Mother of the Bride Outfit Shopping Tips

The way your mother dresses for your wedding is important. Naturally, you will be the centre of everyone’s attention, but your mum is going to get her fair share of attention too. It is also a special day for her. Therefore, it is only natural for both of you to want her to look her best, which is why we have written this special shopping tips post.

Shop Together

If you can, shop for her outfit together. This gives you the chance to spend some time together before your wedding.

An outfit that fits in with your wedding theme

It also helps to keep you involved enough to guide her gently towards those outfits that will work best with the style of wedding you are planning.

Remember She Has to Wear It

When you do go shopping for her outfit bear in mind that she is the one that has to wear it. She has to feel comfortable and confident, so make sure that you only gently guide rather than insist.

Special Enough

Some mums worry about spending a lot of money on an outfit that they will only wear once. This is understandable, but you need to encourage your mum to spend a bit more than she normally does, and buy something special. Your wedding day is an important day for her too, so you want her to look her best. When your mum sees the photos, she will be pleased that you persuaded her to buy something special.

If she wants to, she can always sell her outfit after the wedding. Provided your mum is a standard size and chooses an outfit that is not too radically different her mother of the bride outfit will be easy to sell for a reasonable price.

Where to Buy

Many mothers of the bride do exactly that. If you are lucky, you can pick up a nice outfit by buying one of these previously owned dresses or suits.

However, these days it is often just as cheap to buy on the High Street rather than buy a second-hand designer label outfit. For example, this mainstream retailer sells plenty of dresses that are suitable for the mother of the bride. All you have to do is to click the link to view the selection and find the perfect outfit for your mum.

Outfit Ideas

A mother of the bride outfit can be either a dress, a suit or, in some cases, a trouser suit. Potentially it can be made out of any kind of fabric, but the richer, more glamorous, fabrics work best. They are special, and because they are heavier, they tend to hang nicely and flatter the figure. Importantly, they crease less, which means that they stay looking good all day long.

In some cases, it can be a good idea for the mother of the bride to reflect accents of her daughter’s wedding dress in her outfit. For example, using accessories that are a similar shade to the bride’s bouquet.

Provided you follow the basic tips above, both you and your mum will love her outfit, and she will look wonderful in the photos and videos.

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