best man speech one liners

BEST MAN SPEECH one liners

Now amidst all this, where can you introduce best man speech one liners?

You can get right off the bat with a best man speech one liner e.g. opening with “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is probably the first and last time that my wife will let me speak on behalf of both of us“, or “My speech today will resemble a mini-skirt: long enough to cover all the essentials but short enough to keep your attention.“, or you could even play the wedding ringer card by using “*Insert name of groom* phoned me up 3 days ago after finding my advertisement online, and I felt obliged to do it because I felt sorry for the friendless, poor soul.

The purpose of a one liners is to crack up the audience, make them laugh, and to keep the whole activity light-hearted therefore you can introduce best man speech one liners almost everywhere e.g. before praising the groom, and highlighting his exceptional traits you can say, “While I was prepping the speech the part where I had to highly praise my mate here was perhaps the most trivial because frankly I found it impossible to praise him in the slightest manner.”

Furthermore, you can use confess your not-so-amazing speaking skills by saying something like: “Good evening Ladies, and Gentlemen.I apologise in advance for not being a public speaker. If you see me looking down at this piece of paper, again and again, it’s not actually my notes, it’s a picture of the massive drink I’m going to have as soon as this is over.”

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For the part of the speech in which you talk about your experiences together you can use best man speech one liners e.g. “What you’re about to hear will make *name of the bride* think twice about what she’s doing here, but at the same time she’ll definitely see past the boring facade *name of the groom* has been hiding himself behind…”, or you could even use a best man speech one liners to describe the first time the two of you met, e.g. you can say something like, “The stars were shining, and everyone was dancing under the moonlight, and as I looked across the garden, I saw a gift from god, the true quintessential human being, and then there was this heavy spectacled midget staring at her.

Who knew I’d be his best man 20 years down the road?” Before complimenting the bride, and giving out a message to the bride, you can once again use good best man speech one liners e.g. “There’s one thing I can’t seem to comprehend: Why am I the Best Man tonight?

If I’m the Best Man, how come the *name of the groom*’s the one sitting there with this beautiful, young lady?” To raise a toast to the couple, you can once again make use of good best man speech one liners e.g. “Here’s to the couple and our body’s capacity to drink like a fish…”

In conclusion, remember to be unique, soulful, and true to yourself as well as to the friends that have given you the honor of being the best man.


Best man speech one liners, the easiest way of defusing the task of delivering an effective best man’s speech. When we think of the word wedding, a lot of things come to mind: ranging from the food & wedding cake to the music that played softly in the background; One thing, however, that has the ability to bring tears to your eyes and the eyes of the audience (in a good or bad way) is the best man speech.

The latter is something that stands out the most when you recall a wedding. This pressure, coupled with the compulsion of speaking in front of so many people is any guy’s nightmare; I mean, who would want to ruin (possibly) the happiest moment of their best friend’s life as well as embarrass himself in front of a plethora of unfamiliar faces?

If you’re trying to find a way to counter this anxiety to do justice to the job of delivering a breathtaking speech, then you’re in the right place. We’ll help you through the entire process. This probably raises the question of how in your mind. Well, the answer to this is brutally simple: Best man speech one liners.


We’ll get to how you can use best man speech one liners in a bit, but before that we’ll give you a basic overview on how to write the speech, and to deliver it. Firstly, do not try to be something that you’re not, rather try to make your speech the best reflection of you, because giving a formal speech that isn’t who you are will reek of being fake. Secondly, even if you haven’t done a lot of public speaking try to remain calm and cool, and avoid nervousness at all costs.

Furthermore, you should keep the speech short, but not too short (i.e. using a single one liner, or ‘cheers’), and it is advised that you prepare, and practice the speech beforehand rather than doing something impromptu and raising your chances of failing exponentially.

While delivering the speech, try to be in a sober state, try to engage the audience (ask them for their attention), and introduce yourself before setting off. Start off in a light fashion, through a light-hearted joke, and follow that up with sharing a deeply touching experience that you’ve had with the groom and finish the story off by explaining a few virtues of the groom, but remember not to touch any sensitive topics/experiences as you reminisce.

Lastly, take notice, compliment the bride, and finish strong by praising the relationship between the groom and the bride, and proposing a toast of cheers to the couple. If you want to make it extra corny, introduce a suitable quote before the toast.

Are you nervous? Afraid you might forget the words? Not sure if you can do it in front of all those people? Still do not know what to write to be witty and funny? Check out our Total Guide to Wedding Speeches & Toasts.