diy wedding invites

Top 10 Beautiful and Creative Wedding Favors

Every beautiful wedding deserves to have equally beautiful wedding favors. These keepsakes are the newlyweds’ way of thanking their guests. Here are 10 beautiful and creative wedding favors:


diy wedding invites

You will never go wrong with edible wedding favors. If you think chocolates are just too common, try French macaroons instead. A macaroon is a meringue-based sweet treat. Macaroons have become popular in the wedding industry for the following reasons:

  • Macaroons can come in many flavors you can choose from.
  • Macaroons can easily match your wedding color palette.
  • Macaroons can be more interesting by adding unique textures and embellishments like fruits and candies.
  • Macaroons are never boring.
  • Macaroons look lovely packed in a French jar or acetate box. Just add a unique tag with the couple’s initials.
  • Macaroons are not heavy on the budget. You can get them at only $21 a dozen.

Seed Packets

seed packet

Giving away a pack of seeds as wedding favor is a great way to let your guests enjoy something that will last longer than chocolates and other edible items. Give your guests seeds of the flowers you had on your wedding day. These seeds will provide a token of the couple’s love for each other that blossomed and continues to grow. Seed packets will not break your wedding budget. You can get them at only $.25 each at

Scented Candles

scented candle

If you want an elegant wedding favor, give away scented candles on your wedding day. Bitter Willoughby offers customized scented candles. For just $195 you can have 100 pieces of sweet scented candles. You can choose the scents and the label fonts and colors.

Mini Potted Plants

mini potted plants

Go green on your wedding day! Give your guests a gift that tolerates harsh weather. You can incorporate these beautiful and juicy creatures to any part of your wedding party. Regardless of whether your guests have green thumbs or not, these ornamental plants can stay alive and take the heat for a very long time. Get them from The Succulent Source at only $40.50 for 30 pieces.  Photo courtesy of

Beach in a Bottle

beach in bottle

Having a beach wedding? There’s no better way to make your guests remember your most special day by giving them with real sand straight from the beach. The bride and groom-to-be can even do this as their DIY project together. It is a romantic idea of bonding time! If the whole wedding preparation is too overwhelming and the couple doesn’t have time to make these tokens of their own, you can get them from Morgan the Creator for only $2.50 each.

Love Songs CD

love songs

This is one perfect idea for musical couples getting married. Make a very romantic wedding favor by burning a collection of the couple’s favorite songs or the songs played during the wedding into a CD and placing it in a custom CD cover. Order customized CD covers from Sweet Sights for only $125 for a set of 50. Photo courtesy of

Wedding Fans

wedding fancs

Is your wedding day happening during summer? Give your guests something to keep them cool. Custom wedding fans can do just that. These custom wedding fans with engraved wooden handles from General Supply Co are just $75 for a set of 20. They have super pretty hand sewn bunting. You can choose from black or brown and request your custom engraved details.



This is such a smart idea! Your guests will have fun blowing you and your sweetheart bubble kisses after the wedding ceremony. This twig style wedding bubble favor from Roxy Heart Vintage costs just $165 for a set of 125. This set of wedding favors arranged in a tree slice base will complete a dreamy rustic themed wedding.

Charitable wedding favor

wedding favor

Rather than buying relatively expensive wedding favors, donate to charity instead. Notify your guests that you made a donation with their name. Purchase charity donation cards at 1313 Designs for only $3 each.



Have something ready in case some eyes well up with tears. Vintage inspired hankies are perfect wedding favors. You can buy a set of 4 at Twining Vines for only $30.

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