Maid Of Honor Speech Tips

maid of honor speech
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maid of honor speech
photo credit: Becca_Kay via photopin cc

Is your Maid of Honor speech depressing you because you just have no idea what to write? Fear not–it’s much easier to write a speech once you’ve looked at a few examples! Check out the following few tips on making the speech memorable, heartfelt and otherwise awesome, and don’t forget to read example speeches!

Plan Ahead

Plan by making notes of inspiring thoughts and ideas, and remember to give yourself at least three weeks to write your speech. Take your time, ask for feedback, and don’t worry if your best ideas don’t come until a few days before the wedding!

Write Freely and Make Drafts

Make as many drafts as you want! No one is going to see them anyway, so what does it matter? And remember to write your speech “freely,” i.e. don’t think about everyone staring at you when it’s your time at the wedding. Put all of that out of your head and write what you want, so long as it doesn’t involve too many keg stand-related memories.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions

Ask yourself the following questions to help your speech along:

  • (If the bride is your sister) How was it growing up with her? How close were you?
  • (If the bride is your friend) How did you two meet?
  • What do you admire about her?
  • What makes her unique and special?
  • What makes her and her groom such a great couple?
  • How much are you going to miss her after the wedding?

Start in the Middle

Get all the hard stuff out of the way first–it’s a lot easier to shape your introduction and conclusion once you have the middle part figured out. Consider drafting the middle section, then asking for feedback from friends and family members.

Avoid Negative or Embarrassing Stories

To build on the aforementioned keg stands, refrain from mentioning any stories that are embarrassing or negative in nature. Be careful with your jokes–this is not the time to talk about the bride’s college hookups or anything else from the “dirty laundry” category. Keep things positive and sweet!

Use these tips to craft the best Maid of Honor speech ever! Have fun!


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