The rose is a special flower that is not going to be old fashioned ever…. It’s a special flower, with a special odor and it’s suitable in every situation, being really elegant in the same time. Even from the most remote times people have had a great passion for these types of flowers.

roses and weddings


How amazing are weddings? I swear I must be online looking at wedding blogs at least once a week. It’s almost becoming a bit addictive! It’s almost my version of Facebook addiction… I just love the way in which every single wedding that you see is so unique, and how people are so innovative and manage to use their own personal touches to make their special day an extravaganza of colour, light and amazing memories. I’m not just a wedding day tragic, I am actually currently planning my wedding and have been lurking pretty hard on a lot of different blogs, so I feel like I have gained a pretty good overall awareness of the various kinds of things that brides and grooms have been doing. I wanted to compile them into a list of things here to share them with you, because it’s actually been a bit of a slog going through the various kinds of weddings and working out what I wanted to use for my wedding day. This list is a hit-list of the most commonly seen additions and decorative elements that I’ve seen brides using, and I’ve compiled them all in no particular order in the hopes it makes planning your big day a whole lot easier!


Fairy Lights Galore

Ok, it might be a bit of a tired old cliche to have the place festooned with fairy lights at your wedding, but come on – there’s a reason why they’re so prolific: They’re completely stunning! Make sure that you use a nice soft glow for the bulbs and that you have enough of them scattered throughout the trees so that it creates a fairy-like atmosphere. Even better is if you can hide them from your guests so that once the sun goes down and you start to see the sunset, the bulbs can come twinkling on, astonishing and amazing your guests and bathing everyone in the soft glow from the lights.


The photobooth has almost become ubiquitous with weddings, and with good reason – there’s something so fun about cramming into the photobooth and snapping some photos with your friends (old and new) that really makes the moment! I went to a friend’s wedding recently in Western Australia and she had found the best photo booth hire in Perth for her nuptials and it was truly so much fun, with so many memories of the day and night.



Once again, it seems like it’s an obvious choice but candlelight is just so romantic, and perfect for an outdoor wedding without too much wind where the soft glow can work with nature to create the perfect vibe.


Better than rice for the environment, you can give your guests some bubbles to blow as you walk out of the church or out of the ceremony tent and into the reception.


A cute keepsake for your guests to take home will add that special touch for your wedding. Think about getting some handmade lavender bags or something like a bottle opener for the guys to take home. They’ll love the special touch.


Sweet bar

You can get a candy buffet for your wedding which takes away from the usual dessert or cake course – and you can even display your wedding cake at the centre of the sweet buffet which will add that super sweet touch to your wedding.

Branded wine and beer

Why not get some branded beer and wine made up for your wedding? You can get special labels made up for your guests to drink and take home – this adds a lovely personalised touch to the event.

Outdoor weddings

Just in general – I love outdoor weddings. I don’t know if this counts as a detail per se, but it’s certainly awesome to experience! I know my wedding is going to be an outdoor one – but I’ll make sure I have a wet weather plan (as should you!).

Table Decor

Think about getting some handmade crocheted doilies for your wedding if you’re going for a handmade theme, and if you’re working for a sleeker look, think about getting some lovely lighting. An outdoor wedding could have boughs of native plants on the tables as centrepieces too.

Wedding website

A great way to set the mood for your wedding is to create a branded website with your details on it which will allow your guests to RSVP, to find out details and to enjoy looking at the bridal gift register. Make it easy for your guests and they’ll thank you!
Good luck and happy planning for your wedding day. This list will hopefully help you with your upcoming nuptials!

Show off your gorgeous curves with one of these stunning fit and flare wedding gowns! Slim A-line, trumpets or even mermaids – they all come under this silhouette umbrella. Take a peek at 10 of our favs!


Chic, modern but romantic too, here’s a gown that shows off the curves but keeps an innocence within.


Beaded detailed, layered skirts and a whimsy flavor, this design has so many perfectly-bridal components.


If you’re looking to add a bit of color into your day of ensemble look no further than this taupe beauty.


This design is a bit more fitted and a bit more flared, and we love the sexy drama of it all.


A personal favorite of the bunch, this modern design is so versatile and complimentary for so many brides.


Glisten down the aisle in a gown covered in glittering crystals. Remember, it’s your day and it’s okay to shine.


Here’s a fit and flare gown that was made for a destination celebration, by the beach or in the Mediterranean maybe?


Have fun styling and accessorizing this pretty, clean palette that will fit and mold into plenty of wedding day themes.


There’s a layered, romantic effect sewn into this gown that we are swooning for, especially with the illusion V-neck!


Now we have a beautiful, traditional gown that’s still very feminine and won’t miss a beat when it comes to the photographs.

via Pinterest

Berta wedding gowns have an almost otherwordly feeling. They’re beyond elegant. They’re beyond beautiful. And each will make a bride feel both sexy and celebratory. Let’s take a peek at 8 of our favorites from the fall/winter 2015 collection.

We know that everyone loves secrets. They are mysterious and they always help somebody solve a problem. In this case we know that the problem is obtaining a one of a kind bridal image that will amaze your groom and that will impress your wedding attendants. And since most of the brides nowadays hire a makeup artist and a hairstylist to do wonders with their hair and face, we would like you to learn from the good and bad experiences of various “real” brides.
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And since the makeup and hairstyle matters are already solved out, let’s focus on the comfort you need at your wedding reception. So, read the following tricks shared by some ladies, and learn from their experiences.

Bridal secrets -  know how to be comfortable - Wedding DressCredit

Bridal secrets - Know how to be comfortable - Wedding dress

“Before my wedding day I read a lot of articles concerning the bridal beauty. There I have learnt that it is important for a bride to feel comfortable at her wedding party, therefore her outfit and her accessories should be chosen carefully. So, I aimed at finding a dress that would make me look glamorous, but at the same time that would allow me to enjoy my reception. I have to say that it was a wise decision, because I still remember how much fun I had at my wedding ceremony, thing that wouldn’t have been possible have I chosen an uncomfortable dress.”

Debbie, 29

“It’s all about the shoes! Before my wedding reception I really considered the option of wearing a high heel pair of shoes. I though that they would improve my image, simply because they would make me ten inch taller. But, I finally got to my senses, because in the last minute I have opted for a medium heel and very comfy pair of shoes. It was in deed a wise option, because even if I wore some comfortable shoes my feet still hurt at the end of the night. I don’t want to imagine how it would have been if I had gone for my first option.”

Becky, 26

Bridal secrets -  know how to be comfortable - BridalShoesCredit

Bridal secrets - Know how to be comfortable - Bridal shoes

“Actually, regardless of your choice in terms of the dress and shoes, I believe that one feels comfortable, as long as one is confident in her beauty and in her bridal image. Because, to be frank, I saw: a lot of beautiful women who looked wry just because their wedding apparel was not appropriate for their personality. Therefore, I personally decided to wear something that would give me confidence, on my wedding day. I must confess that I am glad I decided this way, because honestly, I felt ten times better wearing a woman suit that I have felt if I had wore a wedding gown. So, my comfort was assured by my will of revealing my personality.”

Jessica, 31

These being said, learn form these women’s experiences and choose to be comfortable in order to expose a flawless bridal look.

Your fall wedding isn’t complete without a dessert table dawning all of the sweets of the evening. Set up outside or inside dressing up a reception nook, let’s have a look at some rustic, dessert tables just in time for the season!


“Fall in love” with this country-esque dessert table full of deliciousness and wedding charm.

4c7d1d8253f8bad4fc2639184b481111Here’s a homemade set-up that was made with an infusion of whimsy and romanticism.


The table and setup doesn’t have to be big, instead it can be accompanied by sweet personality and just the right amount of treats.


These blushing barrels highlight this rustic wedding in a unique, creative way that all guests will remember.

06ee20a4f729aea49391f264f65dbf6cAnd this quainter version knocks it out of the park too!


Here we have a more grandiose scheme that still has the rustic theme and vintage flavor sewn throughout.


Filled with greenery and delicate treats, we’re swooning for this makeshift design.


Make sure to infuse your personality throughout all the details of your wedding, just like they did here with this youthful design.


The mason jar chandeliers covering this table are such a beautiful, unique touch that fills the theme nicely.


Infuse vintage fashion by thinking outside-the-box when it comes to serving, instead of a table .. an old armoire or hutch.

via Pinterest

Wedding's Over... what-

You dreamed about your dress for your entire life. You dog-eared countless bridal magazines of the designs you loved, and then, you said “yes” to the dress. You walked down the aisle, said “I do” and danced your first dance in it — so now what?

Every bride has a different idea about what to do with her gown after the big day. Some brides feel more sentimental and others are more indifferent. Either way, there’s an option suited for every bride’s gown after the wedding day has come and gone.

We’ve gathered five ideas for your dress after “I do”:

1. Preserve it: Whether you save your dress in hopes that your future daughter will wear it on her wedding day, or just because you want to have it forever, we love the idea of preserving your wedding gown. Ask your wedding dress shop for a local recommendation of a business that offers the special dress cleaning and packaging technique. The local shop may even have a coupon for a discount on the service — bonus! Dress preservation involves carefully cleaning the delicate fabric, removing stains (no stain is too small to overlook — they turn brown in time) and bundling it in acid-free tissue in a special box. *Remember: Preserve your dress AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Stains get harder and harder to lift as time passes.

And just because you put it in a box doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever. We’re seeing (and loving!) a trend on the rise — wedding dress parties. Maybe for your anniversary or a wedding dress-themed bachelorette party, there’s always an excuse to get out your gown.

2. Donate it to a good cause: If preserving your dress isn’t for you, donating it to a worthy cause is a rewarding option to consider. Brides Across America offers free dresses to military brides who can’t afford a dress of their own. Other dress donation services for a good cause to consider are Brides Against Breast Cancer, the Angel Gown Program and Brides for A Cause.

3. Lingerie, anyone? If you’re not attached to preserving your dress in its original form, why not make it into something else? Transform your dress into a special lingerie set and surprise your hubby for anniversaries to come.

4. From one happy occasion to another: Preserve your dress to later make a custom christening gown for your babies from the memory-filled fabric. Not crafty? Fairy Godmother Creations will do the work for you.

5. Trash the dress: “Trashing the dress” is becoming a popular trend among brides. Whether knee-deep in turquoise water or dancing in the rain, these pictures are typically shot a day or two after the wedding when you’re relaxed and don’t need the dress anymore. One thing’s for sure — you’ll capture one-of-a-kind pictures.

We’ve talked about shooters and appetizers a lot, lately. And we don’t blame ourselves because food is one of the most important details of the wedding day, and often one that guests complain about the most (cold food, bad food, no variety, etc.) Why not “wow” them with your cuisine choices? Trust us, it will be something they remember.

When you think of fall, what food comes to mind? Not a cold sushi roll, shrimp cocktail or chilled melon and prosciutto appetizer. Rather, we think warm soups and stews — creamy, chunky and hearty. Most people think that soups are off limits when it comes to entertaining or event catering because they’re challenging to serve and eat (lowering your head to slurp a warm soup from a rimmed bowl doesn’t exactly facilitate conversation).

Soup shooters solve it all. Put your favorites — from tomato to butternut squash — into shot glasses, mini tea cups or champagne flutes with appropriate toppings for a warming treat your guests will love.

Here are six soup shooters we’re drooling over:




















Whimsy, romance and completely unique, these gowns were made for bride’s with an eclectic eye and a fashion-forward energy. Check out 10 of our favorites from the fall 2016 Elisa Hameau collection!

download (3)

Full of movement and lace, this design was meant for a fairy-tale lover and blushing bride-to-be.

From top to bottom, this gown is full of surprising, yet subtle details – and we love every single one.

download (9)

Add a pop of color and culture to your ensemble, and try on this gorgeous design for your destination wedding!

download (7)

Bohemian vibes and very bridal details, we’re in love with the romantics of these piece!

download (5)

Imagine walking down the aisle in this gorgeous design, we envision this piece for a stunning, winter celebration.

download (4)

Walk yourself into a wonderland in this minimal, yet detailed, design

download (6)

A daring V-neck with a sweet illusion, this gown will make jaws drop but keep the innocence intact.

download (1)

Here’s another look that’s full of bohemian flair, comfort and easy fashion-forward energy.

download (2).

There’s so much that can be done with this dress and so many different themes it can blend into.

download (8)

Illusion necklines, a low dip and flowing fabric make this gown a youthful spirit’s dream choice.

via Pinterest


During the wedding-planning process, it feels like money is flying out of your wallet left and right. You are not alone. The budget is probably the most disputed and painful part of planning your big day — definitely not as fun as tasting your menu or trying on your dress.

The average overall wedding is ringing up at $31,213 — holy, smokes! But where’s all the money going?  From overall spending to specific prices for the dress, cake and rings, The Knot surveyed close to 16,000 couples who got married in 2014 and organized it into the following breakdown (compared to 2013):


Source: The Knot

Play around with some pretty, golden stripe details at your preppy and posh wedding! From the cake to the dress a bit of these simple accents can infuse personality and youthful charm.

c393554dcf038fa963415add327f18faAdd some funk and jazz up the stripes by using chevron details, with some sparkle you’ll add festive spirits to your formal affair.

ceebd898ae8ec00424021d726e9dd8b4Simple and sleek with a preppy vibe, this cake can blend into a variety of seasons and themes.

c7fd4cf7ece43f505fc03d197aff9f61You can even think about the smallest of details, like what your guests will sip their signature drinks with.

4183e1ca969d9a3ae3aff531fdf5e521Your ladies in waiting may want to be dressed in an offbeat, striped design for your springtime afternoon celebration.

c171fd7213f43e0e7cbedb361c921fcbOr dress yourself in some posh and preppy stripes, from head to toe!

3ca6984f8233b6229b5b6d39ba8f9c3eWhen thinking about details, think about your groom too – he may even want to dawn some stripes in his ensemble.

707f014b13dad420b8c91b17907cc5d0That same details can thread throughout the entire affair, including on the invite!

96d6b0dfc4850433c1c79e097a956863Think about the tablescape too and what accents and intricacies can be brought into the place settings!

532554b75098908d4227ce07993197ddEven the dessert table could be dressed in the stripes, even some bite-sized macaroons!

0fd0ab1d7c6aed53289ecd64c7dc3731Jazz up a chic, striped cake with some floral details too – and sparkle – while staying with the preppy appeal.

via Pinterest

Slip into something classic – but with a modern twist – as you walk down the aisle to say, “I do.” Here’s are pick of 10 stunning designs that not only fit the traditional, bridal theme but are also enriched with a certain contemporary flair.

e6200a494f2c93b24c266c579115e4d3Peek at the legs and add a bit of ruffle too with this offbeat and chic ball gown.

216dcf2bdfe6e353cf6fa0f46ebbe08fMinimalistic and chic, this gown was made to be personalized and make the bride stand out on her own.

3ffe8eb532d28bde1bb1bbe0b63cb4e4This gown has architectural element but with a very artistic spirit in tow.

622a023fd5103d878a2371c46142d25bThis gorgeous gown is reminiscent of Grace Kelly but with texture!

b5cddd2c0fa95ec525b714dbdc7f221cA classic, slim A-line silhouette but with extra flow, texture and design-worth.

db3d87fc39e795a66626c8bfc25b1065Add to your own uniqueness by thinking outside-the-box in terms of wedding day design, this contemporary A-line is sure to make a lasting impression.

ecc9c00048db31b6936b821191932c05There is so much to love about this gown and so much detailing and POP added to this gorgeous, classic silhouette.

8478a43f684c811b03a318e98e44f2deHere’s another Grace Kelly inspiration but this time with some chic pockets and a contemporary, sleek belt.

24d590ec60f68b56c396a8a5a22cf169For the more whimsical of brides, check out this artistic and surprising design full of movement and funky accents.

ec1d0705fbf4ffcfbbbb9ec6cbc47f20A peplum tier can be utilized in even the most simplistic and soft of gowns, as in this charming example.

photos via Brides

Keep your ladies in waiting chic with a gown that sets the tone and creates versatility. These charcoal dresses keep a neutral palette and are complimentary too!

grey-bridesmaid-dresses-jasmine-bridal-L164071A beautiful silhouette and fit for any formal, evening affair of any season, this one is a beautiful choice no matter the vision.

grey-bridesmaid-dresses-amsale-G855UWe are loving the whimsy nature of this movable gown. And it’s a pretty clean palette, which makes it perfect for accessorizing and personalizing.

vw360037-white-by-vera-wang-bridesmaid-dress-primaryShorter and a bit more fun, this dress has so much to love – from the cinched waist to the illusion neckline.

450181-monique-lhuillier-bridesmaid-dress-primaryA more contemporary version of a classic, Grecian gown, this design is an absolute stunner.

531-gather-and-gown-bridesmaid-dress-primaryHere’s a dress that’s short, sweet and easy for bridesmaids with a more sophisticated vibe.

grey-bridesmaid-dresses-lr-LR188A clean palette with a perfect silhouette to compliment any shape, this gown is a dream among bridesmaid gown nightmares.

b163056-b2-by-jasmine-bridesmaid-dress-primaryAdd a bit of flirtatiousness to your bridesmaids with some floral accents as seen on this one-shouldered look.

grey-bridesmaid-dresses-amsale-draped-tulleA richer shade of charcoal, almost midnight, this gown has drama and versatility.

grey-bridesmaid-dresses-amsale-G832UIf you have some woman that want to show off their curves, here’s a charcoal dress that will do the trick and keep an air of elegance to the look.


Here’s a perfect party dress make with charm and an ease of styling to your vision.

photos via Brides

Dress your ceremony or reception with something a bit charming and unique. A whimsical birdcage or two could really add the extra pizzazz that you’ve been looking for. Perfect for Victorian-styled or vintage-inspired wedding day decor!

495064e692d241843afee1b266783b91Dress any table or entry way with a gorgeous, floral-flowing piece such as this stunning design.

034bc1f5d9605b7348e9f240011d9f11You can even use smaller cages to line reception tables or as centerpieces – and in crisp white creates a stunning look!

c0f562cf9b77debe8b0afc420d93e92eGet really creative and use those charming, fashionable birdcages as chandeliers to have some romantic lighting.

1353e0757b140d43645f41f990612eb7Here’s a gorgeous design that encompasses some bright pops of color and gorgeous neutrals, perfect for a wintery setting.

666f4277919c6039a4c1d5ad8695e29dA birdcage could also be a layering piece to a bigger design, such as this gorgeous piece adorning any reception table.

7f19894475829bd1a7737dc2548f27abThey could even be a unique way to present the wedding favors! Hide macaroons, candles and more in this chic way.

72d68a08a209bdd3b4496bdcf9f3ef91We even like the idea of stuffing the cage silly with florals for an eclectic and overly-detailed style.

adcffb487e8bd843b95edbbd27674d07This is also a great idea as a way for all of your guests to slip you congratulatory cards!

afbd8ecadb462964c0cc7b943a830b26Slip a candle inside for some extra romance and make sure to decorate it in a way to fit the vision of the day.

9b3aa88e37bbac1212992f0049b03e98Light the way to the altar or to the party with come birdcage lanterns set in a more modern or rustic design.

photos via Pinterest 


With the amount of effort going into making your wedding the event of a lifetime, looking absolutely perfect throughout the day is of the utmost importance. There are many things which go into looking picture perfect as you walk down the aisle, and it’s the little touches which make the whole look work. Whether it’s your hair, your makeup or your shoes, there is a lot to consider before your big day.

The Dress
The dress is obviously one of the biggest considerations for your wedding, and with good reason. Whether you go for a princess dress, a ball gown or an empire dress is entirely up to you, though by-and-large this will come down to your body type. Just make sure you pick your dress as early as possible to make sure you can match the rest of your ensemble to the centrepiece of your look.

The Hair
The hair can be a tricky one – find a hairdresser you like and trust, and make sure that they know your hair. Trying a new hairdresser before your big day can be a recipe for disaster. Talk to them about your wedding dress, and show them a picture. You can discuss which way to best wear your hair with that dress, making sure you have all the details down before the big day.

The Shoes
The shoes are an integral part of any outfit and your wedding day is no exception. Whether you go for peep-toed summer shoes, heels or pumps, there is always the question of colour. Ivory satin and silk are time-honoured favourites, though golds and silvers are always popular too. If you’re looking for designer bridal shoes make sure you find a pair with memory foam lining and breathable fabric. You need to make sure that you’ll be comfortable on your big day, and nothing is more miserable than walking down the aisle trying not to wince. Also, make sure you get your bridal shoes before you start making any alterations to your dress, as wearing shoes will naturally affect your hemline and ground clearance.

The Jewellery
Your choice of jewellery will vary heavily depending on your choice of dress. Be careful to avoid clashing colours – if you’re in a bright white dress you should avoid gold; if you’re in an ivory gown, feel free to add some gold touches. The best advice really is to just be yourself, but be careful about going overboard if you’re a fan of chunky necklaces or giant earrings – these can overpower and detract from the dress.

The Makeup
Your makeup should be one of the easiest things to work out, especially as you can trial this before the big day. Once you’ve booked your venue you can anticipate the climate and lighting, plan your primers, your colours and even pick your makeup artist. Trial the makeup, take a few photos and see how it comes out. Don’t forget to bring some touch-up products with you on the big day – as long as you use good quality makeup, a couple of blotting sheets and your lip colour should generally be enough.

Frosted petals filled with romance and whimsy, dusty miller can be used in so many ways when it comes to cultivating and creating a beautiful wedding bouquet. Below you’ll find 10 of the most inspirational bridal florals filled with these delicate additions.

45de1511ad819f8ed9e0e1bb4163530bSoft, Victorian-spirited and romantic, this lush bouquet is full of life and wedding style.

758b3905096952cfff5badebff948c85Of course you can be a bit more minimalistic and go with a singular style such as this magical design.

453bbb534417153a1bd177026fb3c019Here is a beautiful, traditional bouquet that shows clean, crisp lines but delicate, womanly style.

6892019ccf2cad69d66b81a477889fdeHighlight a creamy white bouquet with some light greenery with a velvety texture.

4e7e0baab4411b767fda0c58154f777eDusty miller looks especially vibrant paired with peachy or blush florals, like this arrangement with brings about a unique glow.

33f5660b667a383eda3a40bc86fdd968You can also mix dusty miller pieces with other textural details like berries and green fillers.

e3eae23d6f7c636447cbf3e47a275249Here’s another view of a winter bouquet full of interest and outside-the-box bridal charm.

9d0f9a7afa3dcad4926f1d7ac44cfb40We fell in love with this simple, yet inspiring, bouquet of baby’s breath and dusty miller.

e41a2a54a84b424d5f8458dd499a82cbA personal favorite of the bunch, this may be the most girlishly charming and princess-esque of the bunch.

1afc41e3a3753458cde94d05ca702f02We love how the frosty green breaks up the white peonies of this gorgeous bouquet.

photos via Pinterest

Bring Out the Widest Smiles from Guests in any Event


Every host strives to make sure that their guests are entertained at all times. There are many ways through which guests can be entertained and kept happy all through the event. The kind of entertainment incorporated depends on specific factors. Some of the main factors that determine the entertainment to be included in an event are age, social class, and the kind of event. Therefore, when the choice of entertainment is made, all these factors are put into consideration.

Food and drinks

The pivotal features of any event are food and drinks. When organising an event, it is advisable to know the likes and dislikes of every guest who will be in attendance. Through this thorough analysis, one can come up with a menu that caters for each of their guests. Every person has their desires and specifications in every matter. Thus, it is the duty of the event organiser to come up with the best entertainment criteria to cater for all guests efficiently.

Biscuit Wedding Reception Food Bar


Though every guest has their unique desires and specifications for entertainment, only one thing, photos, unites them all. There is no event or party that lacks photographers whether professional or amateurs. Photos are a sure way to preserve the fun memories of the event. Therefore, they should be taken to capture all the proceedings virtually superbly.

A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. Hence, the wedding couple will always strive to make sure that their special day is perfectly filled with bliss and excitement. Since photos are the best way to preserve memories, they should feature comprehensively in the event. In the case of weddings, the exchanging of vows, the first kiss, the bridal dance are the main highlights of the event.  However, other occurrences are also important to keep the guests entertained all through the occasion.

Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers

Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers

Professional photographers are a good choice for a formal event that requires minimal photos taken. However, for events like wedding hiring the services of a photo booth professional is ideal. With these photographers present, all these fun moments are comprehensively captured behind the lens. They can blend in well with the guests making them feel at ease as their photos are taken.

The beauties of the memories in the event are well captured naturally without having the guests to pose for the camera. These pictures are the actual representation of the atmosphere in the event. The guests can also make funny faces without getting worried of how they look since the photos are taken in a casual manner.

Flash-less cameras

The camera used by the photo booth crew, like, does not have any flash thus it is ideal even when the events are proceeding. They make sure that the photo-taking process does not disrupt the event’s program in any way. The photographers are knowledgeable and expansively skilled to take top quality photos without having the guests to pose. As opposed to other kinds of photographers, these photo booth photographers can capture every moment of the proceedings both onstage and offstage.



There are times during the events that short breaks from the official program are taken. During these breaks, guests can visit the photo booth for quick photos to be taken.  Also, the photographers can blend in with the guests making them at ease as they take their pictures during the proceedings. Sydney Photo Booth Company advises that when events are hosted, the venue should always be spacious to accommodate all guests efficiently.  Space also comes in handy for the photographers to move freely and take the best shots.

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. Unfortunately, it can be one of the most expensive days of their lives as well. When couples do not have a huge wedding budget, there are a few ways that they can save money to keep their wedding costs down.

Hold the Wedding and Reception in the Same Venue

It is a good idea for couples to hold their wedding and reception. When they hold them at different venues, they would need to pay for transportation from one location to the other for the entire bridal party. They can save a great deal of money by holding them at the same venue, cutting out the need for transportation.


Wedding Decoration for Hire

Wedding decorations can be very costly. The area where the couple is being married needs to be decorated as well as the reception venue. When couples purchase their wedding decorations, they would use them for that one day, then they would be thrown away. Wedding decorations for hire are much less expensive than purchasing decorations.

wedding reception decorations


Save on the Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner at a restaurant can be very expensive, this is especially true if the wedding party is large. A great way to save money is to make the rehearsal dinner a backyard barbeque. The cost per plate would be just a fraction of what the cost would be at a restaurant.

Save Money on Your Bar Tab

If a couple decides against having a cash bar, they need to find a way to save money on the bar tab to keep from going over their wedding budget. There are a few ways to save:

  • Champagne can be expensive. Rather than purchasing several bottles for the champagne toast, let guests toast with whatever they are drinking.
  • A full open bar can be very expensive. By serving just beer and wine (red and white), couples can save a great deal of money on the bar tab.
  • Shots can be very expensive and they don’t last as long as drinks. A good way to keep the bar tab down is to leave shots off of the free drink menu.
  • Top shelf liquor can be very expensive. To save a great deal of money on the bar tabs, couples can request that the bartender serves only midshelf liquor.


The Wedding Cake

  • Wedding cakes can be very expensive. There are a few ways that you can cut the wedding cake cost. Most wedding cakes are covered in fondant, which can be expensive because of the extra labor that it takes to cover the cake. If couples go with a simple buttermilk coating, they can save a great deal of money on the cake.
  • Rather than having a huge wedding cake made, you can have a small decorative cake made for the cutting ceremony and then serve a sheet cake to guests.
  • Rather than having flowers made out of frosting, couples should use fresh flowers on the cake. Using fresh flowers will make the cake look gorgeous and will reduce the cost of the cake.
  • Rather than using an expensive bakery, couples should consider their local grocery store bakery. They can bring in a photo of what they want the cake to look like, and the grocery store bakery can make it for the fraction of the cost of an expensive bakery.
simple elegant wedding cakes



Simple invitation designs are much less expensive than the more complex ones. Using black ink for the writing costs less than colored ink. Also, unconventional shaped invitations cost more than rectangle invites. To save yourself from the hassle, you can hire someone to do it on your behalf. could be the ultimate choice in this regard.

Grab some inspiration with these wedding day shots full of navy and blush color pairings! From the flowers to the attire, fill your head and planner with ideas surrounding this wonderful shade duo.

0f9b4711db0f63fd7cb23458b6314afaSoft pinks offset rich, navy dresses – such a perfect, crisp way to adorn your gals.


Signage to highlight the night isn’t a necessity, but when it’s this pretty, why not utilize the personalized piece?

38f487f7d8a331dbc1fc6dde9358c318Mr. & Mrs. signs at the sweetheart table look charming and romantic dressed in blush and complimented by a silky navy blue.

79b4a876d31de384b61de857c717589cAnd don’t worry, even the groomsmen – and groom – will be dressed to impressed in this fairy-tale like combination.

118ce2ed8759d98dc75006973c680114You can dress these colors up for both more formal evenings and more casual celebrations as well – which includes the reception tables.

7a6c2c26f8cccde3e205100d5fb2c5c3Just a touch of blushing hues and golden tones surround this navy cake – making a studding and unique focal point to the reception area.


Here’s more beautiful, bridal party inspiration but this time you can see the contrast of the ladies in the waiting and the bride!

a522bc3140844eea3758fd788962a737Glam up this color duo with a bit of sparkling fabrics, this dessert table shows how versatile these shades can be and still very traditional bridal.

c32bc1339ff401b604e88ed057da55ddThis invitation set is full of thematic vision and blushing navy tones. We love it’s versatile, uniqueness and pop!

c4168954dd4ab46bde346d0571cf71a1Even your signature drinks can be dressed in the colors of the day. Pink sips with navy compliments surround the day.

photos via Pinterest

Check out 10 of the most adorable, charming save-the-date cards full of stylish appeal and traditional accents! From sweet to unique, here are a quick view of some of our favorites.

2b0f14af762239c8c6bd3208af7973ccHere’s a unique way to announce the date with a bit of seasonal flair in mind – a part from the popular pumpkin trend.

27e0a663b5bf2f74aae696f058780353Handmade and simple, this fingerprint piece is a sweet way to send off reminders to your family and friends.

91f0f294bea71741d33045f417867791A library card filled with memorable moment’s throughout the couple’s life … this is personalized and adorable.

277a0894105416d3f00e7aafb551819bThis handmade beauty is full of stunning calligraphy and colorful art – perfect for a springtime affair!

69891c0c5289a5e77258125ed7036a04A mini calendar and personalized stickers for each of your guests, this couldn’t be anymore thoughtful or functional!

c32bc1339ff401b604e88ed057da55ddOr, theme your Save-the-Dates around the day’s events. Your garden-themed wedding can be shown off in the announcements!

db46cf833dd24febae13b55aac658fdbHere’s another delicate look that’s outside-the-norm from the usual save-the-dates we’re all so used to seeing in the mail.

ed24a332f2ccc2ef6914f89669387588And this calendar design is a bit modern, full of sparkle and contemporary chicness – your guests may even use it as a bookmark and serve as a constant reminder.

fe006378fcd08eab7b7764a2fb76393aSend them off as postcards instead of hidden inside envelopes! They can still be full of style, like these Victorian-inspired designs!


Incorporate the location when announcing the date you’ll be saying, “I do,” it can make for a sweet, personalized way to remind everyone.

photos via Pinterest

Here are 10 of our favorite wedding gowns from the La Sposa 2015 Glamour Collection. Princess styles, fairy-tale quality and dreamlike appeal, these pieces are quite breathtaking.


A blushing hue and a bodice full of sparkling details, feel like the ultimate princess bride in this design.

ENOLA_BA womanly silhouette and a lace, off-the-shoulder sleeve are just two reasons why we are in love with this romantic piece.

EUGENIA_BThis shining, sparkling ball gown has a bit more of a modern appeal but still quintessentially bridal.

EREDEN_BThis is more than a lace sleeve, the detail and placement of each detail couldn’t be more intricate or stunning.

EULALIA_BHere’s another satin beauty but without the golden hue, making it a bit more of a traditional choice.

ERINNA_BThis slender A-line will show off your gorgeous figure and create a dramatic entrance when you begin your walk down the aisle.

FANAL_BSimple and timeless, this design can be styled and accessorized for any kind of wedding.

ELILIA_BA bit more youthful, flirtatious and effortlessly springtime, this ball gown was fit for a storybook princess.

ERCILIA_BA sophisticated silhouette with a youthful spirit, this ball gown works for both formal events and afternoon celebrations.

ENRICA_BA more slender look for an elegant, modern-loving bride, we’re in love with the contemporary appeal of this piece.

Getting married is a very exciting time in anyone’s life. Naturally, you will want to look and feel your best so that you can make the most of it. Here are some tips for ensuring your health and beauty for this joyous occasion.


Wedding planning can take a lot out of a bride, but it should not be so stressful that you are losing sleep. Make sure to make your wedding plans well in advance so that you can rest easy the few days leading up to your wedding. You want your day to be wonderful and not feel like you are relieved to get it over with.

Stand up straight

Although this may seem like something your mother might have told you as a child, there is a great deal of truth to it. Standing up straight can help you avoid painful back and joint problems. If standing up straight seems painful, then you should consider seeing a chiropractor like Dr. Sol Cogan to assess what is causing your pain.

Try out hair and make up in advance

Trying out a new look the day of your wedding can be disastrous. Make sure that you are comfortable with hair and makeup styles before committing to one. Although it may cost you some money to try in advance, it is well worth it when you consider the disappointment and/or embarrassment you may face afterwards if it doesn’t work out.

Get in better shape

Your wedding is a great time to make good on any vows to achieve a higher level of physical fitness. Finding an exercise buddy can help you stick to your goals and have more fun. Your chiropractor can help you design an exercise routine that is right for you and your fitness goals.

Double-check your guest list

No one wants to face a loved one who has been forgotten from a guest list. Make sure you go over your list and make sure that everyone is included that you want to be there. A last minute invitation is much better than no invitation at all.


Stress can cause a variety of physical problems such as muscle pain and headaches. Becoming flushed or visibly distressed on or right before your big day can show when you walk down the aisle. Practicing being cool and collected will also help you deal with any difficult friends or relatives present on your big day if the need should arise. A relaxing evening at the spa the night before may be just the thing you need to unwind. Meditation can be a great way to train oneself to let go.

Think positive

Good thoughts and energy will help ensure that you are in a good mental state of mind for your big day. A wedding is a time of happiness and joy. Try not to stress too much about how others are perceiving you. If you stand up straight and walk proudly down the aisle, there is no doubt your guests will see your joy and beauty.

Moving in together is a big deal because you are combining two lives into one household. Here are some thoughts and suggestions on combining your life with the one you love.

Use this as an opportunity to start clean

Chances are you both have stuff you’ve been hanging on to but don’t use. Now is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter. This can be a hard thing to do, but it means getting a fresh start. Keeping things around you don’t use just requires maintenance time and costs. Now may be the best time to get rid of that box of old college posters.

Ask each other about interior design

So you obviously love each other, but that doesn’t mean that you both have the same taste in interior design. You will need to find a common ground. Window treatments are a good place to start. Stylish shutters will allow you to have great control over light, and they come in a wide range of colors and styles to make it easy to find something you both like. Shutters will also help your home be more efficient so you can save some money on your heating and cooling costs.

Combining Your Styles

The home you share with your spouse should be a great reflection of you both. Combining styles can be easier if you are both moving into a fresh space. If you are moving into one or the other’s home, it is important that you both have items in the home that mean something to you. Perhaps there is a painting you love that has light floral tones and your spouse has a statue they picked up in Greece. These symbols of your life before are meaningful because when placed in the home you share together; they represent the intertwining of your life together.

Dinner and Serving Wear

The dishes and utensils you use should be a part of your interior design as well. Beautiful pottery can be displayed in a kitchen. Essentially, well-made dishes can be functional pieces of art within the home. Perhaps you got a fabulous pitcher for a wedding present? Why not display it proudly in your kitchen? Serving dishes can be eclectic, and best of all, they come in a lot of different colors and styles so you can change your functional décor with the seasons.

Furniture That Is New To You Both

Furniture that you both pick out can be a great way to start a home together. This doesn’t mean that it has to be new from the factory. Browsing antique stores and upscale used furniture stores can be exciting and romantic. Plan lunch at a bistro and spend the afternoon shopping for pieces of furniture that have old world charm. Or for a more hip look, look for a mid-century sofa and chair set. Part of the excitement of shopping for used furniture is that you never know what you will find.

Fill your arms with lush, cascading flowers that compliment the day and the dress. With these bridal bouquets you’ll have picturesque moments and styles that turns every head as you walk down the aisle.

bee66e91f930bb73695064961f2333acVibrant colors, touchable textures and a springtime spirit are all woven throughout this stunner bouquet design.

238b3523a75fadf49adaf2bc2bf07096A more classic and subtle style surrounding this lush, white and green compilation of delicate florals.

aaa76511b4d6c8f0c92ce25f1bd9d29fBursting with gorgeous greens and frosted pieces, we love this design for a wintertime escape.

e4885cef92f00993175cead93d2eea4eRomance and drama completely surround this fairy-tale, princess-esque bouquet.

58fbd1f78dfce0a7c5d4018cf6d6be38For fall or winter, incorporate richer, jewel-tones into your cascading, voluminous bouquet.

296a41c75105278817c25a69e8d956bdFeel like royalty with a bouquet filled with textural, detailed fillers and rich tones that pop in the moonlight.

b0abe5b88819a1d1109d8a6ac3593f60Even if this bouquet seems a bit too over-the-top, it provides some gorgeous inspiration when designing your own cascading florals.

c822a377e1ac33e94ae3d43b296d5962This piece may not be as free-flowing but it stands on its own as an artistic piece full of storybook romance.

76e8c6d496400e8ccf110a61b9a1892fLighter tones can fill this bolder style bouquet as well, greenery doesn’t have to be its centerpiece or focus.

9dc38b0e440bb599ece89d0ab23aee88Creams and green surround this bouquet design, and we love its traditional charm and timelessness.

via Pinterest

Fairy-tale inspiration swirls all around wedding planning. From the dress to the cake, have a celebration straight from the storybooks! We’ve compiled just a bit of reception decor that seems as though it was plucked from our favorite, dreamlike stories. We found so many gorgeous ideas that you’ll need to visit Part 1 to see even more stunning inspiration!

preston-bailey-ivanka-trump-wedding-1Grandiose floral arrangements, hanging crystal and gilded accessories are just some of the ways to feel like royalty.

7cc1d03840e41ddab484ee016004a242A bit of “Once Upon A Time” flair is always nice to have when creating your very own fairy-tale story.

8fb728d5a74447362fd7e77ad611a0a7Think whimsical when it comes to your outdoor planning, from the tree branches to the tables.

a651e68490c0842a5fac50057318763fThere’s something very earthy yet very romantic about this outdoor scene, one that Snow White may just approve of.

b7ea2694fd5cb4ff0fc8395f6a9306e2Blushing florals and sparkling accents can easily add to your storybook setting.

Beach-Fairy-Tale-Wedding-DecorEven if you decide to go more formal or contemporary, your lighting can be straight out of your favorite daydream.

f12b911cac416d344bb738eb4a312c65Right down to the writing on the “mirror” to announce what your guests will be served should be inspired from a fairy-tale.

fairytale-wedding-23Create a photo-op like this DIYed piece for every guest – and the bride and groom – to enjoy throughout the party.

fairytale-wedding-decorations-ideasHere’s another look at a tablescape that would be fit for a princess-esque celebration.

b43c8b8f7204c94ecfcabf7e80db8662And finally, this stunning scene can be used to transform any space into the most whimsical and romantic of venues.

via Pinterest

Fairy-tale inspiration swirls all around wedding planning. From the dress to the cake, have a celebration straight from the storybooks! Below we have some gorgeous wedding cakes that may be just the right addition to your magical, romantic reception and celebration.

winter-white-wedding-cake-ideas-004Draped in jewels and covered in crisp white, this cake was meant to be eaten by a prince and princess.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-onelove-photographyGolden sugar, simple layered and a plush, floral topping, everything about this screams feminine,springtime romanticism.

most-beautiful-cakes-earth-and-sugarMaybe a bit of handwritten poems are more your speed, or favorite song lyrics or even an excerpt from you favorite fairy-tale?

most-beautiful-cakes-the-pastry-studioA subtle, ombre blushing effect with ruffles too, there’s nothing about this cake that wouldn’t fit right inside a storybook.

northern-california-real-wedding-glamorous-romantic-winter-016Here we have a cake with a bit more of a traditional value but with grandiose, dream-like style.

prettiest-wedding-cakes-pictures-floridaModern but made with a Romeo & Juliet fashion, this gilded beauty is sure to be the talk of the party.

Spring-Wedding-Cakes-Marianne-SabadoMultiple textures, layers and dip in a pink that pops outdoors, have your reception highlighted with this vintage-inspired piece.

Wedding-Cakes-with-Flowers-Annabella-Charles-Photography-cake-The-Flour-GardenThere’s something rather Parisian surrounding this gorgeous cake, which makes it fit right inside a princess’s dreamlike vision.

wedding-style-ideas-heart-motif-valentines-day-006A contemporary beauty, here’s a design that can be written right into a more present-day styled romance.

winter-wedding-cakes-007Fitting inside a spring or summer wedding, this piece is filled with deliciousness …. and romantic charm.

photos via Brides

We like to inspire brides-to-be all around, but we get inspired too! We’re shining a light some of the spots we look to for ideas and advice. From local favorites around the country to popular sites brides dive into all around the world, we’ve sharing the best of the best in a whole new way. We’ve chatted with some of the bloggers, creators and founders of some wonderful wedding blogs and got the inside scoop! 

Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers

Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers

We had the opportunity to chat with Sabrina Cohen, a beauty behind the scenes of The Ebury Collection, and she gave us the inside scoop on the makings and likings of herself and the blog.

“I am a wedding planner by trade and it was a natural progression to add a
blog to my business. I took over ownership of The Ebury Collection in the
summer of 2013, I was apprehensive at first but I soon realised that I enjoy
writing as much as like to read and I love the fact that I am getting to
really make a difference and help couples to plan one of the most personal
and important days of their lives. I also keep asking myself why I enjoy
writing about weddings and everything around them so much and it’s
fundamentally because I am writing about my favourite emotion…’Love!’

I think our site has a unique look to the others out there, I think we have a
stand alone style that isn’t afraid to scream traditional but in a modern
way. And the basis of that style is all down to the lady who originally
created The Ebury Collection. I loved the blog as a reader before taking it
on and I had the concept in my heart and this is what I use to ensure it
evolves and grows with the current trends but still maintaining what works
for our readers. So I won’t go with what is trending in the industry
necessarily but more inclined to write about what’s trending for us and our

Sabrina Cohen_landscape photo_1000 pix

Your favorite aspect about blogging and your favorite aspect about your blog specifically:

 I absolutely love it when I get to collaborate with a member of our wedding
directory on the blog, because it not only highlights super talented people,
it then makes the directory more familiar to people and they can then engage
with their search for suppliers a little more, when they’ve perhaps read
about them on the blog and then can see whether their style or tastes are

The last year has been very interesting at The Ebury Collection in that, we
seem to be getting approached by newbies to the industry or established
brands/companies that are wanting to build their presence in the Wedding
industry and I am flattered that when doing their research they’ve stumbled
upon us and after looking at our site or reading the blog they make the
decision that they would like to be affiliated with us and also feel that we
could help them to gain initial great exposure. I embrace this as my ethos
is ‘truly help each other to succeed’ and up and coming businesses need that
help just like I need them to give the blog the unique and individual feel
that it has and so I take great pleasure in helping them to do this and it’s
also a great feeling to think that The Ebury Collection will have a small
dot on their road map to success!

blog post collage

3 words that describe your blog: Unique, Inspiring, Inviting

Links to 3 of your favorite blog posts EVER: An Exciting Future For The Ebury Collection / A Showcase of True Love / Sealed With A Kiss

3 blogs you love to follow: Bridal Musings / Staggered / Simon G. Jewelry

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Accessories are a must to complete any outfit—this is especially true on your wedding day! Men’s fashion features more and more creative ways to incorporate your personal style in your outfit. The class doesn’t end at the tux, however. Don’t forget these staple must have accessories to finalize your look and keep you everlastingly charming on your special day.


Earrings for men were once taboo but are now a common way to further express your sense of style and are a bold touch on a classic ensemble. Earrings are also known to draw eyes to the most important part of you—your face. Luckily, they are arguably the most versatile accessory item available as they come in all shapes and sizes. This allows you to infuse your own personal style while keeping it classy and looking sharp.

For a simple look oozing with masculinity and charm, try this simple stud featuring a white gold bezel and round diamond from



A groom should feel and look as dazzling as his bride. There’s nothing like a timepiece to create that timeless, classy look for any groom.  As this watch is definitely going to be worn after your special night, opt for a watch that not only matches your tuxedo, but your general preferences as well.  Neutral watches work best as they don’t overpower your look and still keep you looking sharp. For example, The Cartier Pasha Skeleton Flying Tourbillion watch via promotes simplicity and luxury. Find it on sale at

Photo by

Photo by


No tux is complete without the cufflinks! This is definitely the number one must have accessory for any groom, as it keeps you looking sharp, polished, and classy. The great thing about cufflinks is that there are millions of options, allowing you to stay true to your style and accessorize your look at the same time. Try these compass cufflinks from to help you embark on one of life’s greatest journeys—marrying the love of your life.

Photo by YorkHill

Photo by YorkHill

Dress your wedding in whimsical ways. From plush textures to artistic, eclectic touches, take a look at these bohemian wedding ideas and gather some inspiration.


Warm, outdoor lighting and breathy material can help create quite the romantic, boho experience.


Don’t be afraid to have fun with prints and mix colors while creative unique reception tables.


Remember, seating doesn’t have to be added in a traditional sense. Throw pillows can blankets are great for a casual ceremony.


That same seating can be done at the reception too and with a dressed up flair, use furs and creamy, golden tones.


Highlight the I do’s or sweetheart table with a chuppah covered in texture and gorgeous, natural elements.


Layers and multiple-textures, this girlish scene is full of bridal spirit and bohemian essence.


If you decide to be wed on the beach, create tents for your guests to mingle in for a bit more comfort.


Here’s a more earthy set-up for your reception tables and dinnertime celebrations.


This is a great idea to highlight the ceremony, dessert table or just for photos!


Rich, jewel-tones line this reception table in such a bohemian, designer style.


photos via SMP

There’s something old school, classic and elegant about a tented reception. Remember that magical scene in Father of the Bride when George Banks enters his tented backyard for the first time after months of planning his daughter’s wedding? He didn’t understand the vision until he saw it — hundreds of twinkle lights fluttering from the tent’s peak, tapered candles glowing, cascading flowers — a sophisticated, fairytale-like feeling in the air. Sigh.

We love tented receptions. They are a compromise between indoor and outdoor venues, boasting the rustic charm and peace of the outdoors, yet offering the infrastructure and conveniences of a banquet hall.

Now to toast some beautifully tented receptions!

tented wedding reception, photo by Pepper Nix Photography #reception #weddingideas #tent


Photography: Kaia Calhoun, A Sunshine Moment -  Read More:


Niagara on the Lake Winery Wedding Decor by Simply Beautiful Decor 2


Outdoor Wedding Receptions | Outdoor Tent Wedding Receptions ideas Archives | Weddings Romantique: Outdoor Wedding, Tent Wedding, Paper Lanterns, Wedding Decor, Tent Decor, Lounges Furniture, Wedding Reception, Lounges Area, Clear Tent


Wedding Planning   Design By /,Photography By /


Love this super pretty tented wedding decor


20 Fabulous Wedding Reception Lounge Ideas - love the draping; Michael & Anna Costa Photography


Are you dreaming of walking the runway as a boho beauty? Take a peek at the real, bohemian brides for a bit of ideas and inspiration.

53ec0dc148dbe$!300xCasual with a free-spirit style, we love the burst of color and floral crown topping this bridal beauty.


Fall colors adorn this whimsical gown with a warm, rich spirit.


We’re in love with the delicate details and accents involved in this boho look, especially the wispy greenery.


A bit more formal than its predecessors, this gown is full of luxury and this bride is full of bohemian presence.


Here’s a beautiful example of how you can feel like a traditional bride but complimented by a fairy-tale touch.


Romance and full of movement, here’s a beach babe that’s ready to be wed.


You can be the bohemian bride you envision with a short, textural dress too – just look at this glowing beauty.


Add a bit of blue to your day of ensemble and use this artistically-dressed bride as inspiration.


Naturally-styled hair, creamy florals and mixed pieces, we love the detailed, yet carefree, edge.


Here’s another boho bride with a bit more of formal look but still a very romantic, whimsical presence.

photos via SMP

There is something undoubtedly romantic about the South — the culture, the customs and how time seems to stand still. It’s no wonder that Spanish moss, regal white pillars and bendy tree branches create some of the most dream-worthy wedding backdrops imaginable. Let’s just say your pictures will be the envy of brides across the globe. Swooning yet?

One of the best perks about a plantation-style wedding is that {most of the time} space concerns are a non-issue. With sprawling green space and even waterfront property at some, a plantation or estate can be the ideal one-stop-shop for your wedding. So, you can forget having to pick two venues for the ceremony and reception. Easier for the bride and groom, easier for everyone.

And now, for some picture-perfect plantation inspiration:

Wedding ceremony ideas


Lowcountry Ceremony Setting-Belfair Plantation- Spencer Special Events- Landon Jacob Photography- Branches Floral Design


ceremony lighting for a just before dark wedding #weddinglighting


An incredible Southern garden wedding in Charleston by Richard Bell Photography || see more on


Southern Oaks Plantation -New Orleans, LA - Can I have this house and get married on my own entrance... PLEASE!!!


magical ceremony spot | Julie Lim #wedding


bridesmaid dresses in sand | Ashley Seawell #wedding


South Carolina Plantation Wedding on


It’s that time of year again. Can’t you hear the diehard fans chanting “foot-ball, foot-ball, foot-ball”? It’s faint but drumming louder as we approach the final countdown to football season.

Are you and your fiancé tailgating king and queen, season ticket holders and fantasy league fanatics? If you’re the couple that bleeds your team’s colors, why not add some spirited touches to your wedding day? Maybe you played on your school’s football team, maybe you met your future spouse at the same college or maybe you just share a love for the game — whatever the reason, here are some clever ways to incorporate the big game into the big day.

CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH, PLEASE?: Ditch a traditional guestbook and go for a signed ball or helmet — too cool!

wedding guestbook


SPIRITED ESCAPE: Swap sparklers, bubbles or rice for festive pom poms in your team’s tones. Bonus: Any other fans of the same team will put them to use for games to come.

Wedding exit with Alma Mater "shakers"! Colorful and fun! photo by Meg Baisden Photography


SHOW-STOPPING STADIUM CAKE: Not feeling the tiered look? Opt for something truly memorable, like this creation of Mississippi State’s stadium. Or, if your heart is set on a traditional cake, gift this crowd-pleasing cake to the groom/bride as a surprise.

This groom's cake is every football lover's dream.    Mississippi State University football fan Tristan Rawson tweeted a photo of the groom's cake served at his wedding on Saturday. Even people who don't know a first down from a touchdown will be able to appreciate the attention to detail -- check it out!


SAVE THE DATE SEASON PREVIEW: Cute, simple and memorable, this all-American approach is a winner.

Gorgeous West Virginia Engagement Session  |


FOR THE FIRST TIME…MR. & MRS: Storm the dance floor with an entertaining entrance.

Football Wedding Theme Ideas | We interrupt this wedding to bring you football season.  perfection!


GO LONG: Want to put some spin on the traditional garter toss? Strap it to a football for a touchdown pass.

Wedding Dresses by Mon Cheri Bridals | Trending | 34 Things That Will Make You Say “I Wish I Did That At My Wedding!”


TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: Lace your rings to a ball for an adorable resting spot.

Football Ring Bearer


5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Stress Free (2)

While for the upcoming wedding, you’ll truly have a lot of questions about finding an elegant mother of the bride dress, outfitting bridal party, gala night outfit and more. Some expert advice would come in handy.

Here are some tips for choosing the elegant mother of the bride dresses.

What’s your style?

·         Halter dresses and suits

Your daughter will be looking great – that’s given. It’s time to focus on you. What’s your style? Today, there are numerous options for the modern mom which has made it hard to characterize ‘mother of the bride dresses’.

We see many younger mothers dressed in halter dresses with jackets. The jacket makes the halter dress appropriate for a chapel service; however, it can later be taken off for the gala dance. Also, some younger mothers dress in suits and more elaborate dresses.

·         Elegant outfits

It has become acceptable to wear elegant, sexy outfits that show some skin. The current trend: movement away from the traditional designs and towards a more hip look. The major problem is that mothers put off their dressing until the last minute. They don’t get the adequate time they need to choose the elegant dress for the special occasion.

Consult widely

Make a lot of consultations before making your final decision. Your dress should complement dress choice of the bride-to-be and the wedding party, both in formality and colour. Some bride-to-be will envision their mothers in a particular shade and style, so be sure to consult with your daughter.

You’ll need to discuss with the mother of the groom, so you avoid wearing dresses with clashing colours, or worse still, putting on the same dress. If your daughter doesn’t already have a particular shade for you, you’ll have numerous choices to fit her colour scheme. Off-white, bone, black and navy are the most popular mother-of-the-bride-colour-shades, but Sienna, pale to bright blues and sage green are gradually gaining ground.

Black is a fashionable shade, particularly for ultra-formal evening weddings. However, white remains a wedding-day taboo shade for elegant mother of the bride dresses. Unless you want to that gamble with the colour and style at the last minute, it’s best to shop for your dress as soon as the bride-to-be has chosen her wedding gown and her attendants’ dresses.

Re-wearable dress

After the last picture goes down, and the birdseeds are tossed, you’ll still have your dress. After making the right choice for your dress, you’ll have a darling style that will fit a nice dinner, other weddings or cocktail parties.

If you’re targeting re-wearability and won’t be attending a black-tie fundraiser or the Oscars shortly, you should keep your dress choice versatile and simple. You can go for an elegant suit with a long skirt. Today, people are quite price conscious; you can shorten a long gown or suit and wear it again.


Looking the part as the bride’s mother of the bride is widely important to many women, and you need to mark the special event with an elegant dress as much as the bride. Wedding fashionists can help take away some of your stress by helping you finds what fits your personality and colouring.

Once chosen, they can also assist in selecting matching accessories such as hats and jewellery and advice on shoes. At Vicky Mar Fashions, we aim to offer a sophisticated selection of elegant mother of the bride dresses that are modern, chic and flattering. We also hope that the pieces will be ones you can wear again rather than being one-off that will be left hanging in the wardrobe after the wedding day.

Unless you happen to be gettin’ hitched on a super warm day or in a tropical location, chances are you’ll catch a chill at night, especially if your dress is sleeveless or strapless. Whether knitted, beaded, tulle, fur or silk, we’re seeing wraps, capelets and shawls of all kinds make their way onto the wedding scene. And don’t worry, there’s a wrap suitable for every occasion — winter, spring, summer, fall, black tie, casual, beachy — you name it, it’s out there.

We suggest designating a guest (preferably no one in your wedding party) or family member (aunt, cousin, etc.) with the task of managing your “reception essentials.” Pack a bag with your party shoes, wrap, clutch and touch-up tools (lip stick, powder, bobby pins, comb, safety pins) and hand if off before the wedding. Ask your designated friend to lay the wrap over your reception chair, so it will be waiting when you need it.

{FALL/WINTER}: Think fur, cable knits, cashmere — basically, anything that screams “cozy.”

Winter wedding inspiration. Wedding portraits in the snow. Featuring bridal dress and fur shawl by Marisol Aparicio.  Jennifer Fujikawa Photography


Winter wedding - Bride with chunky cable knit wrap -  Photography: - More wedding inspiration on SMP:


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DOWN PAYMENT For Custom Commission Fur Hollywood Starlet Norwegian Fox Wrap/ Bridal Wedding/ Vintage Fur Stole Shrug Cape Shawl


Winter Bridal Style via LOVE LETTERS TO HOME.


I love this angora (I think?) cardigan. So subtly elegant.


{SPRING/SUMMER}: Tulle, beaded capelets, boho shawls and loosely draped pashminas are über elegant.

Wedding Trends 2014: Chic Spring / Summer Cover Ups | Capes | Cloaks | Shawls & Wraps see more at


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Wedding Trends 2014: Chic Spring / Summer Cover Ups | Capes | Cloaks | Shawls & Wraps


Wedding Trends 2014: Chic Spring / Summer Cover Ups | Capes | Cloaks | Shawls & Wraps see more at


Delicate & beautiful. A tulle, floor-length, overlay with small silk buttons makes the bride appear ethereal.


scattered pearl capelet from bhldn (and her hair is great too!)


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