We think the lips are important parts of the face, because these provide expressiveness and sensuality. To be serious, who wouldn’t love to have delicious looking lips all the time?

There are a lot of lip forms: some thinner, others thicker, more rounded, more oblong, fuller, more contoured. For each of these types of lips there are all types of products that are made in order to fulfill the women’s expectations- but this thing isn’t realized in the end, because it’s hard to find an appropriate product for your lips to look marvelous.

Before jumping to such products( that we’ve mentioned about in several of our topics) we propose to talk about thin lips. Here’s what you have to do. When exfoliating your face, do not forget to apply on the lips no matter products you have as long as these are meant to remove dead cells. Then apply a moisturizing lip balm that gives your lips volume or a simple one, with no such proprieties.
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For a better definition, outline your lips with a pencil in a natural shade or a shade close with the lipstick that you’re going to use. Start from the center of the lips towards the exterior corners and be careful not to trace the line over their natural line; if you have very thin lips and you don’t like the idea of tracing a line over the lips you can always use a gloss and spread the liquid very thinley over their natural line- this won’t be noticed by anyone and it’s a trick very oftenly used( This will help you and after you wipe the lipstick also); and the lipstick to last longer, you really need to apply it with the help of a special brush- the normal stick doesn’t last that long!

Oh, and we almost forgot! As a last trick, apply in the center of the lower lip a faded tone of lipgloss. It even gives the impression of fuller lips. You should try this the next time you apply makeup on your face and you get to the lips.

There are some men that don’t love it when their kissing and remain with lipstick or gloss on their face, we have the following advice for the ladies: do not use lipstick or lipgloss. In no event lipgloss because it has a sticky texture. You can use a pink lip balm and lip delicious to you, you can use a lip balm beautifully fragrant and pleasant taste. We guarantee you can not get enough of you and let’s not mention about him too: he will love kissing you more!

And do not forget that trick that you’ve learned from our mothers, and they that they learned from their mothers. Before you see the boyfriend, bite your lips to catch a pinkish blood.