How to Select Songs for Your Wedding

Choosing songs for your wedding can either be a fun experience or downright frustrating. It may seem appear and lighthearted but when you don’t know what to be looking for, it can quickly down the wrong path. Music plays a very special role in the lives of people as it can bring back memories like replayed film in people’s minds.

Check for Any Restrictions

When celebrating a wedding according to traditional practices, there might be limits to song choices. These religious practices are determined either by the religion the couples observe or where the ceremony is to be held such as when having a destination wedding in a sacred area in Sri Lanka. Theme can also play a role like when having a wedding according to native cultural practices.

Choose the Songs You Both Love

 It’s normal to have disagreements in anything as a couple, even with wedding preparations. To save time, get the easy parts out of the way. Do you have a theme song? Use it for your first dance. Are there favorite songs you know your friends love to dance to? Use it for the reception.

Stick to What You Know

Choosing songs for your wedding could be a fun opportunity to discover new favorites together but this also takes time and new music might need to be discussed between the two of you. Don’t stop yourselves from including something fresh tunes but music you’ve both loved increases sentimentality during the wedding. The event is about celebrating how far you two have come along in your relationship as you take on a new life change.

Ask for Suggestions

Not sure what will make your guests get up on their feet and start dancing? Ask them! Try to include a wide range of songs so everyone can have their moments. Think about your entourage to your high school buddies to your in-laws. Let’s not forget grandma and grandpa. Watching them dance might just be the relationship goal visual you need to start off your life together. What gets added to the list is still at your discretion so getting recommendations you two would prefer not to play isn’t an issue. It’s your wedding so you still get to choose.

Plan for the Entire Wedding

There are certain parts which receive more attention such as the processional, recessional and cake-cutting so choice of music for these are very deliberate. Each bit has its own ideal pace so choose songs accordingly. For example, the bride and groom’s entrance into the reception venue will set the tone of the party so pick something upbeat but comfortable enough for the two of you to dance to.

Deciding the wedding music can be a pleasant experience to share with each other. Still feeling a bit lost? There’s nothing wrong with getting help from the wedding band. If you’re celebrating your wedding anywhere south of Scotland or even just an avid music lover, check out the wedding bands Glasgow has. The music-loving city has several bands covering a wide range of music with their own varying styles. You’re sure to find one that fits your taste.