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Ideas for Bridal Shower Themes


This one can be as tame or as racy as you like depending on the guest list. Guests can bring gifts of wedding lingerie which can include penoir sets, comfy jammies, garters and more.  Lingerie Shower Kit

lingerie bridal shower


The Pampered Bride

Guests buy gifts associated with helping the bride to care for her personal needs. This can include health spa or nail salon gift certificates (although, you should really bring along something the bride can open so include a manicure set, etc with a certificate), yoga instruction or bath incidentals. Don’t forget the groom – he needs pampering too! Actually hosting the shower at a spa or hair salon is a really fun idea. There are plenty of places that specialize in hosting showers. What is more enjoyable than to spend a day at a spa with a group of your best girls?

bridal shower theme


Garden Party

Know a bride who has a passion for gardening? Host a shower in a garden setting and decorate tables with beautiful flowers. Ask guests to bring along gifts that the bride can use in her garden.

garden party bridal shower


Belly Up to the Bar

Guests bring gifts of wine or other types of favorite drinks, glassware, drink mixes, etc. to help the couple stock their bar.

wine and cheese bridal shower


Christmas Theme 

Ask your guests to help the couple fill in their first Christmas tree by bringing gifts of Christmas ornaments. These could be fun or sentimental, handmade or store bought. The couple will remember each guest every year as they trim their tree. Buy a set of plain glass ornaments and permanent markers and have guests decorate or sign the ornaments, including a short message to the couple. Makes a great theme for a shower for a winter wedding.

christmas bridal shower


Old Fashioned PJ Party

Good, clean fun! Ask guests to dress in their favorite jammies. Have tons of super-bad-for-you snacks, chick flicks, board games, etc. Comon – you remember how this is done!

PJ party bridal shower


The Wine Connoisseur

Couples who love wine, and have a lot of everything else they need for the home, will love this shower idea. Asks guest to bring two bottles of their favorite wine (one to share and one to give to the couple) along with their favorite recipe that goes with their wine selection. Serve a nice assortment of cheese and crackers for an elegant wine tasting shower. Have some non-alcoholic beverages on hand for those guests who do not drink.

wine theme bridal shower


Recipes Galore 

For the bride who loves to cook – or hasn’t got a clue! Guest write their favorite recipe on an index card (which can be provided with the bridal shower invitations) and bring the card along with all non-perishable ingredients for the recipe wrapped in anything festive

food theme bridal party


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