Best Man Responsibilities. It’s Not Just the Speech

best man tasks
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best man tasks


Best Man Responsibilities

Everyone knows that the best man is an important part of the wedding and has three key roles; organising the stag do, keeping the rings on the big day and giving a killer speech. But with so much resting on the best man getting things right, how can you make sure that you make and not break the grooms day? Read on for some top tips on keeping cool and getting things right.

The Stag Do

The number one responsibility a best man has that everyone knows is key to preparing a bachelor for married life is delivering a really good stag do. But where to start when there are so many different options out there? It used to be just going into the local town on a massive pub crawl with a few laddish pranks thrown in for good measure but things aren’t that simple anymore. From activity days such as paint balling and go karting to package weekends away created by specialist companies such as The Stag and Hen Experience the options are seemingly endless.

Before you get overwhelmed with choice, have a really honest thing about what your mate likes to do. If they aren’t a big drinker than a planning a big bender might make some of the other lads happy but it’s not their day. Chose something that is important or really enjoyable to the groom and then you are guaranteed that they will have a good time and create many happy memories of their last night of freedom.

The Speech

Now this is another biggie. Don’t think you can pull this out of the bag the night before; to write a really good best man’s speech it has to be well thought out, honest, funny and moving. No pressure then! Ideally you want to share something with the rest of the room that lets them know what a good chap the groom is and how happy you are for the newly married couple. To get started, read some examples online and jot down some notes before trying to form an ordered speech.

The Rings

Make sure your suit has a suitable pocket to store the rings in and that there is not a hole in the lining; What could be worse than fishing round your suit lining exclaiming they are here somewhere as the bride and groom are waiting at the front of the chapel? Leave enough time before the service to collect the rings from the bride, and don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she looks and how she is going to have a fabulous day.

Job done, now enjoy the moment!

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