We’re sure that you’re up to your ears in checklists as the blushing bride-to-be. Countdowns, stationary dos and don’ts, proper etiquette tips, oh my! In life, it’s always good to have a gut check, and weddings are no exception.

Use this all-encompassing checklist as a general guide throughout the wedding-planning process, or as a final sweep a couple days before to confirm that you have everything in place. Nothing like last-minute organization and peace of mind for the bride. Checkmarks will never have felt so good. A calm, organized bride = a happy bride.



Before the bride makes her grand entrance it’s the flower girl who captivates everyone’s eyes and hearts. I mean, how darling is she as she coyly makes her way to the altar with coaxing from guests along the way? She may dump all the petals in one spot, or she may manage to perfectly place them along the runner — either way, she’s too cute to care.

As with bridal fashion, we’re seeing the norm of flower girl dresses widening to include different styles, materials, fabrics, details and more. From mini-maxis to total tulle, here are some of our favorite flower girl looks for the modern little girl.


“Alice” tulle layer tier dress with balloon sleeves in white, NELLY STELLA



Gold Hearts Dress | Little girl dress from @girlinspired | White and gold dress



baby maxi dress! dying of cuteness!!



Scallop-Necked Dress | 41 Flower Girl Dresses That Are Better Than Grown-Up People Dresses



This ruffled flower girl dress is a steal at less than $30.



Bohemian Flowergirl Dresses: Tea Princess Ivory Wildflower Collection (instagram: the_lane)



60 Sweet Flower Girl Dresses | http://www.deerpearlflowers.com/60-sweet-flower-girl-dresses/



20 Fashion-Forward Flower Girl Dresses via Brit + Co.  I WANT this beaded-top one.


No matter how good of a memory you think you have, we can promise you that the big day will be a big blur. Thankfully, you’ve got reinforcements — photography and videography — to help you relive the special moments for the rest of your lives.

Hiring a photographer is the first crucial step. And hurry! They book up fast. Where to begin? Word of mouth. Recommendations from friends and other contacts are the best insurance on the market, in addition to a good look at his/her portfolio to make sure the style matches what you’ve envisioned.

Once you hire a photographer, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. What’s included in the package? How does he/she like to work? How will the pictures be delivered? Don’t panic. We’ve gathered the must-ask, do-not-forget questions to ask your photog to get everyone on the same page for your wedding day — just print it out and bring it along to your consultation.


Your guest book is a precious keepsake that you can intentionally have for years to come. Kind words and a record of friends and family in attendance on your big day, this piece of the wedding doesn’t have to be the most traditional of choices. We’ve shown you some unique choices and ideas before but we’re here again to show off wedding guest books and have you grab some alternative inspiration!

Wedding Guest BooksA book full of tiny envelopes with tiny letters inside from all your guests, it’ll be a great read after every anniversary rolls by.

Wedding Guest BooksDIY some artwork for your newlywed home, and have a spot for each of your loved ones to sign.

Wedding Guest BooksOf course, you could have everyone pin where they’re from to a world map for an extra personalized piece.

Wedding Guest BooksSign in using some vintage-inspired decorative pieces.

Wedding Guest BooksOr have your friends and family sign the matted frame from your favorite engagement photo.

Wedding Guest BooksA handful of postcards can turn into the most perfect guestbook experience, especially when there’s a mailbox to place them in.

Wedding Guest BooksHave your guests take selfies and then stick them inside a scrapbook, sign and seal it!

Wedding Guest BooksAdd a tip jar to the reception and have each guests include some of their own “tips” to live by.

Wedding Guest BooksYou could even have your guests answer personalized and unique questions. Their answers may surprise you!

Wedding Guest BooksGrab your new monogram and have your favorite people sign it with love. It’ll become an instant classic for your home!

photos via SMP

It’s decadent, rich, glamorous and earthy all at the same time. It’s emerald. And it’s gorgeous.

Just when you thought soft pinks and peaches ruled the wedding world, some brave, bold hues come onto the scene. Emerald green pairs with almost anything — navy, gold, silver, baby blue, orange. It can act as the neutral (think emerald as the new navy) accented by other colors, and can equally be the star of the show as say, the pop of color set against black and white neutrals.

Use it with lighter accents for spring and summer nuptials and alongside other deep jewel tones and metallics for fall and winter I dos. Either way, it’s equally dreamy. Here’s some inspiration that will make you go green with envy.

Vibrant Green Tory Burch Gown | Noa Griffel Photography | See More! http://heyweddinglady.com/fab-bridal-alternatives-white-wedding-dress/


stunning emerald wedding ring #weddingring #emerald #weddingchicks http://www.weddingchicks.com/2014/01/24/teen-spirit-wedding


Emerald Green Wedding Reception


Gorgeous emerald earrings | Photography: Day 7 Photography - www.day7photography.com  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/05/29/despicable-me-themed-wedding/


emerald wedding  |  christi falls photography


Photography PERRY VAILE / Styling, Creative Direction & Floral Design REBECCA ROSE EVENTS / Dress JENNY YOO for BHLDN / Earrings & Cuff BHLDN / Hand Lettering JORDY LIEVERS-EATON / Anemones AFLORAL / Film Lab PHOTOVISION - See more at: http://magnoliarouge.com/black-and-emerald-inspiration-on-the-coast/#sthash.C1ge2OjC.dpuf


Emerald long sleeved bridesmaid dress for the fall? OMG YES PLEASE! | http://www.weddingpartyapp.com/blog/2014/09/09/jewel-toned-bridesmaid-dresses-falls-must-wedding-look/


vintage emerald green wedding color ideas


Dress your dapper groom in an emerald green suit! This color isn't just for your bridesmaids :) | http://www.weddingpartyapp.com/blog/2014/09/30/fall-groom-and-groomsmen-style-ideas/


Emerald bridesmaids dresses: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/08/21/jewel-tone-wedding-moments-to-love/


Emerald place setting / Anita Shay Photography


Create a lush scene with a floral backdrop that will take your breath away. Your wedding photos will have their own unique spin and personalized touch! Show off your couple style with one of these creative designs that will make your party stand out and seem even more so picturesque.

Wedding Floral BackdropThis oversized, floral wreath most certainly creates a moment to capture a picture-perfect newlywed scene.

Wedding Floral BackdropDelicate drops of beautiful, seasonal floral arrangements, here’s a simple example of how beautiful your ceremony backdrop could be.

Wedding Floral BackdropIt doesn’t get anymore beautiful than this garden-inspired wall created to highlight the bride.

Wedding Floral BackdropThis backdrop of floating, cascading flowers set the scene to this whimsical ceremony quite nicely.

Wedding Floral BackdropEven more rustic tastes can have a sprinkling of fairy-tale, just look at the bride’s entrance to the party – and it easily turns into a photo-op for the happy couple for after the vows!

Wedding Floral BackdropOf course, you can also find wonderful ways to highlight the dessert tables or gift spot. Just check out this vintage-esque scene at the reception!

Wedding Floral Backdrop53432b63e6b28$!400xA floating arch of yellow-hued flowers can surely set off some fireworks for the bride’s beauty shots.

Wedding Floral BackdropHere’s a more traditional backdrop you can create. White always looks good on a wedding day.

Wedding Floral BackdropAnd here’s a more eclectic finish to try and replicate, make sure to add some greenery into the mix for an organic touch.

Wedding Floral BackdropOf course, some paper florals can create a scene just like the fresh do.


photos via SMP

Le Foyer Ballroom Banquet Hall Wedding Venue in North Holllywood CA-005.1419852851 (1)

After the adrenaline rush that is getting engaged, beginning the actual planning process for your wedding seems like a complete and utter drag. Choosing your venue is perhaps the most difficult of all, as your wedding location is the most crucial yet most back-breaking decision. There is little in life less exciting than sifting through miles of wedding venues guidebooks, reading meaningless specs and looking at retouched photos.

The only valuable way to evaluate wedding venues is to see them in person — but not every bride- and groom-to-be understands why and how site visits can be so worthwhile. To save time, energy, and money, and to find the wedding venue of your dreams, learn how to evaluate venues on-site.

Bring Tools

Merely seeing a venue in-person isn’t enough to tell you whether the space is right for your wedding. Only hard data will allow you to accurately compare different sites so you can choose the best option for you. In order to measure and record, you will need to prepare and bring along a bevy of tools you can pull out to ascertain and log your tour guide’s facts. At the bare minimum, you should have:

  • A reliable tape measure
  • A working pen
  • A sturdy notepad
  • Swatches of your colors
  • A fully charged camera

Take Your Own Pictures

Just like glossy photos of celebrities in magazines, the glamorous images of wedding venues on their websites are enhanced and edited. Venues want to put their best face forward. Wide-angle lenses make rooms look larger than they are, and special filters make lighting more pleasing. Some venues may represent themselves truthfully on the Web — like Anoush.com for wedding halls and catering — but more often, the rooms shown on venue websites look dramatically different than they do in real life.

Though you can use online images to narrow down your search before scheduling walkthroughs, during your tour, you should use your own faithful camera to snap pictures of the spaces. Then, you can judge for yourself how your own wedding photographs will look if you select the space.


Ask Questions

Most venue guides are experienced employees, perhaps even managers and directors of the site, which means they know nearly everything there is to know about the rooms and services. However, just because they have this information doesn’t mean they’ll share it freely. You should be prepared to make a thorough investigation of the place by interrogating your guide with any and all pertinent questions. For example, you should at least ask:

  • How many hours are included in the rental?
  • Where are the entrances/exits and restrooms?
  • Where does catering set up?
  • Are there any restrictions on alcohol or noise?
  • Does the venue provide equipment?
  • How many events does the venue schedule in one day?

Discuss Logistics

You should let the venue know every minute detail of your big day. Obviously, they should know how many guests to expect and when your event will begin, but you should also explain seemingly insignificant design details so they understand exactly what you want the space to look like on your wedding day.


For example, they should know how many extra tables need to be set up for cakes, guest books, pictures, and other décor. They should know the size of your table decorations. They should know when different wedding activities will take place, including the bouquet toss and the newlywed getaway. Though you might not be certain of every detail at this early stage of wedding planning, you should discuss as much as possible to ensure you don’t have to compromise on any of your ideas.

Haggle, Haggle, Haggle

Not many people realize that the quotes they receive from venues and other vendors aren’t necessarily set in stone. Many wedding vendors are willing to negotiate prices, as long as you remain reasonable. Negotiation seems to be a lost art, but if you endeavor to haggle with your potential venues (and even other vendors) you may be able to shave thousands off your wedding expenses. You will get the most value from negotiating with venues, which usually eat up a third to half of the entire wedding budget. As long as you practice sage negotiation tactics, you should leave with a comfortable compromise for you and your venue.

Clean edges, geometric prints and an air of sophistication all surround these modern beauties. Let see if any of these designs can round out your contemporary celebration.

best-wedding-cakes-2014-AK-Cake-DesignA chevron print filled with bright and trendy colors make this a knockout with its fashion-forward energy.

best-wedding-cakes-2014-eileen-mccarterSprinkles never looked so chic than on this clean and simple wedding cake.

Ivory-and-Rose-02Gilded leaflets were added to this chic cake and it created something so much more magical than a bride could dream.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Melanie-DuerkoppMore golden modern designs are found throughout this interesting piece of art.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Khaki-Bedford-PhotographyAlthough there’s a lot going on with this design, it’s still very chic and fashionable.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Diana-McGregor-Sweet-n-Saucy-Shop-cakeIt’s like a contemporary piece of art hanging in your dining room was wrapped around your wedding cake. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Esther-Sun-PhotographyEncrusting your wedding cake in gold truly seems like a great idea after seeing this beauty.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Jill-Thomas-PhotographySimple stripes and your wedding date accented in Roman numerals, sophisticated and sweetly intimate.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Karen-Buckle-Naturally-Beautiful-Wedding-PhotographyOf course, you can nix the numerals and go with just stripes for a smaller, more youthful design.

Spring-Wedding-Cakes-Lauren-Peele-PhotographyA trendy, geometric print and a small bout of florals make this cake the most in-style of the bunch.


photos via Brides

Extravagant, full of life or just plain interesting, these wedding cakes have so much creativity involved they’re a piece of art all on their own! Smooth, ruffles, sparkle, rossettes; there are so many possibilities when creating something so unique and personalized.

modern-wedding-cakes-dark-colors-coco-paloma-dessertsSmooth tiers, rose embellishments and a chevron addition, this cake has quite the mixture of styles.

modern-wedding-cakes-dark-colors-ak-cake-designThere’s no better texture to have than one of flowers, and we’re in love with this rich, deep blue tone.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Rachel-Peters-PhotographyA rigid, glittering topping cascades into smooth buttercream in this bright and fairy-tale like design.

most-beautiful-cakes-yummy-cupcakes-and-cakesThis cake looks as if it’s wearing its own wedding dress, maybe it’s even reminiscent of the bride’s look!

JennaRaeCakesSmooth fondant, stripes, ruffles and glitter layers too, this piece couldn’t get any more beautiful.

winter-wedding-cakes-ak-cake-design-02Quite similar to its blue predecessor, this white cake is a stunner with its floral layer and smooth contrast.

winter-wedding-cakes-maggie-austin-cake-01This design is full of gray, ombre ruffles and edible pearl embellishments. What a stunner!

most-beautiful-cakes-miso-bakesCharming and quaint, this design looks as it’s perfect for a modern, cottage-esque celebration.

most-beautiful-cakes-nadia-and-coThere is so much going on within this blush design, it’s hard to look away. This is truly a work of “edible” art.

Spring-Wedding-Cakes-Jen-HuangVarying modern layers, we’re in love with this modern, textural beauty.

photos via Brides

After you cover the basics with your photographer, the next step photography-wise is creating a wedding shot list. This is a MUST-DO wedding task, so don’t put it off.

The last thing you want is to realize you’re missing a photo of your grandmother, rings, gown, etc. from the big day — and trust us, it happens. I, for example, was shocked to discover that I only had one picture with my mother in my wedding dress. What a huge regret (we didn’t have a shot list).

A wedding shot list ensures that there will be no surprises or holes when you get your wedding photos back — that everyone and everything you want photographed will be.

Check out our checklist of essential wedding-day photos below. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so you’ll want to double check that all of the shots you want are included. Nonetheless, it’s a great reference to get you started.


You’ll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. The memories will stay tucked away inside, safe and secure, so that all you need to do is close your eyes to see it all again.

Still, it’s nice to preserve some special mementoes. Over the years, memories can become a little hazy. They start to take on the same sepia tint as old photographs, losing some of the bright, shining brilliance of the days when they were newly made. They’re not gone but slightly faded, so it’s nice to have some prompts: to help restore their original gloss, and to allow you to share them with others as the years pass.

Here are three of the best ways to help preserve those special mementoes and ensure that your memories are always as fresh and bright as the day that they were made.

The Prettiest Picture

Most women hold onto their wedding dresses long after the big day has come and gone, yet often they have little idea of what to do with them. They inevitably end up tucked away out of sight, folded in tissue paper and hidden away from the world. Most take up residence in attics or cellars, forgotten for years until someone unwittingly stumbles upon them. They’re opened for a moment, smiled at, and then hidden away again.

So why not do something a little more innovative? Some ladies choose to have their dresses framed instead, placed on display in a bespoke shadow box like this one. The perfect accessory for dressing rooms or your little girl’s bedroom, you get a beautiful new feature for your home and the opportunity to relive your wedding every time you look at it.

Immortal Bouquets

A favourite Victorian hobby was flower pressing, a pastime that’s recently experienced a revival in interest. Simple and cheap, all that it requires is flowers, and a pretty album or elegant frame to preserve them in. And what better blooms to save for eternity than the ones that you held on your wedding day? A growing number of brides are turning to flower pressing to immortalise their big day bouquets. Why not follow in their footsteps and create a sweet, simple memento that you can enjoy forever?


Photo Magic

Of course, no wedding day would be complete without an album to finish it. Although most people have their photos professionally done and any mementoes compiled by their photographers, it can be nice to claim this job for yourself. Spend some time perusing the stationary sections in your local shops, browsing the aisles for an album that’s pretty, elegant and perfect for preserving your wedding day. Once you have it, fill it with your favourite photos and mementoes, so that anytime those memories start to become a little blurred, all that you have to do is turn to the first page to relive them over and over again.

How will you choose to preserve your big day?

Get your hands dirty and create something for you wedding with your own two hands. And the wedding favors are a perfect place to start! Here are 10 ideas that are unique, memorable and easy to do too!

53f1624774384$!400x (1)Create little goody boxes filled with traditional Jordan almonds, for luck of course!

53ebbda9b70cb$!400xPut together a CD of your favorite songs as a couples for your entire guest party to enjoy!

53e7ebbcb1e4e$!400xClassic cokes in a bottle work great for retro weddings, just create some fun tags to go with them!

541707f019124$!400xCreating your own olive oil could be one of the most memorable gifts of all.

53eb4444dfbe2$!400xBags of homemade caramel popcorn could be right up your alley too, especially if its a favorite snack of the happy couple!

53e39190060e7$!400xDid you know that you can make your own candles? It’s quite a fun experience!

5397bd3ea8d92$!400xOr you can even make your own canisters of wildflower seeds for your loves ones to plant.

546f702a2f63c$!400xIf your reception is running a bit late, send your guests off with a bag of milk and cookies – made up from home!

545992f5c2f20$!400xLittle bits of homemade jam could be right up your alley.

542434fd5bc5e$!400xOr have fun setting up a candy buffet to where your party-goers can create their own grab bag to go!

photos via SMP

The dress is the detail of all details. And believe it or not, there are several points that you should consider BEFORE getting your gown. As you’ll come to find out shortly, trying on wedding dresses is at once the most exciting, stressful and overwhelming process, and you don’t want to wait to make important decisions until you’re standing in front of the mirrors at the bridal boutique under the influence of the dress of your dreams. What if it’s $2k over your max budget? What if it’s entirely inappropriate for your venue? It’s always best to have a game plan to reference to keep you on track — and we’re here to help!

From budget constraints, alterations and silhouettes, to trusting your instincts and learning how to stand up to your entourage, we’ve boiled it all down to 10 must-know tips before you say “yes” to the dress. Most importantly? Have fun!


Create a warm, cozy and trendy wedding with some mason jar additions. Shabby chic fashion and rustic vibes will always need these essential pieces to make it com full circle. Check out our favorite ways to incorporate these cuties into the day’s decor!

stephanie_kelly_153$!600xHaving an outdoor wedding? Have the glasses a “grab and go” of sorts when dinner comes to call.

dsc_9826$!400xDip them in golden glitter and stuff them with gorgeous flowers.

52fa80917aae1$!400xAdd some lush florals and then line the walkways with these beautiful fixtures.

52fa8096583eb$!400xMix and match them on the reception tables for an eclectic centerpiece style.

5355407b91aca$!400xReally jazz them up with some gold, metallic flavors and sprinkle them around the celebration.

52cd9fc515921$!400xMark VIP seating with popping arrangements inside some of these easy-to-decorate with essentials.

533d87f34692d$!400xGuests can find them table, get their wedding favor and has their glass for signature cocktails all in one breath.

531d68f49cca7$!400xSpecialty drinks look so much more delicious in funky arrangements, don’t you think?

5278f27ecff57$!400xLine up family-style seating at your reception this gorgeous and creative way of utilizing classic mason jars.

531093d2a5253$!400xMason jars don’t have to be used just in the summertime, just look at how it blends in with winter scheme!

photos via SMP

We like to inspire brides-to-be all around, but we get inspired too! We’re shining a light some of the spots we look to for ideas and advice. From local favorites around the country to popular sites brides dive into all around the world, we’ve sharing the best of the best in a whole new way. We’ve chatted with some of the bloggers, creators and founders of some wonderful wedding blogs and got the inside scoop! 


Located in Washington state, U.S.A, I got to chat with the creator behind the fabulous Love & Lavender blog, Meredith Shackleford. And here is what I learned.

“My husband and I got married in August, 2014 at a wonderful Victorian style mansion in Vancouver, Canada. On our beautiful wedding day everything came together just as I imagined it would. Now, I am able to infuse my wedding memories coupled with hundreds of real wedding photos and try to impart that energy and vision to brides all over the world.

I enjoy helping bride’s through their own unexpected wedding day hurdles and sharing my honest wedding advice. I sometimes receive compliments about a certain article that my audience found helpful, and I have to remind myself that I am genuinely helping brides plan the best day of their life. It is a great feeling to know that I helped in some way.

Love & Lavender is about all the eye catching decor details that makes your wedding day special. I like to feature the best outdoor weddings that have a rustic, vintage, whimsical, or DIY feel. Of course, I can easily be persuaded to feature an indoor wedding if it has amazing architecture or charm.

Merediths Headshot

Most of all I want to inspire brides to find a unique style and plan a memorable celebration.

Truth be told, I have only been blogging for about two years now. Although, I have been interested in event planning for a very long time – I even went to college for Event and Convention Management. I saw an opportunity to start an online store selling wedding veils in 2013, and then purchased Love & Lavender not too long after. The past year has been a steep learning curve for both my husband and I to run a successful wedding blog. It has been a lot of fun working together and creating a life for ourselves doing what we enjoy.”

Your favorite aspect about blogging and your favorite aspect about your blog specifically:

The most interesting part about wedding blogging for me is the fact that the wedding industry is so massive and there are endless creative opportunities. I connect both online and in person with business people from all over the world including photographers, wedding planners, vendors, and small business owners running their own piece of the pie in their part of the world.

I love that the wedding blogging industry is global. It doesn’t matter where you live, every culture has some type of wedding ceremony. That allows a degree of creative freedom to write articles that inform a variety of people from around the world.

I also enjoy being my own boss and the freedom that a location independent business allows. As long as I have the internet I can live anywhere in the world. In fact, my husband and I recently moved from our hometown of Vancouver, Canada to Ireland. Exploring and living in Europe is a wonderful opportunity that we likely would not have had if we chose a conventional career path!

One of the best things about my job is the fact that my husband and I get to work side-by-side to create a life for ourselves at our own pace.

Romantic Garden Wedding

3 words that describe your blog: 

Outdoors, Honest, Lovely

Links to 3 of your favorite posts EVER: 

My Wedding Planning Checklist / How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding / Simple Tips to Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

3 blogs you love to follow: 

One Fab Day / Smart Passive Income / What Courtney Wore


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One of the first things we always tell brides when their dress shopping day approaches is to keep an open mind. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dog-earing dresses in bridal magazines for years. While your browsing in magazines is wonderful for inspiration, it’s important to remember that the women wearing these gowns are models. Spoiler Alert: Not all dresses you see will flatter all body types.

At the start of my dress search, I had already written off mermaid/trumpet styles. No way, not for me. And what did I end up getting? That very style. The point is, you don’t know how something will look until you try it on.

As we said, keep an open mind, but we’ve created the cheat sheet below to give you a head-start in finding the most flattering style for your body type. The bride that feels her best and most confident will radiate from the inside out.

Happy dress shopping!


Whether you’re going short for the big day start to finish, planning a simple city hall ceremony, or wanting to change from your gown into something sexy for the reception, short white ensembles are a sure win. From cropped tulle skirts to lace sheaths above the knee, the modern bride is brave and bold enough to opt for something a little sassier than a cathedral-length train. And why shouldn’t she show off those gorgeous stems?

Here’s a round-up of some short looks we fancy:

HELLO, 60s: A bouffant hairstyle adds glam to this Audrey Hepburn-esque tulle ensemble.

1960s Mod Inspired Wedding, Candy Anthony wedding dress, Viva Wedding Photography


PEEP TOE: Maybe completely above the knee is a little riskier than what you’ve imagined. A high-low gown could be just the remedy. Make sure you shop for ultra-special shoes, as the silhouette provides a natural frame for fancy footwear.

High-low hem lace wedding dress, love the skirt so much!! And a link to the "top ten short wedding dresses".


FLIRTY FASHION: From the tulle sleeves to the dreamy sash, sweeps and embellishment, this dress is to die for.

The Wedding Scoop Spotlight: Short Wedding Dresses Simple, elegant, sassy, sexy yet modest at the same time!


CITY HALL CHIC: The dainty sleeves of this classic sheath are modest yet sexy, especially with all that leg action happening below.

our pick for city hall weddings this fall, the Lilian Dress from BHLDN is the perfect mix of sweet + modern | jenna bechtholt photography | styled by blogger bride-to-be @jennybernheim


VERY VINTAGE: Doesn’t this fabric allude to another time? Can’t get much more romantic than that.

a short wedding dress! The Chelsea Bridal Collection by Vintage Atelier designed by Nafisa Nuri


CUTE & CASUAL: Touseled waves, Wayfarers and three-quarter-length sleeves = home run.

Trendy Wedding, blog idées et inspirations mariage ♥ French Wedding Blog: {Sophie & Dimitri} Mariage bordelais au Château Smith Haut Lafitte


RUFFLED: If you’re looking for something sassy for the reception, go ruffly!

fun short dress or reception dress Photography by Gesi Schilling Photography / gesischilling.tumblr.com


ALL TIED UP: A patterned bow adds interest to this tulle, bell-shaped mini.

{Tulle & Chantilly}Choose Casual Short Bridal Wedding Dresses 2013 to Rock Your Weddings


PRETTY PARISIAN: We fell head over heels for this French style, which exudes sheer elegance.

Tobi Hannah 2015 Short Wedding Dresses — Adventure Bridal Collection | Wedding Inspirasi


SWEET SCALLOPS: A sleek bun and nude pumps add a sophisticated sleekness to this charming courthouse look.

An Intimate London Elopement for a Valentino Bride... 60s style white Valentino short wedding dress with scalloped hem



Spring is in full bloom! And so are the showers! …and we mean showers of love, happiness, and best wishes for the bride to be! If you are planning a bridal shower, make sure to have a checklist of the 7 things that every bridal shower needs!

1. A perfect shower starts with a perfect invitation! And your selection of bridal shower invitations will set the tone for the event! You will find a vast selection of exquisite designs at Creations by Leslie. Luscious patterns and fresh colors are combined to create designs that are as beautiful and unique as the bride herself!

Shower Time Bridal Invitations2. Don’t forget a bride-to-be banner! Banners are a top trend for adding a decorative touch to any bridal shower. You will find DIY pennants that can be hung just about anywhere, such as against a wall, along a fence, or above a door frame. Banners are the perfect way add a festive touch to any party!

Bride to Be Banner

3. Make sure to have the tables set with pretty decorations. There is nothing more stunning than walking into a party room and seeing the tables beautifully staged. From the tablecloths, placemats, napkin rings, place card holders, and table runners, you are able to make an impressive statement as soon as guests walk into the room.

Bridal Shower Table Decorations

4. There is nothing more elegant than using fresh flowers as table centerpieces. The flowers add color and beauty. And with such a large variety available, you are able to enhance your overall theme with the right combination of petals.

5. Tissue pom poms are perfect for livening up a room. These festive party decorations are inexpensive, and can be hung just about anywhere. And to enhance your overall theme, pom poms are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Use a combination of different colors to add layers to the overall appeal.

Tissue Pom Poms

6. Sweeten up the dessert table with trendy accessories! Give the bridal shower cake a perfect finish with a decorative cake stand to enhance the theme of the party. Let guests sip in style with patterned paper straws and vintage mason jars. Label the treats with homemade signs. Adorn cupcakes with stylish toppers from Topper & Twine.

Bridal Shower Cupcake Toppers

7. And don’t forget the favors! Make sure to thank your guests with a little treat to take home! Cute wrappings and boxes can be used to house a favorite goody of your choice!

So if you are planning a bridal shower, make sure to have a checklist of all the things a bridal shower needs to turn an ordinary affair into an exquisite event that will reflect the beauty and the joy that a shower brings forth.

Okay, you’re engaged — yay! After setting a date, one of the first things you’ll do is register. And don’t feel like you’re jumping the gun by getting ahead. It’s important to register right away, as people will begin planning showers (which means including your registry information on the invitations), sending engagement gifts, etc. Also, registering in advance lets people take advantage of sales, holidays and other gift-giving occasions in the months leading up to your wedding.

After the china, crystal and silver (the glitz and glam), it’s the un-sexy but must-have kitchen utensils that are easy to forget and impossible to live without.

Check out our list of 20 must-haves to make sure you’re well equipped in the kitchen:

1. Corkscrew

Vintage-Style Corkscrew Wine Stoppers at Cost Plus World Market >> #WorldMarket Kitchen Decor, Home Decor, Tips


2. Vegetable peeler

OXO® Good Grips Swivel Peeler in Prep Utensils | Crate and Barrel


3. Whisk

Kitchen Magic Twisty Whisk


4. Can opener

KitchenAid Cook For The Cure Can Opener, Pink KitchenAid,http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0009Y6N4O/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_NguEsb0KJAQ4JYCM


5. Tongs

# Your Set Holiday Challenge  OXO® Large Stainless and Nylon Tongs in Cooking Utensils


6. Rubber spatulas & ice cream scoop

Elena's Tea Room: Passion for Baking


7. Kitchen shears

Purple Kitchen Shears


8. Salad spinner

Must-have registry item: OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner


9. Liquid measuring cups

Pyrex Measuring Cup Set 3 piece


10. Measuring cups and spoons

stainless steel measuring cups and spoons  http://rstyle.me/n/ubyfipdpe


12. Potato masher

World's Greatest Potato Masher  | Crate and Barrel   and a 40% discount too. BOO-YAH.


13. Meat thermometer

This IKEA meat thermometer/timer is one of my favorite and most used things in the kitchen. So worth $6.99!


14. Box grater

OXO® Box Grater  | Crate and Barrel Something like this I could really use.  Calliflower, or cheese...I like the catch at the bottom.  hopefully I could find one with different size holes...


15. Juicer

Riviera Maison juicer (maybe my daughter wants the one I have???, cause this is lovely!)


16. Footed colander

Footed Colander in Colanders, Salad Spinners | Crate and Barrel


17. Wooden utensils

Where I Cook: Stylist Anne Parker Kitchen Tour | The Kitchn


18. Stainless utensils

Stainless Steel Utensils in Cooking Utensils | Crate and Barrel


19. Mixing bowls

Martha Stewart mixing bowls


20. Spoon rest

Spoon rest...these colors would look so great in my kitchen. :) Would love to replace the one I currently have that is a little more "me". Love this! Update: have it and love it!!


Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. Plus, they are absolutely stunning. *Fair warning: These aren’t the blooms for everyone. Orchids are one of the priciest varietals on the market, so if flowers are something you’re indifferent toward, skip these. Alternatively, if you’ve been dreaming about an orchid bouquet fluttering like butterflies as you walk down the aisle since you were a little girl, then we suggest setting aside a good chunk of your budget for florals. You’ll set this priority during your early budget talks, cutting back in other places (bye bye, open bar!). Another great option is to incorporate a few orchids here and there with some inexpensive (but still beautiful) buds instead of complete orchid overload ($$$$).

Here’s some of our favorite orchid wedding inspiration. Go ahead, ogling is allowed.

Could do the same thing with wine bottles of different sizes and candles


Purple orchid Wedding - Orange, yellow and red floral arrangements hung on black chairs with purple drapery


12 Stunning Wedding Bouquets - Part 16 - Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated Bride


I love how this bouquet looks like a purse!! / Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration / Shawna Yamamoto Design / D. Park Photography  / Expressionary Events / via StyleUnveiled.com


Not my exact flower colors, but I love the texture and shape....


This Simple Orchid Topped Cake


simple potted orchid for table centerpieces - can give away to guests OR keep for yourself


22 Amazingly Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas. To see more: http://www.modwedding.com/2014/01/19/22-amazingly-beautiful-wedding-bouquet-ideas/ #wedding #weddings


58 Glamorously Designed Wedding Flower Ideas from Tantawan Bloom


DIY Paper Orchid Flowers - Great instructions, and she includes the colored printables! Just print, cut out flower petals, glue and you're done!  Beautiful on a gift package for a wedding, or made up into long strings of orchid flowers that will move in the breeze.


Platinum and Blush Old Hollywood Wedding in Atlanta - Munaluchi Bridal Magazine #receptiondecor #floralweddingdecor


Orchids, mirrors and candle lit ~ Christian Oth Studio | bellethemagazine.com


Vibrant and beautiful, coral wedding dresses are on trend and ultra feminine. Let’s take a peek at some gorgeous bridesmaids gowns dipped in this precious tone.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesSimple and understated, this is a perfect silhouette for a variety of shapes and accessorizing opportunities.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesA classic design dipped in a vibrant and gorgeous tone, we love how vivacious this dress is.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesWrapped around the waist, this gown accents your waistline and has a skirt that flows perfectly on the dance floor.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesGrecian-inspired and completely versatile and complimentary to nearly every woman, this gown is a winner in all aspects.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesFlowing and beautiful, the chiffon material is a favorite among wedding style and looks gorgeous flowing down the aisle.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesA more unique and sophisticated look, this layered beautiful has a very romantic appeal.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesA sweet little party dress, the layered skirt and cinched waist makes it a beautifully made and versatile piece.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesFor a springtime look, go with a dress that’s free and flirty but also the ability to stylize and personalize yourself.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesA gorgeous, one-shouldered twist this is another flirtatious and charming choice.

Coral Bridesmaids DressesModern and a bit sexy, show off your ladies curve in a sophisticated way with this ruched number.

photos via Nordstrom

Grace Kelly rocked one. Kate Middleton stunned in one. Now modern brides are lovin’ them — blushers are BACK and more beautiful than ever. These dainty designs were huge on the runway this year, adding mysterious, old-world charm to brides as they walk down the aisle.

If you’re planning to wear a blusher on the big day, we’ve got five no-fail tips to consider:

1. Bring the blusher to your hair and makeup trial. You’ll want to choose hair and makeup styles that work best with a blusher veil. For example, you’ll want to wear a matte lip stick instead of a lip gloss, especially if your nuptials are outside and a blusher blowing toward your face is a possibility.

2. Wear a blusher with an up- or half-up-do. Blushers generally look best with swept-back hair, allowing them to fall without competition. We suggest an elegant up-do, but if your heart is set on sweeping locks, try a Kate Middleton-inspired half-up-half-down style.

3. Bring a designated person with you to your hair trial. The hair dresser will teach this person how to flawlessly remove your veil for the reception and repair any imperfections.

4. Practice the unveiling. First you must decide when you want to ditch the blusher. When your dad gives you away? Right before the kiss?  Once you appoint the “unveiler,” practice, practice, practice. The last thing you want is for your veil to be awkwardly bunched on the top of your head. Practice a smooth unveiling and have your maid of honor on alert to tame any unruly tulle.

5. Snap some shots with the blusher on. A thin veil over the face is one of the most photogenic details of a wedding-day look. Take a peek below — they are stunning.

Jannie Baltzer Couture Bridal Headpieces and Veils | Love My Dress® UK Wedding Blog


Everyone sees a glowing bride. As a mom I see a husband/dad trying to be brave as he gives away his little girl. A precious moment.


Blusher  |  Bridal portrait  |  Beautiful brides  |  Mint wedding  |  City wedding  |  Aislinn Kate Photography | Wedding (Pensacola Wedding Photographer)


absolutely perfect. shape of the dress with the lace and Mantilla veil with blusher. perfect.


I'm in LOVE with her veil. Although I'm not sure if I want the over-the-face look or if I just want to tuck it underneath my updo


Bridal blusher wedding veil Double layer teardrop veil by myrakim. $110.00, via Etsy.


A timeless bride wearing a #MoniqueLhuillier gown.  Photo: @Braedon Photography


Double Layer Tulle Blusher Veil, Tulle Veil, Birdcage Veil, Wedding Veil, Bridal Veil - Chloe  MADE TO ORDER


What a stunning bridal portrait by Bruce Covey! Delicate Blusher Veil - Sara Gabriel. Wedding Gown - Jenny Packham. The whole darned wedding is one amazing image after the other!  See the feature  on SMP right here: http://www.StyleMePretty.com/2014/03/03/rustic-sodo-park-wedding-in-seattle-washington/


FAQs: How to Select the Perfect Bridal Veil for Your Wedding Dress - Jose Villa Photography


Serve up some sophisticated, rich hors d’oeuvres that are full of savory flavors and sweetness. There is something about French-cuisine that feels timeless, luxurious and a bit exotic. Not everyone has had a true taste from this European, romantic fairy-tale, and if they have, they’ve already fallen in love. Ignite the night with some French-inspired hors d’oeuvres that will give every guests a memorable moment and a satisfied feeling in their stomach. Let’s have a look at 5 beautiful and delicious options that would be perfect to pass around during cocktail hour.

Mini Quiches

French hors d'oeuvres

Quiches are an absolute fan favorite. Go with ham and swiss, broccoli and cheddar or if you’re a bit more adventurous you could do a mushroom, goat cheese and rosemary combination. This will be one of the most popular treats on the trays being passed around as nearly everyone will want to have multiple servings.

Cheddar Gougeres

French Appetizers

These are like the French version of a cheesy biscuit, and everyone will fall in love with them. They have two ingredients that the vast majority of people can’t get enough of: cheese & carbs. You can’t really miss when serving up these delicious puffs.

Zucchini-Tomato Verrines

French Appetizers

As definition states, a verrine is a multi-textured or layered salad or dessert. And in this case it’s a zucchini and tomato salad that will start the night’s meal off in a light, taste and refreshing way. This salad design is garnished with a savory and salty piece of prosciutto, and even more luxurious bite!

Cranberry Brie Bites

French Appetizers

These are wonderful winter treat infused with French spirits. Sweet and creamy, who doesn’t love a silky slice of brie offset by a tangy, fruity taste? This is another lighter pass-around that can begin the night’s meal off with a bang and a satisfied front.

Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Apple Tarts

French Appetizers

When it comes to French fare, there are numerous tart recipes, but this is a savory favorite. These 3-ingredients have hearty tendencies and comforting tastes. Of course, there are plenty of other delicious duos and trios you can fit in this little bucket of flavor.

With the farm-to-table ideology as on trend as ever, we can’t help but want to extend that to the weddingsphere, beyond what’s served on your guests’ plates. Try swapping flowers for alternatives like fruits, vegetables, cheese and nuts — you name it — the sky’s the limit. The end result is highly unique, memorable and individual centerpieces.

From cascading grapes to rustic cheese boards, earthy artichokes and sugared fruit, nature provides bountiful materials for a stunning tablescape, often times less expensive than their floral counterparts. When choosing edible centerpieces, it’s important to consider the season and location, just as you eat and buy seasonally at home. This will not only ensure the most appropriate nibbles for the time of year, but also the most aesthetically beautiful foods. Have you ever compared the color and size of winter vs. summer tomatoes? Exactly. Gourds and pumpkins clearly don’t work for a spring wedding (but, how perfect for fall-time nuptials?). You get the picture.

Something to be aware of is your venue’s policies — some may be touchy about edible centerpieces, especially if they are providing the food for the event. Their concerns range from allergies to pricing and set-up conflicts. Make sure to discuss the edible arrangement idea with your venue. Chances are they will want to work with you to provide it themselves for a small fee. Or, choose a venue where you know you’ll have complete freedom to serve what you want.

Below are some fruitful photos to get your imagination brewing.

Gorgeous table runner of fruit! photo by San Francisco wedding photographer Meg Smith via Junebug Weddings


Cheese and fruit spread with table numbers. Photography by jasminestarphotography.com, Event Design   Planning by bethhelmstetter.com, Floral Design by hollyflora.com


vineyard wedding  //  emma jane photography


San Francisco Conservatory Wedding - instead of centerpieces they did meat & cheese trays.  that might be more my style but everything else on here looks cute!


Centrepiece perfection! Just add some floral arrangements


edible tablescape Photography By / http://vieraphotographics.com




Tuscan Delight...love the thought of an intimate wedding with just a couple of tables like these filled with nearest and dearest.


Now this is a centerpiece. Showcasing garden goodies such as vegetables and greens is a nice to way to beautify any tablescape.


Pineapple Centerpieces - simple (and edible!) then maybe add some fresh flowers in cans in between and shells


Can’t decide on coordinating colors for your wedding-day palette? Go back to basics with black and white — and you’ll be out of the gray area. There’s nothing more elegant than a black and white affair, hands down. It’s clean, sophisticated and timeless. Whether you opt for polka dots, crisp stripes, toile or a geometric pattern for your wedding decor, black and white looks sharp and interesting, no matter what.

We love when couples go for the bold contrast of black and white when seemingly everyone is gravitating toward muted tones for the big day. The back-to-basic palette also creates the perfect moment to add a pop (or pops) of color(s). We love touches of fuschia, gold, yellow or orange combined with black and white.

From fashion to cake decor, places settings and more, here are some black and white looks we love.

cake with wedding date on it #weddingcake #modernweddingcake #weddingchicks http://www.weddingchicks.com/2014/04/09/illuminated-industrial-wedding-ideas/


This striped wedding cake is absolutely stunning. #watters #cake www.pinterest.com/wattersdesigns/


Chic and Modern Black and White Wedding Inspiration with Brilliant Fuchsia | See More! http://heyweddinglady.com/chic-modern-black-and-white-wedding-inspiration-with-brilliant-fuchsia/


Black and white wedding cake with gold accents --| Image by Octavia und Klaus Oppermann


Wedding Color Combinations | Wedding Color Schemes from Loverly | Wedding Planning, Ideas ...


Photography: Heather Rowland Photography - www.heatheranndesign.com/blog  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/07/02/modern-chic-wedding-in-texass-hill-country/


.LOVE this converse "Man" black and white style, I know any guy would love to be able to rock his converse... maybe a white pair or matching for the bride to slip on for the reception


My Wedding: Black and white striped tablescape -- I like the way the runner is shaped at the lower edge.


Classic black and white. Natalie Grace Calligraphy Co. Photography: Shaun Menary Photography - shaunmenary.com  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/06/18/traditional-dallas-wedding-at-the-room-on-main/


Glam Black and White Striped Place Setting | Perez Photography | See More! http://heyweddinglady.com/chic-modern-black-and-white-wedding-inspiration-with-brilliant-fuchsia/


modern wedding invitations, photo by Izzy Hudgins Photography http://ruffledblog.com/a-modern-new-years-celebration #weddinginvitations #stationery


Black & white party drinks. For ideas and inspiration from planning through to running an exceptional event like this, contact Effective Business Events - www.effectivebusiness.com




Simple, sweet and timeless these little black dresses may be just what your bridesmaids need to adorn themselves for your big day. These are great choices for more modern wedding styles or even more traditional settings.

Little Black Bridesmaids DressLace sleeves and a womanly silhouette makes this a classy and sophisticated sexy choice.

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesThis is a beautiful choice for a summer wedding with a springtime, yet formal, vibe.

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesWe love the contrast of this design with its crisp, white underlay against the black lace detailing.

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesThere’s a bit of contemporary presence and sparkle infused within this design, and we’re in love!

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesThere’s a sweet, party-like feel involved in the makings and stylings of this dress, it’s great for youthful spirits!

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesClassy and complimentary for a variety of body types, this one is a winner for maids of honor and bridesmaids too.

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesThe contrasting textures in this pieces make it an interesting and fun choice for you ladies to try.

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesThere’s a charming, vintage flair wrapped up in this design and we think your bridesmaids would love to wear it!

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesHere’s a beautiful mix of formal spirits and boho style, the hi-lo hemline is a fun addition for ladies that are comfortable with this silhouette.

Little Black Bridesmaids DressesFlowing skirts and a gorgeous, black and white sash, we love the simplicity and classic style of this number.

all photos via Brides

Now that we’ve got the guys covered, let’s take care of your girls. Girls are pretty easy to shop for — think simple, sentimental and sweet — but they too, like groomsmen, would love something practical that they will actually use.

It’s important that you leave plenty of time when getting gifts for your gals — trust us, you won’t have any brain space left in the two weeks leading up to your wedding! Also, if you’re planning to customize or monogram any items, you’ll need to factor in extra lead time.

Here are 10 bridesmaid gifts they’ll love and will surely use again, that won’t break your bank.

1. Custom perfume scents

Perfume for your bridesmaids | Photography: Lexia Frank Photography - lexiafrank.com  View entire slideshow: 15 Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids on http://www.stylemepretty.com/collection/311/


2. Vera Bradley duffle bags — the only weekend bags they’ll ever need

Large Duffel in Midnight Blues; inspiration for a DIY duffle.


3. Metallic mugs

Use a metallic marker to upgrade a basic white mug.


4. Not your average beach towels

10 Best ::  Beach Towels


5. DIY spa and pampering kit

DIY spa bridesmaid gift package. http://www.mywedding.com/articles/diy-bridesmaids-gifts-theyll-love/


6. Floral kimono robes

Beautiful rose floral silk robes


7. Colorful water bottles

happy little lineup - Gorgeous re-usable glass water bottles! #livegreen


8. Custom bracelets

12 Monogrammed "Bridesmaid Gifts" They’ll Actually Love @weddings #bridesmaids #gifts @EmmalineBride


9. Sweat pants



10. Wristlets

What bridesmaid wouldn't love this? As an added bonus, you can create a 'bridesmaids survival kit' to be used on the wedding day!


Your guest book is a precious keepsake that you can intentionally have for years to come. Kind words and a record of friends and family in attendance on your big day, this piece of the wedding doesn’t have to be the most traditional of choices. Let’s take a look at some unique wedding guest book ideas and have you grab some alternative inspiration!

Unique Guest Book IdeasCreate a piece of art that your guests can sign and you can keep hanging in your house forever. We are loving this “family tree” style.

Unique Guest Book IdeasA couple of wine bottles can act as wonderful pieces of decor for your newlywed home, just have your guests sign the surface!

Unique Guest Book IdeasGarland can decorate the wedding reception but after it’s signed, it can become a part of your home afterwards!

Unique Guest Book IdeasCreate info cards and have your guests give you their updated contact information and the ability to leave a little note!

Unique Guest Book IdeasA basket full of wooden hearts can be used for a variety of ideas after the big day, but in the meantime your guests should each get a heart to write on and decorate!

Unique Guest Book Ideas

Sign a tag an tie it to the “family” tree and then this piece can be used to bring so many love and unique memories into the couple’s new home.

Unique Guest Book IdeasWine corks can be used for do many fun DIY projects and accents throughout your home and after your guests sign them, they become personalized and even more special.

Unique Guest Book IdeasA good quilt can be used for a lifetime, and when it’s sign by all those who love you – you’ll want to use it everyday!

Unique Guest Book IdeasSign the puzzle pieces and have the happy couple put the entire look together later for a 3-D piece of wall art.

Unique Guest Book IdeasA book full of envelopes can turn into a scrapbook of sorts for your guests to enjoy and add to!

photos via SMP

One deed that should never go undone is gifting the people who have been instrumental in your wedding and wedding planning process — most importantly, your wedding party. Girls are pretty easy to gift, but groomsmen on the other hand, can be a little trickier. We’re here to help! It’s important that you secure your gifts well in advance, as the last-minute wedding craziness takes on new life in the final moments, leaving little brain space for other details. Also, if you’re planning to customize or monogram any goods, you’ll need to factor in extra lead time. And don’t think you have to break the bank when it comes to presents for your pals. More than anything, a little token will show your groomsmen your gratitude and appreciation for standing by your side.

Here are 11 groomsmen gifts they’re sure to love, perfect for any budget:

1. Personalized highball glasses

Whiskey Glass Rocks Glass Engraved Glasses by EverythingDecorated, $10.50


2. Custom beer caddies — beer openers included!

Personalized Beer Caddy Groomsmen Gift


3. Minibar in a jar — an inexpensive, adorable option.

minibar in a jar (an easy gift idea)


4. Tailgating cooler

Personalized iPod Tailgating Cooler Bag- Groomsmen Gift


5. Travel case

Help your man stay organized with this super cool travel case.


6. Cool, copper flask

Great American Flask


7. Watch

Minimalist Bamboo Wooden Watch with Genuine Leather Strap ,mens watch, groomsmen gift, wood watch, men's watch WT007 by TreeHutDesign on Etsy


8. Neckwear — for the big day or just for fun!

Gifts for those involved in the wedding can sometimes be difficult to pick out- especially for those groomsmen! Here's a fun (and useful) gift idea.


9. Cufflinks

Gatsby 1920s Art Deco Monogram Cuff links - Custom Personalized Cufflinks Pair with 2 or 3 Vintage Initials for Men on Etsy, $39.00


10. Wallet

Personalized Fine Leather Groomsmen Baseball Flap Wallet


11. Weekend bag

Northwesterner Bag by Wood & Faulk



When it comes to setting the mood on your wedding day, nothing creates a “wow” factor like the perfect lighting. From candles to lanterns, twinkle lights and bistro lights, there are numerous creative lighting ideas to illuminate your love on your wedding day.

Check out these 10 whimsical lighting solutions, sure to give that special glow to your celebration:

TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE STAR: Hundreds of strings of twinkle lights are only suitable for the couple with the twinkle in their eyes.

Great wedding backdrop idea...Use lights to create a whimsical wedding background


LOTS ‘O’ LANTERNS: Whether you go for all white or multicolored, we love the look of lit lanterns billowing in the wind.

Lanterns i would love this at my wedding!!


BISTRO LOVE: Part vintage, part kitsch, bistro lights add subtle beams of light and charm to your reception space.

If you have a large room or can still entertain outside bistro lighting adds the perfect amount of light to keep the party going all night long #bonappetit #roundthetable


TIKI TORCHES: If a beachside bash is in your future, lines of tiki torches can set your party afire.

beautiful for a night wedding


MOONLIGHT MUSE: If you can steal a few minutes later in the reception for a moonlight snapshot, it’ll be one of your favorites. We promise.

Wedding photography - Nirav Patel. #blackandwhite #weddingphotography


HELLO, SUNSHINE: If you’re planning to say “I do” around dusk, make sure to fit in a few sunset photos. They’re simply stunning.

If your ceremony is happening around sunset, use the light to your best advantage. Ask the photographer to scout out an area that'll allow the evening light to illuminate your dress and veil. Photo by Susan Stripling Photographer via Style Me Pretty


CANDLELIGHT: Tapered, tea lights, pillar, scented — no matter what the shape or size, nothing says romance like candles.

Candle light lines the walkway leading the guests to wedding events. Such a romantic look!


FUN DANCE FLOOR: Guests will love gettin’ jiggy with it on a festive, lit-up dance floor.

12 Ways to Customize Your Dance Floor


FIREWORKS: The ultimate awe-inducing moment to celebrate the fireworks you’re feeling on the inside.

Want to wow your wedding guests? How about holding a spectacular firework display!


HEARTS ON FIRE: If your venue has a fireplace, light it! Nothing can achieve as much coziness as a roaring fire. A couple tips: 1) Consider the season — if it’s a warm August night, a hot fire is probably not the best idea; 2) If a full-fledged fire is too much for you, light varying heights of pillar candles in the fireplace for the same effect.

Old Edwards Inn Highlands Wedding Venue | photography by http://julia-wade.com



Lucky for you, more lingerie inspiration from Adore Me has arrived! In case you missed them, we showcased two different Adore Me looks already on the blog — coral and pale blue. Be sure to check ’em out.

Adore Me recently launched a new collection of sexy lingerie — bridal beauty at its best — featuring happy colors and flirty designs that make every woman look and feel her most beautiful. We’re sharing our “blushing bride” inspiration board below inspired by Adore Me’s blush lingerie duo. Blush wedding details are bountiful, as the color remains to be one of the most popular among couples. And we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Go on, take a look — blushing is allowed.

Untitled design (4)

 Photo credits: Pinterest




Watters Spring 2016 line of wedding gowns has been let loose and we’re showing off our favorite 13!

Watters Spring 2016 LineWhimsical and sweet, the beigey tone of this gown is quite unique and romantic.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThe bodice of this gown speaks of Grace Kelly, and what bride doesn’t want to feel like that timeless beauty on her wedding day?

Watters Spring 2016 LineA sleeker silhouette, this skirt is lighter and friendly for summertime.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThis is a more subtle version of the classic, bridal princess gown and we love the illusion neckline.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThe bodice of this gown is so detailed-oriented and beautiful, every accent is perfection.

Watters Spring 2016 LineModern, shining and beaded with intricacy and beautiful, fall head-over-heels into this gorgeous design.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThe layers and two-toned nature of this gown has such a fairy-tale like quality, it’s hard not to, at the very least, try this stunner on.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThere’s a bohemian, princess quality surrounding this gown making it such an effortless choice.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThis floral-inspired bodice speaks greatly of springtime affairs, we love the dainty details!

Watters Spring 2016 LineThis chic gown has red-carpet worth written (and sewn) right into it.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThe color, the silhouette and the movement of this gown is unique, yet timeless.

Watters Spring 2016 LineThere’s so much to love about this gown, from the creamy tone to the detailed bodice.

photos via Brides

We’re bringing sexy back with more lingerie inspiration from Adore Me. In case you missed it, we kicked things off in this previous post.

Adore Me recently launched a new collection of sexy lingerie — perfect for brides — featuring flirty, bright colors and feminine designs that make every woman look and feel her best. Check out our “something blue” inspiration board below for a bouquet of the best blue wedding details we’ve seen around, all inspired by Adore Me’s luscious pale blue teddy.

And remember, no one said your “something blue” couldn’t be for the after party.

Untitled design (3)

Photo credits: Pinterest

From start to finish, planning a wedding can be a tiring and stressful task.  And one of your first decisions you have to make is deciding on a theme for the big day. From ultra-modern to shabby-chic, there are so many varieties of wedding day style. Since the warmer months are creeping in, we’ve decided to shine a light on garden weddings and some of the key elements you need to create that very magical and romantic affair. Transform an average celebration into one filled with florals, beauty and a fairy-tale quality. For the most perfect garden wedding, you’ll want these 5 additions to help with the transformation.

A Floral Chuppah at the Ceremony.

Floral Wedding Chuppah

Even if you’re saying your I do’s in front of a gorgeous field of flowers or in the midst of a botanical garden, bring those florals in closer and surround yourself with some colorful, lush favorites. A chuppah isn’t only for Jewish ceremonies, they can be used to stylizing purposes only too and for a more fairy-tale like quality, you’ll want something like this hovering over you and your groom.

A Floral Signature Cocktail at the Reception. 

Rose Signature Cocktails

Take your theme full throttle and add it to you food and drink too. Every couple needs a signature cocktail to remember their day and when your day is all about the flowers then why not try out a rose or lavender-infused drink? It’s unique, they’re delicious and every guests will remember the detailing.

A Floral Cascade on  your Wedding  Cake.

A Floral wedding cake

Don’t forget to add some floral detailing to the cake either. Your guests should fill like they’re walking into a dream. If you’re envisioning a garden-theme wedding, then you’ll need to try and turn your entire celebration into your very own garden with your very own bridal style.

A Floral Crown for the Bride. 

Floral wedding crown

Top the bride off with a gorgeous and picturesque floral crown. It’s only appropriate that the lady at the center of it all be accented with some flowers too. Go big or just add a dainty arrangement to your look, either way this is a detail that mustn’t be missed!

A Boho Wedding Gown at the Center of it All. 

Bohemian Wedding Gown

When we envision a romantic garden wedding, we see the bride in a flowing, bohemian-inspired gown. There’s something soft and whimsical about these gowns which fit perfectly inside a garden and floral-dressed celebration. Explore colors and textures, but make sure you’re finding something that tangible and charming without being too stiff.


photos via SMP

Intricate details and pure femininity, you’ve got to check out Tony Ward’s designs exclusively for Kleinfeld’s in this Spring 2016 Line. Take a peek and get ready to swoon!

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-003From top to bottom this gorgeous dress has details fit for a queen … or a bride-to-be!

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-005An A-line dress will almost be one of the most complimentary designs especially in this crisp white and sparkling bodice.

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-006There’s a romantic quality about this dress that seems fitting for a bride with a fairy-tale vision.

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-007Modern with a quite a posh appeal, this gown has a sleekness that’s rarely founds in designs of such feminine quality.

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-008We love classic ball gowns, especially when they’re  accenting by extra ruffles and textural pieces.

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-009Bold, daring and a walking piece of art, this gown may be meant for the catwalk but it would should be fierce walking down the aisle as well.

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-004This gown is full of interest, full of texture and also full of youthful and girlish charm.

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-001Sleek, sparkling and ready for the red carpet, there’s a sophisticated, Hollywood style sewn right into this design.

tony-ward-for-kleinfeld-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-002Illusion necklines are a beautiful accent, especially when paired with such a whimsical overall style.


photos via Brides