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Putting together a father of the bride speech can seem quite daunting, unless you’ve already had daughters marry of course.

If it is your first time giving away your daughter and therefore the first time you’ve had to pen a speech, you might be wondering what it is you actually need to include.

The obvious thanks and well wishes to those for coming, congratulating your daughter and her new husband on their marriage, wishing them a bright future together, and some words of wisdom on what the future may hold will most likely form the majority of your speech.

If you’re not a confident speaker in front of people, you may opt for a short father of the bride speech and cover the essentials before handing over to the groom and best man to entertain the guests with more funny stories.

You might love the stage and throw in some father of the bride speech jokes to add a touch of humour to proceedings. Which father of the bride speech format you opt for is entirely down to how comfortable you are.

There are plenty of father of the bride speech templates which you can follow and use if you are not much of a whizz at crafting speeches or you can take inspiration from some of those used by fathers who have stepped up to the plate long before you.

The father of the bride can deliver a very funny speech. That doesn’t have to be left to the groom and the best man. This doting father builds to a brilliant crescendo with his stories from throughout the speech all coming together with a special song and guitar piece at the end of his speech.

Be creative, even if you are nervous delivering the speech. This father of the bride tells his story via a poem, and has the audience engrossed on what is coming next. Get the guests involved too and you’re onto something of a winner. Don’t be afraid to embarrass your new son in law during the speech either – he’ll get his turn next!

Don’t worry if your speech doesn’t go according plan. This is a great example of when things don’t always come out as planned or your delivery isn’t the best. If you’re not a natural speaker in front of people, then things like this will happen. But it doesn’t have to be to your own embarrassment. Use it to your advantage and you’ll have the guests in stitches, just as this father of the bride speech does. It can add to the humour of the speech. If you’re not planning on being up for a long time, this speech also covers the essentials without going on to long!

Finally, take inspiration from the stories of others much worse off and ensure you enjoy the experience of the day. The thought of performing the speech doesn’t have to a burden or a worry that spoils the special day.

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