Popular R&B Wedding Songs

In order to organize a flawless wedding reception you need to have wonderful decorations, a well chosen menu and a superb wedding cake, but no reception can be called a party without the weddings songs. They have to be attentively selected so as to set the proper mood and create a celebration atmosphere.
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R&B music is a very popular genre, nowadays and it is widely listened to by people from different countries, with different backgrounds and of different ages. Therefore, it would not be inappropriate to choose R&B songs for your wedding party and you might even have the surprise of seeing some of the oldest of your guests humming and dancing.

Popular R&B Wedding SongsCredit
Popular R&B Wedding Songs

However, it is best that you alternate between old and new songs, so that you make sure all the attendees will have a good time. As such, one song that should definitely be on the play list is ‘Inseparable’ by Natalie Cole. Its soul influences are sure to create a romantic moment that will be appreciated by all attending couples. It is also quite suitable for your first dance.

Minnie Riperton’s ‘Loving You’ is also a song that your DJ should play. Even though it has been composed and released in the 70s it has many actual remixes that you and your guests can dance to. It, again, speaks about being in love and the joy this feeling brings. It represents a sure way of having all the invitees on the dance floor.

Whitney Houston has sung a great deal of hits along the years and having some of them played at your wedding party can only be a good idea. ‘I Believe In You And Me’ would also be appropriate for your first dance. It is sure to create some emotions and even make the more sensitive guests shed a couple of tears. You can then move to a song released closer to our date, in a duet with Enrique Iglesias – ‘Could I Have This Kiss Forever’. The latino influences make it perfect for a wedding party while the R&B lovers will still be able to enjoy their favorite rhythm.

The younger guests are easier to please when it comes to music, as there are so many artists that made a name in this business in the past years. Do not forget about Mary J Blige’s ‘Family Affair’. It guarantees that your guests will be entertained and will surely remember your wedding.