Unique Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

A distinctive wedding theme is a thing that a lot of brides to be look for and finding the perfect idea for you can make your big day even more special. You can select a theme that says something about your hobby or a facet in your life that you feel strongly about, and we have a few ideas for you.

Harry Potter fans are some of the most dedicated fans around, and the wealth of Harry Potter themed weddings simply stands testament to that. They’ve done everything from sorting hats organising the tables to Marauder’s Map themed invitations and the source material for these weddings is endless. With so many different props and outfits from these books these weddings always look the part.

Another theme that has become more popular in recent years is a superhero wedding, complete with outfits. This might be their big day but these inspired brides have concealed their theme, with hidden costumes and flaunted it with themed items. With comic book culture on the rise we’re bound to see more and more of these weddings. You might think that comic books are more of a masculine pursuit but this can still be integrated into a classic cake that suits both the bride’s and the groom’s tastes.

The Disney franchise created so many movies that are near and dear to their viewers, so it’s no surprise that some couples want to use this as a theme to their wedding day. Brides always want to feel like a princess on their wedding day and feeling like a Disney princess is even better. If your friends love to dress up and have a good time then this theme could be right up their alley, even better if they rope their Prince Charming into dressing up too.

For a classy, fun wedding theme you can’t go wrong with a casino wedding as the entertainment and props are easy to source. Roulette wheels and blackjack tables or any other casino games from paypal-casinos.co can keep guests amused and busy while they take in all the added decorations. Anything with dice, cards or chips fits right in with this theme and brides can even take it a step further by adding a vintage Vegas feel.

A musical taste that brought the bride and groom together is ideal to theme a wedding around as this can be a nod to what makes the relationship so special. This can be anything from the song that was playing the first time the pair met to an album linked to a treasured memory. You can incorporate this into the table dressing and the first dance to link every aspect of the wedding together.

For a couple who wish to travel the wold together a travel themed wedding could be the way to go, you can have global foods paired with traditional dance from different locations. The world is your oyster with this theme and you could even ask the guests to come dressed in traditional clothes from their favourite country. These ideas could also be used for a wedding with a bride and groom that are from different countries as they can combine both of their cultures.

A sporting themed big day can be something that’s preferable to both the bride and the groom, if they’re fans. American football weddings are popular and having cheerleaders and quarterbacks in the party will make for a memorable wedding for your guests. You could also have the bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed as opposing teams for some fun wedding photos that will keep you laughing. If you’re both into different sports then take this opportunity to combine them and showcase both of your passions on your wedding day. Remember that the wedding should be a combination of both of your interests so don’t leave one person’s out in favor of another.