Getting married can be a stressful time for both the bride and the groom if the wedding is traditional and expensive. Most people are so stressed by the end that they tend to forget about the rehearsal dinner all together. This part of the wedding may not seem important, but it too has its purpose and a meaning.

1. Who Pays for the Rehearsal Dinner?

Many people wonder whom is responsible for paying for the rehearsal dinner. Although this is a legitimate question there is no clear right or wrong answer. Traditionally the groom’s family is the one to pay as traditionally the bride’s family pays for the ceremony.  Although this is customary it is not that common any more. Most couples are choosing to pay for their own weddings leaving both the bride’s and the groom’s family to pay for the rehearsal dinner.

2. What is the Purpose of the Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is a dinner to say “thank you” to all of the people involved in the wedding. It is a time when the bride and groom give their thanks with gifts to the groom’s men, the bride’s maids, the ring bearer, and the flower girl. It is also a time to enjoy the company of just the close friends and family of the bride and groom.

3. What Gifts Should the Bride and Groom Give?

Traditionally the bride and groom give gifts to their grooms men and brides maids during the rehearsal dinner. The gifts are meant as a thank you for joining the celebration of their union and to say thank you for helping with all of the wedding planning. Most often the brides maids are given the jewelry that he bride would like them to wear at the ceremony. The men are given a fun present. Most often the present is uniform and not specific to each person. This makes it much easier. Also the ring bearer and the flower girl are given a small toy to make them feel like part of the festivities.

4. Who To Invite To Rehearsal Dinner?

Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is meant for all of the people involved in the wedding, the parents of the groom, the parents of the bride, grandparents of the bride and groom, the parents of the flower girl, the parents of the ring bearer, and all those that are in the bridal party. Although this is traditional it is not the rule. You can invite anyone that you would like to invite, but most often the rehearsal dinner is a more intimate celebration before the larger celebration at the ceremony and the reception.