anufacturing vintage and colorful decorations

Making decorations by your own hands can give an extra personal touch to the entire ceremony. It`s not a thing to be ashamed of, many designers recommend the wedding decorations to be made by hand and so, the entire wedding will look special! Here are some suggestions you may want to take into account and if you want have an idea of what you want to create…


Do you want a vintage theme for your wedding? God for you! Now, here are some things regarding this type of wedding! The wedding testimony can be very glittery in a glass and it can have a candle, this element may be also used as a table decoration, you`ve already noticed that, didn`t you? Try to find a metal box, take a brush and paint it in what way you wish, and after that you may easily use it as a box for presents; isn`t it funny? Another idea is taking a flower (try choosing a big one) and play with some threads over it! You will create a marvelous table decoration and your guests will be surprised in a good way! Do you love marmalade?
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Well, you can bring all the marmalade jars you`ve made this year, cover them with a nice material and write your name and your husband`s name outside the jar, and pow! you`ve created a nice wedding testimony! Take some orange threads, combine them with mandarin ones and cinnamon and put them into a laced little bag! Certainly the smell given by this mixture will be magnificent!


Do colors inspire you? Well, why don`t you take colors as central theme of your wedding? Certainly all your guests must like jelly, bonbons and other little sweet things! Get advantage of this idea and put these sweets into glasses or glass recipients in front of every seat! Your guests will be enchanted! Another motif of decoration are fruits, use your favorite fruits and place them on the tables and add some flower petals with contrasting colors! Choose a box in heart shape and place some marshmallows inside it and offer it to the guests, they will have a nice memory regarding that moment! Tired of flowers? Fed up with flower decorations? Then use your imagination! Take a colored paper, some small flowers, ribbons and the decorations you`ve obtained may be placed on the chairs, tables and you may also think of other places!


You were presented above some ideas for the vintage decorations and colorful ones! There are many themes that revolve in our heads when it comes to manufacturing wedding decorations! Good luck! But you may also want to find out about the minimalistic and the flight theme decorations!