understanding wedding costs
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Understanding the Cost of a Wedding

Planning a wedding takes money, and part of prudent planning is understanding not only how much each part of the wedding can cost, but why, and most importantly, how you can reduce costs while still planning a memorable day.

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. comes to about $20,000.00. If that seems daunting, remember that a professional wedding is made possible by several professionals that will be charging professional wedding prices, because this is one of the most important days of your life.


Venues can be the most expensive part of the wedding, costing thousands of dollars just to rent places for your wedding, rehearsal dinner and reception. What matters more than having your wedding somewhere elegant, though, is having your wedding somewhere you will be happy. Many couples are happy holding their wedding and reception at a modest non-denominational church, a friend’s backyard, or even a local park.

Flowers and Clothing

Flowers for decoration at the venues, and flowers for the wedding party all add up to a significant sum of money. Rather than purchasing professional wedding flowers from an expensive company, you can save money by making a deal with a local florist to have a modest amount of flowers at the wedding.

Dresses and tuxedoes for a wedding are very expensive, especially if you go with designer brands and buy all dresses and tuxedoes for your wedding party. To cut down on costs, many couples let the wedding party choose their own clothes and simply stick to a color theme that will match the wedding theme. The most important thing is for everyone to look nice and feel comfortable.

Food & Drinks

Food for a wedding can add up very quickly, especially if you are having a rehearsal dinner and inviting a lot of people to the wedding. Some venues will require you to use their catering services for the food, which may be very expensive if they are charging per person. Try to set up the food buffet style for the wedding reception, and go for a casual barbecue or potluck for the rehearsal dinner.

Remember What’s Important

When you look back on your wedding day, what you are going to remember is how much fun you had surrounded by your friends and family, sharing your joy together. You can’t put a price on cherished memory like that.

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