7 Unforgettable Upgrades For Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

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With a wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, consider adding creative touches to make your celebration unforgettable. Below are listed seven ideas that can make your event memorable for both you and your guests. These enhancements span both lighting and music/entertainment services. Most professional mobile DJ companies provide these value-added services, or can refer you to a reputable vendor who does.

Custom Monogram

Using a special projector, a custom design called a “gobo” is projected onto the dance floor or a wall. The design often features the names or initials of the newlyweds along with their wedding date. You can also create your own custom design (for example, your initials with hearts). Imagine the emotional impact as guests enter the ballroom to see your names burnt into the dance floor. Later, enjoy your first dance with this beautiful monogram in the wedding photos.


Ambient Uplighting

Using LED par cans, light is projected up a wall or column at strategic points throughout the room. Uplighting can dramatically alter the mood of a space, creating a magical environment. Popular colors for uplighting include blue, pink, amber, red and lavender. Select a color to match the color scheme of your wedding, or to add a modern touch to a neutral-toned or outdated banquet room. Static color uplighting features all cans on a single color throughout the evening. Intelligent uplighting means that the fixtures communicate with one another through a special controller, and the colors can change in-sync throughout the evening.


Photo Booth – This upgrade is extremely popular in my home market of Central New Jersey. A Photo Booth allows guests to step into a private booth and pose for a series of photos (usually 3 or 4). Within seconds, two duplicate strips of photos are printed out, with one set going to the guest as a party favor, and the other to the bride and groom for their “memory book.” Guests love Photo Booths because they are interactive and fun. Brides and grooms get a keepsake photo album that is generally available immediately after the reception! While Photo Booths are not inexpensive, keep in mind that you may have this money in your budget already in the form of party favors or disposable cameras. For the same amount of money or a bit more, you can have a Photo Booth!


Latin-Style Percussionist – After dinner when dance floor action kicks in hard, imagine a percussionist stationed on the dance floor or next to the DJ booth, drumming along to the beats on cool instruments like bongos and timbales. A Latin-style percussionist is a visual and sonic delight!

Live Musician Cocktail Hour – The norm for a cocktail hour is for the DJ to provide pre-recorded atmospheric lounge music. While this generally gets the job done, consider engaging the services of a live musician or dancer. The possibilities are endless, from a jazz trio, to a pianist, to a Thievery Corporation-style lounge act, to a DJ-saxophone duo, to salsa dancers. While using live music will likely add several hundred dollars to the cost of your entertainment package versus a DJ, this is usually money well-spent, and sets the tone for an exciting evening of musical entertainment.

Surprise Wedding Dance– Look up “Wedding Surprise Dance” on YouTube and prepare to be amazed by couples who faked out their guests with a surprise dance. The typical setup is that the couple’s First Dance begins with them slow dancing to a traditional song choice. Then, the CD skips, the couple gives the DJ an angry look, and voila.. the DJ then slams in the new upbeat surprise song to which the wedding couple (and possibly wedding party) busts out some killer dance moves to. This surprise dance is even more powerful when executed by a couple not known for being strong dancers! The investment is time and possibly some funds for dance lessons. Be careful though, if you do extremely well at your wedding surprise dance, then you may become the next Youtube sensation!

Celebrity Impersonator – For those who couples who love to laugh, why not invite a celebrity to your wedding? While the real Tony Soprano may not be available for your wedding, an authentic Tony Soprano impersonator is. Imagine the cool conversations and interactions if Mr. Soprano mingled with guests during cocktail hour, and possibly was introduced by the DJ in your grand entrance. Enjoy those deep belly laughs and remember the fun for many years to come!

It is has been said (and I fully agree) that the food and entertainment are the most memorable aspects of a wedding reception. That said, hire an experienced, professional mobile DJ for your wedding and consider these seven ideas to maximize the fun for you and your guests.

What are your ideas for making the wedding entertainment unforgettable?


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