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Ladies, You Can Pop the Question on Valentine’s Day! The Do’s and Don’ts

photo credit: Auzigog via photopin cc
photo credit: Auzigog via photopin cc

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, and if you are a lady looking to take your relationship to the next level V-Day gives you ample opportunity. It might seem a little cliché, but when a gal pops the question it puts a whole new spin on the experience. If you’re the girl asking the question, why not do it on the most romantic day of the year? It can be tricky but if you follow a few rules you will increase your chances of success.

Do Get Your Clever On

You are probably taking him by surprise so now it’s time to step up your game by being clever, too. For example, online magazine The Knot suggests you do a countdown to Valentine’s Day, giving your partner a different treat each day that is reminiscent of your time together. If you met at a coffee shop, for example, give him an “I Heart You” mug 15 days before the big day. Add one clever gift a day to build up steam and then make a Valentine’s Day flower delivery and follow with your surprise proposal when the time finally arrives.

Don’t Over Think It

Once you have made the decision, don’t question your choice—that will just get in the way of your planning. It is unusual for a woman to pop the question but not unheard of, so don’t over think it.

Try not to over plan the date, either. In other words, don’t stand in front of the mirror trying out different phrases or change your outfit five times. Don’t hire a stripper or jugglers to make it special. If you think too much about it, you will make yourself nervous.

Do Consider His Personality

It is a day of love, sure, but if you slobber all over everything it just gets creepy. Put a little business attitude into your proposal. You are creating a lifelong partnership. You know this person you want to marry, probably better than he knows himself. Keep the level of sentimentality appropriate for his taste.

Consider his personality when you plan the venue, as well. You might set up the date on the golf course if he is an enthusiast or at his favorite restaurant.

Don’t Propose in Public

In general, this is a bad idea regardless of who is asking. For a woman, it is even more critical. Traditionally, men pop the question. He might think it’s sweet that you are asking him to marry you when you do intimately, but if you do it in front of his buddies it might be shaming instead. Keep the moment private. It will be a fun story to tell your kids one day.

Don’t Buy Your Own Ring

Giving the bride-to-be an engagement ring is a rite of passage for your partner. It is about his commitment. You may be popping the question, but you need to let him buy a ring for you or you risk emasculating him. You can buy him a ring as a kind of funny little gag or an engagement puppy, which is a unique choice that is better than a ring, advises the Huffington Post.

Do Be Ready for Some Changes

As Cosmopolitan points out, getting engaged changes things. You should be ready for those changes. For example, you will start noticing all his little annoying habits in ways you never did when you were just dating. Your friends will treat you differently, too. You are about to get a lot of attention; cue jealous girlfriends.

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