditionally, carries a pillow with the wedding bands attached atop. In actuality, most of the time, the best man already has them stowed away in his pocket for safe-keeping – just in case of any kiddo mishaps.
  • Some say the ring bearer started in Ancient Egypt, where prized jewels were carried on ornate pillows during wedding ceremonies.
  • Just like the little girls, the little boys should wear mini versions of the grooms or groomsmen – and, the bride and groom should offer to pay for his ensemble.
  • Again, include the small dude in your rehearsal and don’t be afraid to use the buddy system if he’s a bit rebellious or shy about walking down the aisle alone.


Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Jobsvia

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From 1950′s glam to modern, posh appeal, polka-dots can wear a lot of different hats. And they’re all vivacious and fun! Let’s take a look inside several of our favorite polka-dot inspired, real-life wedding details and grab some ideas from each one!

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsDelicate and feminine, this is a casually romantic look for a tea time wedding.

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsWe are loving this trendy, hipster cake that has quite a contemporary edge.

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsYouthful and alive, this arrangement is the perfect topping to a summertime reception.

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsSuper fashion-forward and freeing, we love how eclectic and charming this tablescape is!

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsTake a look at this modern, edgy setup!

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsTake a look at this groom’s bow tie! Fun, memorable and totally photo-worthy!

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsThese 50′s infused peep-toes would surely help to transform a bride into a vintage beauty.

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsThen again, wrapping up the empanada favors into polkadot paper is definitely paying attention to the details!

Polka Dot Wedding DetailsThis bouquet has tons of personality, thanks to that simple addition of polka-dot ribbon!

stoke_house_wedding_photographer_20$!600xModern, timeless and sophisticated doesn’t mean it’s not fun too!

photos via Style Me Pretty

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Beautiful, healthy and glowing skin is every bride’s fantasy when it comes to their big day. When it’s your time to walk down the aisle, the last thing you want to worry about are dry spots, red marks or an awful outbreak. That’s why it’s imperative to start a new and healthy skin regimen months out from the celebration. But don’t fret, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you get started and find out what works for you.

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

1. Change your diet.

Stay away from lots of processed foods and dive into fresh fruits. Watermelon and berries do not only help to hydrate your skin but replenish it too. Your skin yearns for water and foods high in water content are ideal. This will knock out any dullness you have quickly and efficiently. Also, drink lots and lots of water. The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier and prettier it will become. And don’t forget your vitamins!

2. Be gentle.

Nix the washcloths, loofahs and face washes with “cleansing beads.” All of these are too abrasive and hurt your skin, especially those with sensitivity. You may think you’re washing away the dullness or dry skin, but in actuality you’re just creating redness and irritation. And, sometimes, too much rough-handling will cause breakage. Not to mention washcloths used over and over again carry bacteria – EW!

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

4. Make your own masks.

Blend together some ingredients and create your own face masks to enjoy a couple of times a week. Fresh avocados, strawberries, olive oil and oatmeal are just some of the best ingredients to have on your skin. Not only is this the most fun part of preparing but it leaves out all of the excess chemicals that you’ll be getting from store bought brands.

5. Think about a facial.

We suggest getting a facial, far in advance from the big day. Try one out to see how your skin takes to it and then come back for a second round 1-2 weeks before your date. Never decide to get a facial on the days leading up to your big debut, you don’t want a negative reaction happening too closely to the wedding. But this could be an excellent way to refresh and revive your skin!

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

6. Use your salt and sugars.

Find a salt or sugar scrub you enjoy to soften your elbows and to brighten your decolletage, arms and shoulders. This will remove any dead skin and create a smooth, sparkling finish to all of your areas that are highlighted by the wedding gown. Little piece of advice, make sure if you’re set on using salt scrub that you find brands that use “dead sea salt” – those are the best!

7. Moisturize.

Make sure you are moisturizing at least twice a day with a skin-specific moisturizer. Whether you’re oily, dry or a combination, find the one that suits you and continue to use it. Dry skin will not help your blushing, glowing vision when it comes to the pictures of your wedding day. And be sure you’re staying away from fragrant products, this will take out the hydration and cause breakouts.

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

8. Stay out of the sun.

Not only is too much sun cancer-causing but it increases your chance for sun spots and early wrinkles. It also dries up your skin, which is the exact opposite of what you’ll be trying to fight against throughout the months leading up to the big day. If you do plan on going out and getting a little color onto your skin, don’t leave home without your sunscreen!

all photos via Style Me Pretty

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If one more person answers “Kanye and Kim” we’ll probably kill them. Yes, we all know that the biggest celeb wedding this past weekend was Kim and Kanye. But, believe it or not, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding wasn’t the only star-studded celeb wedding. Two other celebrity couples tied the knot this Memorial Day weekend. So, who was it?

David Caspe & Casey Wilson
Did you know that this fab couple met on the set of Happy Endings? Wilson married the show’s creator at the Ojai Valley Inn in California on Sunday. Many of Wilson’s Happy Endings co-stars attended including Elisha Cuthbert, Eliza Coupe, Adam Pally, Zachary Knighton, Damon Wayans Jr., and guest star Abby Elliott. Wilson wore a stunning Monique Lhuillier wedding dress.

Emily Tuchscherer & Michael Stagliano
Offscreen dating proved much more successful for Stagliano than her two failed TV romance attempts. Michael married his girlfriend of two years in Chicago in front of several Bachelor/Bachelorette alums. According to tweets from wedding planners the bride and groom performed a choreographed dance for guests. “That was the best day of my life,”.

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DIY Bead Crown Style Me Pretty

It’s that time of the week again, where we share our favorites and what inspired us throughout the wedding world – all coming from the past few days. And this roundup is especially nice since it includes not only some stellar real weddings but DIYs too!

Learn how to make this DIY wire & bead crown for your walk down the aisle. It’s beautiful! — Style Me Pretty

Stressing about who to include in your wedding party? Check out a bit of our advice! — Team Wedding

This beautiful wedding used the trees as their big day backdrop. Get inspired with their gorgeous setup. — Wedding Chicks

How does a Brigitte Bardot inspired bridal brunch sound to you? Charming, beautiful and a bit sexy, right? — Ruffled

We were all choked up when we saw this story about Grandmas being flower girls. Take a look at it yourself. Bring a tissue. — Offbeat Bride

Need some hair inspiration? Check out these 20 do’s for spring and summer styles. — Style Me Pretty

Personally, I couldn’t resist all of the perfect, fairy-tale elements of this wedding. And it was doused in jewel stones. — Green Wedding Shoes

A blush bride from her head to her toes. This photoshoot is inspiring and drool-worthy. — Grey Likes Weddings

After you gush over the shoot above, take a peek here to learn how to make a blush gown work. — Once Wed

This modern, posh wedding is absolutely stunning. We’re loving the contemporary styles. — 100 Layer Cake

photo via Style Me Pretty

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We’ve rounded up some gorgeous, bridal-worthy manicures for your enjoyment. Although this choice may have been put on the backburner, it’s still something you need to think about! If your pre-wedding nail appointment is coming up, it’s time to get inspired and decide what finishes off your ensemble just right!

Nail Ideas for the BridePink is always bridal. And we love how the two shades were used in such a fun way here.

Nail Ideas for the BrideDipped them into something a little outside-the-box and, yet, timeless.

Nail Ideas for the BrideHow about something blue as you walk down the aisle?

Nail Ideas for the BrideOr how about a beautiful and bright orange hue for a fall celebration?

Nail Ideas for the BrideJust a hint of sparkle could really make you feel like a bride.

Nail Ideas for the BrideModern and edgy with a bout of black makes this bride stand out.

Nail Ideas for the BrideSometimes natural is the best way to go.

Nail Ideas for the BrideYou can always go with white and be a quintessential bride from your hands to your toes.

Nail Ideas for the BrideJewel tones could be exactly what you need to revive your winter wedding.

Nail Ideas for BridesTake neutral to a whole new level with a bit of ombre!

photos via Style Me Pretty & Pinterest

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wedding guest dress


Black tie, black tie optional, causal…what to wear to a wedding can get confusing fast, so remember to read the fine print on the invitation concerning what on earth you should don for your friend’s special day. If you are still having issues, allow us to break it down for you:

White Tie

“This is the “ultimate in formality,” says Jennie Ma, fashion editor at TheKnot.com. “Basically, you’re going to have wear a floor-length gown, you’re going to have to get dressed up. Just whip out the nicest dress you have.”

Black Tie

Black tie means just that–tuxedos for men, long dresses for women. However, “If you are going to wear a knee-length gown, make sure that it’s in a dark color, that it looks really fancy and formal, or it’s done up in a rich fabric so you have that formality still attached to it,” says Ma.

Black Tie Requested/Preferred

Don’t worry, this isn’t as complicated as you might think! When this description appears on your invite, it’s always good to “err on the side of caution.” Carmen Ordonez, resident arbiter of fashion at David’s Bridal, notes, “Guests are expected to attend in full formal attire.”

Black Tie Optional

While this wording does give you a choice, it generally still alludes to formal attire. Men can get away with dark suits, while women can opt for evening gowns or cocktail dresses. Ordonez says she suggests that women “wear what you would wear at a black-tie affair — but not necessarily red-carpet, couture material.”

“If you have a floor-length gown then go for it, or if you don’t, just wear something that’s on the fancy side,” adds Ma.

Beach Weddings

Sundresses and flip flops? Don’t let the sand and surf fool you, as it’s still important to dress to impress. Ordonez suggests women wear “delicate sundress” or a “chiffon gown that’s lightweight and can be paired with a solid pop of bright color or a feminine, floral print.” As for footwear, pretty flats or sandals with lovely embellishments are ideal.

Cocktail Attire

Rules are a bit more relaxed here–think little black dresses for women and suits and ties for men.

Ties Versus Bow Ties?

A regular suit and tie absolutely works for men going to “black tie optional” weddings. For black tie and black tie requested weddings, bow ties are much more appropriate. Ordonez suggests a bow tie with a “pop of color” for daytime weddings.

No Attire Mentioned

If nothing about attire is mentioned on the invite, it’s totally okay to ask the bride or groom about it, or some of their close friends. The bottom line? It’s always better to show up overdressed than underdressed.

Wedding No-No’s

“Don’t wear white unless directed,” said Elizabeth Graves, editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Weddings. “This is an unspoken rule. But a woman can certainly wear black.” It’s also a good idea to eschew anything in the off-white or tan family, as more and more brides opt for such hues.

Timing, Timing, Timing

Ordonez and Ma suggest wedding guests consider the season and time of day the wedding is occurring when choosing attire. For example, lighter and brighter colors always work for summer weddings, while dark and jewel tones are appropriate for evening weddings.

Need Ideas?

What celebs wear on the red carpet is always helpful in terms of ideas, and you can almost always find lookalike options for much cheaper prices.

Enjoy getting dressed up for the wedding of family and friends–after all, it’s like a prom for adults!




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Congratulations! You’re getting married! Right now, you’re planning for one of the biggest days of your life. It’s going to be an unforgettable celebration that you’ll get to share with your closest family and friends, and it’s a day you’ll always cherish. Of course, planning a wedding can certainly be stressful. There are a lot of details to manage and a lot of hard decisions that have to be made. Perhaps none is more difficult than the decision of whom to include (and exclude) in your wedding party.



When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you’ll probably have a lot of people you want to include — siblings, friends, cousins, you name it. But the fact is that you can’t include everybody. You’re going to have to make some tough cuts. The general rule of thumb is to have one groomsman and corresponding bridesmaid for every 50 guests. So for example, if you invited 250 people to your wedding, five groomsmen and five bridesmaids would be a good size for your wedding party.

With that in mind, here are some tips that can help you decide who should be in your bridal party:

Choose your maid of honor & best man responsibly

The maid of honor and best man are the two most coveted positions in the wedding party. In general, blood is thicker than water. So, ladies, if you’re trying to decide between a dear sister and a close friend, you should probably choose your sister. Guys, a brother or even your father could be a good choice. Of course, picking a best friend is quite acceptable for both positions, but remember, there’s a lot of responsibility for each of these attendants, so you need to choose someone who is reliable, organized, and that you can depend on to carry out their duties.

Don’t worry about family and friend politics

When choosing your wedding party, it can become very easy to get trapped into choosing people out of obligation. You don’t have to ask someone to be in your wedding party just because you were a member of their wedding party. And you don’t have to include some family member just because your mom is worried about family politics. As Rachel Hollis, founder of Chic Events says, “I think the key is to choose a bridal party based on who you’re closest to, not on who you feel etiquette requires you to ask.”

Don’t add stress to someone’s life

There are many responsibilities that come with being in a wedding party, especially for bridesmaids. It’s important to keep that in mind when making your selections. Is it really wise to ask your pregnant friend who is due around the time of your wedding to be a bridesmaid? Maybe not; she has a lot going on right now. As Liz Coopersmith of Silver Charm Events put it, “Don’t ask the person you’re not sure can swing it, whether they’re pregnant, taking the bar around the time of your wedding, just went through a bankruptcy/foreclosure, living in Outer Mongolia, whatever the reason. If you think your wedding is going to be a heavy pull for them, don’t add to the pressure, or to your own uncertainty.”

Less is often better

While it’s natural to want to include everyone in your wedding party, the truth is that the more people you include, the more complicated things can get. Getting everyone to agree to a specific bachelor or bachelorette party date, making sure everyone gets their suit or dress ordered, and other tasks can become enormous challenges with large wedding parties.

Find other assignments for those who miss the cut

Inevitably, someone you love isn’t going to make the cut for your wedding party, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be involved. There are many other positions you can give them. For example, you could appoint some to be ushers or to do readings in your ceremony.

Remember, the choice is always yours. This is all about you and your soon-to-be spouse celebrating the biggest moment of your lives. Don’t let these decisions stress you out. There is no right or wrong answer!


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Pink Rose Boutonniere

A miniature version of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres need attention to details too! From ribbon to lace, just like the ladies’ florals, the men’s need to have the right kinds of prep, planning and outside-the-box thinking. That’s why we’ve decided to devote an entire day, lending a hand to our couples and wedding planners in the midst of making serious choices involving their celebration! Before you go to the florist, make sure you have an idea in mind for the boutonnieres too, from flower to embellishments .. and how to hold them together! Let’s take a look at some ideas on how to wrap those little decor pieces up and display them proudly.

1. Ribbon.

Ribbon Wrapped Boutonnieres

One of the more traditional routes to take, involves a simple ribbon. Always beautiful and timeless in style, a ribbon-wrapped boutonniere is a great choice. You can get ribbon in a variety of different textures and colors, and, if you’re lucky, patterns too. Choose ribbons that match the bridesmaids’ dresses or throw in a pop of color that you were too scared to spread too far around the reception!

2. TwineTwine Wrapped Boutonnieres


If you’re looking for something with a more rustic appeal and masculine style, try going for the twine choice. It has a more casual look but can still be paired with a variety of flowers without looking too out of place. Roses and cotton go quite nicely with this material, although, we advise you to stay away from cala lilies when choosing to wrap your florals in twine.

3. Feathers.

Feather Wrapped Boutonnieres

We love how unique and artistic this choice is. Modern brides and ones with an edgy, eclectic spirit, why not wrap up your man’s boutonniere with a feather? It’s ethereal, it’s romantic and it’s completely outside-the-box in wedding day style. Again, you can get feathers with pure white stems or those with more color like that of a peacock!

4. Lace.

Lace Wrapped Boutonnieres

There’s nothing as quintessentially bridal as lace. And there’s really no where to go wrong by using a beautiful piece to wrap your man’s boutonniere in. Again, you can find lace in a variety of creamy shades and sometimes blush too, and it bodes well with a variety of wedding style themes, from traditional to the newest sensation, shabby chic! We especially love the extra bit of texture a great piece of lace can add to the arrangement.

5. Burlap.

Burlap Wrapped Boutonnieres

For brides seeking a more organic, natural approach to her wedding day style, try going with burlap. It’s not just for rustic or country-inspired designs, instead it can also act as a neutral finish to a nature-focused, outdoor celebration. It’s worn well during the summer, around succulents, gerber daisies and just a bout of gorgeous, voluminous baby’s breath.

all photos via Style Me Pretty

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Nearly every girl, anywhere in the world, dreams of the day that her Prince Charming asks for her hand in marriage. Call it cultural conditioning, romantic expectation or an unnecessary tradition; it doesn’t change the fact that the love of your life will most likely want you to ask for her hand in marriage! It doesn’t matter whether you spend hundreds or thousands on a ring because it’s really about creating a special gesture and a moment in her life that she will remember forever.

If you’re ready to pop to question to your lovely lady, or looking to help out a friend or relative with his own proposal, here are four key ways that you’ll be guaranteed to get it right.

Something Out of the Ordinary

There is nothing worse than a girl finding out that someone else proposed to their girlfriend in exactly the way that you did. She wants you to make her feel like the only girl in the world, but how exactly do you do that you ask? Well, you do something unique and out of the ordinary. This doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant at all, in fact, simple is often more effective. Take her to a place she’s always wanted to go like a beautiful park or garden as nature is very romantic, especially in the summer months. Or do something together that you’ve never done, like sky-diving if you’re into adrenaline adventures!

Keep it Private

Research conducted by AA Cars show that in a survey of 17,000 men, 3% of them have proposed in a car. Might sound a bit boring but a car is actually the perfect private place. Not every girl wants to be stared at and congratulated by a crowd of people if you propose in public so keeping it private is often the best option. You could hire her favourite vintage car and go for a spin to a romantic spot before you get down on one knee. Don’t forget the picnic basket and be ready to pop the champagne (but don’t have much more than a sip or two as you wouldn’t want to collect a rather unromantic drink-drive offence on the way home)!

Be Personal

The crucial factor of a proposal is how personal it is. Any girl would be touched if you can show that you listen to her wants, needs and dreams and care enough about the important aspects of your relationship to incorporate them into your proposal. This doesn’t mean you have to customise a gallery with all the memorable pictures and items of your history (well, you can if you want) but just picking a key idea like her favourite kind of flower, colour or place to be would make it meaningful.

Think It Through

Every girl would love and appreciate that you’ve put time, effort, love and thought into your proposal. Many guys rush to ask the question when they’ve found the perfect ring but it’s worth waiting for the right time and think your plan through thoroughly. One idea could be to plan something that takes time to show like planting flowers in the garden to create a special message, this shows that you have patience and perseverance – the key ingredients in a relationship.

At the end of it all, your proposal doesn’t have to be a fifty-person flash mob so don’t over-think the gesture. Do something that fits your relationship and personality. As long as you show her how much you care in a heartfelt way, she’s bound to say ‘yes’. Good luck!

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If you have recently proposed to your significant other, you will no doubt find yourself lost in a haze of confusion, excitement and unmitigated terror. This is because marriage remains one of the most important cornerstones of a civilised society, despite the fact that British couples are spending less in pursuit of their ideal wedding. In many ways, the fact that UK consumers spent an average of £15,494 on their nuptials in 2013 is still something of an achievement, especially given the relatively unstable nature of the economy.


Shopping for a Wedding Ring: 3 Tips for Novice Consumers

The procurement of a wedding ring is arguably the single most important investment in preparation for your marriage, but it is also one of the most difficult to get right. This is especially true if it is your first time buying such a product, so you will need to consider the following before making a final decision: –


1. The Use of Materials

As a starting point, you will need to consider the material that your wedding ring is manufactured from. There is a growing range of options from which you can choose from in 2014, from traditional materials such as gold and platinum to more contemporary examples like white gold. Each of these materials has a different aesthetic and unique price point, so your ultimate choice must reflect both your design preferences and financial budget. If you want to learn more about the type of materials and products available, consider visiting an online resource such as http://www.chisholmhunter.co.uk to peruse a comprehensive range.

2. The Design and Style of your Ring

Although the variations may often be subtle, every wedding band boasts its own unique aesthetic and design ethos. Even seemingly plain bands are separated by at least a single feature, whether this is the core material used or the finish applied. It is therefore a good idea to have a predetermined idea of your preferred style before you hit the market, as this enables you to conduct research online and target a select few retailers and independent jewellers. Without this, you may find it hard to pinpoint a desired product in such a large market space.

3. Is there a Need for Matching Wedding Bands?

In the majority of case, an engaged couple are likely to select matching wedding bands to commemorate their nuptials. This creates an issue in the modern age, however, as men are increasingly fashion-conscious and therefore likely to have their own clearly defined tastes and preferences. So unless you select a decidedly plain pair of matching wedding bands, it can be difficult to find products that meet multiple needs. To negate this issue, discuss design ideas with your partner and apply these to the existing market, before identifying unique products that are unisex in their creation.


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best man tasks



Best Man Responsibilities

Everyone knows that the best man is an important part of the wedding and has three key roles; organising the stag do, keeping the rings on the big day and giving a killer speech. But with so much resting on the best man getting things right, how can you make sure that you make and not break the grooms day? Read on for some top tips on keeping cool and getting things right.

The Stag Do

The number one responsibility a best man has that everyone knows is key to preparing a bachelor for married life is delivering a really good stag do. But where to start when there are so many different options out there? It used to be just going into the local town on a massive pub crawl with a few laddish pranks thrown in for good measure but things aren’t that simple anymore. From activity days such as paint balling and go karting to package weekends away created by specialist companies such as The Stag and Hen Experience the options are seemingly endless.

Before you get overwhelmed with choice, have a really honest thing about what your mate likes to do. If they aren’t a big drinker than a planning a big bender might make some of the other lads happy but it’s not their day. Chose something that is important or really enjoyable to the groom and then you are guaranteed that they will have a good time and create many happy memories of their last night of freedom.

The Speech

Now this is another biggie. Don’t think you can pull this out of the bag the night before; to write a really good best man’s speech it has to be well thought out, honest, funny and moving. No pressure then! Ideally you want to share something with the rest of the room that lets them know what a good chap the groom is and how happy you are for the newly married couple. To get started, read some examples online and jot down some notes before trying to form an ordered speech.

The Rings

Make sure your suit has a suitable pocket to store the rings in and that there is not a hole in the lining; What could be worse than fishing round your suit lining exclaiming they are here somewhere as the bride and groom are waiting at the front of the chapel? Leave enough time before the service to collect the rings from the bride, and don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she looks and how she is going to have a fabulous day.

Job done, now enjoy the moment!

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Urban Wedding Offbeat Bridevia

I’m so excited about this amazing lists of our favorites and best of the week! From incredibly beautiful accessories, to picnic-style inspirations to real brides thinking outside-the-box and making bold decisions, everyone of these links are a “must click!”


Need to grab some inspiration for your wedding day venue? Check out these beautiful, rustic barns! — Team Wedding

Have you decided on your wedding colors yet? Take a look at this bit of inspiration for a beautiful idea! — Style Me Pretty

Fill your wedding with love and adventure. And drool over this dreamy, beautiful wedding. — Wedding Chicks

Add a bit of citrus to your summer celebration. Just take a look at this inspiration photo shoot for some ideas. –Grey Likes Weddings

Are you already nervous about your maid of honor speech? Have no fear, we’ve got the perfect running start already in the making for you. — Team Wedding

For casual brides and couples who love the outdoors, you’ve got to take a look at this adorable picnic spread. –Intimate Weddings

As much as we love vintage weddings, there’s something incredibly fashionable and sexy about super modern style. — Ruffled

You’ve got to sift through these beautiful headpieces by Klaire Van Elton. They’re stunning. — Love My Dress

Bohemian style and a beautiful bride dressed in … well, you’ll have to go see to find out. — Green Wedding Shoes

This eclectic, outside-the-box wedding is an absolute must-see. Check out the bride’s incredible dress! – Offbeat Bride

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Royal blue is rich and bold in style. And you’d be surprised how many beautiful petals come in this striking shade. Whether they’re paired with blush pink in the summer or dark, emerald greenery in the winter, this tone certainly knows how to command attention. Take a look at our inspiration today with these royal blue blooms!

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

We love this modern spin on the classic bouquet.

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

Debatably a rich-toned violet, the addition of the royal blue petals make this quite the eclectic and gorgeous choice.

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

The texture of this small, delicate bouquet is quite interesting, don’t you think?

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

The ‘wildflower’ feel of this arrangement makes it so touchable and organic in design.

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

And sometimes just a touch is enough to transform the look.

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

This bouquet has such a feminine, almost sexy appeal, with the combination of royal and plum hues.

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

The small pop of blue makes the touchable peach peonies pop even more!

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

If you’re looking for a bit of bold drama, take a second look at this bouquet!

Royal Blue Wedding Bouquet

Absolutely gushing over the otherworldly flavors the blue petals bring into this bouquet.

photos via Style Me Pretty, Wedding Bee, Green Wedding Shoes, Luulla, Studio DIY, Flower Pictures, Wedding Chicks

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maid of honor tips

photo credit: ClaraDon via photopin cc


Looking to be the best darn Maid of Honor in the known world? A multi-faceted role, taking on Maid of Honor duties requires you to act as the bride’s go-to person for just about every wedding-related thing there is. Let’s take a look at 11 steps that will ensure you rock it!

1) Play Offensive at the Reception

Great Uncle Joe is a talker. The bride doesn’t have 45 minutes to discuss the price of milk in the 1930s, but guess what, Maid of Honor? You do. On the plus side, no one will blame you for being the drunkest person at the end of the night–you’ve listened to everyone’s relatives drone on. And on.

2) Provide the Mother of the Bride With a Chill Pill

Whatever form this “chill pill” takes…well, we won’t question you. She’s stressed out, and has subsequently stressed everyone else out.

3) Leave Dad Alone

Men usually need time to process things on their own, and while Mom may be bawling, Dad is probably internalizing everything. So if he goes in a room by himself, just leave him be.

4) Don’t Forget the Mother of the Groom

Often overlooked at weddings, mothers of the groom are watching their babies get married too. Be sure to give the Mother of the Groom a hug at the reception!

5) Bring a Blow Dryer

The “Swiss Army Knife of weddings,” blow dryers are ideal for touching up hair, drying nails quickly, and drying water/champagne/liquor stains on dresses. Other wedding day survival items to bring include a sewing kit, band-aids, tissues, scissors, tweezers, mints, safety pins and a nail file.

6) Remind the Bride to Print Out a List of Photos She Wants

The photographer doesn’t know the bride met the groom at a baseball game and want to have a photo of them having a catch. Suggest the bride make a list of all the inside jokes and family poses she wants, otherwise they will not happen. Think about all every possible combination beforehand, have her write them down, and bring the list with you. She’ll definitely thank you for it!

7) Remember to Have a Sense of Humor About the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Kids do and say the darndest things, right? So let them do what they do. If the ring bearer needs a candy bribe to make it down the aisle, or the flower girl wants her daddy with her, just go with it.

8) Transportation, Transportation, Transportation

How is the wedding party getting from the hotel to the ceremony venue? The reception? What about the parents? You’ll definitely need to work all this out beforehand!

9) Create an Awesome Playlist

Create a slumber party vibe when everyone is getting ready, only with mimosas. Bring snacks, make a sweet playlist, and have plenty of magazines handy. There’s going to be a lot of downtime as everyone takes turns putting on makeup and getting their hair done.

10) Make Sure the Bride Eats

Breakfast, snacks…she needs to eat! Have her drink fluids through a straw so she won’t smear her lipstick. This will prevent her from getting drunker-than-drunk at the reception.

11) Don’t Send the Couple Off With Sparklers. Just Don’t.

It may look adorable on Pinterest, but we’re literally talking about giving drunk people explosives. Not the bestest idea ever!

Keep these tips in mind and rock that wedding, missy!

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money and marriage

photo credit: Thomas Leuthard via photopin cc


Engaged couples often spend hours and hours planning their wedding day. Details such as the invitations, cake and guest list take on considerable importance. Much research is done and options weighed all in the quest of orchestrating a “perfect” event. As couples plan this spectacular day, are they also planning for all the days to follow? Are they thinking beyond the wedding itself to essential things like wills and life insurance?

Few couples, especially those marrying young, imagine the thought of a spouse dying early on in the marriage. Addressing this possibility and strategizing accordingly may prevent financial hardship during a time of emotional devastation.

Women especially need to plan ahead financially:

  • They usually outlive men by 5.3 years on average.
  • Nearly one third of women between the ages of 65 and 74 qualify as widows.
  • This figure jumps significantly to over 51% as women reach age 75.
  • Women may become financially disadvantaged when their husbands die, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes women work part-time or even temporarily leave the work force as they juggle raising children and/or caring for aging parents. Fewer years spent working full-time outside the home affects pension accumulations and Social Security benefits. Also statistically women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. This gap widens with age.

Developing solutions in advance of life’s unpredictable events may help you deal with a loss someday. Here are actions to take as you prepare for life beyond your wedding day:

  • Talk to your fiancé and family about your financial concerns, difficult as this may be. Perhaps schedule an appointment with a financial professional, or a family or estate attorney. Their knowledge can help you define goals, identify needs, ask the right questions and make important decisions.
  • Ask yourself and your partner some serious questions. Does your financial outlook consider the possibility of your spouse’s death? Do you have a will? Are your financial documents, wills, trusts organized? Do either of you have short and long-term wishes?
  • Draft a will. Implementing a will usually is quite time consuming even when constructed during a stress-free time in your life. There are many things to evaluate; you must think about important issues related to financial and personal matters. Perhaps as a result, 55% of Americans don’t have wills. An attorney can facilitate this process.
  • Learn about each other’s assets including all bank accounts, retirement plans, insurance coverage, tax returns, life and disability income insurance policies.
  • Develop an orderly, easy-to-access system. Store important paperwork and documents in a safe deposit box, locked file cabinet or some secure place with easy access. Make sure you both regularly update these materials.

As you and your spouse-to-be plan your special wedding day, don’t forget to also address the future beyond. Horrible as it is to think about the death of your spouse, not preparing for the possibility can make a difficult time in your life that much worse. Don’t wait to get your financial matters organized. Develop solutions for a variety of life scenarios today.

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maid of honor speech

Want to make your Maid of Honor speech one that’s memorable for all the right reasons? Well, writing a Maid of Honor speech is not unlike writing a Maid of Honor toast. With that in mind, check out our formula for the bestest Maid of Honor speech/toast, and remember to give yourself at least three weeks to write it!

Maid of Honor Speech Formula

Part One: “I love you both so, so much.”

Part Two: A sweet anecdote about the couple, including why they’re so fantastic together and what makes their relationship awesome. This should make up the majority of your speech.

Part Three: Wish them years of happiness and love at this juncture.

Part Four: Make the toast, and everyone drinks! Weeee!

Remember to keep the speech short and sweet, for your sake and everyone else’s!

Maid of Honor Speech Sample

[Name] and [Name],

I love you both so much. [Bride], not only are you one of my best friends, you’ve also been there for me when being my friend didn’t just entail late night convenience store runs and hours of watching 90′s movies. We’ve grown up together and I am so grateful we are still so close.

And [Groom], I love you, too! You’re an incredible partner to my beloved bestie, and a great friend to me also. I know you didn’t expect that dating Stacey would include helping her crazy friend after she locked her keys in her apartment three times in one month, but you are a doll and a gentleman for doing it with a smile and only making fun of me a little.

One of the many great things about the two of you is how you are together. I’ve never seen two people so well-suited for each other; it’s hard to imagine a time when you weren’t “[both names]”. It may seem like fate threw you together, but I like to think it goes beyond that.

Having been there from the beginning, I know that what appeared to be effortless was actually two people who truly loved one another and knew they were going to make their relationship work. They didn’t just magically fit into each other’s lives, rather they rearranged their lives to ensure they both had a place in the other’s.

They changed priorities, always made time for one another and even enjoyed each other’s little quirks, such as James’s not-so-secret love of boy bands. But perhaps the best example of their commitment is what we now call “the hockey debacle.”  You see, when they started dating, [Groom] noticed [Bride] had a framed Gretsky jersey in her den. [Groom] made the decision to take [Bride] to local hockey games and watch national games on TV so they would have something to discuss the next time they talked.

[Bride] thought [Groom] was a hockey nut and even asked my brother to help her learn more about the game. However, [Bride] had never actually watched hockey, rather the jersey belonged to her beloved uncle who passed a few years ago.

Eventually, our couple figured everything out…it took six months, but it did happen! Yet once these two worked on their communication skills, they found they had a new favorite hobby to do together.

This indicates not only how goofy these two are for each other, but how committed they are to being in each other’s lives. Yours is a love that makes us smile, makes us tear up with joy and makes us believe in fairy tale romance. Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone, and for being my friends.

To [Bride and Groom]! (everybody drinks)

So there you have it! Enjoy writing your speech…and whatever you do, don’t mention strippers!

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maid of honor speech

photo credit: Becca_Kay via photopin cc

Is your Maid of Honor speech depressing you because you just have no idea what to write? Fear not–it’s much easier to write a speech once you’ve looked at a few examples! Check out the following few tips on making the speech memorable, heartfelt and otherwise awesome, and don’t forget to read example speeches!

Plan Ahead

Plan by making notes of inspiring thoughts and ideas, and remember to give yourself at least three weeks to write your speech. Take your time, ask for feedback, and don’t worry if your best ideas don’t come until a few days before the wedding!

Write Freely and Make Drafts

Make as many drafts as you want! No one is going to see them anyway, so what does it matter? And remember to write your speech “freely,” i.e. don’t think about everyone staring at you when it’s your time at the wedding. Put all of that out of your head and write what you want, so long as it doesn’t involve too many keg stand-related memories.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions

Ask yourself the following questions to help your speech along:

  • (If the bride is your sister) How was it growing up with her? How close were you?
  • (If the bride is your friend) How did you two meet?
  • What do you admire about her?
  • What makes her unique and special?
  • What makes her and her groom such a great couple?
  • How much are you going to miss her after the wedding?

Start in the Middle

Get all the hard stuff out of the way first–it’s a lot easier to shape your introduction and conclusion once you have the middle part figured out. Consider drafting the middle section, then asking for feedback from friends and family members.

Avoid Negative or Embarrassing Stories

To build on the aforementioned keg stands, refrain from mentioning any stories that are embarrassing or negative in nature. Be careful with your jokes–this is not the time to talk about the bride’s college hookups or anything else from the “dirty laundry” category. Keep things positive and sweet!

Use these tips to craft the best Maid of Honor speech ever! Have fun!



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maid of honor duties

photo credit: malpal5708 via photopin cc

As the Maid of Honor, you  have a whole lot of stuff to do! You are the bride’s go-to person, helping her get things done and providing emotional support every step of the way. Acting as Maid of Honor and performing all the necessary duties also helps prepare you for your own wedding! Being chosen is a wonderful compliment, and it’s important not to underestimate your role. With that in mind, let’s look at the many duties of the Maid of Honor:

Before the Wedding

  • Help choose invitations, flowers, gifts, other general prep
  • Help address invites and place cards
  • Assist in scouting wedding locations
  • Go shopping for the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Ensure all bridesmaids, flower girls, etc. are at fittings, rehearsal dinner and the ceremony on time
  • Oversee dress delivery
  • Help the bride register, answer others’ gift-related questions
  • Help with honeymoon planning
  • Attend cake tastings and make recommendations
  • Help arrange the seating
  • Attend every catering meeting
  • Plan and host the bachelorette party and bridal shower
  • Maintain timetables
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner
  • Make list of gifts received
  • Be in charge of bridal gown
  • Be there for her and listen to her

Wedding Day Duties

On top of these duties, you get to deliver a speech!

  • Keep smiling and be there for her throughout everything
  • Help her dress, deal with hair and makeup, and jewelry
  • Help her through wedding day nervousness
  • Check last-minute details, such as photographer arrival time
  • Act as the messenger between the bride and groom
  • Handle all dress and veil issues, including helping the bride maneuver in the dress!
  • Hold the groom’s ring–your thumb is good for this
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet for most of the ceremony
  • Witness the signing of the marriage license
  • Be part of the reception receiving line
  • Make your Maid of Honor speech
  • Participate in the first dance with the best man
  • Help the bride out of her gown and into her “going away clothes”
  • Keep her on schedule
  • Play hostess along with the bridesmaids during the reception
  • Collect gift envelopes and keep them in a safe place
  • Make sure the bride eats something, refresh her drink, etc.
  • Dance with the best man, the groomsmen, the groom
  • Make your toast after the best man makes his
  • Keep the bride laughing, which will help her stress out a whole lot less

If the bride has help from family members, the groom or numerous bridesmaids, your maid of honor duties could be limited to wedding day and a few other helpful contributions.

The dynamic between you and the bride will influence how the planning process unfolds. If you’re a maid of honor, it never hurts to have a sympathetic ear, endless patience, a day planner and a sense of humor!

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As more brides and grooms opt to stretch the envelope (sometimes literally) to create unique wedding invitation designs, the necessary elements that should be included can be lost. Before your invitations go to print, reference this brief go-to guide to adhere to the fundamentals of traditional wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation

Classic Wedding Invitation via TheKnot


  • …spell out full names except when using Mr., Mrs., Jr., etc.  However, doctor should be spelled out. This not only applies to the invitation but the guest(s) name(s) on the envelope.  Take the time to find out the name of each guest (including plus ones). Wouldn’t you feel more welcome if the invitation didn’t include “and guest” for your name?
  • …include the bride’s name first. Always.
  • …write out times, dates and years (e.g. five o’clock, September ninth). The year does not include the word “and” (e.g. two thousand fourteen).
  • …use the phrase “half after” when referencing time versus “half past” or “five-thirty.”
  • …capitalize the day of the week and month. The year is not capitalized.
  • …include the phrase “request the honour of your presence” if the ceremony is taking place in a house of worship. Otherwise, use the phrase “request the pleasure of your company.”



  • …include the bride’s last name if she has the same surname as her parents.
  • …use periods at the end of a line.
  • …capitalize the first letter of each line unless it is a proper noun (e.g. day of the week, names, etc.).
  • …abbreviate cities, states and numbered streets.
  • …mention “and family.” Write out all the names of the people you want to attend.
  • …accompany your wedding invitations with gift registry information.
  • …include details on attire. If necessary, “Black tie” may be written in the lower right corner on a reception invitation.
  • …address invitations with labels. Envelopes should always be addressed by hand.
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Modern Black and White Weddingvia

In the midst of buzzwords like “shabby chic” and “rustic,” it’s not as common to find timeless, modern weddings. It’s the unique choice to make, to go with a sophisticated, fashion-forward celebration. From classic black and whites, to crisp reds, we’re here to share some modern color schemes that are not only gorgeous and contemporary in style, but are a bit outside-the-box in choice. Duos and trios of colors can all be stylized and used in modern, chic ways. Let’s get inspired!

Poppy Red, Fuchsia & Pink

Modern Pink Weddingvia

Feminine and bold, there’s nothing too delicate about this gorgeous setup. The mix of reds, pinks and purples makes for such a vibrant and vivacious, picturesque place to celebrate. It’s formal and luxurious without being kitschy or expected. If you’ve got a knack for dramatic style, this scheme could fit you and your big day  just right. Wow your family and friends with this special and playful design idea.

White, Pink & Green

Modern White Wedding

We love how this color scheme pulls in some organic and refreshing beauty. It has a youthful vibe and not as formal as its predecessor. But, formality doesn’t mean modern. It’s clean and concise, but also an outside-the-box approach to creating a contemporary, fashion-forward wedding. This is a perfect choice for a couple whose style is more trendy by nature, it’s also a great choice if you’ve decided on a spring, daytime wedding or even something that will be held outside.

Blue, Black & White

Modern Blue Weddingvia

A timeless color trio that will never go out of style, royal blue, crisp white and a deep, dark midnight will take on a fresh, contemporary approach to the usual soft and girly day of decor. Fit for a queen, a downtown hotel or even an evening in the park, these shades certainly place well together. This trio is much more traditional in style, so if you considered yourself a traditional bride wanting and creating the perfect bridal experience, this could be the scheme for you!

Yellow, White & Cream

Modern Yellow Weddingvia

Modern style doesn’t always mean sharp edges and hard surfaces. Sometimes, a modern, fashion-forward style can be just as touchable as the most romantic and delicate of design ideas. We love the combination of white, cream and a pop of happy yellow! We also love how easy these shades fit within a giant scope of venues and themes. From garden parties to country clubs, yellow always finds a sunny spot to shine.

Lavender, Purple & White

Modern Purple Weddingvia

Purple is known for its royal feel, so it’s only natural that a sense of luxury and high-brow style is evoked when used throughout wedding day decor. And the mixing of shades and complimentary white tones not only create a sense of drama, but also a bit of sexiness too. Purple certainly isn’t a color that’s closely associated to weddings, but you’d be surprised how bridal your celebration will be when a bit of these tones are added to it.

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Panama City Beach Wedding

It’s the best of the best roundup and we’ve got beachy weddings and pie pop DIYs to round out this beautiful, spring week. Take a peek and get inspired!


Delicate & romantic, this nautical-inspired wedding is certainly something special. — Style Me Pretty

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your best friend? Take a peek at these 4, fool-proof ideas. — Team Wedding

Have you thought about what you’d like for your hair to look like for the big walk down the aisle? Here are 10 tips to hiring your hair stylist! — Martha Stewart Weddings

A Honeymoon Travel Guide brought to you by one of the raddest blogs around! Plan your getaway to Barcelona! –Rock’N’Roll Bride

A fun, youthful and geometric-centered wedding that will absolutely knock your socks off. Go take a look! — Ruffled Blog

Food. What are you serving? And how are you serving it? — Team Wedding

Are you thinking about hosting your rehearsal dinner at home? If so, check out this beautiful backyard dinner party inspiration. — 100 Layer Cake

Design & print your own wedding invitation using the new Makr iPad App! Detail here… — Green Wedding Shoes

Learn how to make your own adorable and delicious pie pops with this easy DIY! — Wedding Chicks

If you’re of having a destination wedding, why not take a look at Panama City Beach as your destination of choice ? — Grey Likes Weddings



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Rustic, shabby chic, pretty, organic, country, relaxed … these are all words associated with the trendiest of  wedding, at the moment. Barn weddings, in or out, as a background or a backdrop; brides are loving barns. That’s why we rallied up some pretty ones, rustic ones and some different ones to inspire!

Barn Wedding VenuePink and playful,  this barn is a bride’s dream.

Barn Wedding VenueThere’s a certain bit of sophisticated and quintessential bridal appeal to this venue.

Barn Wedding VenueUse a classic barn as a backdrop to your outdoor, casual ceremony.

Barn Wedding VenueSomething magical is happening inside this quaint, carefree barn.

Barn Wedding VenueAnd this rustic, organic setting is beautiful and picturesque is the best ways.

Barn Wedding VenueWhat are gorgeous, whimsical little hideaway this barn makes!

Barn Wedding VenueTraditional in style but rustic in design, this wedding is certainly trending.

Barn Wedding VenueThere’s a certain amount of girlish, vintage charm wrapped inside this venue.

Barn Wedding VenueThe weathered look to this barn gives a certain amount of grandiose focus and artistic flair.

Barn Wedding VenueSometimes a classic, country-loving bride, needs a classic, country barn.

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Selecting the ceremony site was easy, and one of the most important selections since, after all, the ceremony IS the wedding, right? Without the ceremony there is no reason for receptions. If you haven’t selected the ceremony site, get that attended to and then move on to choosing the banquet facilities. Be sure to start shopping as early as possible to ensure you get the first choice of date and venue. One year is typically suggested.

When in the market for perfect reception halls think about budget, of course, but also the personalities of the bride and groom. Some of the best wedding reception ideas come straight from the bride’s imagination. Once you have an idea of the type of reception hall for you, locate a series of reception sites meeting your criteria and visit them. Here are some issues to ponder when interviewing prospective managers of banquet facilities in your area.

  • Fees, Please - Banquet facilities often have wedding packages with lots of options. Be sure to ask about what’s included and get it all in a written contract.
  • Save the Date – Be sure the reception hall has your wedding date and time available. Does the time open coordinate with the ending time of the ceremony? (Don’t leave guests waiting for hours between events) Ask if your wedding will be the only wedding or if you’ll be sharing the hall with other brides.
  • Paper Policy – Again, ask about contracts. What is your refund policy and is it spelled out in the contract? Before you plunk down that hard earned deposit be sure this is ‘your place”.
  • Catering – Will the reception hall provide catering/food? Seems like a no-brainer, however, some reception halls like local Elks’ Club halls, for example, do not provide a kitchen staff. If an outside caterer will be employed, is there an additional charge to use the kitchen? And, speaking of food, will you expect formal, served meals, cocktail style service or banquet buffet? Will the wedding cake be provided?
  • Capacity – How many guests can the banquet hall seat? Do they have choices of rooms in various styles of décor and seating capacity?
  • Beverages – Open bar or semi-open bar with a limited variety of alcoholic and soft beverages? No cash bars, please! Never ask your guests to bring the party. Proper banquet facilities will steer you in the right direction by suggesting ways to cut the bar cost without being tacky.
  • Bathrooms – Visiting the facilities can be a terrific way to get an idea about reception hall and kitchen cleanliness. If you wouldn’t use the bathroom, chances are you may not want to eat from the kitchen.
  • Closing Time – Be sure you know the policy for closing time. It would be sad to hire entertainment for possible overtime if the facility will not or cannot remain open.


Many banquet facilities and reception halls provide references but asking people you know will yield more personal responses since, obviously, one person’s idea of a terrific reception hall could be another’s nightmare. Your friends and family know your taste and will likely be able to tell you if they think the venue is right for you. If the hall provides regular dinner service or has public events where you can dine, be sure to try out the food and the service as a guest. Doing so will allow you to see a real event in action and not just a personal show for you at an off-hour.

Final advice – have fun selecting banquet facilities. Enjoy the planning of your wedding. The actual wedding day will fly by and, during the planning, you will get to see how well you and your partner really work together, make decisions and problem solve as a team.

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Wedding planning is, well, let’s call it “uniquely stressful.” Despite the many stresses that come with planning a wedding, you don’t want to look back on this special time and wish you had enjoyed it more and otherwise “experienced the moment” instead of freaking out all the time. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 super-helpful wedding advice tips that will ensure you take moment or two to breathe:

1) You’re Going to Argue, Disagree With and Probably Offend at Least One Person

Having a wedding is like throwing a big party, which is stressful enough, except th party is really a huge fancy-schmancy ball that everyone and your mother has expectations and opinions about. Some people will inevitably want to steamroll you in terms of planning, or you might find your fiancé/fiancée has horrendous taste in napkin colors. You might feel bad as you cut people from your guest list or make your wedding party spend even more money on formal clothing, but try to find balance. Yes, the wedding isn’t just about you, but it’s still your day in the end. So don’t try so hard to please every last person–it’s an impossible task, anyway.

2) Indecisiveness is Not Unlike Being Bridezilla

Some people are just indecisive, and if you’re such a person, do what you can to make the necessary decisions and stick with them. Don’t depress your bridesmaids just because you can’t make a decision about their dresses–if nothing else, suggest a color and let them do the rest. Being indecisive is pretty much as annoying as being a “Bridezilla,” so remember to think of everyone around you when having a hard time deciding on something.

3) It’s Okay to Splurge on the Important Stuff

No matter what your wedding budget, this is a very, very special event, so don’t be afraid to splurge on the stuff that matters, whatever that may be to you. There’s plenty of ways to save money while planning a wedding, and tons of information out there, so don’t worry about the whole thing costing you your firstborn.

4) Work With Vendors You Love

Just because a vendor was recommended by your sister or future mother-in-law doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily vibe with that person or staff. And that’s fine. It’s your wedding day, so find vendors you feel are on the same proverbial page as you and enjoy creating a memorable day together.

5) Make Checklists–You Won’t Be Sorry

Make checklists of everything–the types of photos you want and where, lists of what still needs to be done, vendor and photographer phone numbers…you get the idea. Checklists are your friends during the planning process, and will prevent you from flipping out because you forgot something.

6) Skip the Rituals You Don’t Care About

Uninterested in tossing the bouquet? Want to skip the high mass despite being raised Catholic? No matter how traditional the wedding ritual, if it doesn’t matter to you or hold any kind of meaning, skip it.

7) Don’t Go Nuts With the Wedding Registry

It’s easy to get carried away when creating a registry–after all, you’re essentially shopping without having to pay for it! However, you don’t want to end up with a bunch of appliances and various weird objects you’re never going to use, so keep this in mind and pick only the stuff you truly need and want.

8) Plan for the Worst

No matter how perfectly you planned everything, it’s still an excellent idea to except the unexpected. Having an outdoor ceremony? Find a backup indoor venue in case of inclimate weather. Worried you’ll forget your makeup? Bring a backup bag with you. Murphy’s Law can occur anytime, so plan for craziness!

9) Delegate. And Delegate.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, especially if your to-do list is three pages long. Besides, putting friends and family members in charge of certain things makes them feel special and more important in the wedding process.

10) Don’t Skydive the Day Before Your Wedding

The week before your wedding is not the time to try a new sport, go bungee jumping or anything else that’s potentially dangerous. If you want to go nuts on your honeymoon, go for it, but it’s generally a good idea to refrain from unusual activities in the days leading up to your nuptials.

There you have it! We hope these tips help you with the planning and enjoyment of your wedding day. Good luck!



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Check out the Top Wedding Accessory Websites

Wedding Accessories Are All In The Details.

After the vows have been said and the honeymoon taken, you should look back on your wedding planning experience with only fond memories. That includes the sourcing of those essential wedding supplies and accessories. The following are some unique ideas for turning a potential chore into some of your most precious moments.


Incorporate Your Accessories Into The Wedding Decor.

Instead of thinking of guest books, disposable wedding cameras and cocktail napkins as supplies that will be used once and then thrown away, think of each item as a decorating element to the overall presentation.

  1. Many times, a guest book is a last minute purchase that is nearly forgotten. It isn’t given much thought. And it winds up being a boring, white, fabric-covered book with lined pages from the wedding supplies section of a knick knack store. When there are so many options, there really is no excuse for a boring guest book. If your event is lavish and you want to convey a sense of opulence, you may opt for a custom made guest book and matching pen stand covered in fine fabrics and adorned with luxurious ribbon and crystal brooches. If your wedding is more young and energetic, you may want to use an instant photo guest book. Guests will be encouraged to have fun taking Polaroid pictures and write witty messages alongside. I’ve heard of couples who used picture books of their wedding destination as guest books, utilizing the front and back cover as places for the guests to write and then displaying on their coffee table.
  2. Another great wedding idea that is often overlooked until the last minute is providing disposable cameras at each table for guests to use. These usually end up being standard black and white cameras that do not coordinate with other elements of your reception table décor. Nowadays you can find all kinds of one-time-use cameras designed just for weddings. Some have prints, some are solid colors and others can be personalized with your names and date of the wedding. These cameras not only blend into the table setting but can really enhance the overall look and the guests have a lot of fun with them too.
  3. Cocktail napkins and coasters are probably not wedding supplies that are on the
    minds of couples planning a wedding. But if you had the time and resources, a simple beverage napkin or coaster can become a conversation piece. Consider printed napkins and personalized coasters in the colors of your reception for the cocktail hour. You may choose a simple message of thanks, or a classy monogram. Guests will love the personal touch.


Wedding Supplies = Gifts

Many of your wedding supplies can be given to your guests at the end of the reception. Tabletop decorations including flowers, vases and place card holders make great favors and can even be given out as prizes!

  1. Beautiful floral centerpieces often go to waste at the end of the reception. At a wedding I attended, the couple designed a lottery and came up with a way to award each of their gorgeous centerpieces to a certain guest who has “earned” it. For examples, one centerpiece was given to the guests who had been married the longest, one was given to the guest whose birthday was the closest and another was given to the guest who had traveled the furthest to attend. Another idea is to tape a card to the bottom of one guest chair at each table.
  2. Encourage your guests to take home wedding accessories such as votive holders and place card holders that you may have purchased for the tables. This way, you won’t be stuck with dozens of candles and vases after the wedding. Be sure to ask the DJ to announce this at the end of the evening so guests will know.

Whether you’re looking for wedding decorations or other wedding supplies, be sure to think of each as a piece of the big picture that will ultimately come together to create your special day. Nothing is insignificant when it comes to your wedding. Breathe life, style and personality into planning every aspect and you will enjoy the memory of the experience for the rest of your life. Remember, it is all in the details.

Check out the Top Wedding Accessory Websites

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photo credit: kate at yr own risk via photopin cc

Real-Life Bachelorette Party Ideas and Bachelorette Party Themes

So you’ve decided to host a bachelorette party. Oh, the pressure! The good news is that many have come before you, and they have conquered. Here’s a sampling of some fantastic real-life bachelorette party ideas, straight from the brides, bridesmaids and guests themselves.

Co-Ed Bash

“Our wedding party was made up of a lot of mutual friends from college so we decided to do a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party. We started the night at my maid of honor’s house with tons of beer and great food in the backyard. The guys and girls split up after dinner – we went dancing for our portion of the bachelorette party and the guys went to do their “guy” things for their bachelor party end of it. Then at about midnight we all met back up at the house for more drinks and ended up having a loud, spontaneous dance party. I may be partial but I think it’s one of the best bachelorette party ideas I’ve ever heard of!” – Jessica R. a bride from Minneapolis , MN

Wine Theme Bachelorette Party

“Last year I went to my cousin’s bachelorette party with a wine and cheese theme. The bridesmaids got a big hotel suite and brought in glasses, plates and cloth napkins from a party rental place so it was a pretty upscale event with about 15 or so people. We were having a great time until the cops showed up. Turns out they were actually the evening’s “entertainment” provided by the maid of honor! My cousin was SO surprised but loved that her fancy little bachelorette party turned out to have a little naughty side too.” – Cristina S. a guest from Granite Bay , CA

Taste of the Tropics

“I have about ten girlfriends from college and between us we’ve come up with some pretty great bachelorette partyideas over the years. My favorite of all the bachelorette parties was a tropical night theme in the dead of winter. We were all instructed to come dressed appropriately and some people went all-out with grass skirts and bikini tops. We rented one of those executive coaches and after driving around for a while listening to Jimmy Buffet and drinking fruity drinks, we went to a Polynesian restaurant for dinner. Afterward we hit the clubs and attracted a lot of attention with our tropical outfits – it was a blast and probably the best bacheloretteparty I’ve ever been to.” – Stephanie P. a bridesmaid from Portland , OR

Bachelor Party Fun

You’re the best man, you want to show the groom a great time, and you want this bachelor party to be a story you’ll tell for years to come. Need some ideas for throwing a “night to remember” without getting you, or the groom, in deep hot water? Listen – errr – read up!

So, how did I, a newly engaged woman, get assigned to write a bachelor party guide? Truth be told, the very idea of a strip club and cigar smoke make my nose crinkle, so I have been asking the fiancé why he and his buds couldn’t have a nice, safe, quiet night of poker over at our place for his bachelor party. Well, apparently, men and women have a different definition of the word “fun”. And, after he yawned, he said I should respect his fun. I then reminded him that he has never had to force himself to respect my shopping. I think it’s just a different sorta thing.

Now, with all due respect, I have assembled some hot tips for bachelor party fun as defined by both sexes.

Groom’s Choice

You can label him whipped if you want, but the truth is that the groom may not really want to engage in a night-filled boobs, booze, and boorish behavior bash. And, you have to consider that he and his fiancée have already talked about it (trust me, they have), and she’s given him grief. So, before you do anything, ask! This doesn’t mean that surprises are out, but just cop a feel for his bachelor party ideas before you take him to Runway 69. Ask about the guest list too.

Wedding Day Hangover – Not!

A bachelor party website I visited recently said: the bride and groom probably spent every last dime on this wedding; they really should be able to enjoy it by being well rested and sober. Host the party a week or two before the wedding. That gives the group time for recharging their batteries. Be sure to invite 3 weeks to a month before, for convenience of out-of-town party-goers travel planning.

Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

Even though you may want to have all the guys meet at somebody’s house and “see what happens”, proper planning always insures a great party. If you’re going out to a club, be sure to call ahead and tell them it’s a bachelor party (all houses of lascivious and un-lascivious entertainment have special packages waiting for you) same deal with hotels, since they will probably want to put you in a large room with as few breakable objects as possible. As the best man, you are responsible for making sure the party keeps rolling, so a sturdy plan of “pure guy fun” will secure your popularity with your buddies.

Consider the Alternatives

One of my guy friends who was getting married didn’t really want all the sexy stuff, he just wanted to do super-guy things all night long – his idea of a really cool bachelor party fell more into the category of manly-man activities like a camping trip with plenty of beer, going to a hockey game and then washing it down with a super-sized steak fest complete with stogies and shots. He didn’t want to spend the whole night worrying about getting into trouble. Also, it could be more interesting to just do something different. Consider the alternatives.

Pull Out All the Gags

The bachelor party is the perfect time to mock the groom and his last night as a single man. There are plenty of online sites and shops to purchase items to inflate, play in your DVD player, or, well, I won’t imagine what else. One of your primary roles on this night is to have fun (at the groom’s expense?), so do what you have to do to make his party a blast – in a respectable way, of course, right guys?

Safety First – Designate a Driver

There’s not a whole lot to say about this – it’s obvious. SAFETY! For the sake of all of us worried brides-to-be out there, and anyone on the road, in the bar or even walking down the road, please make sure no one drinks and drives.

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Food. It’s debatably one of the most important elements to the wedding, and also one of the most expensive. And as the wedding world continues to balloon, so do the expectations. It’s not enough to have just a meat and potato option. Instead, you have to infuse your couple style and personality into the plating, the service and the menu. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of “foodie” themes that will not only excite the taste buds of all of your guests but excite the night with style and trending vibes.

Wedding Food Theme Ideas

1. The Minis:

Mini Food Wedding Theme

Whether you’re passing out a smorgasbord of miniature fast food items with a twist, think small crab cake sliders, spicy sweet potato french fry shots, or a bite-size pork shank on a dollop of mashed potatoes, the minis are in. They’re fun, you can have more flavors than with a traditional sit-down dinner and your guests won’t go hungry and they won’t be bored either.

2. Rustic.

Rustic Southern Wedding Food Theme

What’s a rustic, “shabby chic” wedding, one of the most popular of decor choices, without a rustic-themed food spread? Apple pie favors, made-from-scratch biscuits and even some fried chicken, all served family-style, could be your ticket to the most delicious and satisfying of wedding feasts.

3. “Make it Yours” Bar.

Make Your Own Food Bar Wedding Theme

Everyone is loving the creativity and personalization involved with the “make your own” bar option. From tacos to smore’s, who doesn’t love to be able to make their food just the way they like it? We’ve seen everything from mashed potato bars to pancake bars, milk and cookie bars to burger bars … it’s such a fun and imaginative way to put a spin on the food!

4. Everything Fresh.

Organic Wedding Food Theme

Organic foods and healthy eating is trending now more than ever, as well it should be. So, it’s only natural that the lifestyle has been passed over to the wedding world. All-natural ingredients and raw foods are making a splash, in a beautiful way, all over the receptions. Veggie and fruit buffets to get the party started, followed up by a sit-down farm-fresh, local meal is an idea everyone is sure to appreciate and embrace.

5. Breakfast First.

Breakfast Wedding Food Theme

If the happy couple loves breakfast, then don’t be afraid to serve just that! Pancakes, omelets and french toast, your family and friends would love every second of the comforting, delicious flavors. Just don’t forget the mimosas and bloody mary’s as your signature drinks of the day!

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watch gift for men

Selecting meaningful gifts for the bridal party is an important part of your wedding planning. You might want to treat the bridesmaids to a beautiful keepsake, or give the groomsmen gifts. Items like wedding frames, bridesmaid jewellery and groomsman cufflinks can act as lasting tokens and symbols of your friendship and appreciation. One of the most important people to thank is, of course, the best man: he let the husband-to-be survive the stag-do, after all! It’s only right to treat the best man to a special gift to mark the occasion of your big day. For some unique and special ways to say thank you to one of the people most responsible for making your wedding run smoothly, take a peek below.

Personalised James Pewter Tankard

If your best man enjoys a beer (or ten) in an evening, try to get your hands on this traditional pewter tankard. Handmade in England, this beautifully crafted piece can be engraved with any message up to 80 characters, providing the perfect way to send a short and sweet thank you message, whilst maintaining your guise of beer-swilling, unemotional, manly love. After all, what could be more masculine than good ale?

Personalised Wedding Tie by LB Man

For the sophisticated best man, say thank you with a personalised silver and silk wedding tie. This stunning 100% silk tie, finished with a contrasting lining and a personalised silver bar etched with your message and hand sewn to the tie loop, is the perfect gift. The message bar sits discreetly at the back of the tie as a constant reminder to the wearer of your appreciation and friendship, with a date or location to mark the special day. Choose from pink, grey, or pink and blue striped silk. Your gift will be carefully wrapped in a stylish slate grey box, so that’s its ready to hand over to your best man when the big day arrives.

Rolex Watch

If you really value your best man’s friendship and you’re looking to splash some cash, the leading name in luxury wristwatches, Rolex, is exactly what you’re looking for. A Rolex watch is the ideal present for a best man with style and sophistication, having been a symbol of performance and prestige for over a century. If you’re in the UK, you can visit a retailer such as George Pragnell to choose from a variety of timepieces, from the Oyster Perpetual Datejust to the Milgauss, and show your best man how highly you think of him with a stunning gift that will last a lifetime.

Engraved Pocket Knives

If you’ve been friends since childhood, and spent your days roaming the woods and wild places together, then present your best man with some engraved pocket knives to remind him of those times. The Pauly Turner set, available from Etsy, features laminated Pakkawood handles, a non-glare black honed blade and decorative black bolsters. Each knife can be laser engraved with your choice of personalisation to make your gift uniquely suited to your best man.

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KansasCity_Set wedding invitation


1.  What Cards Are Available In Your Chosen Wedding Invitation Suite

As you start planning your wedding you will want to consider which events in your wedding will require stationery.  If you need a wedding dinner menu as well as a wedding program but the invitation suite you are looking at does not offer them that could be a real deal breaker.

2. Quality Of The Cards

 - Paper Quality

Not everyone is a paper expert but anyone can the difference between a flimsy piece of paper and a think cardstock.  The best way to see the quality of company’s products is to ask for a sample. Any reputable stationery company will offer generic samples so customer can see the paper and print quality of their products.  So don’t hesitate to request samples from multiple companies to make sure your will be getting the quality you are expecting.

- Print Quality

A company may have a high quality paper but may not specialize in the type of printing that you need.  Just like with paper quality ordering a sample can help with this as well.  For example if you are looking to have a photo printed on your invites request a sample of the photo wedding invitations so you can see how clearly the photo will print.

3. Customization Options

A wedding is a big deal and being able to personalize your invitations so that they match your wedding colors and style is important.  Many vendors will only give you the option of 2 or 3 different color choices per card.  Don’t settle for these limited color options unless one of them just so happens to fit your wedding theme perfectly.

Another personalization that can make a big difference in the look and feel of your invitations is the use of different fonts.  Make sure and find a wedding invitation company that gives you the options of selecting your fonts.

4. What Accessories Are Available

The old saying that the little things make all the difference is just a true when it comes to wedding stationery.  Adding little accessories to and otherwise plain wedding invite can take that invite from nothing special to breath taking. The use of a bellyband and monogram seal to add some color as well as something a little unique can really make your wedding invitations memorable.  So it is important to see what additional accessories a vendor may offer in case you decide you want to do something a little extra.

5. Turn Around Time

A wedding is very time sensitive so keeping that in mind you will want to make sure you know the turn around time of each vendor.   There would be nothing worse than taking weeks to create the perfect invites to find out that there is a 3-week turn around time on the invites that you need in the next 7 days.  On average most custom stationery companies take about 5-7 business days to deliver an order to your door.  Normally it will take 3-5 business days to create your cards and then another 2- 3 business days to have them shipped to a customer’s home.

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