Bringing your two names together is one of the most exciting effects of the entire wedding experience — and you can’t help but want those newly-joined initials glued, printed, stenciled and stitched on every knickknack and around every corner. (Aw.)

While monograms are not nouveau when it comes to wedding celebrations and decor, couples are finding sweet new ways to incorporate them throughout their festivities. Think outside of the typical monogrammed hanky (okay, you will probably still have this, and we don’t blame you — it’s darling) and more like monogram-shaped cupcake displays.

TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME: Corn hole has made a sudden resurgence as a go-to game at parties and weddings — guests love activities. A simple DIY project, personalized corn hole boards are a hit and will be a fun memento for years to come.

Photography By /,Wedding Planning   Design By /


DAPPER DISPLAY: Cupcakes’ popularity has soared in the last five years or so; reinvent the trend by arranging the confections in a two-toned, sleek monogram arrangement.

Cupcakes arranged with initials


CAKE TOPPER: Relatively inexpensive (and can even be an easy DIY project), a script monogram cake topper is stunning.

aqua wedding cake, photo by Chloe Giancola Photography #weddingcake #cakes


BRIDESMAID GIFTS: Expect a longer post on gifts for your gals in the near future. Until then, we love these modern monogrammed (yours or theirs) bracelets as a token of thanks for your leading ladies.

12 Monogrammed "Bridesmaid Gifts" They’ll Actually Love @weddings #bridesmaids #gifts @EmmalineBride


GUESTBOOK: A bold initial is a great alternative to a traditional guestbook — and can double as the first piece of art you own together. (Those walls are pretty bare in the early days!) Also, instead of your guests’ well wishes being tucked away in a book on a shelf somewhere, with a hanging initial, you’ll always be able to steal a glance as you walk by.

Such a cute idea! Have your guests sign the letter of your last name instead of a guest book!


VEIL: We couldn’t help but include this adorable monogrammed veil. In this case, the new monogram doubles as a decorative touch and her “something new.”

Add a monogram to your veil | 28 Creative And Meaningful Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding


These smooth and shining taffeta wedding gowns are perfect for a classic bride with a classic vision in mind. Taffeta may not be one of the most popular fabrics in the wedding world but it surely create a gorgeous foundation for your bridal look. Let’s have a peek!

Taffeta Wedding Gowns A textural skirt, smooth surface and golden hue makes this gown an absolute showstopper.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Hitting a woman’s curves at every beautiful point, this gown has a flawless silhouette and a gorgeous, flowing train.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Blushing gowns are here for the long haul and this one has so many wonderful, versatile accents.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns A bit more of a casual style, this gown sets the tone for a variety of looks as its the perfect, clean palette to style to your liking.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns The details and beading of this beautiful number add a formality and bridal-worthy flair.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns The floral embellishments on this gown make it a one-of-a-kind look.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Sophisticated and timeless, this design is beautiful and made for the quintessential bride.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Here’s a flirty and feminine design with a youthful vibe and unique scalloped edging around the neckline.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns A complimentary silhouette and a textural bodice come together to create a sultry look for a beautiful bride-to-be.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Simple and shining, this gown is perfect for accessorizing and making your own.

photos via Brides

It’s undoubtedly the most romantic city in the world. Ah, Paris. 

From the fashion to the florals, fine food and pastries, we can’t imagine anything more chic than Parisian-inspired nuptials. You may even be lucky enough to actually host a destination affair in the French capital. But if not, you can certainly plan a Parisian party that emits all the joie de vive the City of Light has to offer. Maybe you want to go all out with a full-fledged Paris theme; maybe you’d love to feature a French dinner menu; maybe you’re dying to recreate a classic patisserie for your dessert table. All are decadent options, and they don’t stop there — ideas are infinite when it comes to Paris, one of the most colorful, culturally-rich cities in the world.

Here’s some Parispiration that’ll transport you to France in a flash:

20 Adorable, dance-floor approved flats for your wedding day | Wedding Party


Post wedding shoot in Paris | ArinaB Photography, read more


How to Throw the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner


Wedding Drink Stirrers-French Themed Wedding-Je t'adore-Paris Themed Wedding-Personalized Drink Stirrers-Coffee Stirrers-Set of 50


Parisian wedding table cake. This would also be great for a shower, birthday or house party.


@Laduree Paris dessert bar? Yes please | Photography by @K T Merry   Read more -


#postcards, #thank-you    Read More:


vintage French themed wedding styled shoot with toile decor / Kristen Weaver Photography


An Amelie and 1950s Inspired Parisian Bride  bestdayproduction..., shoot curated by


Discounted Wedding favors for French weddings and Parisian weddings include Love in Paris favors, Eiffel Tower favors, Fleur de Lis favors, Fleur di Lis... Sale Price: $1.49 (15% off)


Totally in love with this Paris cake / Carmen and Ingo Photography


pairs wedding invite by Audrey from One and Only Paris Photography,  Read more at


gold reception, photo by Photography Stylistas #reception #gold #wedding



French Wedding from One and Only Paris Photography + Rendez-Vous in Paris | Style Me Pretty Pavilion de musique louvecienes


Have your ladies in waiting sparkling and shining in yellow this season! For your spring or summer wedding have your bridesmaids looking pretty in these yellow dresses. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesFor a more formal affair, try on this light-hued, satin beauty for your gals.

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesHere’s a modern, party dress that will light up on the dance floor. It’s also one you can easily personalize!

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesTo really make a scene and pop down the aisle, have your bridesmaids dress in a neon yellow for a bold and rich statement.

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesFlowing and beautiful, this number would be great walking down the aisle at a garden venue or even in a more formal setting.

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesThe bow on the dress is so fun and flirty, but it’s not even the best part of this whimsical and frothy dress.

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesWe’re in love with this sweet and simple dress, perfect for more subdued, contemporary celebrations.

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesThis blends a gorgeous, complimentary tone with the perfect touch of spring style.

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesIf you’re going for a more vintage, classic feel, try having your ladies wear something with some lace!

w2152msuny-donna-morgan-bridesmaid-dress-primaryThere’s something so stylish and chic about this bridesmaids dress, it’s completely swoon-worthy!

Yellow Bridesmaids DressesA clean palette is all you need for keeping your wedding party chic and in-style, it’s a great dress to accessorize with!

photos via Brides

Every wedding deserves a signature cocktail. A sip that tastes like and represents the day’s theme and season all in one. We’re gathering the year’s best in flavors and sharing the look and ingredients of some of our favorites. And today’s it’s all about the refreshing and revitalized tastes of springtime. Take a look at these 6 spring-inspired signature cocktails and see if one catches your fancy or works for your celebration!

Blackberry Smash

BlackberrySmash Signature Cocktail

For a darker hue that works for evening, formal settings but still gives a flavor of spring, we love this Blackberry Smash made with a bit of whiskey. It’s great for older palettes or ones with some richer-loving taste buds. Garnish with some mint and a red plum slice for a dash of color.

Candied Grapefruit


A prettier and lighter treat for your wedding day would be this fun and flirty candied grapefruit cocktail. It packs a punch because, well, grapefruit itself can have that effect but it also exudes a beautiful, blushing tone and has that fruity nature everyone loves to have during the springtime. Made with gin, grapefruit juice, agave nectar and a dash of cayenne it’s definitely worth a taste.

Ring Around the Rosey


What’s more springtime than a burst of blooming florals? And a cocktail that is infused with rose petals can surely make your party and its flavors stand out from the crowd. All you need is some rose syrup to get started while creating your own signature “rosey” drink that works with your taste buds and your big day.

Oregano Champagne


For a fresh surprise, try a champagne cocktail garnished with a bit of something different. You’ll get a dash of green and a dash of your springtime garden mixed in with this yummy, sophisticated treat. Some champagne, orange bitters and apple citrus syrup (topped off with some fresh oregano) come together to create quite the unique sip.

The Spring Fling


This hot and vibrant cocktail is sure to get the party started and everyone loosened up on the dance floor. Combine some chocolate bitters, tequila, hops syrup and lime juice in this flavorful and surprising treat. And the color will mix well with a variety of bright and shining spring tones.

Lavender Lemonade


Not every drink at the reception has to be made with alcohol. You can easily have a signature mocktail too that everyone, of all ages and taste buds, can try! For an easy sip that tastes like spring but still packs a unique and fun punch, try lavender infused lemonade! So many people will love to try it as a first-timer and it pairs perfectly for garden-inspired celebrations.

Are you dreaming of a wedding in the springtime? Instead of simply picking out a color and trying to create a magical setting around that one-dimensional idea, try thinking about a theme and running with it. Be as unique or personal as you’d like, think about details and accents from the flowers to the signature cocktails swirling around throughout the reception. And we’re here to inspire you. Take a look at these unique takes on a classic, warm-weathered wedding with these themes!


Garden Weddings

The most obvious of the bunch, a garden-themed wedding is quintessentially spring. All the flowers are blooming and nature is coming back to life after a long winter. You can go as big or as small as you’d like with this theme. But any way you choose when your vision is floral, you’ll have the most romantic of views. Surround yourself with roses, tulips, carnations, peonies and more at both the ceremony and the reception.


Carnival Wedding

It’s too hot to enjoy in the summer, but just right in the spring. Get creative and plan a fun, exciting and youthful day at a carnival! And while you’re there, why not tie the knot? From popcorn machines to silly games at the reception, there are so many different details and accents you can add when creating a carnival-themed wedding day. Go vintage, go modern … but go with a lot of fun!

Tea Party

Tea Party Wedding

Those first few months of slight, warmer weather make for the perfect time to throw a tea party for the girls … or even bring that light and whimsy theme into you wedding day. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired brunch time tea party or you bring Alice in Wonderland to life at your reception, there’s something so special about this fairy-tale like theme. The hidden nuances you can hide throughout the celebration can really make it extraordinary.


Retro Wedding

Whether it’s a soda pop theme or quirky 50’s prom, creating a retro celebration can be incredibly fun and youthful. It’ll be memorable, you can truly have fun with everyone’s attire for the big day and play with vibrant and contrasting colors. Think about how memorable these moments and photos will end up being! This is perfect for spring just because of the vivaciousness that the theme can bring out and, of course, the tea-length dresses!


Bohemian Spring Wedding

Bohemian themes are truly able to be used all year long, but that’s why they’re so special. The carefree, natural spirit of a bohemian theme can transcend all seasons but also bring about the best in every one. Use flowers, use the outdoors, use the bright colors and flowing accents to create a springtime, boho celebration with all the bridal beauty in the world.

Be daring and be different … even when you’re a bride. You don’t always have to follow traditional rules when it comes to your wedding. Peek at these gorgeous, real-life brides who nixed the white and adorned themselves with blushing bridal gowns!

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideWe’re in love with the rosey tone of this wispy and whimsical bridal gown.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideThis bride looks as though she was plucked right from a fairy-tale storybook.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideShe’s showing off her curves and highlighting herself in the perfect shade of pink with this gorgeous gown.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideVera Wang comes in all styles and tones, and this blushing design may be our favorite.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideA lighter, blush shade with an extreme about of interest and texture, this design is a stunner.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideSome beading and detailing can make a blush gown more formal and ready for the big celebration.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideA simple silhouette with a classic style, this gown is easily personalized and styled.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideLace overlays and youthful appeal make this gown a charming, more subdued choice.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideClassic ball gown beauty meets contemporary style in this blush bridal dress.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideA skirt like that was made for the dance floor and this color is perfect for this bride’s natural skin tone.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideA bit more glamorous and dramatic. dipped in a subtle, blush tone this dress also has tons of interest and detailing.

Blush Wedding Gown, Real BrideThis bride is showing off her curves too, in a feminine and freeing bridal-worthy way.

via SMP, GWS & Pinterest

Brighten up the bride or the bridesmaids with a sunshine-inspired bouquet full of yellow florals or accents. Let’s have a look at some beautiful, yellow bride bouquets full of vivaciousness and life.

Yellow Bridal BouquetTextural and fun, we are loving the uniqueness and boldness behind this bouquet.

Yellow Bridal BouquetEven when mixed with creams and whites yellows can create personality and pop!

Yellow Bridal BouquetCalla lillies have a very sophisticated style and when paired with bright, yellow flowers they take on a very bridal but very youthful essence.

Yellow Bridal BouquetThis entire design is full of the life and the sunny yellow addition only enhances that vision.

Yellow Bridal BouquetAdd vibrancy to your more subdued, fall affair by having your ladies adorn themselves with some yellow florals!

Yellow Bridal BouquetA wild flower-inspired arrangement is nothing without the addition of some bright, yellow shades.

Yellow Bridal BouquetSucculents and green texture will look even more beautiful when offset by some yellow accents.

Yellow Bridal BouquetYellow doesn’t have to be harsh either. Instead, it can be delicate and sweet like this design.

Yellow Bridal BouquetThis bouquet looks as if it’s full of little bits of sunshine floating throughout its design.

Yellow Bridal BouquetCalla lillies come in pure shades of yellow too and even with that vibrancy, they’re sophisticated and quite wedding-esque.

photos via SMP

These gowns would float down a springtime or summertime aisle with ease. Water-inspired, dipped in aqua shades, these bridesmaids dresses have a beautiful tone and plenty of versatile shapes.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesVersatile and breezy, this gown can walk down a garden aisle or be on the dance floor at the most formal of affairs.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesThis pinch of black accent on this aqua dress gives it a very dramatic and modern look.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesSweet and simple with a lacey detail, this dress would be perfect for a country club wedding or morning-time celebration.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesHere’s another gown that can be fit for an outdoor ceremony or more formal vision.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesContemporary and chic, this water-colored gown works perfectly for a more fashion-forward and posh celebration.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesYour ladies in waiting will love to celebrate in this perfect little party dress, don’t you think?

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesEven though this gown is shorter, it’s got a sweet A-line shape that works on a variety of body types.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesHere’s another style that fits a variety of themes, but this particular shade of aqua will fit a variety of skin tones as well.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesThe most water-inspired of the bunch, this ombre gown is an absolute show-stopper.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesThe simplicity and cleanliness of this dress is perfect for those that like to style and accessorize a it outside-the-box.


photos via Brides


We are over the moon for Minted’s new 2015 Wedding Collection, a line of whimsical, fairytale-worthy paper goods designed by independent artists from all over the world. When it comes to wedding stationary, Minted is one of our favorites, offering customizable stationary suites (coordinating place cards, menus and more day-of essentials!) to couples at an affordable price. But don’t think they’ll try and skimp on quality to get you the great price. Rather, Minted uses fine paper stock, rich inks and crisp printing methods to deliver you truly special pieces for your truly special day.  Did we mention their designs are totally dreamy? From florals to polka dots, watercolors, metallics, script and more, there’s a design suited for every couple’s vision.

Here’s a peek at some of the new pieces from the 2015 collection — which is your favorite? We can’t choose one.










Flowers will never be passé for the big day, but it you’re looking to switch things up a bit and equip your ladies with something special and unconventional, we love that, too. Plus, bouquets and floral arrangements can easily become one of the biggest chunks of your wedding budget. Sound familiar? The good news is you can opt for an alternative to flora without sacrificing any charm.  From parasols to seashells, candles and corsages, the sky is the limit. Look to your wedding theme for inspiration. Perhaps you’ve chosen a bird motif, so why not have them carry sweet bird cages?

Check out these unorthodox, totally hot bridesmaid accessories:

SEASIDE SHELLS: A bouquet of shells is interesting and in sync with a beach-side soirée.

9 Flower Bouquet Alternatives // The Knot Blog


AFLAME: For an evening wedding, nothing feels more magical than your maids floating down the aisle with glowing candles. (I’ve seen this at a ceremony, and it was a majestic.) Note that this isn’t the best option for an outdoor venue; however, if your heart is set, opt for battery-operated varieties.

Glowing candles as an alternative to flowers for your maids


BIGGEST FANS: Loud and playful, DIY paper fans (how cute are these bright hearts?) are an easy and inexpensive alternative. Also, they make for unforgettable snapshots.

different alternatives to the bridesmaids bouquet


CORSAGES: Try pretty petite corsages for a more budget-friendly option than full bouquets. A word of advice: Because the girls won’t be holding anything, make sure to have them rest their hands in the same fashion (e.g. at their sides, clasped in front or back), so they look uniform in pictures. It can get sloppy, fast — trust us!

10 Beautiful and Creative Alternatives To Traditional Bridesmaid Bouquets


PARASOLS: I first saw this take on bridesmaid fashion while attending a wedding in Spain (in the blazing sun), and the look still has me swooning. Fitting for a sunny day, parasols ooze an old-world, timeless feel, and they’re multi-purpose. Shade, anyone?

bride and bridesmaids love the umbrellas and the color of the dresses!


PINWHEELS: With a similar feeling to fans, colorful pinwheels are a playful addition.

10 Unique Alternatives to Bridesmaids' Bouquets  ~ we ♥ this!


LIT UP: Giving your leading ladies an enchanting lantern is whimsy at its finest.

21 Unique Ceremony Ideas for Your Wedding (via Emmaline Bride) - bridesmaids carrying lanterns instead of bouquets, photo by the photo love



We like to inspire brides-to-be all around, but we get inspired too! We’re shining a light some of the spots we look to for ideas and advice. From local favorites around the country to popular sites brides dive into all around the world, we’ve sharing the best of the best in a whole new way. We’ve chatted with some of the bloggers, creators and founders of some wonderful wedding blogs and got the inside scoop! 



“Tennessee’s Leading Regional Bridal Blog, The Pink Bride Blogis located in the greater Tennessee areas with emphasis in Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis. Founded by Fred and Donna Jacob, of Jacob Marketing inc., The Pink Bride Blog showcases the expertise of local wedding pros as well as the stunning beauty and unique nature of Tennessee weddings. The Pink Bride Blog opts for clean lines, crisp images with a compelling subject, and a conversational tone. We believe a picture is worth a thousand words – and that good, old-fashioned advice with modern flair is priceless. We love to feature irresistible inspiration and planning tips, detail and style shoots that highlight timeless design, spotlights on exceptional services by local wedding pros, and fun shots documenting local trends across our beautiful state.

Fred and Donna Jacob are the owners of Jacob Marketing, Inc. (JMI) dba The Pink Bride and have been married for over 40 years. They published their first magazine publication, Here Comes the Bride, in 1991 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Over twenty years later, JMI now publishes The Pink Bride Magazine semi-annually in five unique locations across the state of Tennessee. The Pink Bride Magazines are complemented by the largest bridal shows in Tennessee (Pink Bridal Shows) and a high-traffic regional bridal blog, which offers an online collection of top Tennessee wedding professionals, inspiration, and ideas. JMI is focused on working full-time to connect brides in the Southeast region with the best local wedding professionals and advice for the most exhilarating wedding-planning experience possible!”


Andrea, the blog manager and primary content contributor, answered some questions we had all about The Pink Bride and here’s what we learned and what she had to say: 

Your favorite aspect about blogging and your favorite aspect about The Pink Bride:

We love to provide easy-to-apply advice and unique inspirational ideas for brides in Tennessee and throughout the nation. An educated bride is a bride without regrets, so we strive to give her not only practical advice, but also unique ideas to create a wedding celebration she can feel proud of for decades. The Pink Bride Blog focuses on adapting to change and meeting the needs of today’s modern Southern bride with fresh features each week and a dedication to being relatable. Weddings featured on the blog may have a budget of $500 or $50,000; regardless, we treat all weddings equally important as long as they emphasize love, unique personal touches, and high-quality images and/or video.

3 words that describe your blog: 

Fresh, Timeless, Southern

Links to 3 of your favorite blog posts EVER:

1. Wedding Superstition #3: Rainy Days

2. Should Your Grooms Wear A Tuxedo Or A Suit

3. Non-Traditional Engagement Rings: What the Pearl Symbolizes

What are 3 blogs you love to follow: 

1. Style Me Pretty

2. Southern Weddings

3. Colin Cowie Weddings





Follow The Pink Bride Blog:














The age of monochromatic bridesmaid fashion is fading, as brides are outfitting their gals in flirty designs, patterns and prints. From completely mismatched yet complimentary dresses to one bold-printed dress for all, this trend is hot, hot, hot.

Worried the mismatched approach will look sloppy? A word of advice: Don’t relinquish complete control to your leading ladies; if you give them liberty to choose a dress, tame the wild look by streamlining shoes (or shoe color), jewelry, hair styles, makeup and nail color. (One bridesmaid with bright pink lips will stand out like a sore thumb in pictures.)

Check out these sweet mismatched bridesmaids:

THE INSPIRATION: One of the most pinned images of mismatched bridesmaid attire on Pinterest, Molly Sims’ coordinated mocha, cream and black palette weaves perfectly through her wedding party.

We can't get enough of Molly Sims' bridesmaids' dresses! Mismatched prints + maxi length = serious style.


SUNSHINY DAY: Some prints, some plain, bright yellow, light yellow — it’s adorable! Matching cowboy boots and long locks tie this group together.

Mismatched and printed bridesmaid dresses. Photo: Ryan Ray Via Snippet & Ink


NAUTICAL & PREPPY: Mixing loud patterns like polka dots and stripes can be tricky. Stick to two classic colors like navy and white, however, and it works.

navy and white bridesmaid ideas


A LITTLE SPARKLE: When it comes to mismatched bridesmaids, you need to choose a side: bling or no bling. The last thing you want is for one gal to wear a beaded gown and the others to show up in plain chiffon. It’s simple: bling for one, bling for all. We are swooning for the beaded neutrals below.

Dresses! photo graham terhune


DON’T FALL SHORT: While you may be loosening the reigns when it comes to color, pattern and beading, we suggest sticking to one length — long, short, etc. — bringing a cleanness to the chaos.

Floral Print Bridesmaids Dresses |


FLOWERS FOR ALL: There’s a lot going on with these ladies — up-dos, long waves, sleeves, sleeveless, ruffles, prints — but those fantastic matching ethereal bouquets make it harmonious.

Give your 'maids a color (or print!) and let them choose their own adventure. The results are fabulous.




Forget perfectly straight lines and “his” and “hers” sides. Switch up guest seating at your ceremony for a sweet surprise that will have your family and friends guessing what other non-traditional touches are around the corner. From shaking up how seats are physically arranged (think semi-circles, standing and spirals) to what guests are actually sitting on (think comfy furniture and recycled church pews), couples are thinking outside the lines to arrange their guests how they please.

Here are some set-ups we love:

CIRCLE OF TRUST: Everyone gets a better view of the action with semi-circular theater-style seating.

romantic | vintage | Bohemian | wonderland | wedding venue | wedding ceremony | beige | pink | wedding ceremony decorations | wedding seating | wedding alter | tent | blush |


SPIRAL: What bride doesn’t want a longer walk down the aisle, and what guests don’t want an up-close look at her? A spiral arrangement is a win-win.

Unique wedding Set Up at Atlantis, Bahamas.


CHAOTIC CHARM: Everything is wrong and right with this set-up.

bride and groom with mixed chairs // event design by Glitter + Rye // chairs from vintage sources and Rent Patina


DOWN-HOME: Yes, country-chic weddings are still trending with couples. The best way to pull it off is if you actually get married on a farm and can use working props like hay bales for seating.

hay bales for seats--just make sure there are no snakes rolled up in those bales!


ANTIQUE AISLE STYLE: Renting mismatched furniture is majorly trending with brides and grooms. We love how this couple opted for seating with similar rich wood tones and garlands of greenery to string it together.

This City Has a Piece of My Heart + Creating a Parisian “Like” Wedding | Fab You Bliss, Cream And Green Themed Wedding - bridal, wedding, inspiration, ideas, color, white, cream, green,


BEACH SEATING: This island-style approach feels more appropriate for a beach wedding than white slipcovered banquet chairs.

Beach Wedding Ideas - Ideas for Beach Weddings | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine


Be sexy. Be daring. And be you in one of these alternative, midriff baring wedding gowns. They’re just as beautiful as some of the traditional designs but with a pinch more of personality and sassy style.


The layered skirt and the textured top make for a very youthful and fashion-forward design!

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsThere’s a tangible, whimsical lightness about this dress. It’s perfect for springtime and even a destination celebration!

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsWe are drooling over this yellow-dressed gown. And its sexy style is perfect for a beach wedding!

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsGrace Kelly inspiration just got turned up a whole new sexy notch in this beautiful, two-piece number.

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsA touch of color and fashion-forward energy make this gown one of our absolute favorites of the bunch.


Similar to its predecessor, if you want an alternative look for your wedding day but still want to be pure in white, this is the pick!

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsThis is great for older brides, destination weddings or those that want a chic, sophisticated twist on the classic bridal style.

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsHere’s another gorgeous, springtime look that combines lacey texture with illusive exposure.

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsThe silhouette of this gown will give brides a beautiful, womanly shape with ease.

Midriff Baring Wedding GownsJust a sliver of your tummy will be showing in this gorgeous, contemporary gown.

all photos via Brides

While everyone’s discussing what the bridesmaids will be sporting on the big day, talk of the groomsmen get-ups gets lost. They deserve a little love when it comes to their wedding-day ‘fits, too!

Similar to bridesmaid fashion, the concept of mismatched yet complimentary attire is becoming more popular for groomsmen, as couples want their wedding party to feel their best; no one wants to be forced to buy something ill-fitting or that they won’t wear again. If you can let the “everything must match perfectly” mantra go, giving your groomsmen options is a gift, and trust us, they won’t let you down. No guy wants to be the fool who wore the wrong outfit.

Here’s a round-up of what’s trending for groomsmen:

STEPPIN’ IN STYLE: Wingtips, oxfords, brown, gray, black, argyle, striped, polka dot — gone are the days of black shoes and black socks. Nowadays, boys take their footwear and sock choices seriously, selecting styles that reflect their individual taste and swag. If you give them the green light, they won’t disappoint. (Fun socks also make cool groomsmen gifts.)

navy blue groomsmen looks #wedding #menswear


PATTERNED PALS: Patterns are trending, and couples aren’t shy about playing with patterns and colors to outfit their guys in a dapper ensemble. Whether it’s loud neckwear, a bright shirt or floral pocket square, or maybe all three together, there’s no rule saying you can’t go bold on the big day.

navy and pink groomsman idea #groom #boutonniere #weddingchicks


STRONG TIES: If you’re wanting something not too matchy-matchy but still coordinating, try different patterned ties in the same color scheme. A streamlined approach with a hint of interest.

Same idea, more manageable amount of fun? Or the varying colors of gray pants might be enough, and we'd give them matching navy ties


MISMATCHED: In addition to mismatched accessories and shoes, guys are opting for downright mismatched (yet still complimentary) suits. It’s important to stay within the same color grade, however, with this approach. In the picture below, you’ll see different hues of gray, so it works. Throw in a tan suit and the look would go from charming to sloppy.

style | groom and groomsmen in mismatched suits | via: magnolia rouge


CASUAL CHIC: You just became their favorite bride and groom ever. If you’re throwing a casual bash, and jeans suit the occasion, go for it! We love the look below, which is perfectly suited alongside the groom’s tweed suit. Look to sharp shirts, rich leather accents, patterned ties, dark-washed jeans and vests to transform the style from sluggish to smart.

groomsmen in jeans. strikingly handsome.   A fairytale wedding in the forest by Sweet Little Photographs #groom #groomsmen #wedding


Top off your wedding look with a beautiful and very bridal flower crown. Add a bit of bohemian to your big day with ease while making a bold statement full of delicate femininity.

Bridal Flower CrownsJust a touch of greenery in this “not technically” floral arrangement make it such a simple yet bold look.

Bridal Flower CrownBig, bold and beautiful, this crown is incredible, especially paired with the wispy veil!

Bridal Flower CrownSometime all you need are classic, cream roses … atop your head!

Bridal Flower CrownAnd then other times a floral-inspired crown is all you need to finish off your look!

Bridal Flower CrownThere’s something so sophisticated yet freeing about this clean floral design, perfect for contemporary meets free-spirit!

Bridal Flower CrownLook closely and you’ll see some cranberry and purple-colored flowers peeking out of this fall-inspired design!

Bridal Flower CrownWe’re smitten with this citrus-inspired, lush crown design!

Bridal Flower CrownAnother creamy, voluminous design with feminine style and bohemian vibes.

Bridal Flower CrownPink and full of girlish charm, this may be our favorite of the bunch.

Bridal Flower CrownDainty and delicate, we love crowns that have a smaller and simpler design as well.

all photos via SMP


It’s soft, romantic, versatile and inexpensive. Ladies, meet tulle — quite possibly the most bridal material there is. Whether it falls from the skirt of your gown, drapes from your veil, envelopes your bouquet or dresses your reception tables, the potential is boundless with this cotton candy-esque fabric. Check out these cute ways to incorporate tulle into your big day:

AMPED UP AISLES: A simple sash around each outer chair or pew helps further define the aisle for the ceremony. The best part about bunched tulle is that it doesn’t have to be perfect — it’s perfectly imperfect and looks chic no matter how it’s gathered. So, if you’re entrusting a friend or relative with decorating the ceremony site, you can rest easy knowing there’s not much risk of user error.

burlap and baby's breath The Wedding Post of Arkansas wedding blog


CHAIR CHEER: Slipcovers were so 90s. Dress up reception chairs with a section of tulle gathered by a bloom or bow. If decorating all the chairs in this fashion is too much, reserve the special touch for the bridal party seats, or perhaps just the bride’s chair.

wedding chair decor! Mine would be wider with ribbon maybe instead of a flower.


TULLED TABLES: We are crazy for these tulle overlays, which add a feminine touch and texture to the table.

Tulle Overlay is a great way to create some extra movement for your table linens. They almost look like a compliment to a wedding dress.  I love this look.


LACED UP IN LOVE: Ditching heels for some kicks on the big day? Replace the laces with tulle ties for an extra bridal touch.

Bridal flats - Converse sneakers | The Wedding Scoop Spotlight: Bridal Shoes - Part 2


FAIRYTALE FASHION: A gown with a full tulle skirt — need we say more?

Agnes Water, Australia Wedding by Marina Locke Photography via


BEAUTIFUL BACKDROP: For a sweet spin on traditional flower decor for the ceremony, try a tulle-embellished arch. It floats in the wind and creates a stunning softness that’s to die for in pictures.

Romantic Bohemian Wedding Inspiration | photo by carlie stat sky photography | 100 Layer Cake


CANOPY CAKE: We all know the cake is the centerpiece of the reception, but a tulle canopy makes it even more spectacular.

Buttercream Cake - Rustic Farm Country Wedding - Outdoor Cake Stand - Fall - Dirty Icing - Wedding Outside - Quilt Wedding - Rustic Chic Wedding Cake Ideas - Knoxville TN Florist - Burlap and Lace Wedding Ideas - Wedding Cake Pictures - Inspiration - Theme - Blush - Peach - Ivory - Arbor Ideas - Pergola for Cake -



As if holidays couldn’t get any better.

Choosing a date is one of the biggest battles a couple will face when planning their wedding — they must consider time off work, weather, high/low season, birthdays, trips and so on. Back in the day, you wouldn’t think of planning a wedding that fell on a holiday. However, the modern couple is wholeheartedly embracing the idea of themed and holiday weddings and going all out. The more reason to celebrate, the better. We’re seeing fun decorations, traditions and costumes in abundance — with the couple at the forefront, the hosts of the festivities.

CHRISTMAS/WINTER: While we love a springtime soiree, there’s something über romantic about a cozy Christmas-themed wedding. Already feeling festive this time of year, guests will be thrilled to have an occasion (apart from an office party) to wear that snazzy holiday dress or suit.

Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas


Red and warm Christmas inspiration board


NEW YEAR’S EVE: Ring in the new year with your best friends, family and brand new spouse. Dare we say this may be the only time when wedding guests won’t lose steam toward the end of the reception and hold strong until midnight (at the earliest)? Party on.

End the party with a sparkler send-off.    Kellee Khalil: How To Host A Glamourous New Year's Eve Wedding


table setting New Year's Eve wedding - have alarms go off at midnight!


HALLOWEEN: One of the most popular themed holiday weddings, Halloween I dos — with an ironic spooky backdrop and costumed guests — are wicked fun.

Orange and black stripes socks make a perfect addition to the groomsmen outfits for a Halloween wedding #wedding #halloween


Classic Halloween Wedding: Tamara & Jason | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine


ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Celebrate being lucky in love with an Irish-themed bash complete with a vibrant green palette, clovers, hearty fare and overflowing brews. Lucky you, lucky guests.

St Pat's inspired table setting, photo by Sara and Rocky, styling by Birds of a Feather Events #placesetting #wedding #green


Rustic wedding invitation and inspiration for a St. Patrick's Day wedding.


MARDI GRAS: Let the good times roll with a colorful New Orleans-inspired fete. Beads, King’s Cake and masks, oh my!

Mardi Gras wedding inspiration, photo by Nikki Moore Photography #mardigras #wedding #inspiration


Photography: Koby And Terilyn Brown -  Read More:


FOURTH OF JULY: Perfect weather, a pre-established color palette and sparklers? Sounds like a recipe for a memorable marriage.

Are you excited about the Fourth of July? Don't you just love the thought of American white, red, and blue, festive fourth of July wedding? Check out our ending event to get something cool to throw your inspired wedding. #


Fourth of July Wedding Shoes


Are you on the search for the perfect engagement ring for your bride-to-be? Or are you a hopeful bride-to-be rummaging through online stores trying to find the design that makes you swoon? Either way, what you should be looking for is a timeless style that will be loved throughout the ages. Let’s take a look at 5 classic engagement ring styles and see what category you or your bride-to-be may fall under.

Engagement Rings


Yes, heart-shaped diamonds exist – or at least made to exist and it truly doesn’t get anymore romantic than this. Your better half will become weak at the knees when you give her a heart-shaped ring. She’s guaranteed to melt when she sees it and a heart never goes out of style, remember that.

Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut

One of the most trendy of the now is a cushion cut ring surrounded by small diamonds. It’s luxurious and bold, fit for a queen that can’t wait to show off her gorgeous, sparkling diamond. This is for the woman who has been dreaming of her wedding day since she was a little girl.

Engagement Rings

Art Deco

For someone who likes a bit more punch, pizzazz and intricacy, you can want to go for an art deco design. Full of beautiful details and a bit of an old-age spirit, these rings have so much personality and hidden nuances. For those with an artistic lifestyle and vision, this is the choice for you!

Engagement Rings


Vintage-inspired or true vintage pieces are both valid in the wedding world and can be quite beautiful too. Whether it’s a ring passed down or a gemstone engagement design filled with Victorian beauty, this is for the bride that’s inspired by outside-the-box thinking and fashion.

Engagement Ring


It truly doesn’t get anymore classic or quintissentially bridal than with a round, solitaire diamond ring. Made famous by Tiffany & Co., it’s a bride-to-be’s dream to get a beautifully cut diamond in such a simple and chic design. This ring will last throughout the ages, survive all the trends and still look sophisticated and beautiful 50 years into your marriage.

photos via SMP


Cobalt and Gold Wedding

This week is all about the little details. From color choices to signs that light up and take center stage, your wedding can soar with the addition of a few minor accents and nuances. Let’s have a look!

Unique dessert servers to highlight the cake cutting ceremony! — Glamour and Grace

Bright and vivacious cobalt and gold bridal inspiration. — Ruffled

10 signs you just might need a wedding planner. — Every Last Detail

Marquee letters and wedding signs that will make your wedding day pop even more in design and details. — One Fab Day

25 stunning, creative wedding cake toppers to accent the centerpiece of the reception. — Wedzilla

35 ideas or mix and match bridesmaids dresses! — Bridal Musings

This ranch mountain wedding has a gorgeous setting and a gorgeous blush wedding dress to swoon over. — Truly Engaging

Here are some great things to add to your Crate & Barrel wedding registry! — 100 Layer Cake

Are you looking for the perfect swim suit to pack for your honeymoon getaway? Check out these! — The Perfect Palette

Blue, red and cream color inspiration for your big day! — Rustic Wedding Chic




Planning a wedding? If so, you have probably been reading wedding blogs for months leading up to your big day! And you can not help but discover the mason jar craze! I am personally a junkie for these sweet little jars. The jars have a sense of vintage charm that brings forth comfort and nostalgic appeal. They are very versatile and can be used for just about everything; from table centerpieces, aisle decorations, wedding favors and drinking glasses. You can even find country party invitations with a mason jar theme!

Because these glass jars are so versatile and available in so many styles and sizes, you want to make sure to avoid some common mistakes when planning your wedding celebration!

1. Order in Bulk

One of the biggest mistakes that party planners make is not ordering in bulk. Since you are planning a wedding celebration, be it a shower, reception or rehearsal dinner party, you are going to need to purchase enough jars to exceed the guest list. By purchasing in bulk, not only will you save money, but you will also have the convenience of purchasing large quantities which are usually packaged in convenient cases.

Tip: Order online! When you order online, you will find you can find just about every size that is available, shipped directly to your door step. And most online stores sell the jars in bulk. One great online store that sells a nice variety of mason jars is, with a typical case quantity of 12.

2. Order the Right Sizes

Mason jars make great drinking glasses for your guests, especially if you are planning a country wedding or a wedding with a vintage vibe. So just as with any beverage container, you want to make sure that you purchase the right sized jar for your party glassware. Just think, if you order jars that are too small, your guests will have to constantly refill their glasses. And if you order jars that are too large, and you are serving alcohol, well, just think of what could happen! Your guests will get pretty toasted in no time!

So to help you avoid ordering the incorrect sizes for your wedding celebration, I have provided a handy guide!

Vases – quart size

Drinks – pint size (not too big and not too small!)

Favors – jelly jars (4 oz.)

wedding mason jars

Mason jars come in a variety of sizes.


3. Adorn the Jars with a Decorative Touch

These sweet little jars look so much prettier when you add a decorative touch!

If you are using them as drinking glasses, adorn the drinks with vintage paper drinking straws. Paper drinking straws are perfect for adding the fun factor and you will find they are available in a large variety of colors and patterns.

colorful mason jars

Decorate the jars with paper drinking straws. Perfect for adding splashes of color!


If you are using mason jars as vases, accentuate the jar with burlap ribbon or delicate lace trim. Tip: Remember to use FRESH flowers!

wedding mason jar ideas

This mason jar is filled with dahlias and snapdragons and wrapped with burlap ribbon.


For DIY wedding or shower favors, use colorful baker’s twine for holding tags to display a special message.

mason jar decorations

A sweet favor using a mason jar! This mason jar is filled with sweet tea and adorned with yellow and white baker’s twine



It’s where you’ll recite your vows, where you’ll join hands, where you’ll say “I do,” and where you’ll share your first kiss as husband and wife.

Whether you envision cascading florals, hundreds of candles or simply a shady elm, the backdrop to where you start your life together should be as special and unique as the two of you. Luckily, the options know no end when it comes to ceremony altar decor. Paper banners, pom poms, origami, ribbons, drapery — you name it, it’s been done. We’ve seen complete white-outs as well as bright bursts of color, and soft romantic as well as urban contemporary.

Something that’s important for couples to keep in mind when planning their ceremony decor is to consider the location. Sometimes simple is the most sophisticated of all, especially when there’s a sweeping view or abundant foliage already provided by nature. Look to your space, your theme and to each other, and the the rest will fall into place.

Here are some of our favorite ceremony altar looks for inspiration:

Glamorous Wedding Ideas - wedding ceremony. Rowell Photography

Pinterest  Lindsey Hartsough  Magnolia Event Design  Linda Chaja Photography  Rustic Vintage Chic Wedding Private estate Hope Ranch Santa Barbara California Purple bridesmaids dresses custom suits groom groomsmen Peony Lush flowers Italian Villa  John Daly Specialty Drink  Lace Wedding Dress  Cute ring bearer  Flower girl wings tutu  Chuppah  Birch wood  ceremony decor ideas


Whiskey Barrels At Wedding I want this by where we stand for the ceremony!


gorgeous wedding ceremony arch by Hey Gorgeous Events | Love, The Nelsons #wedding


indoor ceremony decor


keske cadilar bayramimiz olsa ya :(  5 Whimsical Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas for Autumn


W Studios New York described this wedding to utter perfection: “A Gatsbiesque garden party, combining the best of the vintage and the modern”. And you know what I love most? The subtle moments. The brides sweet, sparkly headband, her rosy cheeks and dusty pink lips done pretty by Sharon Becker, the flowy dresses, and that tree. Oh, that tree.…


Aisle Style – 10 Beautiful Ceremony Decor Ideas (for any budget and location)


Top Wedding Signage Inspirations & Ideas! - Want That Wedding


To see more gorgeous wedding flower ideas: #wedding #weddings #wedding_ceremony


For a low budget construction-challenged wedding backdrop (i.e., altar, photobooth, or even backdrop for sitting area, guestbook table, etc), I could see a lot of potential for dressing up wooden pallets, even covering them up completely.


Costa Rica Destination Wedding -- See the wedding on SMP's Little Black Book Blog: A Brit & A Blonde


Love the use of Bougainvillea in this beautiful ceremony set-up


diy paper flower backdrops - via dream, create....Would love to do the flowers with book pages.


I love this! Completely opposite of what your ideas are, but love it anyway?!


This Lighting and Backdrop are Magical!! See the wedding here: SMP -


Beach ceremony drenched in flowers | Photography: InTandem - | Event Planning: Signature - Read More:


Wedding styling inspiration- The Style Co does it again


Trendy and full of girlish charm, ombre wedding cakes are beautiful, picturesque pieces of deliciousness. And that’s why we’re sharing some gorgeous designs!

Ombre Wedding CakesWe are in complete love with this coral beauty, and we’re loving the ruffle texture too!

Ombre Wedding CakesAnd this mauve cake looks incredible paired with an off-white, creamy tone.

Ombre Wedding CakesEvery tier of this cake has its own ombre touch which gives a more grandiose feel.

Ombre Wedding CakesThe inside of the cake can be ombre too, just look at this blue beauty!

Ombre Wedding CakesWe are loving the rosettes and we are loving the gray-lavender tone of this charming dessert cake.

Ombre Wedding CakesSlightly blushing at the bottom, this traditionally styled cake is make unique with its ombre touch.

Ombre Wedding CakesPeachy tones and orange bursts come together to create a vibrant wedding day cake!

Ombre Wedding CakesAlthough it isn’t a gradual decent, we are falling over this pink trio.

Ombre Wedding CakesHere’s another unique cake design with unique purple tone too; perfect for a formal celebration or winter wedding.

Ombre Wedding CakesFor a sunny spot at your reception, choose a yellow tone that inspires you!

photos via SMP


The only brides you’ll see in tiaras nowadays belong to the royal families of the world. The modern bride is more adventurous and daring when it comes to her wedding-day look, making for a stunning display of individuality and personal style. For a glimpse at the trending bridal hairstyles throughout the past year, check out our recent post. However, what would a wedding-day ‘do be without the bling, sparkle and accessories — the icing on the cake, so to speak? Nothing.

Whether it’s over-the-top and dramatic or something more delicate and dainty, there’s an accessory for every bride. Last year we saw headbands explode; headbands of pearls, jewels, flowers, lace, tulle — you name it. Also big? Boho-inspired styles like forehead jewels and flower wreaths.

Check out these trending hair accessories:

PINNED TO PERFECTION: A simple, sophisticated up-do calls for a splash of sparkle neatly pinned in the back.

sophisticated wedding hair + hairpiece


THE MODERN TIARA: Halo headbands are the tiara for the modern bride. Worn closer to the forehead and nestled between tousled locks, this fashion feels truly princesslike. Maleable and wired, brides can bend these as they please for the perfect position.

Pearly Dreams Halo by Twigs & Honey for BHLDN


HELLO, HALO: We are majorly crushing on whimsical fresh flower wreaths. Especially beautiful for outdoor weddings, brides will blend seamlessly with nature sporting these ethereal toppers.

Flower crown wedding hair. Peonies and Juliet roses. Long sleeved Wedding Dress. Blush flowers. Perfect.


UNCAGED: Birdcage veils have been back on the scene for the last five years or so, and they’re still popular. Contemporary and retro just the same, birdcage veils give the effect of a traditional veil without the hassle. Did we mention they are photogenic?

Love this hair- I don't think a birdcage veil would suit me, but the comb in my hair with it just down and curly like that... Thoughts? I've been thinking updo this whole time, but...


LOVE IN BLOOM: Nothing beats a beautiful bloom tucked right behind the ear. Silk or fresh — stunning either way!

Silk Floral Hairpiece ~ Photography by


BOHO CHIC: Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s short-lived nuptials to Kris Humphries, the world was exposed to forehead jewelry. This boho version is so interesting and unique that we find ourselves asking “what veil?”

Photography by    Read more -


BOW DOWN: As if tulle and bows couldn’t get any more feminine and romantic — combine them!

Bridal Fascinator Bridal Head Piece Wedding by PowderBlueBijoux, $79.00



This week we saw beautiful color palette ideas and gorgeous details that are a bit outside-the-box and perfect for a unique wedding. Let’s have a look!


10 special ways to wear your something blue on the day you say, “I do!” — TWS

A blue and pink wedding day color palette with a unique twist. — One Fab Day

Daalarna Couture wedding gowns are luxurious and beautiful, take a look! — Confetti Day Dreams

Get married in Versailles, or at least become inspired by it with this mood board. — Brides


Colorful shoes for the bride to be to wear on her wedding day, as shown by real-life brides! — TWS

Detail your wedding with funky, quirky fringe accents and gather ideas from here! — My Wedding

Inspire your own wedding day look with this contemporary Marilyn Monroe bridal look. — Brides Up North

It’s okay to have more than one little lady in your wedding day party; these brides did. — Festival Brides

We are in love with this pretty palette inspiration featured in this spread, perfect for spring! — Wedding Window

7 scrumptious and fun dessert ideas for your celebration. — TWS


Maybe cake isn’t your thing. That’s okay; it’s not a requirement. Your wedding should be true to who you are as a couple — if you’re not cake people, don’t serve cake. Here are some sweet alternatives to get you thinking, many of which take the same familiar tiered shape if you’re still looking for that famous focal point at the reception.

RICE CRISPY CAKE: Doesn’t everyone dream about a large rice crispy treat?

rice krispie treat wedding "cake"! // photo by


COOKIE MONSTER: Do you two always split fight over the last Oreo in the row? Pay homage to that cute quirk with an Oreo tower. Plus, the black and white colors lend an ultra-modern effect. 31 Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Cake. A three-tiered stacked Oreo cookie wedding cake, created by Viewpoint Catering.


SWOON FOR MACAROONS: Officially the prettiest cookie in the world, macaroons impress when color blocked in rows accenting your wedding palette. They almost look to perfect to taste. Almost.

Macaroon display


CHEESE CAKE (No, not that cheesecake): We’re seeing layered cheese wheel cakes pop up left and right. If a savory after-dinner snack is more your style, stack your favorite fromage and serve with suggested wine pairings for a sophisticated spin.



PIE, PLEASE: It’s long been an epic debate: cake vs. pie. If you happen to be piehards, a down-home spread of freshly-baked varieties will keep your guests coming back for seconds. Try pie pops, hand pies and mini pies for a new cut on the classic.

Autumn Wedding Cake Inspiration


S’MORE S’MORES: Throwing an outdoor bash? Kids and adults will love to create this childhood favorite — plus, they’re a conversation starter. How do you take your s’mores? Lightly toasted? Aflame?

S'MORES at the reception of a wedding. Have a bonfire as a alternative thing for guest to do besides dance, and s'mores are the perfect desert alternative to a cake! plus it makes for a fun detail photo!


DOUGHNUTS, DUH: What better way to soak up wine and champagne than an ooey, gooey doughnut? Finger lickin’ good.

A three-tiered donut tower by Dough |


Coming in a variety of colors, ranunculus are plush and bold flowers that work well in so many different styled weddings and celebrations. Not only do they work as fillers throughout bridal bouquets, but they can also stand on their own. Let’s have a peek!

Ranunculus Bridal Wedding BouquetThe blush ranunculus peeking out in between all of these voluminous peonies creates new life inside this gorgeous design.

Ranunculus Bridal Wedding BouquetAgain, the creamy and textural ranunculus takes center stage in this neutral and soft bouquet.

Ranunculus Bridal Wedding BouquetRanunculus can come in very vibrant colors like this sunburst shades throughout this bundle.

Ranunculus Bridal Wedding BouquetA variety of textures and size flowers in a bouquet can create a very lively and artistic creation.

Ranunculus Bridal Wedding BouquetThe layers that ranunculus unfold help to create so much interest and design-worth throughout bouquets, we’re in love!

Ranunculus Bridal Wedding BouquetSeveral of these lush beauties have combined to create this springtime bouquet.

Ranunculus Bridal Wedding BouquetCan you spot the ranunculus in this vibrant bouquet? Of course you can, it’s front and center, yet again!

53767f976aeff$!400xRanunculus can even bring life to neutral, creamy bouquets.

all photos via SMP


Not sure white is your color? There’s nothing wrong with that. Your grandmother will get over the initial shock and love you in whatever you choose to wear. One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is color when it comes to bridal fashion. Whether it’s a subtle shift from classic white to gold or blush, or a complete reversal to a deep red or black, brides have never been more playful and daring when it comes to the gown. Still not sure? Here are some styles for inspiration. And remember, how you look is all about your mindset — if you dare to wear something a little unconventional, own it!

SOMETHING BLUE: No need for a blue garter with this ensemble. After blush, pale blue is a close second choice for brides opting for a tint of color.

27 Beautiful Colored Wedding Dresses — Praise Wedding


GOLDEN GODDESS: Perfect for a black tie affair, gold screams elegance. Make sure to incorporate endless candles into your wedding-day decor, and your luminous gown will radiate all night long.

Gold glam wedding inspiration. Captured By: Tamiz Photography #weddingchicks


RAINBOW RUFFLES: Fun and flirty, you’ll look as sweet as a colorful confection in this number.

18 Colorful Wedding Dresses for the Non-Traditional Bride via Brit + Co.


FLORAL: In addition to color, we’re starting to see brides dip into patterns, like this soft floral print. The way the blooms fold into the pick-ups of the dress is, well, just dreamy.

this makes me say OHHHHHHHHHHHH 18 Colorful Wedding Dresses for the Non-Traditional Bride | Brit + Co


GREEN GODDESS: An embroidered emerald ensemble is extraordinary.

Coloured Wedding Dresses ~ Inspiration For the Bride Who Doesn't Want To Wear White


SCARLET RED: No one said you had to wear white to be the star of the show. A red ruffled mermaid gown is leading lady material.

20 Stunning Non-White Wedding Dresses for the Bold and Daring - MODwedding


BURGUNDY BLISS: What could be more rich for a fall or winter wedding?

Urban Inspired Wedding Inspiration in Vancouver from - Incredible Gowns from Vera Wang. See the full shoot here: Tamiz Photography This looks like a book cover.







Contouring, lashes, waterproof, all-day wear, pencil, liner, highlighter — navigating makeup on a daily basis is hard enough as it is; but add a white dress, photography and hundreds of fixated eyeballs, and well, it takes on a different dimension.

Some tips to consider regarding wedding-day makeup:

1) Schedule a makeup trial, or two or three — however many it takes to get the look you’ve imagined. You don’t want any surprises on the big day, especially when it comes to your face.

2) Don’t be afraid of bridal makeup. Chances are it will appear and feel heavy at first, but we can assure you it won’t look that way to your groom, guests and in pictures. Think of yourself as the lead actress in a play. Offstage the makeup is dark, but on stage it’s just right.

3) Wear false eyelashes. They’re worth it.

4) Have fun! Makeup is an extension of your wedding-day look. Play off your theme, dress, color palette and more. Play it safe or be completely daring. Most importantly, just be yourself.

Here are some jaw-dropping makeup looks:

FRESH-FACED BEAUTY: If au naturel is what you’re going for, opt for this pretty pink approach. It’s subtle but has enough definition to make perfect photographs.



JUST PEACHY: We love pale peach lips and cheeks paired with smoky shadow and cat eyeliner — a stunning recipe for a hint of demure drama.



FALL-TIME FLIRTY: If you’re hosting an autumnal bash, pay homage to the season’s famous bronze palette with cappuccino eyes and rust lips and cheeks. (And urge your photographer to snap some shots in the leaves. You’ll blend in seamlessly!)



 ROSY ROMANCE: Dare to be bold yet still feminine? Raspberry lips, plum eyes and rosy cheeks make for a romantic combination.





SOPHISTICATED GLAM: Black tie calls for smoky eyes, defined brows and a deep magenta pout, which is especially striking with a tousled up-do.



RED VIXEN: All about making a statement? Red lips and feathery lashes accomplish just that — va va voom!



Honeymoon Ideasvia

Are you trying to plan your honeymoon adventure and you haven’t a clue on where to go? Are you sick of hearing about all of your friends going to this or that “all-inclusive” beach resort and you’ve been enough to know you want to experience something a bit different when it comes to this magical experience? Well, sit back, relax and take a peek at these 5 offbeat, fun and unique honeymoon ideas that may just strike a chord in your travel plans.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

Jackson Hole Wyoming Honeymoonvia

Grab a cabin and sneak away to this scenic escape in the heart of the USA. Summertime weather is sweet but if you go during the colder months when the snow is falling you’ll be able to hitch a real-life sleigh-ride through all that glistening white haze or even a canoe ride through Jenny Lake. It’s romantic here, it’s cozy here, it’s just as relaxing as a seaside view but with even more to see and do.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark Honeymoonvia

Denmark may not be the most obvious choice for a honeymoon but that’s precisely why we love it! A cottage near the beach, botanical gardens, constant music festivals and castles to see too, this Scandinavian country is a must-see. And let’s not forget to mention the food, with hundreds of restaurants to try out and explore.

New England Cruises  

New England Cruisesvia

Cruises can be a phenomenal experience and completely stress-free. It gives you that all-inclusive feeling with even more luxury. You’ll have activities both on and off the ship, but the destinations and ports are what you should look at. We choose a New England trip. With ports like Boston, New York and even taking a ride up to Canada, you’ll get to experience places that aren’t synonymous with a typical honeymoon.

The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Honeymoonvia

Fifteen islands set in the Pacific, grab a bungalow for a romantic time on the water or go exploring for a bit. The remoteness of this destination will give you that much more time and attention to give each other. You’ll have time to visit some of the local markets (black pearls are their trademark souvenir), snorkel and hike some of the tropical trails.

Nashville, Tennessee 

Nashville Tennessee Honeymoon

Southern hospitality will be waiting for your in this ever-growing US destination. You’ll be able to grab tickets to a show, visit the honky-tonks downtown, grab some biscuits at Loveless cafe and make sure to save some time for some historical fun at the Country Music Hall of Fame and even The Hermitage house.


“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It’s one of the longest standing traditions when it comes to luck and superstitions on the big day. But even one of the biggest traditions can seem to slip through the cracks amidst all the other wedding details. On my wedding day, for example, as I was getting dressed I realized I didn’t have anything “borrowed.” In a panic, I ended up borrowing my mom’s Spanx. Charming, right?

Don’t stress! We’ve collected 10 unique ideas to complete 1/4 of the equation, your “something blue.” Some of these can be done last minute (writing on the bottom of shoes, sewing in a quick blue ribbon), and some require pre-planning (wearing a blue sash or blue wedding dress). Either way, they’ll all do the trick to bring you big luck on the big day.

1. DASHING SASH: A soft gray-blue sash adds elegance and interest to your gown.

The Luckiest "Something Blue" Wedding Ideas for Modern Brides - Photography: Peaches and Mint via Magnolia Rouge


2. CINDERELLA DRESS: You’ll answer so many questions in conversations with your guests at the wedding; “what is your ‘something blue’?” won’t be one of them if you rock this dress.

Dramatic lift in front of romantic French Wedding Chateau on French Wedding Style © – Emm and Clau Photography


3. BLUE SHOES: Whether you want boots, Converse sneakers or stilettos, add a little fancy to your footwear with a pop of blue. How cute are these turquoise cowboy boots?

Vibrant Rustic Texas Wedding | Photograph by Jenna Leigh Photography


4. HANKY PANKY: A pale blue bustier and panties are a great option for the bride who’d prefer to keep the color blue under wraps.

Something Blue Lingerie for Your Wedding Day


5. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: A simple blue monogram on ribbon or burlap adds a cute touch (and luck!) to your bouquet.

blue and old: brides initials embroidered in burlap sash - carry your old monogram one last time!


6. TUCKED AWAY: Maybe blue really isn’t your thing — but you still need it! A covert blue bow sewn into your petty coat is a quick solution that will bring you just as much luck.

Blue ribbon for your Something Blue | Photography: James Moes - Floral Design: Not Just Flowers -  View entire slideshow: 20 Ideas for Your Something Blue on


7. FULL HEART: Get out the Kleenex! If you’re close to your dad, grandpa or another man in your life, sew a patch of his dress shirt (blue) into your dress for a sentimental touch.

Dad or grandpas old dress shirt patch for something blue. I love this so much. So sweet. I think I'd put it on the inside of the dress though.


8. BLUE NOTES: Bust out a blue pen and pass around your shoes! This is a great last-minute solution for your “something blue” that you’ll love to look back on for years to come.

love the idea of the bridal party leaving a little note on the bottom of the bride's shoes


9. BLUE BOUQUET: If blue is part of your color scheme, then your work is done. Add a little blue hydrangea to your bouquet, and you’re lucky in love.

blue and white romantic wedding bouquet #bouquet #bride #weddingchicks


10: MANI/PEDI: Step outside the French manicure box and try a mani or pedi in ‘Borrowed and Blue”  from Essie’s Wedding Collection.

Something Blue: Try a Blue Pedicure


Desserts can be the most fun and looked forward to part of an entire meal. From holidays to birthdays, the final dish is always the focal point of the celebration. And that goes double for your wedding day. From classic to outside-the-box, there are several ways to go when you’re planning your reception meal and wanting to wow (and please) your guests. Here are 7 scrumptious and fun dessert ideas for your big day, grab some inspiration and start planning the sweetest addition to your celebration!


A Classic Cake

Sometimes the best choice is the classic choice and that could be with a beautiful wedding cake filled with delicious flavors such as vanilla and buttercream. A gorgeous cake design can set the scene, match the wedding gown and create a focal point at the reception that every guests will gush over and eventually enjoy after dinner is served.

Wedding Day Dessert Ideas

Ice Cream Options

For spring and summertime, an ice cream bar may come to call. Miniature cones, your favorite flavors and some colorful sprinkles. It really is the perfect treat for an outdoor wedding and even the kiddos can get in on the action and enjoy the celebration. Besides, it can make quite the charming and adorable picture for the books!

Wedding Day Desserts

Cupcakes Everywhere

Whether it’s a tower, mini bites circulating the dance floor or those added to a dessert bar, cupcakes are just another way to say “wedding” in a more hip and create way. You can have multiple flavors and designs just by choosing to go with these small tastes and straying from the usual tiered cake.

Wedding Day Desserts

Milkshake Sips

Sometimes you don’t even have to chew your dessert but instead sips prevail. Blend up some milkshakes and pass them around the reception for a nice surprise and fun way of celebration. They’re also a great way to cap off the night. All you need is a chocolate chip cookie or other small bit to garnish the blend.

Wedding Day Desserts

Candy Galore

Have a blast picking out your favorite candies and then let your guests munch on them throughout the day. You can even put some grab bags out by the bowls of treats and allow your loved one to take different pieces home as favors and memories of your special day. Again, the kids of the party will love it and the adults won’t be able to get enough of it.

Wedding Day Desserts

Dessert Bar

My favorite option of the bunch is to go with a little bit of everything. And that means a dessert bar is on the horizon. Some cake, some mini eclairs, cupcake and even a bowl or two of candy could finish off your buffet of sweets! Your guests will love having the option of choosing from a variety of snacks!

Wedding Day Desserts

A Slice of Pie

Instead of a tiered cake, you can always go with several pies and serve the up in the same ways. Peach, cherry or chocolate, pies give off a great, homestyle feel while still being incredibly delicious and satisfying for everyone at the party. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor weddings, rustic-themes or even more country vibes.

all photos via SMP

When it comes to your wedding morning, you want to feel relaxed, pampered and ready to enjoy the day. From mimosas with your bridesmaids to a makeup artist by your side, there are plenty of ways to make yourself feel more comfortable and prepared. And that includes a special little something to slip into as you get your hair done and eyelashes applied. Let’s have a peek at some “getting ready” inspiration from real-life brides!

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationA special, floral piece with lacey accents is the perfect little something to slip into as you prepare for your garden-styled wedding.

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationSomething long, flowing and white may be your modern and beautiful choice.

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationHere’s another classic, floral robe that may be just what you’re looking for to get ready in the morning of your wedding.

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationA more classic choice, full of crisp whites and lace details will always be a very “bridal” version.

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationOf course, you could always pick a comfy, colorful option and match along with your ladies!

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationThe same goes for matching button-ups, you and your ladies could have some incredibly adorable photos!

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationOf course, a funky, outside-the-box option may be right up your alley as well. Whatever your comfortable in!

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationOr create a really special memory with miss-matched pieces for everyone to adorn.

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationOf course, cozy and charming tops and bottoms may be your most comfortable option.

Getting Ready for the Wedding InspirationChoose a button, have your initials monogrammed on and then let the bride stand out in a color of her own. It creates a bit more “special” for everyone!

all photos via SMP

Screenshot 2015-03-03 08.45.10

Your wedding period is a great time to buy jewelry that will become an heir loom to be passed through the generations. Imagine the pride of handing down a beautiful ring, or necklace to your daughter or daughter or law in thirty years’ time; knowing you have given her something beautiful, unique and valuable. Starting traditions doesn’t have to be the reserve of a fifty or a hundred years ago. You can start one now, and help to knit the future generations together.

In this piece we will look at how jewelry is valued, to help you understand some factors to consider when making your choice.

Jewelry is an art that has fascinated us for decades, creating artistic pieces that express human emotion through gemstones and precious metals. From a very young age humans are drawn to jewelry, because of the shine, sparkle and aesthetics. This draw towards jewelry drives us to create new pieces, and pay close to a small fortune for genuine antique jewelry pieces.

There are a variety of factors that influence the value of jewelry. These include the quality of the materials, the metal, design, and other history associated with the piece.


Gem quality has a great deal of impact on the value of a piece of jewelry. The color, cut, and clarity of an individual stone are the difference between being worth a pittance and a small fortune. Other rarities and inclusions in individual stones can make them unique, and greatly influence their value. When appraising an individual gemstone a gemologist will be incredibly useful because they will know all of the value factors influencing the price of a particular type of stone.

Screenshot 2015-03-03 08.46.37


The quality and purity of the metal used to make a piece of antique jewelry has a great deal of bearing on the value of the piece. In the case of gold this is expressed in Karats, and is usually stamped inside the jewelry. A 14K gold piece is only 58% pure while a 24K gold piece is 99.99% pure. It is also important to understand if this applies to the piece or the plating.

You can see more about Karat percentages on this page.


In the world of fashion and jewelry, the designer is a very important part of the value of a piece. Antique jewelry from famous collections designed by major fashion and jewel houses hold their value better than generic pieces of jewelry. Similar to buying new the purchaser is paying a premium for the brand associated with the jewelry. In general there is a strong market for high end “vintage” jewelry pieces, and while they will still be worth less than their original purchase price they will be worth more than most other pieces containing the same quality of stones and metal.

Screenshot 2015-03-03 08.47.17

Other History

It might surprise readers to learn a large part of the value of jewelry is based on its history and rarity. Some unique one of a kind pieces that are often described as priceless, are not worth a whole lot if they are sold for scrap. Their value lies not in their stones, and precious metals, but in the unique history of the piece. A great example of this is the Faberge collection made for the Russian monarchs. The unique one of a kind design, the end of the Russian monarchy, and the place in history occupied by the pieces has given them 99.9% of their value. Most of these priceless artifacts would scrap for less than one thousand pounds.

Most of all you need to buy something that you love and will cherish. It is your affection for the piece that will make it most special on your wedding day, and as it passes down from mother to daughter over the years.