Stunning & Unique Wedding Updos

Know you want a wow-tastic, unique wedding hairstyle, but have no idea where to begin? Check out these super-edgy, way-cool updos found on Pinterest and get inspired! We spent the day going through all the fun wedding hair photos we could find and picked the best updos and half-updos. Get inspired with this updo wedding pictures and find Updo inspiration.

Art Deco Updo

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, this “messy chic” updo is all about the glamour of a bygone era.


Thicker-Than-Thick Braids

An ideal hairstyle for those with thick hair, this beautiful braided updo is sure to amaze.


Braided Updo

Thie beautiful braided updo has a real classic, yet modern look to it. It looks amazing natural too given how complex it is to create

Updo With Braided Headband

A striking updo that makes interesting use of the “braid headband.”


The Stunning Updo

What’s not to like about this amazing wedding hairstyle. This is gorgeous, complicated and jaw droppingly hard to create.

Perfect for Curly Hair Updo

Updo great for someone with naturally curly hair.

“Natural” Bridal Updo

Pay homage to nature with this natural updo. It isn’t unique and isn’t edgy, but it is one of our favorites so we had to include it.


Arabian Goddess Updo

Love Arabian Nights? You’ll flip for this updo!


Flower Power Updo

A totally-original updo, this option adds flowers to your hair for a unique look.


Medusa Updo

Inpired by one of the most notorious monsters of Greek myth and legend, this “Medusa” ‘do is totally sexy.


Check out these and other amazing, edgy options by paying Pinterest a visit or check out our wedding beauty gallery


Rustic wedding inspiration, hair tutorials and easy tips to get your through planning, this week’s roundup truly has a bit of everything involved. Take a look at the best of the best (in our eyes) of this week’s wedding world!


Give the MOB & MOG their responsibilities and make planning the wedding a bit easier. — Team Wedding

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We are loving the unique personality and loving spirit behind this adorable engagement spread. — Green Wedding Shoes

Colorful, polka-dots and 1950′s spirit – this shoot really gives us a lot of retro style. — Love My Dress

Are you a tall, bride-to-be with bigger than average feet? Check out this list of shoes just for you! — Offbeat Bride

Beautiful, bohemian wedding gowns that come in a variety of sizes! — Team Wedding

Have you seen the trendy bow bun floating around the style scene? Here’s a tutorial on how-to do it yourself! — Grey Likes Weddings

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Is your maid of honor or one of your ladies in waiting also expecting a bundle of joy when your wedding day rolls around? Instead of having her ditch the aisle, check out some of these unique and beautiful maternity bridesmaids gowns. Have her steer clear of discomfort and the traditional frumpiness of the usual maternity wear and try on some of these designs!

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesSimple, delicate and charming, this is an easy gown to have your expecting lady in waiting wear on a spring or summer wedding day.

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesLacey and sweet, we found the perfect textured dress to fit that bump!

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesElegant and beautiful, even though you’re carrying a bit of extra weight around the middle, you’ll still look like you’ve stepped off the red carpet in this number.

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesA high-low hemline never looked so adorable than on this maternity gown.

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesTraditional and light, this gown has the right support and the right colors to fit a variety of mommy-to-be’s.

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesDo you see the peach peeking out from underneath the grey overlay? It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesA stunning gown whether you’re expecting a new bundle of joy or not, we love this design!

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids DressesOn-trend and a complimentary silhouette on a variety of expecting ladies, this gown is perfect for an outside-the-box bridesmaids dress, let alone for those pregnant!

Unique Maternity Bridesmaids Dresses

We are falling in love with this cranberry colored beauty, the length and the skirt are perfect for flaunting your belly in a sophisticated way.

photos via Asos, Jenny Yoo, Aria Dress, Tiffany Rose, David’s Bridal, Ali Express, Isabella Oliver

Fall flavors are now surrounding us and autumn brides are counting down the days. Cozy sweaters and falling leaves are all we are anticipating, that and, of course, all the wonderful, rich flavors of this comfy season. And that means if you’re celebrating your “I do’s” during the season of changing colors and gourds galore, you’ll need a fancy, festive drink to toast to. Take a peek at 5 fun, festive fall-flavored signature drinks that we believe will make your reception stand out from the rest!

Pumpkin Delight

Pumpkin Signature Cocktail

Pumpkin is the quintessential decor piece, scent and flavor of the fall – so it’s only natural that it be a part, in some form, of your autumn-dated wedding. And this sippable recipe could be the right choice for your reception and toasts of the night. This cocktail has a bit of pumpkin, a bit of pineapple for sweetness, cinnamon and some other scrumptious ingredients that make it a home run among your guests.

Cranberry Crush

Cranberry Signature Cocktail

For something fruity in the fall, go for a seasonally appropriate cranberry. It’s tart, it’s sweet and goes well over ice. Take this recipe and try a bit. It’s a beautiful shade of rose and would be a unique twist on the usual lemon drops and martinis of traditional reception drinks. Spiced rum and ginger beer mix for this taste to happen.

Spiked Apple Cider Float

Apple Signature Cocktail

Who doesn’t love apple, especially in the fall months? And this drink will not only surprise your guests but delight their taste buds too. It serves equally as the signature cocktail of the day and a bit of dessert too! You’ll just need some vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, bourbon and a couple of other yummy ingredients to get a sip of this.

Maple Spice

Maple Signature Drink

There is something so rich and cozy about a bout of maple syrup on homemade pancakes. The smell is like home and the taste is like the fall, which makes it perfect as the center to your signature drink! A bit of rum, maple syrup and cinnamon are some of the key elements to this mix.

Chocolate W/ Tequila

Chocolate Signature Drink

Chocolate is a flavor for all seasons, it just depends on the presentation and accompaniments. For those chillier nights throughout autumn with crisp wind and pre-winter freezes, why not serve up some warm cocktails for your guests? Take this salted caramel hot chocolate with tequila for example, your guests will never know what hit them.

Fall is all about ethereal romance and organic beauty, and these bridal bouquets will help to inspire your own bridal bouquets for the season. For beauty, lushness and an alive and well feeling, let’s peek at some petal designs that will knock your socks off.

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsCranberry is one of fall’s favorite colors, so it’s only natural to utilize that richness in your bouquet!

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsPlums and mustards are a perfect mix for the autumn season, and we love the texture of this artistic bouquet.

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsCalla lillies are a beautiful fall floral, and this arrangement is a stunner.

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsDahlias are a great autumn floral choice as well, the whimsy nature of these lush cuties are such a great accessory to this time of year.

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsThere’s something so ethereal and organic about this design, which is a perfect way to top off these crisp months.

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsThere’s cranberry, there’s texture and there’s a organic accent that makes this bouquet a great choice!

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsFluffy cotton balls, ranunculus and berry fillers, it’s like walking through a plush field … perfect time for pumpkin picking!

540471d392104$!400xThis is another great example of everything the fall season has to offer the wedding world, natural beauty and bouts of texture.

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsHow about thinking outside-the-box and going with something a bit …. wheat-y?

Fall Wedding Bridal BouquetsOf course, you can never go wrong with sunflowers in the fall!

all photos via SMP

Have your ladies in waiting glowing and glittering in a beautiful shimmery gown. Perfect for any season this sparkling tone is full of class and elegance. Check out these golden bridesmaids dresses and get inspired!

Gold Bridesmaids DressesModern and chic, we love the clean lines of this easy design.

Gold Bridesmaids DressesShow off some womanly curves in this little, sexy number.

Gold Bridesmaids DressesThe funk and design of this dress is a stunner, we love the unique appeal and memory-making look.

Gold Bridesmaids DressesLight and airy, this gown has movement and will look great on a variety of shapes and sizes.

Gold Bridesmaids DressesFor something more formal and traditional, this gown may be the one for your gals!

Gold Bridesmaids DressesPreppy and youthful, we’re loving the sass and personality on this dress!

Gold Bridesmaids DressesAnother dress that can rule the party, your bridesmaids will be on the dance floor all night in this design!

Gold Bridesmaids DressesA comfortable and versatile dress, this is complimentary on an array of ladies and the crumb-catcher accent is so fun!

Gold Bridesmaids DressesDid someone ask for sparkle? No one looks bad in a bit of glitter.

Gold Bridesmaids DressesThe most elegant and classy of the bunch, this Vera design is breathtaking, don’t you think?

all photos via Brides

The Useful Things You Actually Need on Get Onto Wedding Registry

With more and more shops providing a registry service, the list of items you could put on your wedding gift list is endless. This means it’s increasingly important to make sure you’re choosing things you’re actually going to use, rather than getting carried away and selecting everything in John Lewis. Here are some ideas to help you figure out what’s really going to be useful, and what’s just going to get in the way.

What Do You Already Have?

With many couples getting married later in life, or moving in together first, you may already have many of the typical items that come to mind when you think of a wedding registry – such as top-notch cutlery and kitchenware. But that doesn’t mean you should go forth into wedding bliss without registering. Even though you already own many of the ‘traditional’ registry items, you still want to give your friends and family the chance to buy you something special.

kitchenaid wedding registry

photo credit: chrismar via photopin cc

It’s also a very meaningful gesture as it gives your guests the chance to have a part in your new life together, even if you’ve already set up home. Plus if you don’t register, you may end up receiving duplicates or things you already have. If you do still need those good old basics or want to upgrade the ones you’ve bought, then this is the perfect time to put together a wedding list. It’s also a great opportunity to request those items that you would like but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself – such as a cocktail making set, or a luxury knife block. Beautiful bed linen should also be high on your list. It’s all about filling your home with those high-quality items that you’ll treasure for life, so assess your needs and go for it!

cocktail making set

photo credit: Jeremy Brooks via photopin cc

Consider Cost

When putting together your list, make sure that you’re catering to a range of budgets. Close family members and friends will probably want to splash out on something special, whereas guests you’re less close to like old friends from school or evening-only guests would rather get you something a little less pricey. By choosing items to anticipate this, your guests can be confident that they’re choosing something you really need and want, without feeling like they have to spend more than they can afford. A good rule is to balance every high-ticket item with a less expensive one; that way, your list won’t swing too far one way or the other. So if you’re hoping to finally get that Kitchen Aid mixer, maybe balance it out with some lovely (but low-cost) table linen.

photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc

photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc

Where Is the Best Place to Get Married in Mexico?

Mexico is our go-to recommendation when our readers ask us where to have their destination wedding. No matter which city you choose in Mexico you can find gorgeous beaches, diverse culture, great food, over the top customer service and stunning views all around. You can visit old towns, enjoy a lazy day at the beach, undertake almost activity under the sun and then enjoy food that will blow your mind and dance the night away at fun bars in the evening. Wherever you end up, a siesta will likely be in order and your guests will thank you.

While good weather, friendly locals, nice beaches and lots of tequila are available everywhere in Mexico, it is a big place and there are literally hundreds of places you could choose from. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t help you narrow down your choices. While it was hard, the Team Wedding crew chose Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas as our favorite destination wedding locations in Mexico.

Each is unique, so there is no clear winner per se. It depends a lot on your personality as a couple and that of your guests. For more insight into those differences and what to each location offers, we reached out to Secrets Resorts & Spas. The team helped us identify the unique features at each location and what that means for your special event. We also asked them to tell us what is unique about each of their resorts in each location to give brides a good sense of what is right for them. Having run upscale resorts in each of these locations for many years, we figured they’d be the perfect local guides.

los cabos wedding destination

photo credit: *r3M’S* via photopin cc

Cabo San Lucas: Perfect Wedding Location Between Desert and the Beach

Los Cabos is located at the end of the Baja California peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular getaway for both Mexican and international tourists with its gorgeous coastline and soaring cliffs. The desert meets the sea in Cabo and that makes for a unique place.

For a couple getting married and their guests, Cabo has lots of non-wedding activities to keep people busy. It is equally a hub for fisherman with world famous deep-sea fishing and for golfers looking to play on one of two championship courses. Attractions in Cabo San Lucas include the marina and great shopping, the underwater sand-falls off Lover’s Beach and depending on the season the gray whale migrations. For the desert lovers there is “El Arco”, a monumental natural arch rock formation.

Cabo was built from the ground up to be a vacation town, so everything about it is designed to make a trip an amazing and carefree experience. Top notch hotels with quality spas and accommodation make it perfect for a destination wedding. Los Cabos makes the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable destination wedding. The scenic beaches, spectacular villas and luxurious resorts give you lots of choice and you can be assured local staff know how to plan and make sure all wedding planning elements are taken care of. You can show up with your family and friends and just enjoy the warm Baja sunshine.

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

With a gorgeous wedding gazebo and a private beach for your wedding ceremony, it is hard not to say “I do” to the magnificent Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos. When we asked the team what makes this hotel special they told us that it has the “perfect balance”. The hotel gives couples the option of an elegant ballroom, terrace or beach for a reception and even supplies a professional wedding coordinator who can handle every detail.


The hotel has some great bars, lounges or restaurants for every type of mood. Whether your guests want to swim up to the pool bar for an afternoon drink or get dressed up and spend the evening at the upscale bars and lounges, they are all options here. The hotel also included what it terms the “Unlimited-Luxury®” privileges which no wedding guest or bridal couple can argue isn’t the best deal on earth, including all premium wines, beers and other top-shelf beverages. In addition to all this perhaps the one thing this hotel gets the most acclaim for is its 15,000 square foot high end spa facilities with all the latest hydrotherapy and indigenous treatments. It sounds like the perfect place lace to recuperate from all those wedding activities.

cancun wedding

photo credit: mdanys via photopin cc

Cancun. The “Other Cancun” Is Surprisingly Romantic

As the number one tourist location in Mexico, Cancun often conjures up visions of spring breakers running around rampant. Cancun may have earned its party hotspot moniker, but there’s more to this bustling resort town than meets the eye. In fact, we’d say it has undergone a transformation, much more upmarket and diverse location.

If Cabo is all about the scenery and the sea, Cancun is all about the mixing of ancient and modern. With its turquoise waters, easy access from just about any U.S based city and a robust wedding industry, it is probably the easiest place to plan a wedding. Beach-side weddings along the 14-mile long island are spectacular for their views and intimate elegance.

For adventurous non-wedding activities you can count on Ancient Mayan nearby and sites such as Chichen Itza and Tulum just a day trip away. Rain forests with exotic wildlife are also easy day trips for your guests. For those who want to keep it local, a wonder down to the blue waters and white sands gives you a lazy beach day or throw on some snorkelers to be impressed by the colorful reefs and marine life.

Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun

There is nothing like the warm crystal waters on the Riviera Maya coastline. There is also nothing like having an amazing wedding at an AAA Four Diamond Resort called Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun that is right in the heart of this picturesque paradise. Best described as the perfect combination of sexy style and sophisticated elegance, your guests will be happy when they see themselves in one of the 433 guest suites, each of which has a suspended king-size bed, in-suite Jacuzzi and private terrace or balcony.

The Secrets Spa by Pevonia has lots of choices for those of your guests looking to relax. Wedding guests will never get bored when it comes to food and drinks either because Secrets Silversands has a large number of international cuisine choices (seven restaurants in fact) that you can stroll to anytime you want. While guests party you and your new spouse can have a quiet and romantic meal on the beach to celebrate your future together.


Perhaps the most unique part of this hotel is the sheer number of activities available. Thank the amazingly perfect beach that gives you snorkeling, fishing, relaxing by the beach and even tennis or other sports for those with too much energy. This is a great hotel for those with an active and energetic guest list who likes to get out and have fun.

photo credit: pchalasani via photopin cc

photo credit: pchalasani via photopin cc

Puerto Vallarta: Romance With Stunning Bay and Mountain Views

Puerto Vallarta is situated along the Pacific Ocean with gorgeous bay and mountain views. Unlike Cabo or Cancun, Puerto Vallarta feels much more traditional. It still exudes that local city charm, with its old town buildings and the look of what you would picture to be a Mexican city. Boardwalks and local artisans still craft sculptures outside small stores.

Just like the other locations, you can count on the beaches to provide lots of options for your active guests. Whether snorkeling, diving or watching dolphins, being on the water is definitely a must in Puerto Vallarta. In the nearby tropical jungle, you can also try more adventurous outings, like bungee jumping and zip lining through the forest canopy. It has the look of a small town, but the feel of a big city after dark. The town lights up at night and becomes filled with fireworks shows and cultural performances. Fun little bars and restaurants can be found all over the place, everything from smaller bohemian spots, energetic piano bars and jazz and salsa places that rock till the late hours. Of course, if you have rowdy guests then it is easy to find a proper club too.

Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta

Located on the golden sand beaches of the Pacific coast this vibrant and energetic hotel reminds us of Miami beach. With all the cool and swagger that comes with having one of the swankiest hotels in one of the most happening places in Mexico. Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta offers 271 luxurious guest suites, each featuring a king-size bed, marble floors, full bathroom and a private terrace or balcony. Not that you will spend much time in your room when your guests are out on the water on jet skis or by the pool having a classic Mexican margarita.


If five restaurants isn’t enough for you and your guests, you can also walk to the famous El Malecón boardwalk where there is access to all the entertainment, nightlife and restaurants anybody could ever want. This vibrant oceanfront resort is perfect for those looking for a little glam for their special day.

This Post is Sponsored by: Secrets Resorts & Spas.



Ruffled Wedding

A personal favorite batch of wedding world goodies, this week we’ve got it all. From epic weddings to color combinations to swoon over to dress designs that are completely outside-the-box and gorgeous … take a look at our favorite links and click on every single one of them!


Check out 10 of the best wedding apps for planning your wedding. — Team Wedding

You will absolutely melt at the site of these gorgeous bridesmaids, take a peek! — Green Wedding Shoes

We may have fallen upon this post a bit late, but the inspiration behind these painted wedding cakes is stunning. — Intimate Weddings

Are you a tattooed bride worried about showing off her ink down the aisle, throw that fear out the window and take a look at this gallery of beauties! — Rock’N’Roll Bride

We’ve all had to deal with this at some point, take their advice on dealing with a jealous sibling in conjunction with your wedding day. — Brides

27 dress designs that you’ll want to reach through the computer and snatch right up, take a look! — Festival Brides

A soft and beautiful color combination, such as peach and mint, is meant to be shared and admired. — Belle

Curious as to what the FOB & FOG should be doing, we’ve got the list here — Team Wedding

This yacht club wedding has style and panache in absolutely every nook and cranny of the event! — Ruffled

Do you need some Grecian inspiration when it comes to your day of bridal beauty, check out this styled photoshoot to seal the deal. — b.loved


Best Wedding Apps

top wedding apps


We locked ourselves inside, downloaded lots of apps, tested online tools and finally came up with the definitive list of the Top 10 Wedding Apps. That’s right, we’ve found the most awesome wedding apps, the ones that convert “swiping time” into productive “wedding stuff getting done” time.

We found tools and apps for creating a wedding website, automaticalling generating task lists based on your wedding date, sample wedding vows, finding a wedding dress, creating wedding song lists and everything in between. We’ve got everything need to organize every aspect of the big day. This is the ultimate list of wedding apps to digitize your entire wedding planning process.



Pinterest is the perfect tool for wedding inspiration. You can search through images of wedding dresses, flowers, decorations, accessories and just about everything else. It’s absolutely ideal for finding inspiration (join our followers – check out our Pinterest boards) and collecting things as you pull together the ultimate look for your wedding day.

pinterest for weddings

Weebly Wedding Websites

Weebly is by far and way the easiest way to build your wedding website. Weebly gives everyone the freedom to start a site, blog or online store (for your registry) that works brilliantly across computers, phones and tablets. Content elements (like text, photos, maps, and videos) are added to your wedding website by simply dragging & dropping them into place. Text is edited just like in a word processor. Building your website is done in real time, right from within your web browser. There’s absolutely nothing to install and no upgrades to worry about.

best wedding website tools


Appy Couple

Planning a wedding involves a lot of information, not just for the couple, but for the guests as well – accomodation and travel options, directions, maps, RSVP details, wedding gift info, contact details for various members of the wedding party etc, etc. Appy Couple lets you share all this info with guests. so they have all the info at their fingertips. This beautiful wedding app also lets you collect guest photos, collect RSVPs, plan, remind, organize and socialize around the wedding planning and event itself. One of our favorite wedding apps.

top wedding apps

Top Table Planner

The promise of Top Table Planner is simple. Just drag and drop your guests and tables to create the perfect plan. Most people use spreadsheets or paper and it just isn’t necessary any more. Just add guests drag them onto to tables, it really is that simple. When you are done you can print out the table plan diagram and the list of names and tables that they are assigned to.

4019367 (1)

Thik of it as Wedding Pinterest but so much more. You can save your favorite wedding ideas and inspiration into bundles to stay organized. When you find things you like, you can easily shop for them ( has over 200,000 big day must-haves from invitations to your wedding dress). Plan your wedding with our expert advice, trend reports, DIYs, and celebrity scoop.

wedding apps



The perfect app for choosing your wedding songs and organize your playlists. Whether it is for the wedding itself or the afterparty, having your wedding music chosen and ready is so much easier with Spotify. You can select from millions of songs, build up a playlist and on the day it’s simply plug and play. If you’ve a great friend who’s into music, ask them to organise a playlist and share it with you, it couldn’t be easier.

wedding music apps


Eversnap app and website help you to collect all your guests’ photos AND videos in one online album. Eversnap iPhone & Android apps can help an event, wedding, mitzvah, or any company event to collect all their guests’ photos and videos in one online album. Eversnap is the best wedding app for photos as well as the number #1 rated event photo app for other parrty categories too.

apps for weddings


Vyclone lets you shoot movies using multiple iPhones, then automatically puts them together into one multi-camera movie. You start by signing in through Vyclone or Facebook, then have your wedding guests download the app at your wedding. You might want to let them know beforehand, on your wedding website. Your guests shoot away and then at the end you have the ability to combine those videos your guests recorded and create a unique film of your wedding from their perspective.

great weddding apps


Stay organized across devices and individuals with Evernote. Share your notes with your partner and work off the same list of items so you’re on the same page. You can also assign items to your fiance and check of items (which sync). Evernote can become the single plan and items you need to complete and the system of record. Warning: Once you start using Evernote it will take over your life. It starts with wedding planning but quickly escalates.

best wedding apps

Wedding Wire Apps

WeddingWire App helps you manage your Checklist, Budget, Guest List and RSVPs. WedTeam App lets you easily search reviewed wedding vendors by location and preferences. WedStyle App gives you the ability to browse thousands of photos and trends. WedSocial App lets you collect all of your guests’ photos from your wedding day into one easy-to-access place!

best wedding apps

Zola Registry

Developed by Gilt founder Kevin Ryan and several other former Gilt Groupe-ies, Zola is a (quite gorgeous) digital solution for curating a registry. See something you like in store? Use the app to scan barcodes. You can also add cash/honeymoon funds to your wishlist or enable guests to pool funds for big-ticket gifts, like the Vitamix blender you’ve been craving. Zola Registry is FREE to both join and use.

great wedding apps

See The Full List of Top Wedding Apps

wedding abroad

photo credit: Pearl Pictures via photopin cc

3 Tips for a Having an Amazing Wedding Abroad

In today’s world, more and more people are deciding to get married abroad, and although it’s not to everybody’s tastes, it can be a great way to help your wedding truly be a day for everyone to remember. Although picking a destination abroad for you and your partner’s special day might sound like a lovely whimsical option, it’s important to get the details right as choosing this route will require a great deal of planning.

Of course, this can cause a great deal of stress and pressure on the build up to what’s supposed to be a day about celebrating you and your partner. So, with that being the case, we’ve put together three pieces of advice to take the stress out of having a wonderful wedding abroad.

wedding abroad tips

photo credit: Pearl Pictures via photopin cc

Don’t Just Look at Popular Destinations; Travel off the Beaten Path

When looking for that dream location, many people will look at the places you’re ‘supposed’ to have a wedding abroad rather than straying to a more unusual place. Although it may be simpler to just do what your friends have done, choosing a location and venue on the basis of ease could lead you to regret your decision down the line. This is because your choice of destination is one of the most important factors when it comes to the uniqueness of your wedding, so have a browse through wedding destinations as a couple and choose somewhere that’s unique and suited to your tastes and needs. After all, it’s your special day.

tips for wedding abroad

photo credit: Pearl Pictures via photopin cc

It’s about the People You Bring With You, Not Just the Place

Destination alone isn’t the only that that’s important; you also have to consider who you bring with you to share in the experience. Do you want to only bring your closest friends and family, or would you prefer a larger-scale event? If your ceremony is going to be an intimate affair then this probably means you have carte blanche on your location, as you only have a few people to organize and the budget can be stretched a little further. If you’re planning an enormous do, however you might want to choose somewhere more accessible to your guests and with fewer restrictions: pick a country where visa restrictions aren’t a problem, and ensure your guests aren’t going to need an array of shots before travelling. Above all, be sure to give everyone plenty of advance warning!

wedding abroad

photo credit: Pearl Pictures via photopin cc

Sometimes, You Should Go with Your Gut Feeling; Don’t Wait

Although waiting for something good can sometimes make that thing even better, with something as important as your wedding, it might be best for your peace of mind to decide on a location, book without delay, then simply inform your guests and let them sort out their own travel plans. Waiting prolongs the amount of time you have to stress over a decision, so cutting off the option to change your mind can help reduce the trauma of the decision-making.

So there you have it: some terrific tips that will help you to have a wonderful wedding abroad.


 Figure out how to serve up your delicious treats at your wedding, try out a floral DIY and swoon over some beautiful weddings on this week’s roundup of the best of the wedding world!


5 ways to serve scrumptious food and drink at your wedding reception. — Team Wedding

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It seems like the dads get a bit of the easy way out in terms of helping to plan (besides dishes out some big bucks to help the entire day run.) In fact, there are plenty of tasks and responsibilities to keep the father of the bride and groom busy during your wedding stress and planning adventure. Sit down and chat with your dads, see what they’re comfortable with financially and in terms of tasks! This entire process can be super stressful, use your family’s helping hand when necessary and appropriate. Now, let’s take a peek at the real to-do’s you can leave up to the father of the bride and the father of the groom!

father of the bride and groom responsibilitiesvia

Father of the Bride

father of the bride responsibilitiesvia

1. Talk finances: Traditionally, the bride’s family pays (or helps pay) for the wedding. Before your bride starts planning her big day, sit down and talk about the budget, let her know what you’ll be able to help out with and go from there!

2. Prepare a speech: And make it a good one. Personally, I think my dad did the perfect job. Before dinner was served at our reception, he welcomed our guests and gave one heck of a knockout, tear-jerking speech. It’s the father of the bride’s job to make this big toast happen, so, be prepared!

3. Tipping time: Once everyone parts from the dance floor, dad needs to stay around to pass out the tips. From the servers to the DJ, it’s traditionally that all the helpers of the day get some type of extra appreciation. Have your envelopes prepared the day before and labeled.

Father of the Groom

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1. Ask if help is needed: Financially. Even if you know the bride’s family is taking care of the bill, or even if you can’t help out a whole lot in terms of money, it’s nice enough to ask if any help is needed, even if it’s a smaller part of the planning like the retainer fee for the night’s entertainment.

2. Be Sociable: Whether it’s the engagement party or the receiving line when the ceremony is over, you need to be on your best behavior and help host the big event!

3. Honeymoon help: Another tradition is that the groom’s parents help pay for the couple’s honeymoon. In this day and age, the newlyweds are spending their own money on this big trip, but if able, it’s nice to at least ask or contribute to a little bit especially if the bride’s parents paid for most of the wedding celebration.

4. Plan the rehearsal dinner: Traditionally, the groom’s family plans and pays for the rehearsal dinner, which means that the MOG will take most of the decision making on her plate. As the dad, you’ll also need to have a speech/toast prepared for the big night.

Make a scene in one of these beautiful, bridal ball gowns as you make your way down the aisle! Every bride wants that special moment for themselves and in one of these designs, you’ll not only be the bell of the ball but also on everyone’s radar throughout the entire night!

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsA Victorian beautiful with a dramatic entrance, you’ll have second-glances in this all night!

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsThis blue beauty will have everyone talking … for years and years to come.

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsFairy-like and sparkling, flit around the ball room in this gorgeous design.

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsA gown that’s not only blush, but lush in style, you’ll definitely feel like the belle of the ball in this gown.

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsLayers and layers of stunning fabric help to create this flattering and statement-worthy dress.

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsRuffles and a lace bodice, what bride wouldn’t want to at least try this gorgeous gown on?

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsThe keyhole back, the lace appliques, the train … it’s all quite magical, don’t you think?

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsFeel a bit like Belle from Beauty and the Beast with this pick-up, rosette-filled satin gown.

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsThe glittering cap sleeves make this ball gown a bit more of a unique take than the usual sweetheart neckline.

Dramatic Wedding Ball GownsReally make a statement by walking down the aisle in a classic black and white, glam number.

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wedding mishaps

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Prepare for Potential Wedding Mishaps

No one can question how amazing Adelaide is as a wedding venue – couples can choose from country clubs, hotels, wineries, restaurants, botanic gardens, pavilions, waterfalls, zoos, farms, historic buildings, and ancestral homes. Still, even in an idyllic location — prepared meticulously, with careful, conscientious attention to detail, geared to every whim of the bride and groom – something can go wrong. One might just give in, and adopt that half-empty adage: something always goes wrong.

It’s true. No matter how experienced the wedding planner and his/her minions, they can’t control the elements or, if you believe such things, fate. Is disaster lurking amongst the many wedding venues in Adelaide? What, could possibly go wrong, if the event was well-planned and organized? Let us tell you: plenty.

What Could Go Pear-Shaped

  • Bridal expos
  • The celebrant
  • The ceremony music
  • The reception music
  • The fashion
  • The flowers
  • Hair
  • Make-up
  • Bridesmaid selection
  • Groomsmen selection
  • Hen party – guests and locations
  • Buck party – guests and locations
  • Limousines – modern or vintage
  • Photography – traditional or edgy
  • Rings and Jewellery
  • Stationery
  • Video
  • Venue

Perfection is in the Preparation

Whatever the view, the budget, the inherent glamour and charm, and the right choice of wedding venue in Adelaide, a bridal couple may not be able to escape providence’s implacable grip. While most celebrities shield any wedding mishaps from the prying eyes of the press, stories manage to leak, and in some cases, flood out, for the public to relish.

For example, consider the 1980 gasp-inducing first view of then-Lady Diana Spencer’s much-anticipated wedding gown — everyone’s first impression? The dress was unquestionably, and utterly, wrinkled.  The car, which drove Diana to the front doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, probably wasn’t designed to house a 25-ft train (the longest in royal-wedding history).  Today, an artful wedding consultant, would have, in his/her well-planned arsenal, a hand-held, battery-operated steamer, to erase major creases.


Celebrities Aren’t Immune to Wedding ‘Disasters’

Most reported celebrity wedding “mishaps” are fashion related. Examples of what are often held up in horror include:

  • Whitney Houston’s and Celine Dion’s helmet-style hairpieces
  • Rita “Mrs. Tom Hanks” Wilson’s and Sarah, Duchess of York’s excess of product,  and too-curled mops of hair
  • Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman’s teen-aged bride Mandy Smith’s and “Jordan” aka Katie Price’s choices of abandoning traditional white for lavender-hued gowns
  • Singer Josh Kelly’s serious facial gash (against actress bride Katherine Heigl’s wishes, he’d gone skiing, and ran into an errant tree)
  • Actress/singer Hilary Duff’s day-before-the-ceremony tooth loss
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s overzealous halo string of flowers, in which she became entangled, during her (second-time) vows with Richard Burton

Resolve: have miracle doctors and dentists on speed-dial, and learn the ultimate diplomacy in dealing with fashion faux-pas-determined brides.


photo credit: jilleatsapples via photopin cc

photo credit: jilleatsapples via photopin cc

Solutions Can Be Simple

Unlike celebrities, average couples do suffer similar “unexpected” deterrents, which a sharp wedding planner can combat:

  • Bird poop, spills, dirt on cuffs and hems –  in any good planner’s magic bag (think Mary Poppins), he/she has a stain remover stick and wipes loaded into the bridal emergency kit, along with mints, a sewing kit, concealer,  clear nail polish (to stop runs in hose) ,and much more
  • Venues being double booked or an outdoor ceremony rained on – always have a back-up plan (it should be the first lesson taught in wedding-planner school)
  • Pianist/quartet/organist doesn’t show up – be sure you have a “mix-tape” (i.e. on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad, etc.) appropriate for the wedding ceremony itself as well as the reception. Don’t forget the player with a speaker, too
  • Food/décor/colors were not as discussed – make sure the couple has detailed and specific contracts
  • Dresses/tuxes/shoes/ties that don’t fit – have everyone in the wedding party (family, too) try on their wedding garb at least a week to three-days before the wedding. Have seamstresses and back-up shoes prepared.
  • Need to make a change – have a separate phone list for the wedding couple with contact names and numbers the wedding party, attendees, vendors, celebrant, etc..

A good planner can delegate better than a politician: make sure bride and the groom have, at their disposal, someone from the wedding party, specifically designated, to be their personal attendant at all times. The bottom line? A planner is practiced and prepared, always.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall is all about the organic beauty of the world. The soft wind, dropping temperatures and cozy fabrics are all a part of the warm and romantic essence of the season. If you’re planning a wedding that pays homage to autumn, it’s essential that your florals follow that same feeling and style. That’s why we’re sharing 5 beautiful bridal bouquets that hold 5 of the best fall florals. Let’s take a peek!

Sunshiney Sunflowers

Fall Sunflower Bouquet

There’s no resisting the charm and happy grins that a single sunflower can bring. Bind several together to create a bouquet and you’ve got a perfect fall-flavored recipe. These florals evoke a sense of warmth and happiness, which are a great way to celebrate your vows, don’t you think?

Plum Calla Lilies

Purple Calla Lilies

These rich, sophisticated flowers help to create that welcoming and mysterious spirit a fall night can bring. For more formal or evening celebrations, try carrying an arrangement set off by these beautiful, plum petals. As a traditional symbol of marriage, calla lilies are one of the most popular wedding flowers.

Buttery Dahlias

Yellow Fall Dahlias

This glowing yellow is a perfect way to offset the colors of the fall. Paired with rich greens and fiery oranges, you’ll have a quintessential autumn design that will never go out of style. Not to mention, the dahlia is a symbol of inner strength, creativity and beauty.

Rich Queen Anne’s Lace

Fall Queen Anne's Lace Bouquet

We love the whimsy, romantic nature of a pure queen anne’s lace. Usually used as fillers, we also like the idea of bridesmaids carrying bouts of fluffy lace. And with the meaning of peace and sanctuary, you’ll walk into a marriage set out on the right foot.

Wheat and Textures

Fall Wheat Bouquet

Another great way to stand out and pay homage to the season is to use multi-textures and unique pieces. From lush wheat bouquets to acorn fillers, we love all the wonderful ideas that trendy brides are spreading around the wedding world. Don’t be afraid of color and don’t be afraid to mix in some fun essentials with your florals!

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caribbean wedding ideas

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This post brought to you by Caribbean and Latin America Marriott and JW Resorts. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Top Wedding Sites.

Destination weddings are becoming popular amongst brides who imagine themselves (and their guests) on a tropical beach, surrounded by gorgeous scenary, hot weather and a relaxed atmosphere. At Team Wedding we often get questions about the best places for a destination wedding. We’re big fans of finding a place that is close to the U.S so that friends and family can easily join. Our favorite recommendations are locations in the Caribbean and Latin America. With easy flights from the U.S, decent flight times, great weather and scenery as well as some amazing hotel choices, they are perfect for destination weddings.

If you’re considering a destination wedding it’s likely that you’re excited about saying your vows in an exotic location. Think about the atmosphere that you’re looking for. Maybe you like the laid-back, carefree, island vibe that the Caribbean offers, or is it the big city energy that you’ll find in a metropolis? If you’re considering a location that you’ve never visited, take the time to do plenty of research, or connect with a travel agent early in the planning process to help determine if it’s a good fit for your style.

The Caribbean is a top destination for its picturesque white-sand beaches and tropical rainforests. Escape to Mexico to say “I Do” on the beach in a traditional wedding ceremony or travel to ancient Mexican ruins for something a little more unique.

cabo wedding ideas

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Our Favorite Locations


Serious divers have known about Curacao for years. This picturesque location has some amazing beaches and natural wonders. The beachers, with fine sand and calm waters are perfect for a beachside ceremony. We love Willemstad (Curacao’s capital city) with its charming pastel buildings and gorgeous streets.

caracoa wedding

photo credit: Jessica Bee via photopin cc


Aruba is the perfect paradise for your dream destination beach wedding. With crystal clear waters and almost perfect weather all year round, it is a great destination for your perfect wedding day. While a beach wedding is typical for Aruba, don’t forget to venture off the sand and check out fun attractions and discovery an island full of history, culture and rugged landscapes.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico and with good reason. It has many options for spas, resorts and fine-dining. Situated on the coast of the Pacific and boasting some of the finest beaches and best resorts in the country, it is perfect for a destination wedding. The other great thing about Puerto Vallarta is that is has lots of non-beach activities for the downtime around the wedding. Zip-lining or bungee jumping or maybe a family outing like sight-seeing or swimming with the dolphins are all things you will find nearby.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Island is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and our favorite for a destination wedding. Grand Cayman combines complete relaxation, exquisite dining, exciting nightlife or the awesome underwater sights. Seven Mile Beach is a great location to check out for your ceremony as is the North Sound, Stingray City and the Sandbar. If you want something away from the beach, definitely check out George Town. With Caribbean buildings in all sorts of fun colors, it is definitely a great location. Other popular attractions include the Cayman Islands National Museum, Rum Point, Pedro St. James, Bodden Town, the first capital of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Turtle Farm, and the National’s Trusts Mastic Trail, a 2 mile traditional footpath through unspoiled woodlands.

photo credit: slack12 via photopin cc

photo credit: slack12 via photopin cc


Cancun is located on the second largest reef in the world, so this party city is much more of a destination wedding locations than meets the eye. There really is something for everyone in Cancun. With warm, clear waters, lots of amazing hotels and a fun and vibrant nightlife, this is the location for the couple looking to combine excitement and relaxation for themselves and their guests.

cancun wedding

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How To Choose A Hotel & Location

Deciding on where to have your destination wedding is a difficult decision, particularly once you’ve narrowed it down to a region such as the Caribbean or Mexico. Do your guests need to have passports? What kind of cultural experience are you looking for? Will the experience be turn-key or will it be a challenge to manage from overseas?

We asked the Caribbean and Latin America Marriott and JW Resorts team for their advice on choosing a resort and location. They provided a very helpful guide to help you make your decision. Simply follow the Matrimony Quiz and it will help you decide the destination that best fits your needs, and connect you, worry-free, with the CALA Marriott or JW resort that’s perfect for your big day. We loved it so much we included it here for you to try:

The guys at Caribbean and Latin America Marriott and JW Resorts also suggested that couples take at least one planning trip to your favorite locations. The idea is to scout and secure your key venues and local suppliers such as caterers, florists and photographers.

With a destination wedding, it also makes sense to work with a partner you can trust. Many resorts include a coordinator in their wedding packages so make sure to take advantage of that opportunity. This coordinator is often the person on the ground when you can’t be there.

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Pink Bridal Shower Inspiration

This week we’ve got bouts of pink bridal inspiration, beautiful wedding ideas and even some tips on whether or not you should be purchasing wedding insurance. Take a look around!


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Incorporating gorgeous, sapphire jewelry as your “something blue” for your big day. — One Wed

Fig-shades and metallic wedding inspiration, gorgeous and full of fall flair! — 100 Layer Cake

A colorful, pop-infused wedding that will knock your socks off. — Rock’N’Roll Bride

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Dreamy, whimsical bohemian wedding day inspiration for you to gush over. — Green Wedding Shoes

10 ways to utilize the romantic appeal of classic baby’s breath. — Rustic Wedding Chic

Take a peek at this lace and polka-dot loving wedding, it’s incredible charming and adorable. — Love My Dress

This amber-infused, fall-styled wedding is such an elegant and stylish celebration. — The Perfect Palette

wedding guest tips

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Think you know everything there is to know about being a rock-star wedding guest? Check out five wedding guest myths and see how well you know your stuff!

Myth #1: You can’t wear black.

Fear not!  You can totally wear your favorite little black dress to the next wedding you’re invited to. Many believe wearing black to a wedding spells gloom instead of glee, but don’t worry–no one will think twice about it. Sure, black might not be the best choice for a mid-afternoon ceremony in the spring, or a beach wedding, however black is perfectly acceptable for any evening wedding.

Myth #2: Ask the bride about everything

Don’t assume that the bride and groom should be the first people you ask about everything just because it’s their event. Gift Transportation questions? Will a babysitter be available at the reception? Try not to ask the happy couple about everything–they have enough stress to deal with!  Ask the wedding party, or the parents. If the couple created a wedding website, it will feature all the information you need. If all other attempts fail, then ask the bride and groom.

Myth #3: Shopping from the registry screams “impersonal”

A creative present from the heart is better than one off the list, right? Not exactly. Most couples want gifts from their registry — that’s why they created it! Add a personal touch by choosing an item that has significance for you and the couple, such as buying them stemware to replace the glass you broke at their last party, and include a note that lets them know you wanted to get them something personal and practical.

Myth #4: An invite means you can bring a date

Couples are generally working within a budget, and dates mean more food, drinks, etc. Unless your invitation specifically says “and guest”, DO NOT BRING A DATE!!

Myth #5: The couple will book your accommodations

You may be traveling to the other side of the country–or the world–however it is not the couple’s responsibility to pay for your accommodations. Many couples reserve blocks of hotel rooms to get a good rate for their out-of-town guests, but that doesn’t mean they’re paying for them. If you’re not sure where to stay, ask a member of the bridal party about your options.

50 recessional songs

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Need a little help when it comes to the music for your wedding? There’s plenty of fabulous, upbeat songs to choose from if looking for recessional tunes. Check them out and have fun!

  • ‘Best of My Love,’ The Emotions
  • ‘Love on Top,’ Beyoncé
  • ‘You Make My Dreams Come True,’ Hall & Oates
  • ‘Love Never Felt So Good,’ Michael Jackson featuring Justin Timberlake
  • ‘You’re All I Need to Get By,’ Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
  • ‘Best Day of My Life,’ American Authors
  • ‘You Are the Best Thing,’ Ray LaMontagne
  • ‘All You Need is Love,’ The Beatles
  • ‘Just Like Heaven,’ The Cure
  • ‘Do You Believe in Magic,’ The Lovin’ Spoonful
  • ‘Mirrors,’ Justin Timberlake
  • ‘I’m Into Something Good,’ The Bird and the Bee
  • ‘Crazy in Love,’ Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z
  • ‘Happy Together,’ The Turtles
  • ‘This Will Be Our Year,’ The Zombies
  • ‘Feel Again,’ OneRepublic
  • ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ The Beatles
  • ‘With a Girl Like You,’ The Troggs
  • ‘Could You Be Loved,’ Bob Marley
  • ‘I Do,’ Colbie Caillat
  • ‘Everlasting Love,’ Carl Carlton
  • ‘Let My Love Open the Door,’ Pete Townshend
  • ‘Melt With You,’ Modern English
  • ‘Little Talks,’ Of Monsters and Men
  • ‘Safe and Sound,’ Capital Cities
  • ‘Is This Love,’ Bob Marley
  • ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,’ Frankie Valli
  • ‘Feelin’ Good,’ Michael Buble
  • ‘Got to Be Real,’ Cheryl Lynn
  • ‘Home,’ Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
  • ‘Everlasting Light,’ The Black Keyes
  • ‘(This Will Be) An Everlasting Love,’ Natalie Cole
  • ‘Mint Car,’ The Cure
  • ‘Home,’ Phillip Phillips
  • ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours),’ Stevie Wonder
  • ‘Gimmie Some Lovin’,’ Spencer Davis Group
  • ‘Tenderness,’ by General Public
  • ‘Bay I Need Your Loving,’ The Four Tops
  • ‘The Way You Make Me Feel,’ Michael Jackson
  • ‘Wild Wild Love,’ Pitbull featuring G.R.L.
  • ‘Dog Days Are Over,’ Florence + the Machine
  • ‘Ain’t That a Kick in the Head,’ Dean Martin
  • ‘Good Life,’ OneRepublic
  • ‘Hey Ho,’ The Lumineers
  • ‘You’ve Got the Love,’ Florence + the Machine
  • ‘Go Outside,’ Cults
  • ‘Marry You,’ Bruno Mars
  • ‘On Top of the World,’ Imagine Dragons
  • ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love,’ The Darkness
  • ‘Lovely Day,’ Bill Withers

These bohemian beauties have the ease and flow of a romantic, whimsy wind … and you’ll be spellbinding on the dance floor. Check out these boho wedding gowns that are fit for a variety of brides, including those with curves!

Bohemian Wedding DressesWe are adoring the neckline, the movement and the trapeze style.

Bohemian Wedding DressesComfortable, glamorous and organically beautiful all the at the same time.

Bohemian Wedding DressesA cinched waist, flowing fabric and beautiful neck illusions take the cake with this design.

Bohemian Wedding DressesA sexy side with a delicate boho beading, we are lovely the wispy train and fairy-like quality of this piece.

Bohemian Wedding DressesIf you’re looking for something with volume and a relaxing nature, try on this beauty.

Bohemian Wedding DressesSlink into this unique, lace dress for something bohemian in style but still very bridal in feel.

Bohemian Wedding DressesButterfly sleeves and a red carpet vibe, I’d like to give myself a spin in this gown!

Bohemian Wedding DressesOf course the veil takes this design over-the-top into a gorgeous new level, but the dress itself is so versatile and freeing too.

Bohemian Wedding DressesThese sleeves were meant for a free-spirited, bohemian bride.

Bohemian Wedding DressesThis 1970′s-inspired piece is the quintessential bohemian gown for those brides that was to truly embody this era.

all photos via Brides

Weddings are events where a couple gets to share their romantic day with friends, family and loved ones. A event that many consider the most important of their lives, it’s an honor to be invited to a wedding. It’s an even greater honor when asked to deliver a speech! Speeches are given after the couple exchange their vows during the church service, as well as during the reception. The Brother of the bride wedding speech is a common wedding speech example, with other speeches generally given by the best man and maid of honor, father or mother of the bride or groom, siblings to the couple or any other close family and friends.

The Brother of the bride wedding speech is one where a brother takes about what makes his big or little sis so awesome. One of the shorter wedding speeches, it may be given by the bride’s brother in place of the father. This speech should begin with congratulating the couple on their hard work and planning. It should sound personal and highlight a few fun childhood memories.  The brother also gets to welcome his new brother-in- law to the family. If the brother and the couple have the same sense of humor, he can make a few jokes without embarrassing them, or add a love quote or two. Finally, he should congratulate them as he welcomes another family member to give the next speech.

Writing the speech out is always a good idea! Rehearse it as well, including in front of others. A brief statement of loving feelings and good wishes towards the couple is always recommended, while a few love quotes and/ or jokes may be included to make it less formal. The brother of the bride wedding speech can be casual while still allowing the brother to tell the couple how sincerely happy he is for them!

Example Brother of the Bride Speech

“…For the sake of those who do not know me my name is [name]. [Bride's name], the bride is my younger sister. I feel privileged to share in this beautiful occasion and very honored to give a speech. On behalf of the entire family, I would like to take this opportunity to invite [Groom's name], my new brother in-law into our family. Some of the fond memories I have of my sister include the day she removed her braces and she kept smiling at everyone saying how her teeth were beautiful…”

This speech is brief, balanced and provides all the necessary goodness! Hope it helps!

Example Funny Brother of the Bride Speech

Are you looking high and low for your perfect “something blue” to dawn on your wedding day? Take a peek at some of these gorgeous, blue-hued jewels and get inspired!

Blue Wedding Jewelry

This brooch would look amazing adorning your bouquet or even as the back of your dress where you sash will be tied.

Blue Wedding Jewelry

This bib necklace should would draw the eyes up of passersby and be such a unique accent to your day of ensemble.

Blue Wedding JewelryAdorn you left-hand with something bold and flashing – like a sapphire band maybe?

Blue Wedding Jewelry

For something a bit more unique and youthful, try a necklace with funky style.

Blue Wedding Jewelry

There’s also an option of going with a classic topaz or aquamarine stone to accent your decolletage. Blue Wedding Jewelry Maybe a chunky, colorful bracelet is what you need to finish off your look?

Blue Wedding Jewelry

These earrings should would look incredible with a fancy updo, don’t you think?Blue Wedding Jewelry For a more modern, contemporary style – clean lines, even in your jewelry choices are a must-have.

Blue Wedding Jewelry

These powder blue jewels sure are gorgeous, aren’t they?

Blue Wedding JewelryAnd we saved the best for last. These chandelier earrings are beautiful pieces to lighten up your look!

all photos via Brides

When the wedding planning begins, there are two women who may want in on the action, and may want in a bit too much … the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. The MOG may misstep her boundaries when it comes to the MOB’s responsibilities and the MOB may be overstepping the bride. It’s a hard pill to swallow, it can get stressful and it can even ruin great moments throughout the engagement, for both the bride and the groom. Instead of having them battle it out, give each leading lady specific tasks and let them enjoy the process of planning right alongside of you. Let’s take a peek at the real to-do’s you can leave up to the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom!


Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bridevia

1. Be by your daughter’s side: Even if the bride has a great relationship with her mother-in-law to be, it’ll never be like that of her own mom. From the venue scouting to wedding dress shopping, the MOB needs to be there every step of the way … that the bride asks for.

2. Attire choices: The MOB helps the bride decide not only on the wedding gown, but the entire bridal party’s get-up. Moms don’t lie, so make sure you take her advice. Also, the MOB should help pick out the wedding night peignoir!

3. Serve as a contact: You may need to be one of the main contacts for wedding vendors. If the bride is busy or overwhelmed, it’s okay for mom to take the lead and help with direction.

4. Help with the traditions: Whether it’s a cultural or “something blue” tradition, the MOB is the one that takes on the teacher role.

Mother of the Groom

Mother of the Groomvia

1. Plan the rehearsal dinner: Traditionally, the groom’s family plans and pays for the rehearsal dinner, which means that the MOG will take most of the decision making on her plate.

2. Check the dress code: Ask the bride what she’d like for you to wear in terms of color or style. You don’t want to be in the same thing that the MOB is wearing, and it’s polite and appreciated if you make sure there is no clashing!

3. Honeymoon help: Another tradition is that the groom’s parents help pay for the couple’s honeymoon. In this day and age, the newlyweds are spending their own money on this big trip, but if able, it’s nice to at least ask or contribute to a little bit especially if the bride’s parents paid for most of the wedding celebration.

Both MOB & MOG

1. Help with the guest list: Both mom’s will need to get in on creating their side of the list. Get everyone’s addresses and correct spelling of their names down!

2. Bridal shower plans: According to tradition, the moms aren’t supposed to be the main host of the party. But we say that’s rubbish! Moms want to lavish their daughter and daughter-in-law to be, so let them!

Rehearsal dinners are what happen after the bride, groom, officient and wedding party practice how the next day’s ceremony is going to go. The dinner takes place a restaurant, banquet hall or the home of the groom’s parents, as they are the traditional hosts. If attending a rehearsal dinner and are unsure how to dress, check out the following tips!

Dress Code

Find out from members of the wedding party what the official dress code is for the entire shebang. Another excellent resource is your invitation, which usually features information about attire. Types of dress style you might see on your invite include:

  • Black Tie: This is usually reserved for the actual wedding, however it may extend to the dinner. Men should wear a tux, women a cocktail dress or long evening gown.
  • Formal/Black Tie Optional: This indicates attire is slightly less formal than black tie, meaning a dark suit and tie could work for men. For women, evening gowns, dark suits or cocktail dresses work.
  • Beach Formal: Attending a beach wedding? Wear elegant clothing that fits the weather. Men can opt for suits made of light fabric, while women can wear tea or knee-length sundresses.
  • Semi-formal/Dressy Casual: A rehearsal dinner with these instructions usually means dark suits (evening) or light suits (day) for men, and cocktail dresses or a dressy skirt and top for women.
  • Casual: This doesn’t mean jeans and t-shirts! What it does mean is dress pants and shirts for men, and skirts/dressy blouses for women, or simply a dress.

Dinner Time

Keep the time of the dinner in mind, as this will also help you determine what you should wear. Evening events are generally more formal, while lunches or brunches allow more casual attire.

Dinner Location

One of the most important factors when deciding what to wear, fine restaurants often have a dress code, while casual establishments do not. Outdoor functions are also more casual. Use your discretion to determine what’s best.

Wedding Theme

The theme of the wedding is often an indicator of rehearsal dinner attire. A traditional wedding is going to require more formal dress, while a beach or similar-themed wedding is usually more relaxed.

Dinner Menu

Look at the rehearsal dinner menu if possible to find hints on what to wear. For example, a five-course meal often requires formal attire, while a clambake,…well, you get the idea!


Fine knits, chiffon and silk work for formal and semi-formal dinner events. Avoid cotton and polyester. Fabric that is elegant, tasteful and not too sheer is best. Women can wear dresses made of most things except denim and polyester, while men should go for tuxes or suits made of wool. Lighter fabric is appropriate for warm weather events.


Tasteful, classic cuts that don’t reveal too much are best if the dinner is semi-formal or formal, as upstaging the bride or otherwise drawing attention to yourself isn’t the best idea. Women shouldn’t wear super-short dresses, while men should stick to suits cut in classic tux style.


The colors you choose should be appropriate to the season, such as jewel tones and darker hues for fall or winter weddings. Pastels and bright colors work for spring and summer.


High heels and dress flats that match their dresses are best for women, while men should go for leather dress shoes in dark brown or black. Ensure shoes are shined as needed, and avoid sandals and casual pumps.


Since many informal rehearsal dinners take place in an outdoor setting, bring a sweater or jacket that matches the dress or suit.

Don’t Upstage

Don’t wear something to the rehearsal dinner that’s fancier than actual wedding day attire! Save the best pieces for the special day instead.

Business Casual

When in doubt, go for business casual. If the event doesn’t specify black-tie, go for gray, black, navy or red pantsuits or dresses (women). Suit pants, a jacket and tie work for men.



Garden Inspired Bridal Shoot

This week was all about inspiring. From the boho-seaside styles to glittering in the New Year, there’s lots to look at and plan with on our wedding world roundup!


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Southern Nashville Wedding

A southern wedding, a beach beauty and some styling tips from ASOS regarding your bridesmaids … sift through all these goodies to gather some inspiration for your own big day!


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10 things no one tells you about before the wedding. — Team Wedding

This Malibu beach wedding is quite special, take a peek. — 100 Layer Cake

Fall Wedding Bridesmaids Colors

Are you planning a fall wedding and completely stumped on your color choices? Should you go with the quintessentially leafy colors of burnt orange, golden yellows and emeralds? Or should you think a bit outside the box when it comes to your ladies in waiting and the dresses they’ll dawn. Have no fear, we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite, unique and perfectly autumn-inspired colors for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day. Not only will they mimic the beauty and romantic spirit of the season, but it’ll still feel like a beautiful celebrations and not just a kitschy nod to fall.


Sage Green Fall Bridesmaids

A softer version of grassy, spring greens and rich emerald, this light and frothy shade of nature will be the perfect fit for your afternoon I do’s. It’s complimentary on a variety of skin tones and will be so much fun to pair eclectically-inspired bouquets with. Better yet, it’s an outside-the-box choice for bridesmaids’ fashion and we’re loving it!


Lilac Purple Fall Bridesmaids

Another delicate and touchable hue, lilac bodes well in the fall as it complimentary the darker greens and golden shades that are floating around outside. It can also be quite the versatile match in terms of themes as well as formal celebrations or more casual affairs – it always fits. We love pairing lilacs with powder blues or even darker tones of purple, like plum.


Brown Fall Bridesmaids

For a more bold and fashion-forward look, why not dress your ladies in a rich and sultry hue such as chocolate brown. You can pair this modern style with a softer accent for a more tangible, welcoming feel while still having your bridesmaids feel empowered and important. You’d be surprised how beautiful some fabrics such as silk and satin look in this shimmering color. You can even do a variety of shades for a more interesting and youthful take.


Rose Pink Fall Bridesmaids

Blush is perfect for the essence of winter and frothy, more spirited pinks are the right choice for the warmer months … but when it comes to the fall a rosey, warm hue can make all the difference. A cozy, mauve-inspired pink would enhance any of your bridesmaids’ skin tone and is always very bridal. You may even get lucky and find a textured design to make it even more fun and feminine for your ladies to wear.


Gold Fall Bridesmaids

One of my favorite colors of the autumn season is gold. It’s bold and beautiful, it can be soft and romantic … it can practically take on any form of style or design. Have your ladies dresses in something sparkling or even something golden-toned with just a smidge of sparkle. For a more formal and glam go-to, this is your choice!

photos via SMP


wedding photo tips

photo credit: Nicholaus Haskins via photopin cc

As your wedding day approaches and you are feverishly planning, how can you be sure you are ready? Here are 10 things that every bride and groom needs to know (but no one remembers to tell them) before the wedding.

1. Schedule Time for Photos

Photos of your special day are so important. In fact, outside of the dress, photography can be one of the biggest expenses of the wedding day. Make sure you have enough time to get the most out of your photographer.

As you are scheduling the time for photos, consider scheduling the posed shots before the ceremony. This will give you the chance to get all of the images you want, without having to make your guests wait at the reception while you rush through photos.

2. Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Your wedding needs to be fun for the bride and groom. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day and forget to enjoy yourself. Schedule the day so that you have the time you need to really relax and enjoy your guests and your special day.

3. Pack an Emergency Kit

Have your maid of honor pack an emergency kit for the unexpected problems that will occur. This kit should have a small first aid kit, complete with bandages and medication for aches, pains and headaches, as well as a small sewing kit, double-sided tape, bobby pins and emergency snacks. Throw in one of those stain removal pens to ensure you can get a spill out of your dress or tux. Consider other emergency items you might need and add them to the stash. Remember, accidents will happen, and you will feel much less stress if you are prepared.

4. Follow Up with Vendors

You booked the reception, caterer and photographer, right? So the morning of your wedding everything will be ready to go! Unfortunately, people make mistakes, and the last thing you want is to find out that there was a scheduling error the day of your wedding. Follow up with all of your vendors and locations a couple of weeks before the wedding to confirm the day, time and cost, so you don’t have unexpected surprises on your big day.

5. Keep a Guest and Gift List

No matter how small your ceremony may be, you are going to forget who came and what they brought. Assign someone in your family with the task of keeping a running list of people who came and the gifts you received. Also, start this list early, because some gifts will come in before the wedding. Consider keeping the list with your list of invited guests, so you can have the addresses close at hand for the thank-you notes.

6. Schedule Alone Time with Your Soon-to-Be Spouse

Weddings are a time when guests want to express their well-wishes to the bride and groom. Unfortunately, many forget that the day is about the bride and groom. Make sure you schedule some alone time as a couple. For some, this might be the moment the groom sees the bride in her dress for the first time. For others, who wish to have that reveal moment be when she walks down the aisle, it is some time right after the ceremony. This alone time is crucial to helping you seal your memories of the day as a couple.

7. You Need Extra Thank-You Gifts

No matter how carefully you think through everything, chances are you will forget someone that requires a thank-you gift. Avoid embarrassment by simply buying a few extras and wrapping them ahead of time. Then you can pull out the extra gift and hand it to the individual and never even let on that you forgot.

8. Choose Who Gives the Toast

Be careful who you choose to give the toast at your reception. When the wine and other drinks start to flow, people’s mouths start to get a little looser. Make sure the person who is toasting to you as a couple is not going to divulge any secrets that you wish were kept private. If you have someone you do not want to be toasting, let your DJ or MC know ahead of time that the mic is off-limits for those individuals.

9. Give Someone Phone Duty

You don’t want to be answering phone calls or texts the day of your wedding, but you need your phone to be available if someone needs something last minute. Give your phone to someone you trust and ask them to be the designated “texter” for the day. This will ensure important messages are not lost while protecting you from a constant bombardment of well-wishes.

10. Don’t Forget to Eat

The day gets so busy and it can be easy to forget to eat. Make sure you have breakfast and try to have at least one other meal or substantial snack. You don’t want either of you passing out from low blood sugar during the ceremony! Your wedding day is one that you will look back on with fondness. Yes, problems will come up, but with these tips, you will be well poised to handle them when they do!

Florida Wedding INspiraiton


This week we’ve rounded up lots of inspiration eye-candy and even a romantic wedding film from Paris that will knock your socks off. Take a look!


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They are beautiful… Your mother’s antique lace dress, your great-aunt’s satin shoes, and your grandmother’s diamond ring; you’re perfectly outfitted for a truly vintage-style wedding. Then you see it. Your fiancé had it specially delivered. You open the box and feel like your stomach has dropped through the floor. His grandmother’s veil. It is not the lovely, lace creation of which you have dreamed. It is ugly. Really ugly.

What to do?

For fear of deeply offending his family, you dare not replace it with another veil. Can you go veilless to a wedding that is meant to look vintage? Happily, veils aren’t the only alternative for a truly vintage-style wedding. There’s a myriad of options from which to choose.


First consider a hat. And, no, this doesn’t automatically put you in the mother-of-the-bride category. Hats come in a variety of sizes and styles that are perfect for young brides. For a romantic look, try a broad-brimmed style. This goes well with an outdoor spring or summer wedding. For a more formal look, go with a small round or pill-box style. Add a little splash of netting to make the style truly vintage.

Another both retro and beautiful option is to use decorated combs and fasteners. These can work whether you have the hair of long hair of Lady Godiva or the pixie cut of Twiggy. For decorations, think beads, pearls, ribbons, flowers and, yes it can be pretty, even birds. No matter what your budget, don’t go for cheap plastic combs. Although you’ll probably only wear these once, you don’t want your hair to fall down in the middle of your first dance. Do opt for the pricier metal alternatives. To save a few dollars, consider buying nice combs and decorating them yourself. Fake pearls and glue guns can do wonders in this areal!


For a more bohemian look, consider a flower crown. No, these are not just for 70′s flower children. These were popular in Neo-classical times and in the 20′s as well. Today they are a perfect way to convey a vintage feel at any wedding. Although flower crowns are traditionally worn with loose hair, they work with up-dos as well. Roses or other formal flowers can be used to create a formal look while daisies or wildflowers can be used for a more relaxed feel. Don’t be afraid to use colors other than white. Bright red, purple or yellow flowers can add a pop of color to your total outfit.


A final option is to wear… a tiara! These are not just for beauty queens! Tiaras come in hundreds of styles, many of which say ‘here comes the bride’ rather than ‘here she comes… Miss America’. To make the tiara work well with you outfit, make sure to match with the style and fabric of your wedding gown. Tiaras go well with satins, silks and beading. They go less well with less formal fabrics such as eyelets. Also, before investing in this type of headpiece, determine how you want to wear your hair in conjunction with the tiara. You don’t want to buy an expensive headpiece only to realize that it won’t work well with your hair. Finally, make sure that you’ve practiced having it fastened tightly to your hair beforehand. You do NOT want to lose your crown while going down the aisle!


Whatever style of headpiece you choose, don’t just make sure that it goes with your dress, make sure that it says ‘you’. No matter how beautiful something is, if it isn’t you, you won’t like it on your big day. Most importantly, have it worked out well in advance so that they only thing you have to think about on your wedding day is how much you are enjoying yourself!

Athelia LeSueur is a wife, mother and the CEO of She created Shabby Apple to empower women with vintage-inspired clothing while celebrating elegance in beauty.

Tahiti-Wedding-Planner-wedOtahiti-Beach If you’re considering a destination wedding it’s likely that you’ve been imagining saying your vows in an exotic location, and so will you. You’ve narrowed down your list of wedding destinations, and Tahiti made it to that point… but what does Tahiti has to offer that other destinations don’t? Why would you set your heart on the “Pearl of the Pacific”? Well, the Islands of Tahiti are all together exotic, authentic, far from it all and one of the greatest places on Earth to reconnecting with your beloved ones… think of beautiful smiles, exotic flowers, peace and absolute quietness, and think of not just having a couple of hours with your guests but a couple of days to get your nearest and dearest together, and spend quality time with them! Did you know that the Islands of Tahiti are just under 8 hours from Los Angeles, CA?

How To Get Started?

My first advice to all couples planning to get married in the Islands of Tahiti is to get professional assistance from the very beginning… lots of couples hire a planner after they have tried to plan the event themselves only to realize that the logistics are just harder to organize and that there is a lot more involved than for a hometown wedding. Getting the help of a Certified Wedding & Event Planner that upholds certain industry practices and standards of operation, insures that you have every detail covered and peace of mind for you and your families. Plus, having a professional and reliable person on location (especially if you are unable to visit in advance of the wedding) to listen to you and understand your wishes and the wedding you’re envisioning is a necessity. A professional planner will be your expert eyes (and ears) for finding and coordinating vendors at the location until you actually get on site. That person must of course have a good knowledge of the language and the local culture, but should be able to communicate with you seamlessly as well. If not fluent in French, the language barrier may lead to some miscommunications with your vendors, who do not all speak or write English, not mentioning that Internet connection in the islands of Tahiti is… not everywhere. Tahiti-Wedding-Planner-wedOtahiti-Dress

Start Planning Early

Consider booking your event during low season to keep costs down and provide the opportunity for your guests to enjoy some activities, and make the most of their time in the Islands of Tahiti. Most of your guests will likely need as much advance notice as possible to adjust and plan for an overseas trip, including getting a passport, so the earlier you let them know, the better. Getting to the planning itself, a couple having a destination wedding in the Islands of Tahiti should take that opportunity to showcase the local food, culture and islands décor. Whether it is leaning towards traditional French or Tahitian-style, this will distinguish the wedding from the domestic weddings all guests in the party have previously been to. French caterers / restaurants for example are not so used to the American or Australian custom of providing guests with multiple options for each course (for a plated dinner that is). While they’ll adapt to the couples’ requests, couples should be flexible, too, and keep in mind that not everything is readily available in such remote locations (isn’t “remote” the reason #1 you chose the Islands of Tahiti in the 1st place?) and that some items might not be available at all. Go with the flow and concentrate on what you feel your guests will enjoy the most. You are going for a destination wedding in the Islands of Tahiti to have some exoticism, to have something different. This alone is KEY and a great way to reflect your personalities as a couple. As with a home, planning a destination wedding should all be about location, location, location… “The warmth and kindness that we met with during our stay in Tahiti was something that completed our wedding experience and made our guests feel at home.” a couple said. So if you were thinking of planning a destination wedding to the Islands of Tahiti, stop thinking and start planning! Tahiti-Wedding-Planner-wedOtahiti-ceremony

About The Author: Nelly Grange

In 2013, having managed resort operations, sales, marketing and event planning in French Polynesia for over a decade, Nelly decided to merge her passion for the Islands of Tahiti, her love for all the details that go into planning a wedding and creativity into one and launched wedOtahiti. wedOtahiti offers planning services ranging from Day Of Coordination, to Partial or Full-Planning Packages, but also Décor services, or Assistance with Legal Weddings in the Islands of Tahiti. Visit our website wedOtahiti or email us at Find us on Facebook and Twitter

Photo Credit: Helene Havard Photography


Best of the Wedding World

Sparkly wedding accents, DIY backdrops and beautiful real-life couple inspiration … this week’s roundup is a must see!


How to find wedding favors that will fit any type of guest! — Team Wedding

Learn how to DIY your own wood palette backdrop for your ceremony or bridal portraits! — Style Me Pretty

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Hope on over and peek at this amazing color inspiration for your bridesmaids. — The Perfect Palette

This engagement shoot is real and beautiful … and the bride-to-be is gorgeous! — Grey Likes Weddings

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you better take in all these wonderful tips. — Junebug Weddings

Clean and fun bachelorette party games, they won’t embarrass but they’ll still create great memories! — Team Wedding


Wedding Reception Food Ideasvia

Are you serving up a beautiful spread of fancy foods at your wedding reception? Or are you going to serve pass-around pick-ups instead? A big expense and big part of the wedding day planning has to do with the food. Guests look forward to it and it helps to transform an average party into a celebration to remember. The first line of business when deciding on your food situation is how you’ll be serving up the goodies. From buffets to bars, we’re here to share 5 ways to treat your guests in style. Let’s take a look!

Sit Down Meals

Sit Down Wedding Mealsvia

Gather your family and friends and have them feel like kings and queens as their meals are served course by course. A personal favorite choice of my own, we love the lavish feel of this type of meal. From salads to extra petite desserts, your loved ones won’t have to lift a finger … unless it’s their fork.


Family Style Wedding Mealvia

You can also tweak the whole “sit-down” dinner theme and have their courses served family style. This is an especially great idea when serving up ethnic foods like Italian or Asian cuisines. Big bowls of pastas and fresh rolls to go around, your guests will be forced to break the ice and mingle!


Wedding Buffetvia

Round up your main dishes and sides and have your guests self-serve. They can get as much or as little as they’d like, and a lot of times it’s a bit more inexpensive for your budgeting purposes. This is a great choice when you’re doing traditional t foods like chicken and beef with the usual sides: potatoes, mac and cheese, veggies and even a tossed salad.

Creative Bars

Mashed Potato Bar Weddingvia

A big trend in the wedding world: food bars! Whether you add this fun little addition to your sit-down meal, cocktail hour or buffet, it’ll be a hit for every guests. From mashed potatoes to s’mores, have your guests get creative with their toppings and “create” their own scrumptious treat.

Hors d’oeuvres Only

Hors d'oeuvres Weddingvia

If you’re looking for a way to budget the big day or you’ve decided on an afternoon affair, you may want to try an appetizer only celebration. Have some tasty treats passed around throughout all the dancing. The best part about this option is the variety, you can be super creative and mix and match a variety of flavors with ease!

























Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and the women you’ve selected to be by your side when you say “I do” — so telling them how much they mean to you should involve more than a tacky keychain. If you’ve been wondering what sort of gift to give your bridesmaids as a token of appreciation for their special role in your wedding, this gift guide is for you! Here are a few ideas for giving your bridesmaids a personal present they will actually enjoy:

Bridesmaid Dresses

It might not sound impressive, but the truth is that most bridesmaids would be thrilled to know you’re footing the bill for their dresses. This is particularly helpful when you have friends who are tight on resources and struggling to cover their gowns.


Everybody appreciates a pretty necklace or bracelet, particularly when it’s high in quality and versatile. Look for something your girls can wear with their bridesmaids’ dresses and keep wearing for years to come, whether that means matching jewelry or jewelry that is specific to each girl. You don’t have to spend a ton of money (think Etsy or local crafters), but avoid cheap costume jewelry that will break in a few weeks.


Clutches or Handbags

Find a charming clutch to match your bridesmaids’ dresses, and give them the perfect accessory to complete their wedding look. Bonus points if you make it a particularly impressive designer clutch or, at least, something they can wear with other outfits in the future. Similar ideas include handbags, cosmetic bags or wallets. Or you may want to give them monogrammed overnight bags or wristlets.

Spa Day

Sometimes the best gift is not an object, but rather an experience. Give your girls a day at the spa and make them feel pampered and loved. Plus, this gift is something your entire bridal party can enjoy together, building relationships between friends who previously didn’t know each other well and setting the group up for more camaraderie on the wedding day.


Along the lines of a luxury spa day, treat your bridesmaids to beautiful robes they can wear while getting reading with the bridal party and in their own homes day to day. Look for robes that will feel special to your girls (i.e., something you yourself would want to own). If you all get ready together on the day of the wedding, robes make for fun photo opportunities, too.

Personalized Albums

When done well, handmade gifts are thoughtful and often more meaningful than generic presents. They can also add a personal touch that makes recipients feel cared for — and one such gift is a personalized album. If you have the time and the desire, you might make individual albums for each bridesmaid, including photos and memories from your relationship with that girl.

Fancy Soaps or Candles

Give your friends gifts that are as luxurious as they are practical. Soap and candles are both useful and enjoyable. Look for extra-special options like organic soaps from a local maker or candles with slick packaging.

When you’re trying to plan presents for your bridal party, the above list gives you a great place to start! But whatever gift you decide on, be sure to take the time to include a thoughtful note if possible, too. This is sometimes the most meaningful part of the present, and it gives you a chance to tell your closest friends how much they mean to you with words as well as gifts.