Writing A Killer Wedding Speech: Quick Tips

close up of microphone before guests

Whether you’re the maid of honor or father of the bride, you’re probably on a mission to deliver a killer wedding speech. A heartfelt line or two, maybe even a giggle-inducing punchline, we’re here to help! This is your moment to really express your love, happiness, and well-wishes for the happy couple, so it’s important that you refine it and personalize it!

Below you’ll find 10 quick tips for writing a killer wedding speech. You may even want to look into some speech writing services such at PapersOwl to really get the creativity flowing.  

10 Quick Tips For Writing A Killer Wedding Speech

  1. Introduce yourself & how you know the couple. That’s the best way to start your speech off. You don’t want to get up there and start chatting – assuming everyone in the room knows who you are and why you’ve been chosen to speak!
  2. Add anecdotes & stories. These are absolutely essential to personalizing and creating a memorable speech.
  3. Leave free space. We urge you to practice and spend time outlining what you want to say before the big day arrives. But, we also urge you to leave some free space to express how you’re feeling in the moment or play on what’s been happening throughout the celebration.
  4. Balance the seriousness. A good mix of both humor and heartfelt words are the best route to take. If you rely too heavily on serious thoughts or jokes, the sentiment will be lost.
  5. Insert quotes. Whether you want to grab some song lyrics, pieces of literature, or even a line from a favorite movie, quotes are a great way to juice up a speech.
  6. Talk about them as a couple. Add some observations or great stories about the two lovebirds as a unit.
  7. Test out your jokes. Use some friends to test drive any jokes before you hit the mic. This way, you’ll not only know if they work but if they’re appropriate.
  8. Pay attention to both the bride and groom. Don’t leave out one of the important components to the new couple. Give each party attention.
  9. Choose your style. Whether you’re writing a persuasive speech, a heartfelt speech, or one that’s filled with quips and laughter, you’ll want to tune into the type of impact you want the audience to have.
  10. Toast to the happy couple. Once completed, make sure you give your well wishes and serve up a “cheers” with the rest of the guests. Grab a glass of champagne and raise it high.

These are a couple great examples of speeches that rocked a crowd.

No matter which path you take – song, speech, funny or heartful – you’re going to want to boost your chances of making your speech a hit by preparing well.