Light the way of your wedding by adding some gorgeous lanterns to the ceremony’s theme and decor. Line the aisle, highlight the tables or create gorgeous centerpieces with some of these romantic accents.

54b6dd81c2bdd$!400xSide tables that line the reception or highlight a guest book can be adorned with a glowing lantern in your style of choice.

54bf174b4d0a4$!400xA more modern scene can be complimented by metal pieces but so can your vintage affair.

54ca5d386ab16$!400xYou can even find lanterns with a more Asian or Middle Eastern essence for your worldly adventure.

542ee2cb73b84$!400xEven more casual celebrations can have the festivity and charm of some floating Chinese lanterns.

546aa3d48da7e$!400xHere’s a more modern and interesting take on the classic lantern, we love its artistic nature.

554d30d375015$!400xDon’t be afraid to utilize your surrounding, even the trees, and highlight them with the style of the day!

5408d964ef276$!400xLine the walkways to the ceremony spot or between the “I do’s” and the first dance with some quaint pieces.

5474e14c223fd$!400xExtra large pieces can also make a splash by welcoming every guests that comes inside.

5491d6955b4b5$!400xMix with glowing votives for a romantic, cozy look and style throughout the reception.

5515a08bdbb7f$!400xEven if you’re outdoors you can bring a clean, modern line to the ceremony.

54022ce3c3bd9$!400xCreate a warm glow right next to the bride and groom with a variety of eclectic lanterns right on site.

54022d473303e$!400xEach table can be adorned with a lantern that fits the day’s theme, and accented with fresh florals.

54026dc617dd4$!400xHere’s a more youthful and festive style for a ceremony backdrop or photo stop!

photos via SMP

Adorn your little pal in one of these pink, puffy flower girl dresses. Have her toss the petals in something so sweet and adorable, the entire bridal party swoons.

2013 A Line Bateau Ruched Pink and White Flower Girl DressesThe little one looks perfect enough to top your wedding cake with the soft, pink ruffled hemline.

2015-New-Charm-Blush-and-Light-pink-Flower-Girl-Dress-with-Headband-Girl-Party-Evening-DressBelted and flowing, we’re in love with this blush design and it’s matching hairpiece!

a-line-tank-top-floor-length-04-pink-girls-easter-dress-fl0400004-bHere’s a more traditional flower girl look but with a brighter hue and skirt that will twirl with the best of them.

Beauty-s-font-b-fluffy-b-font-font-b-pink-b-font-dress-girl-wedding-flowerIt’s hard not to instantly fall in love with the voluminous, rosette design.

Free-Shipping-Custom-Made-A-line-Pink-Flower-Girl-Dress-Jewel-Ribbon-Tulle-Tea-Length-NewFit for the smallest of the petal-throwers, this dress is darling enough to adorn any one of your baby dolls.

Gorgeous-Peach-Color-Flower-Girl-Dress-With-Coral-Pink-Peals-Flower-font-b-Floor-b-fontFull of spring flair, here’s a dress that every little girl would be incredibly excited to wear. And we’re loving the detailed bodice and side-strap!

il_fullxfull.571333267_62phPastel, sherbert colors and a bit of an ombre effect, here’s another adorable choice for your small princess.

New-2015-font-b-tutu-b-font-pink-font-b-baby-b-font-bridesmaid-flower-girlThis dress has a bit more of a rich and vibrant rose tone, and we love its springtime charm!

Pincess-Pink-Flower-Girl-dresses-with-Satin-Bodice-Lace-Straps-Girls-Tutu-Dresses-with-Bow-FlowerDon’t shy away from a two-piece ensemble like this ballet beauty!

pink_3_9Or you can go with a more traditional design like this darling, tiered look.

Pink-Flower-Girl-DressesOf course, you can go with a classic, wedding fabric like satin and still have a voluminous skirt.


And finally, we have the ultimate party dress for your petal-keeper, full of poise and fluff!

photos via Pinterest

One of the biggest woes of wedding planning is the budget. You’ve probably started to feel like money is flying out of your purse/wallet left and right uncontrollably. We get it. If you’re looking to cut back somewhere, why not start with appetizers? No one said you had to serve escargot and crab cakes. That’s why we pulled together seven simple, affordable eats that people will love.

Whether you individually portion and serve the finger foods or have guests help themselves, they will be ecstatic to see some of their favorites circling the cocktail space — goldfish, popcorn, trail mix, chips, pretzels and more. After all, who doesn’t love a salty bite with their cocktail? Also, taking this route is a much more affordable option than prepared apps. Grab a few friends and hit a bulk retailer to stock up on a few simple items, get some serveware and you’re set!

Check out these seven crowd-pleasing snacks:


Rustic style popcorn seasoning shakers - great for wedding popcorn buffet



My Family would love Soft Pretzels at the Wedding  12 surprising food bars you’ve never seen before!



Mexican Fiesta Taco Bar - Mojito's and burritos day after the wedding get together



DIY barn wedding.....SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS IDEA...having peanuts on the tables!! Keywords: #barnweddings #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us:



grey and orange wedding themes | An Orange and Gray Wedding



We love this simple idea of paper bags with scallop edges (just use scallop edge scissors from the craft store) with everyone's favorite potato chips.



Such a cute idea for a pre-ceremony cocktail hour: Trail mix bar!



There’s so much more than the ring when it comes to accessorizing on your big day. From earrings to cuffs, your options are endless! This may add to the already overwhelming planning that needs to be done before you’re officially a Mrs. Here’s a few tips on how to really make your dress shine!

The Do’s for Hues

First things first—the color of your wedding dress is key on deciding whether you’re going to adorn yourself in Pearls or Gold. Stick to silvers, pearls, or platinum accessories if your dress is pure white. For an off-white, or diamond white, shade you can take just about any direction. Silver, gold, and even rose gold work great here! When it comes to the Ivory shade, stick to gold, as it tends to bring out the creamy undertones of this rich white color. If you want to stray from the traditional shade of gold, try rose or yellow gold for a fun twist.

Also, if your dress has added designs or details on it such as silver or pearl beading, it’s highly recommended to match your jewelry to that as well. For example, if your dress is off-white with silver floral designs beaded into it, stick to silver for your accessories.

The Necklines

Sweetheart: If your dress features a sweetheart neckline, I would feature a very simple necklace or no necklace at all and go for bold earrings. Chandelier or drop down earrings work well here.

Strapless: For a strapless dress, eye-catching or layered necklaces work well as it adds flair to this classic wedding dress style! Even pearls work well here. The modest neckline gives you room to play up the accessories! But remember not to over do it—if your necklace is a statement piece, choose simple studs for your earrings.

One-Shoulder: Since this asymmetrical gown already has a busy neckline, accessorize this dress with a nice pair of earrings and a bracelet. A cuff bracelet or cluster earrings would add just the right amount of sparkle to this in-season style!

V-Neck: The empty space caused by the V-Neck is practically begging you to accessorize! Simple necklaces, like a multi-stone pendant necklace, works great here as it decorates the space with beauty and elegance.

Image By

Image By

Halter: For the halter dress, I would pair a beautifully bold bracelet with a simple pair of drop down earrings. Try art-deco style accessories for some vintage glitz!


Image by

Bateau: This classic style works great with necklaces that sit right below the neckline. Necklaces featuring gems work great here, as the sheer look of the necklace will compliment this covered look nicely.

Whether you decide to go with the options above or take your own spin on it, the most important thing about accessorizing for your big day is that you feel comfortable and gorgeous! Stay true to yourself while accessorizing, and you are bound to shine brighter than any diamond.




Be bold and  don’t be afraid to show off your sexier style on your wedding day. With these daringly low backs, you’ll have a wedding dress that is sure to turn heads.


Sweet and whimsical with a certain flowing essence down the aisle, take a look at the plunge in the back.

a772a243b8fb4b8d6248cb473b16834eSometimes just a bit of skin is all you need to make the sexy statement you want, and this dress does just that.

06effe357808b40a4cdaf69433ab5123The details of this gown go even farther than the small of your back, it’s both daring and elegant.

6f6b39971677f4bf948655b6feda6b41There’s nothing about this gown that doesn’t make a statement, the absence of a back is just the icing on the cake.

8eabafcbb2ca1b8c4baf7a4dc175e654Pearls could be a way to keep things tradition while spicing up the ceremony space.

67a7a436e4f9ad276a3774f19d1729b1This keyhole accent will shape your shoulders and show off some of your beautiful, flawless skin.

144a4a23441da5ce2f94be4d8739f813Whimsical, lace-covered gowns can cover you from head to toe while adding a sensual element too.

5024c9dd2698a5f182339d8b0a7d1b2dLow backs aren’t made for sheath dresses only, they work well with ball gowns as well.

d8fcc07e54ab3e75db66681c6b4f3d13An illusion neckline and illusion sleeves mix well with a keyhole back.

d27199283777bd8e280dc7cb26bfff56The intricate details and artistry surrounding the back of this gown are breathtaking.

e641ea735d9f1cef1650504581dfb036Feel like a princess, gone rogue and mysterious, in a gown like this.

f59d9b8f7ae64d66bc76f0b5a0d2f47fHere’s a gown that mixes so many quintessential elements of a classic bride while still holding strong to personal roots.

photos via Pinterest

Add some braided details to your hair on the day you say, “I do.” Your tresses can be embellished for all different themes and styles. From modern to boho, check out these braided bridal hair ideas and grab some inspiration.

53a311d2ea728$!400xHere’s a Grecian-inspired undo that is completely romantic and swoon-worthy.

53aeb8ef6c2ef$!400xThis messy braided crown is full of bohemian style, perfect for a ball gown and even more ready for a stroll down a fall-covered aisle.

53e2420d733af$!400xA sideswept, French-braid can be adorned with sparkle or fresh flowers like this bride has the fashion-forward sense to do.

54bfea68b3ec4$!400xTied with a ribbon, this small braid was fit for a youthful bride with a very free-spirit.

538e5acceb2f2$!400xYou can even hide a braid in a more subtle way inside classic updos to bring out more of your personal style.

554d30ee1d154$!400xThick braids can add unique spin on traditional bridal hair as well, we’re in love with these romantic locks!

555d72498b9ad$!400xFishtail braided can be fun too and made to be quite chic and modern.

556e2c489286f$!400xHere’s a messy French-braided crown that’s perfect to add to your vintage ensemble.

55089b0baaede$!400xIf you want something a bit messier, check out this pulled-back design for inspiration.

547240bfc6edc$!400xAnd finally, here’s some gorgeous inspiration when creating a look that unique, yet very posh in style.

photos via SMP

Thank You Notes

So you’re registered, yay! (Check out this post for the 20 kitchen must-haves on your registry.) Now the gifts will start to roll in, and with all the other wedding to-dos, thank you notes are probably the last thing on your mind. Breath! It’s time to get organized.

Receiving gifts for your new life together is so special, and you’ll need to thank guests for the gifts they so generously picked out for you. A gracious couple is the most beautiful couple of all.

We’ve gathered the top dos and don’ts that will help you tackle thank you notes with tact and ease.


{1} Purchase your thank you stationary well in advance. You may want to build your thank you notes into your stationary suite to coordinate with your other paper goods. If you’re planning to include a wedding photo or photos in the TY, arrange as many details as possible in advance — design, quantity, printing company — then you can simply add the picture and print.

{2} Start an Excel document that houses the necessary gift information in columns: from, item description, address, thank you note sent (yes or no).

{3} Send thank yous as gifts arrive. You’ll be thankful you did.

{4} Hand write and hand address your thank you notes. It’s more personal.

{5} Mention the specific gift and how you plan to use it. The message should be tailored to each guest.

{6} Thank your guests for attending your wedding.


{1} Misspell anyone’s name. As you did with your wedding stationary, make sure you spell everyone’s name correctly.

{2} Email, text messages and phone calls are no-nos. Sure, you can mention XYZ about the gift informally via digital platforms, but this communication does not replace a hand-written thank you.

{3} Don’t be too formal — these are your friends and family, after all. Write in your own personal tone.

{4} Avoid ALL numbers. Don’t mention dollar amounts, quantities, etc. It’s tacky.

{5} Don’t wait until a full year passes to send your TYs. Aim to complete them as soon as possible after your wedding, within six months. We can assure you that they will get harder to write as more time passes. A quick turnaround thank you is impressive.

Fairy-tale inspiration swirls all around wedding planning. From the dress to the cake, have a celebration straight from the storybooks. And with these gorgeous reception ideas, you’ll jumpstart all your plans for the party after the vows.

54dcc1e9cac50$!400xCrisp whites, sunlight, creamy flowers and grandiose glass vases, this scene is simple but beautifully executed.

551c86dc8cef3$!400xGolden tones will always evoke a sense of fairy-tale quality and princess feelings.

5553f0da65f48$!400xMixing creams and golds are also a beautiful way to keep the femininity and tradition in the look of a wedding while encompassing a dreamy feeling.


Pay attention to the details, like your table numbers. These whimsical additions only enhance the theme and fashion of the day.



If you want something a bit more woodland, think Snow White, then make sure you do something a bit more grandiose for that fairy-tale quality.


Warm lighting will also help cultivate a romantic, storybook theme. Just look what the glow of these candle do to the tables.


Muted tones and luscious florals can also help create a glamorous, dream-like reception area.


Of course, you can always make a sweetheart table and mark where the prince and princess will be sitting.


Blush tones, textures and gorgeous furniture, even when placed outside, can add to the beauty of the day.


Again, little details matter and add to a fairy-tale space. Adorning your seating with extra pizazz can be key.

photos via SMP

They’re pretty, plump and the perfect shade of peachy pink. They’re pomegranates, and we love everything about them, especially when it comes to weddings.

From nestling them in your bouquet to adorning the cake, decorating tables or flavoring a champagne cocktail, pomegranates pack punch wherever you place them. Perhaps our favorite use of the fruit is to hold name cards, as they have built-in stems that hold them just right.

Because of their bright hue, pomegranates are an easy match with other colors. Pair it with woodsy greens and deep maroons for a wintery scene, with navy and white for a preppy pop, or with lemons and oranges for happy harmony.

Check out these picturesque pomegranate pics:

Pomegranates and books in the forest. Absolutely beautiful. It just looks like it has a story.


Lauren and Bailey | Columbia SC Wedding Photography | Charleston & Hilton Head Island Wedding Photography



Fairy-tale inspiration swirls all around wedding planning. From the dress to the cake, have a celebration straight from the storybooks. Below we have some gorgeous venue inspiration that will highlight your vows while giving you and your guests a breathtaking view.

54e78d408fb79$!400xYou get the best of both worlds in this ceremony. Style and garden flair all wrapped into one beautiful decorated spot to say, “I do.”

54ede487987bb$!400xA wedding on the beach never looked more picture perfect than this gorgeous scene.

54f3dc7f28ee0$!400xBringing together scenic views and modern style, this spot was cultivated and carved right from our dreams.

54f735fb38a7d$!400xYou don’t have to have picturesque views to get a picturesque scene. Just look at this breathtaking space!

54f735fe47704$!600xAnd because one view just wasn’t good enough, the bride and groom get to see all of their loved ones sitting pretty in this crisp and bright room.

54fa0ba76fc0f$!600xRustic in feel but fairy-tale romance in view, this is another beautiful inspiration for both venue and ceremony decor.

544e9eae14c16$!600xThe desert can provide inspiration that’s a bit more unique but still very fitting for a princess in the making.

554d30e987ba4$!600xAnd tropical flavored spaces don’t have to be right on the beach, just take a look at this scene.

548874e51e3a3$!400xOf course the bride in this photo looks like a princess, but the wondrous greenery surrounding the couple was fit for a fairy-tale as well.

5449506bc6c22$!400xWhen it comes to beach weddings, it doesn’t get anymore dreamy or grandiose than this.

photos via SMP

Feel like the quintessential bride with one of these sweetly sultry trumpet wedding gowns. Hug every curve and pay attention to the details with the silhouette that makes any woman feel accentuated and complimented.

stefania-rivini-wedding-dress-primaryThis contemporary beauty was meant to be showcases down the aisle and maybe even seen on a red carpet too.

angel-sanchez-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-005How can you not fall in love with this polka-dotted, girlishly flirtatious design at first glance?

504-martina-liana-wedding-dress-primaryA soft silhouette and textural design, this gown makes a splash on all fronts of the bridal world.

bt14-31-beautiful-wedding-dress-primaryHere’s a blush-hued beauty we’re expecting you to completely swoon and gush over.

rivini-by-rita-vinieris-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-009Over-the-shoulder and skimming every curve, this is a sophisticated and classic design that’s complimentary to all brides.

chanel-matthew-christopher-wedding-dress-primaryThere’s something so simple, yet so glamorous about this gown. The tone, the detail on the hemline or the sexy silhouette; it all works.

pl1555-kenneth-winston-wedding-dress-primaryAnd here we have a gown that’s a bit more traditionally but doesn’t make any less of an impression when coming down the aisle.

angel-sanchez-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-002There are several parts of this gown that state out and create a moment: the lightly, printed skirt, sheer neckline and embellished bodice.

pl1554-kenneth-winston-wedding-dress-primaryA cinched waist and gorgeous overlay, here’s another more traditional design that we feel is just as special as more contemporary looks.

9787-justin-alexander-signature-wedding-dress-primaryA favorite of the bunch, this gown has everything you need for a fairy-tale finish and sophisticated presence.

photos via Brides

keep guests hydrated on those hot summer weddings


2. GO WITH A WATER AND PUNCH BAR: Photogenic and smart? We’ll take it. Set up an infused water bar with your favorite flavors for a colorful, delicious way to hydrate.

A serving station with a few refreshing summer-y drinks is an easy way to keep guests hydrated and also provide for them without having to do any extra work. Dress up the station if you like with a few centerpieces, but the drinks themselves can act as a nice dose of color.


3. MISTING STATION: A spritz of cooling facial spray will have your guests feeling fresh and on their way.

A misting station is a great way to keep cool in the summer.  Simply fill mist bottles with water and a few strips of cucumber or sprigs of lavender and mint. Cucumber is known for its hydrating properties, and lavender and mint are reputed insect repellents.


4. PARASOLS: The coolest companion for a sunny day.

Parasols are such an elegant way to keep your guests cool out an outdoor venue! French inspired wedding at Beaulieu Garden | Photo by Jose Villa | Read more -


5. SUNGLASSES: There’s nothing worse than forgetting your sunglasses when you go to an outdoor wedding. Save your guests from sun in their eyes!

sunglasses-wedding-favors sunglasses for wedding guests how to keep your wedding guests happy wedding party blog


4. Serve Frozen Treats. Keep guests cool with refreshing treats like ice pops. Trust us, your guests are going to scream for ice cream when it’s tray passed right on the dance floor!


inspiration | keep your guests cool with paper fans | flora crinkle fans from BHLDN | via: style me pretty


 8. WET TOWELS: A quick pat from a cold, wet towel and your guests will be ready to party.
For a hot outdoor wedding Oshibori (wet towels) from The Oshibori Company to keep your guests cool (and they come scented)



Add some peach into your wedding day decor. Bohemians, princess-like, modern and traditional; this color can coincide with any theme of choice. Allow these bouquets filled with peachy tones to inspire you and your wedding day bouquets!


We’re in love with this offbeat, asymmetrical floral design filled with differing peachy hues.

54f4e47846dc0$!400xA larger bouquet can hold this soft tones as well and feel free to mix them with creams and blush colors as well.

54fa0b71c8ebd$!400xThroughout the fall, you may want some richer shades to highlight the day, and peach can be just as rich but more romantic than mango.

551aac127b6fe$!400xPeach tones also mix well with more vibrant shades of pink as they counteract and soften.

5563823008e11$!400xWinter bouquets are romantic and unique, and a subtle pinch of peach can add even more whimsy.

554d30f5bdf12$!400xWashed peach and creamy whites work well together in creating a traditional and girlishly charming design.

53f21b443a9be$!400xSome peach peonies in a posh and precise style can sharpen and highlight a more modern celebration.

53ff78af81c91$!400xHere is a beautiful example of a peach-filled bouquet made for a summertime event!

5449460bd65a8$!400xAnd here we have yet another bouquet full of romance with the addition of some softer greys.

542aecc53f813$!400xA wild and funky design, we’re loving the addition of the princess ribbon.

photos via SMP


Planning on popping the question? The trends in 2015 have added a fresh new variety of unique choices for one to choose from. Check out the list below for some new ideas on traditional engagement rings.

Double Halo

Give the love of your life not only one halo, but two with this exquisite new trend in the engagement ring market. The single halo has been around for years. It was about time they added more glamour to this pretty engagement ring trend. The extra halo will really make your engagement ring shine.


Floral Details

One of the hottest trends this year is floral detail on your engagement ring. From flowers to vines, these designs add a unique and romantic twist. Your bride will absolutely love this ultra-chic and ultra-feminine design.


Colored Diamonds and Gemstones

Move over, traditional diamonds. Colored Diamonds and Gemstones seem to be all the rage this year for engagement rings. Get fancy with a colored pink or yellow diamonds. Also trending are precious gem like emeralds and rubies. The pop of color will add a unique and eye-catching touch to any wedding ring.


Split Shank

With double the appeal, it’s no wonder that the split shank can be found at the top of the chart in engagement rings this year. The band is split into two for a unique and beautiful subtle approach on a classic style.


Side Views

The newest trend in engagement ring designs now drawn the eye to all angles and perspectives of the ring. Diamonds and gems will always take front and center, but what has been popularized are rings that have incorporated designs on the side of their bands. No matter where you look, there’s nothing ordinary about your ring.


Art Deco

The 20s and 30s are making a comeback with art deco inspired engagement rings. The geometric shapes and unique style of these rings are captivating and timeless.


Rose Gold

This lovely shade of pink is bound to steal the heart of any fiancé-to-be. What’s great about the rose gold shade is that it is extremely flattering to most skin tones and ensures that it will look as good on her finger as it does on display.


A Twist

Designers have added a fun new twist to their rings, literally! Whether your band is embellished with diamonds, or you prefer the simpler things in life, this gorgeous new style offers a unique twist to any ring.

We like to inspire brides-to-be all around, but we get inspired too! We’re shining a light some of the spots we look to for ideas and advice. From local favorites around the country to popular sites brides dive into all around the world, we’ve sharing the best of the best in a whole new way. We’ve chatted with some of the bloggers, creators and founders of some wonderful wedding blogs and got the inside scoop! 

logo4 logo

Over at Chic Vintage Brides you’ll find tons of old-age spirit, feminine quality and vibrant wedding inspiration. We want behind-the-scenes with head honcho, Amy Elsworth, as she gave us a bit of the inside scoop on herself and the blog!

“I am a 30-something wife, blogger and chocoholic. I love vintage fashion, bird song (the English dawn chorus is one of the things I miss most about home), wrapped-up winter walks with my dog, Jane Austen, happy endings and I hate planes! (which is funny because we live on the flight path of our local airport).

Chic Vintage Brides is a wedding blog for the modern, vintage bride. The bride who looks for timelessly elegant and romantic wedding inspiration. The bride who doesn’t conform to the norm, who wants their wedding to be a unique reflection of their love, loves and personal style.

I started Chic Vintage Brides as a hobby! After becoming somewhat wedding blog obsessed planning my own NYE 2010 wedding, starting my own blog was the obvious thing to do when my husband and I moved to New Zealand a few months later and I was without a job. It helped me to while away the hours whilst he was at work, and gave me a good excuse to continue swooning over wedding dresses without scaring my husband! J It quickly became a passion and is now by business and my baby. It is hard it has been 3 years since I wrote my first blog post, and even harder to believe how far my blog and I have come in that time – from my first weeks where I celebrated double digit page views, to having a following of over 4million on Pinterest, a mention in Vogue Paris and making the Top 100 Wedding Websites!

Why vintage? I have always loved old movies and the timeless glamour of past eras – in fact I have long held the belief that I was born in the wrong era!”

Me B&W
Your favorite aspect about blogging and your favorite aspect about your blog specifically: I love what I do! Every morning I wake up feeling lucky that I spend my day doing something I enjoy, that inspires, excites and challenges me – and that allows me to stay home with my 18month old Cockerpoo Bodie. Best of all though are the brides I’ve helped, people I’ve met and friends I have made over the last 3 years. Weddings are such joyful occasions, and every day my life is infused with the same joy by helping brides-to-be bring their wedding dreams to life, by sharing in their big day and by inspiring future brides-to-be. It isn’t just the brides and weddings that make my job though, it’s the other bloggers and businesses. I don’t believe there is another industry in the world that is more friendly, collaborative and well, quite frankly, wonderful!

3 words that describe your blog: Timeless, Elegant, Unique

Links to 3 of your favorite blog posts EVER: Top Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses / Autumn Wedding Inspiration: Fig, Garnets & Gold / 10 Ways To Style The Groom

3 blogs you love to follow: Love My Dress / Paper & Lace / Made from Scratch

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Add some sparkle to your reception with a beautiful chandler, highlighting the dance floor or dinner tables. No matter your theme, there’s a way to add light in a soft, romantic way with a bit of style added in too.


Wedding Reception Lighting Chandelier

For a more rustic or industrial look, think about adding something like this to the dinner table overhang.

Wedding Reception Lighting Chandelier

Formal but with a country flair, look at these beautiful light fixtures that can jazz up a barn or club with ease.

Wedding Reception Lighting Chandelier

Add some feminine style and antiquity to your outdoor affair with some crystal.

Wedding Reception Lighting Chandelier

Are you planning a more modern celebration or one with Victorian charm? Check out a black chandelier for the evening’s lighting.

Wedding Reception Lighting Chandelier

Inspire your tent with a bout of Art Deco flavor with chandeliers that speak of more vintage styles.

Wedding Reception Lighting Chandelier

Small chandeliers in different styles could add an eclectic charm to your dinnertime spread.

wedding reception lighting chandelier

Here’s another beautiful look at a chandelier that could be perfect for several wedding styles.

wedding reception lighting chandelier

How gorgeous is this pearl addition? Adding a shabby chic essence and extra pop, remember to think outside-the-box when it comes to wedding style.

wedding reception lighting chandelier

Now this chandelier was made to spruce up and outside ceremony or reception, and we love the greenery addition.

wedding reception lighting chandelier


Classic, bold and gorgeous, here’s a timeless chandelier fit for a prince and princess to dance their first dance to.

photos via SMP

Screen shot 2015-06-19 at 10.21.00 AM

Brides, we know that outfitting your bridesmaids is one of the hardest tasks of the entire wedding-planning process. You wonder, which color will look the best? Which style will be the most flattering for all body types? How will my bridesmaids who live far away get their dresses? So many questions. Relax! Bridesmaid dress rental service Union Station (US) has the answers.

How does it work?


1. To guarantee any dress in US’ collection, you’ll need to plan a three-month lead time. If not, they can still make it work for you, but your choices will depend on what’s in stock.

2. Browse the website and check out colors and dress styles. Then, order up to three free fabric swatches!

3. After you pick the dress and/or color you love, simply register your wedding party. US will take it from there to make sure each maid orders in time and gets the size she needs.

{Brides, your work is done}


1. US will email you to discuss fit, color, style and everything else pertaining to your dress rental.

2. If you decided to purchase your dress, you’ll get it in 8-10 weeks. If you rented, you’ll get your dress — and GET THIS — a free backup size dress two weeks prior to the wedding. If you’ve ever been involved in planning a wedding, having a plan B = stress-free success.

3. Post-wedding: If you rented your dress, mail both sizes back in the pre-paid packaging included in your shipment. And no need to dry clean — US will handle it.

How easy was that?

For more information, visit Union Station’s site. Happy dress hunting!


Music is one of the most important details of the big day, and believe it or not, something that needs to be thought of well in advance because good DJs and live bands book up fast. For some couples, deciding between a live band and a DJ is a no-brainer (they have family friends in a band, they want to customize a playlist with a DJ, etc.). However, other couples are left scratching their heads wondering what the best option for their big day is. Not to worry! We’ve broken down the pros and cons of each below, which will hopefully reveal the best music source for your wedding.



  • Nothing beats live music — the energy, the emotion and the presence. Think of it as a personal live concert of all your favorite songs.
  • If you hire an experienced band, chances are they are pros at keeping people entertained and enticing even the most hesitant guests out on the floor to bust a move.
  • For those guests too stubborn to dance, they can at least enjoy the band’s live performance.


  • They can be $$$$ and may stretch the budget too far for some couples.
  • A band’s repertoire is limited. A DJ has access to any song, genre, tempo, artist and more. The sky is the limit.
  • A band requires more space and logistical set-up. Thus, you must ensure your venue can accommodate those needs.



  • More affordable than a live band.
  • Can work in tight spaces with minimal equipment.
  • Bottomless repertoire, playing any genre, artist, etc.
  • Generally the music is continuous, avoiding the dreaded “break” that a band usually works into its contract.
  • A DJ can also coordinate the music for the ceremony and dinner portions of the wedding.
  • A DJ can take in-the-moment requests from guests. *Fun idea: In your wedding invitations, include a song request line on your RSVP for a fun way to involve guests. They’ll love hearing their song play at the reception!
  • A good DJ will double as the MC to make announcements and keep the flow fluid.


  • If your DJ is just good — not great — it can ruin the energy of the entire reception. Our advice: Arrange to see him dj an actual wedding.





Calling all recently engagement couples! Who is planning a party to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Big and glamorous or close and casual, however you’d like to honor this new commitment is up to the two of your, but we’re sharing 5 must-have’s for every festivity. From the ensemble to the overall ethos, let’s have a quick peek at some essentials for your engagement party!









engagement party essentials

An Incredible Ensemble

No matter the formality of the event, you’ll want to shine as the bride but not in the most expected of ways. Steer clear of white until the wedding day, but make sure you create a bold statement. From cotton candy tutus to gorgeous, floral headpieces, don’t be afraid to think outside-the-box and out of your comfort zone.

engagement party essentials

A Fresh Manicure

Every guests will want to see the ring, so make sure you hands are doing the gorgeous new accessory justice. Have a quick manicure done to make sure everything is polished and cleaned. Of course, adding your own bride-to-be twist is always welcomed. We’re in love wight these silver-tipped beauties!


A Signature Drink

Just like the wedding, you’ll need a signature drink to symbolize the celebration. Whether you serve up your favorite mojito from the restaurant of your first date or create one yourself with an original name, pass around something that family and friends will love but also remember.


An Awesome Invitation

You wouldn’t send out an “e-vite” for the wedding, so don’t send one out for the engagement party either. Even if you decide to make it a casual affair, stray away from Facebook. Instead, send out traditional invitations that go along with the style and theme of the celebration.



An Opposite Theme

Theme the celebration around the season or a style you love: bohemian, carnival, Christmastime. But make sure your wedding won’t have the same details or feeling. Give your guests a new experience at each event. And don’t cut yourself short of the memories.

photos via Pinterest


Wedding Breakfast Bar!  Upper left: Hot Chocolate bar, donuts on skewers in the cups. Optional marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, bowls of shaved chocolate. Upper Right: Buttermilk pancakes. Replace blueberries with strawberries or raspberries. Different kinds of syrup available.  Middle left: see link Middle right (optional sriracha):


breakfast wedding favors - Google Search



A pink and grey wedding is romantic, it’s whimsical and there’s a slight bit magic thrown in too. From the reception details, to the fresh florals to the bridesmaids, this color dup has such a charming presence. Let’s take a look at some inspiration.

53d822196f855$!600xJust look at this mix of soft greys and popping pinks in this more casual scene.

53ff793c25eee$!400xEven the men could daw this color pairing with ease, style and sophistication.

54af0a4fb555f$!400xThese muted petals go well with a more formal, charcoal finish around the reception.

545bbaebaca83$!400xThere’s something quite fairy-tale like about these hazy dresses and blush petals, don’t you think?

548bcfbc15f85$!400xLook how unique a set of invitations can be when colored in tones other than the standard.

54af0a89e301a$!400xHere’s a gorgeous example of a romantic piece for tables at your reception, we’re in love with the bit of shine.

554d30ef0f086$!400xA bouquet full of blush and dusty miller is another great example of the storybook appeal this duo can have.

5447b88e22e00$!400xRemember a wedding’s details are more than just flowers and dresses, take a peek at this guest board!

55159ff2d1311$!400xYou can go as formal as you’d like with these tones, or as subtle and casual.

545bbae69eaed$!400xThe benefit of this duo is it’s irrefutable charm and romanticism, perfect for a wedding day.

photos via SMP

Happy Fourth of July, y’all! While you’re probably floating the river with a cold brew in hand, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing some Fourth of July-inspired wedding fun.

It’s no secret that we love the idea of holiday-themed weddings (remember this post?), and Fourth of July nuptials hold a special place in our hearts. The perfect time of year for a sunny soiree, the Fourth is a work holiday for most guests (they may not have to use precious vacation days!), food is at the peak of ripeness, festivities are aplenty and fireworks fly. Did we mention that you already have a stunning color scheme pre-selected to work with? Talk about easy!

Here’s a patriotic collection of Fourth of July-inspired weddings, all wrapped in red, white and blue.

4th of July Americana Wedding. I love the bride wrapped in the flag.


A great twist on the red, white and blue themed wedding. Vintage with some extra pop of color; patriotic and unique!


Perfect #SANGRIA for a #FOURTH_OF_JULY_WEDDING - strawberry, raspberry and blueberry -- find great wedding ideas in my PDF 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas at


Are you excited about the Fourth of July? Don't you just love the thought of American white, red, and blue, festive fourth of July wedding? Check out our ending event to get something cool to throw your inspired wedding. #


14 Fun Fourth of July Wedding Ideas (they can get flags or sparklers, but I like sparklers better..)


July Decorations | Fourth of July Wedding Ideas


LulaKate // Navy Dupioni // th of July Wedding Perfection


It’s summer, so we can’t help but want to be by the water at. all. times. There’s a certain whimsy to bodies of water — they’re soothing, mysterious and downright beautiful. It’s no doubt that venues next to rivers, oceans, creeks, pools and lakes lure brides and grooms in when they are location scouting, and the sweeping views = love at first sight.

Thus, we’re inspired to check out some wonder-inducing waterside weddings to see how couples turn to blue backgrounds to say “I do.”

Wedding Bliss Simple Understated Wedding Nuptials| Serafini Amelia| Bohemian Waterside Wedding Inspiration


A waterside wedding venue is perfect for a nautical theme.


poolside wedding reception - photo by Lara Hotz #weddingreception #receptions #destinationwedding


Classic Waterside Wedding | photography by


PERFECT!! Water background but no dealing with sand, hanging lights, petal-ed aisle, and candles!


casual lakeside wedding | a beautiful mess.  Who knew planning outside weddings was so tough.  Just another gorgeous site I wouldn't mind having. :)


Dress Designer: Jim Hjelm Flowers & Veil or Hair Accessories: Plenty of Posies


An inviting evening lakeside wedding lounge with hay bale seating and string lighting. Joshua Zuckerman Photography via The Knot #summerwedding #weddinglounge


Photography: Mango Studios -  Read More:


gorgeous floral "chandelier"


outside beach reception with hanging candle lighting #beachwedding #weddingreception #weddingchicks


Win the ultimate wedding starter kit from BHLDN, Minted, and Wedding Party - Wedding Party


Beach ceremony drenched in flowers | Photography: InTandem - | Event Planning: Signature - Read More:


beach wedding with simple arch with draped fabric florals and greenery #beachwedding #weddingceremony #weddingchicks


Photography: ShoeBox Photography -  Read More:


While brides spend hours perseverating over details pertaining to stationary, favors and invitation fonts, it’s the food that your guests will truly remember when the sun sets on your wedding day. And the food memories start the second after you say “I do” — at cocktail hour.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing what you’ll serve for passed hors d’oeuvres. After all, you need to have variety and vegetarian options, while ensuring the fare is widely liked, bite size, finger friendly and relatively easy to eat. Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can offer when selecting your nosh is to turn to what you as a couple truly enjoy. Do you love BBQ? What about Mexican? If you’re more casual, down-home eaters, then steer clear of frou-frou foie gras or pickled quail eggs. Also, look to your wedding theme for inspiration. If you plan to tie the knot in brisk November, a chilled gazpacho shooter is amiss. Think hot meatballs, warm soup shots, etc.

Here are numerous nibbles that are sure to be a home run during your cocktail hour — some classics, some modern twists, all a hit.


wedding+appetizers | Appetizers for a party - The best wedding passed appetizers ...



Appetizers for a party - The best wedding passed appetizers - Thrillist Nation



55 Savory Fall Wedding Appetizers |



mini shrimp cocktail - Wedding Ideas, Wedding Trends, and Wedding Galleries



Bruschetta topped with feta cheese and pesto. A simple and classic appetiser for a cocktail menu. This inspired me, as I love to eat bruschetta as an entree dish.



LATE NIGHT SNACK - 2nd Choice  I love the idea of little tacos but if we go with picnic-y foods like burgers fries and pizza I don't know if tacos will work.



Burger Spears  Looking to beef up your cocktail-hour lineup? More elegant than a slider and neater than a full-size bacon  cheeseburger, this is a fun, easy-to-eat riff on America's most iconic menu choice.



Napkins are a must when serving these elaborate sushi rolls as wedding appetizers.



Watermelon Feta Mint Skewers #summer #appetizer #recipe



Botanical Garden Style Brooklyn Wedding from Amaranth Photography - wedding catering idea



Delight your wedding guests with oysters on the half shell.



Popcorn bar... So cute!  -- easy, unique, and it's something your guests will LOVE.



Eat This: 13 Itsy bitsy edibles  #winter #warmers #food




All the lavender in the world, and a bride! Photos by Jonathon Watkins (PhotoGlow Photography)


21 Awesome Wedding Favors That Are Not Jam! ~ we ♥ this!  #soapweddingfavors  #weddingfavors


Prettiest Naked #Wedding #Cakes You Ever Did See. To see more wedding ideas:


Centerpiece Idea! Everything about Elegant Purple Wedding Theme


20 Ways to Feature Herbs in Your Wedding | LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas as Spring appearances :) Very rustic chic


20 Ways to Feature Herbs in Your Wedding | LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas as Spring appearances :) Very rustic chic


lavender bouquet,  Go To to get more Gossip News!


Pantone's spring 2015 color lavender herb is the perfect spring color.  Pair it with a chocolate brown, soft pastel pink, or cream for a stunning vintage look.


french wedding by Galina Kochergina, via 500px


purple and yellow rustic boutonnieres // photo by


lavender wedding menu ideas


pink lavender chapagne


Irish tradition-brides wore wreaths of flower (lavendar especially, since it brings luck) and would put braids in their hair to signify feminine power and luck. :) oh I love it. maybe not a wreath but one particular flower placed in my hair here and there, with maybe one or two small braids to incorporate this tradition.


Choosing a wedding venue can be a (literal) journey of discovery or terror, and for many couples finding a space that is both beautiful and affordable can be tricky. Back in May I shared some tips for planning a destination wedding, an increasingly popular choice among British couples. Many cited ease of planning, cost efficiency, probability of sunshine, and the intimacy of a small ceremony as the top reasons for destination weddings. That said, many of these factors can be accounted for much closer to home.

Travelling Expenses

For destination weddings, while many venues especially in Europe may take some of the stress and expense out of planning by offering package deals, the number one expense will still be travel. A particularly faraway destination will incur extra travel costs, therefore minimising the number of guests you can invite, while even venues fewer shores away will still mean that guests have to account for passports, transport costs, currency transfer fees, extra overnight accommodation, and travel insurance lest any accidents or health problems arise. It is important especially to make sure that costs do not prevent any of the wedding party from attending!

Planning for Everything

The rom-com concept of a ‘Bridezilla’ planning every tiny detail for their wedding may be a comic exaggeration, but the basis exists for a reason. In many ways it can be easier to plan a wedding within the UK: you minimise errors in translation, transport is easier and many guests can arrange group transport, and unless you have family arriving from abroad, there is no jet lag to account for to hinder the ceremony. Additionally, visiting venues is easier so you can check that everything is to your specifications, and ask questions as you go to glean as much information as possible.

Embracing the Local

A huge advantage of keeping your wedding in the country is that your prior knowledge is a huge help to you when choosing venues. Have a think about places you’ve enjoyed visiting or that are significant to you both and think about how to incorporate them – from having whimsical woodland ceremonies that evoke nostalgia for your childhoods, to looking into venues with a story to tell. For example, One Events have a range of beautiful listed buildings in London available as venues, with different rooms each with their own fascinating history to add something extra to your ceremony.

When you dawn a ball gown on your big day, there are certain wedding styles you can easily take route to. Highlight, compliment and add to your theme by taking in and thinking about all of the little details. From classic to wintery, let’s take a peek at 5 visions that can round out your ensemble choice and make the most of your fashion choice.


Ball gowns aren’t always associated with the warmer months, at least not if you’re saying, “I do,” outdoors. But really, if you can find the right gown, made of the right fabrics, you can sashay down the aisle in a Swiss dot inspiration or linen creation. Make sure your dress has a flowing appeal and completed with material that’s lighter and breathes easier. In the end, you’ll get a breathier overall style but still something very bridal and appealing.

Outdoor Summertime Wedding Ball Gown


If you’re more a traditional bride, you may want to go with a more classic design. A-line skirts, a dash of sparkle and a beautiful veil can round out your timeless vision. Add some pink and white around the celebration to add even more romance and classic appeal. There’s nothing more quintessentially bridal than a tulle skirt and a flowing skirt.
Classic Wedding Ball Gown


Of course, there will always be brides that dream of feeling like a princess on her wedding day. And we believe you should! Hair that flows with soft curls in the wind, ball gowns tinted in blush or golden tones and ultra feminine details sprinkled around the entire celebration. Don’t be shy when you feel the need to act like royalty; this is the day to do it!

Princess Wedding Ball Gown


You’re ball gown can also inspire some gorgeous, vintage flavors. From sleek satins reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn to soft, 1950’s cuts, you can still dawn a full skirt on the day you walk down the aisle – even if you want a day full of old-age spirits. Just make sure to think about every detail of the day from your makeup to the invitations!

Vintage Wedding Ball Gown


The colder months of the year call for a bit of coverage. Whether you’re thinking about illusion sleeves full of lace or covering you bare shoulders with some faux fur, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the season’s trends in a very bridal way. Don’t allow the weather to limit your options, instead, use it to your benefits when styling and accessorizing.

Winter Wedding Ball Gown

photos via SMP

Desserts, favors or even drinks, we’re showing off unique ways of serving up your favorite summertime treat at your wedding: SMORES!

Wedding SmoresSome fun push-up pops to add to the dessert table could be a fun way to incorporate your favorite treat!

Wedding SmoresOf course, edible wedding favors are a favorite. Create small, smores kits for your guests to enjoy!

Wedding SmoresYou could even create a smores bar with fun toppings – sprinkles, melted chocolate and a dash of cinnamon!

Wedding SmoresWhat about having some smores ice cream sandwiches show up at your afternoon reception?

Wedding SmoresSmores cookies are another fun and unique way to show off your favorite sweet combination.

Wedding SmoresRice krispy treats are a good way to go too, especially if there are kiddos at the celebration.

Wedding SmoresMiniature smores cupcakes are another way to highlight a dessert buffet.

Wedding SmoresThen again, the wedding or groom’s cake could be set to the smores theme as well.

Wedding SmoresPass out some smores covered signature drinks at cocktail hour.

Wedding SmoresOr have some smores already made up for your guests to enjoy on the way out.

photos via SMP


Don’t come to the wedding unprepared. As a bridesmaid, your job is to make the bride’s day run flawlessly and as stress-free as possible. When disaster strikes, don’t let it get you down and become chaotic. Instead, pack what you need for unforeseen events. For example, no bride wants a chip nail on her finger when she gets her new piece of jewelry. Make sure she has a backup plan. Have her bottle of nail polish on the front lines. And that’s where this awesome check-list from Gorgeous in Grey comes in. It includes everything you may need when something goes south.weddingDay_EmergencyKit


photo via SMP

We hear it all the time, “I want to feel like a princess when I walk down the aisle.” And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Infuse your day with bits of romanticism, fairy-tale style and a luxurious princess-inspired ball gown!

annika-atelier-aimee-wedding-dress-primaryA sprinkling of yellow and ruffles gives us a bit of a Bell from Beauty of the Beast’s experience.

2167-casablanca-bridal-wedding-dress-primaryHere’s a beautiful, classic princess-styled wedding with flowing skirt layers and a beaded neckline.

2873-demetrios-young-sophisticates-wedding-dress-primaryThere’s something so wintery and magical about this textural wedding gown.

3108_lazaro_wedding_dress_primaryPeach-colored with a floral belt, this is a sweet and youthful gown completed with a very fairy-tale punch.

3161_lazaro_wedding_dress_primaryA cluster of petals concluding this gown’s skirt, we’re in love with the interest and artistry of this gown.

3364-lazaro-wedding-dress-primaryThis princess gown is sewn with a lot of bohemian flavor and love. We’re also sure we’ve never seen an illusion neckline this beautiful before.

6413-hayley-paige-wedding-dress-primaryThe layers and movement of this gown are enough to make us all want to have a swing on the dance floor.

8315-jim-hjelm-wedding-dress-primaryLace in all the right places, this ball gown has a royal feel and very sophisticated and timeless presence.

9216_alvina_valenta_wedding_dress_primaryA wispier version of the classic, princess ball gown, we’re in love with this one-shoulder wraparound.

9450-alvina-valenta-wedding-dress-primaryTumbling ruffles are dramatic and sweet, this is a design where you’ll feel nothing less than a princess bride.

gardenia-giuseppe-papini-wedding-dress-primaryHere’s a ball gown that was made for a springtime affair with it’s flowing skirt and floral detailing.

215277-david-tutera-for-mon-cheri-wedding-dress-primaryA dash of pink and intricate details and layers, this gown is an absolute stunner.

photos via Brides

Setting the scene of your wedding and vow renewal doesn’t have to be within the confines of tradition. Instead, why not with a beautiful mountain view? We’ve compiled ten gorgeous, real wedding photos to inspire your venue and location of choice.

007.jbrynn$!900xJust think of how sweet your bridal party will look in the springtime up against a backdrop like this.

0521$!900xSay your I do’s when the leaves start to change. Each photo will look like a piece of artwork.

1540$!900xJust look how grandiose, yet ethereal a setting like this can do for your overall ambiance.

5328f613da81e$!900xThe contrast between formal wedding attire and nature’s greatness has such a beautiful, hightlighted effect.

5446b13c14c0a$!900xYou’d also be surprised how many spots there are with photo-op finishes that are perfect for newlywed couples to indulge in.

542361ca47c96$!900xGet your ceremony to be set for cliff-side for extra dramatics and awe.

bp_052$!900xRocks can certainly add a bout of texture and boho essence to your day, and if you find a creek or quarry as such, go for it!

daniellecapitophotography_261$!900xIn a golden field with a mountainous scenery, it doesn’t get much more romantic.

iselinwedding_1788_1$!900xDon’t worry, you can still feel like a princess surrounding by what Mother Nature has made.

twinlens_vegas-14$!900xIf you have the privilege of planning of mountainside wedding, don’t miss out on the change to have the most beautiful, natural backdrop to your celebration!

photos via SMP


If you are getting married, you already know that it’s a serious event that you and your soon to be spouse will never forget. Whether you are getting married at home on a country estate, downtown in a courthouse or in Las Vegas, this is an important day that you should spend a lot of time and energy planning and arranging so that it fits both of your needs and wants as a new couple.

Check Out Atlantic City for Your Wedding

We have talked about Las Vegas, a countryside wedding or just going to the courthouse, but what about heading out to Atlantic City for your wedding? This is a great place to get married because it is in a beautiful location, but it is also a fun place to go and spend time as well. Not only will you and your soon to be spouse have a grand time, but you can almost guarantee that your friends and close family members will have an amazing time as guests as well. Even if you decide not to go down to the casinos to place some of your own bets in person, you can still have a good time, eat great food and just Visit Red Flush Canada on the internet. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash to pay for those wedding bills.

All the Details Need to Be In Place

To be sure, there will be a lot to plan out for your Atlantic City wedding. It’s not too easy to do it all a few days beforehand, so make sure that you are planning long before the date has been set. Atlantic City can be seriously busy, so you’ll need to make sure that you figure out the venue as your first event. Find a place that fits the amount of guests that you will have.

Figure Out Your Reception

Many people like to have their reception in the same venue as their marriage if they are not going to be getting married in a church or other place of worship. This is a great idea because it allows you to keep everyone close at hand. You won’t have to worry about having your guests change parking or having to locate a new location for the reception in Atlantic City, which can be a sort of difficult city to navigate if you do not already know the area well.

Other Things to Plan

Of course, there are a few other things to plan too! You’ll need food for the reception, a dress for the bride and tux for the groom, a getaway car and then there’s the honeymoon! Make sure to get everything planned, and have a great wedding in beautiful Atlantic City!

Spruce up your summer shindig with some unique color combinations.  From the cakes to the flowers there are more than just the “traditional” ways of decorating and coloring your wedding day. And we’re here to share some wonderful shade duos that can really shine and “take the cake,” in terms of style, photographs and wowing your guests with something a bit more special than what they’re used to. Summertime is all about vibrancy and that theme can be spread throughout your wedding. Take a look at our color favorites and ideas for your big day! Hopefully, you’ll grab some inspiration and create something magical.

Seafoam & Blush

4-peach-and-sea-foam-wedding-cake-and-bouquetSoft and delicate but with a very refreshing and vibrant essence, we’re in love with the romance of this color pair. The blush creates a traditional, feminine feel while the seafoam adds a specific contrasts making it a bit more unique and edgier than the expected. We love the life these two tones bring to the party and love that they can coincide with so many different themes and style genres.

Fuchsia & OrangePink-and-Orange-Wedding-FlowersIf you really want to create magic and set the scene, go with something even more vivacious, like a brilliant shade of orange and a deep, sultry fuchsia. This is a gorgeous pick when you’re creating an evening celebration and even one with a more formal feel. It speaks of summer but with a much more sophisticated and revitalized personality.

Lavender & Mint

2012-03-15_014Here we have lavender and mint, two beautiful, cool-hued colors that refresh and cozy a room. This too has a definite sense of romanticism and even a touch of Jane Austen air floating around it’s coupling. Working well throughout daytime ceremonies or formal, evening events too, it’s another versatile choice!

Teal & Gold

0741_gallery-image_14640For a real show-stopper, add a rich teal and a glittering gold to your party. It’ll take your guests breath away while still adding that sunshiney, summertime liveliness to the celebration. This is definitely one of our more unique choices but it could really do wonders to your vintage reception or modern vision.


Coral & Yellow


bright-wedding-flowers-peonies-anemones-succulents-coral-yellow-baby-blue-silver-touches.originalFlirty and fun, here’s a color combination that is sure to stir up some summertime vibes. Instead of pink, take a good long look at adding coral to your celebration. It’s better on a variety of skin tones for your bridesmaids and there’s a wonderful selection of florals to match. Of course, yellow is an A+ accent as it highlights coral’s natural warmth and spirit.

photos via SMP

Signature Wedding Drinks: Winter Cocktails; Cranberry Vanilla Martini!



23 Yummy Signature Wedding Cocktails to Get the Party Started - Winter Sangria via Dishing Up the Dirt




Fill up your reception with florals, of course, but why not add some seasonal fruits for extra interest and fun? Apples in the fall and lemons in the summer, you’d be surprised all the uniqueness and festivity you can add to the party. Take a peek at these fruit-filled centerpieces for inspiration.

0113$!400xA small, orange bouquet at your chic, white and ultra modern wedding gives the right pop, don’t you think?

525b6e75be6cd$!400xSome peaches, apples and grapes can help to create a beautiful display for you fall or winter wedding scape.

530ce22d55854$!400xHere’s a more rustic layout to choose from, with a bit of berries thrown in.

538f32d106cbe$!400xA bowl full of peaches could really highlight a springtime affair.

544ec9eebe80c$!400xFrosted fruit could be a beautiful way to accent your winter wonderland.

5391b6f846c4e$!400xLine the reception tables with fruit-filled garland as a way of creating interest, texture and more depth.

5464e530e48cd$!400xDon’t forget about pomegranates when creating the right kind of fall or winter adornment.

5464f583661c2$!400xGourds may not be fruit but they are in the realm of decorating outside the wedding norm, and we love this fall charm!

photos via SMP