How to Make Your Vegas Wedding a Fun Risk

vegas wedding hotel

vegas wedding hotel

Although themed weddings may not be your cup of tea, they can be great fun and very memorable. If you and your other half have wanted to run away to Vegas to get married but still want to be surrounded by your friends and family. Why not have a Las Vegas casino themed wedding and treat yourself to going to Las Vegas for your honeymoon? If you are thinking of having a Las Vegas theme wedding here are some ideas to make it a fun risk.


If you are looking to have a Las Vegas casino themed wedding why not look to a hotel as a possible venue. In most hotels you will be able to have the ceremony there as well as the reception. If you have the ceremony and reception at a hotel you only have to pay for transport to the hotel and you may be able to get a package deal saving you money too.

The reception for all weddings is a big deal. You can make your wedding reception a night you, your partner and all your guests will remember. Deck your wedding reception out like a casino; you could have show girls and magicians playing magic tricks that will keep the kids and adults entertained. As well as more importantly having lots of table games adults can play on. Table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat would be the ultimate touch for your casino themed wedding.


Elvis Presley is king of entertainment and there are some very good Evils impersonators you can hire to perform at your Las Vegas casino themed wedding. Elvis is closely linked with Las Vegas due to his popular status in the city. If you don’t want to hire an Elvis Impersonator there are more cost effective and inventive ways to incorporate him into your wedding. If you hire a band or DJ ask them to play some of you and your partner’s favourite Elvis tracks as that will be a nice addition to your Las Vegas wedding.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are little gifts that are the perfect way for your guests to remember your big day and for you to say thank you. If you are having a Las Vegas casino themed wedding there are endless opportunities you could do for wedding favours including personalised playing cards or even personalised poker chips which can all be wrapped up in a box that is decorated like a dice.

Why Not Honeymoon in Las Vegas?

Weddings are known for being big events but there are ways you can still make it a special day that doesn’t have to be expensive. If you can make your wedding budget relatively small you will be able to spend a bit more money on having your ideal honeymoon. There is no reason to stop the Las Vegas casino theme at your wedding why not try and extend it to your honeymoon with going to Las Vegas? The great part about Las Vegas as well as the casinos is the sunny weather and lovely beaches you and your partner can relax on.