What is wedding gown preservation?

This is a process done by a specialist company which typically includes carefully cleaning the garment first, ridding it of stains, where possible, repairing any damage and then, finally, using a specially approved process the gown is pressed or steamed and carefully folded and boxed in an acid-free setting which preserves and protects the garment from outside sources of damage.

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Why do I need to preserve my gown?

Traditional dry cleaning often uses harsh chemicals not recommended for delicate garments, fabrics and embellishments. Your wedding dress requires delicate treatments and cleaning to preserve it's color and condition. Storing and/or sealing your dress in plastic or other containers can cause mold, odors and staining. Hanging the dress for extended periods can cause stress to the shoulders and stretching of the fabric. Having your dress professionally cleaned and preserved by specialists ensures that it's being cared for properly during the cleaning process and then preserved and boxed appropriately for storage at home.

How do I choose a gown preservation company?

There are many local and national gown preservation services, so how do you choose one? Just ask...

  1. Do they specialize in wedding gowns and other types of special occasion attire?
  2. How long have they been in business?
  3. Does the company employ eco-friendly processes? Do they use harsh chemicals to clean gowns?
  4. Can the preservation box be opened to inspect the gown?
  5. Do they have a good reputation? Search online for wedding gown preservation reviews.
  6. Do they have a customer service line to call and ask questions? Is the staff knowledgeable and easily accessible?
  7. What is the cost? (Don't let cost be the deciding factor. Cheapest is not always best. Do your homework)
  8. Can other accessories be included? Are there additional costs?
  9. Is insurance included and/or available?

So, who does Team Wedding recommend for preservation services?

lowest priced wedding gown preservation kit and dry cleaning service

Wedding Gown Preservation Authorized Dealer

Team Wedding, owned and operated by Top Wedding Sites, has been an authorized dealer for The Wedding Gown Preservation Company since 2002 and a customer too! We've actually used their service to clean our own family's cherished bridal gowns and christening outfits. Since we're repeat customers, they've obviously done a great job. We trust andrecommend them. We also offer the kit at the lowest price anywhere. See it elsewhere for less? Contact us.

We understand you love your dress and may have reservations about sending it out to be cleaned. That's why we're partnered with The Wedding Gown Preservation Company, a trusted and respected specialist in gown cleaning and preservation since 1913! They utilize an environmentally friendly, green dry cleaning process using hydro-carbon machines and eco-friendly soy cleaning products. Make sure you're ordering their kit and not one appearing similar. Not all wedding gown cleaners are specialists!

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  • Prepaid Gown Cleaning & Preservation
  • Free Shipping Both Ways*
  • White gloss preservation chest
  • Deluxe Shipping Container
  • $500 Declared Value (Insurance)**
  • 100 year Certificate of Guarantee
  • Anti-sugar Treatment
  • Gown Wrapped In Acid-free Paper
  • Steam Pressing
  • Gloves For Gown Inspection
  • 3 Accessories***
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Process
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$149 + free shipping.
  • Prepaid Gown Cleaning & Preservation
  • Free Shipping Both Ways*
  • Deluxe Shipping Container + triple boxed
  • $1500 Declared Value (Insurance) **
  • 100 year Certificate of Guarantee
  • Anti-sugaring Treatment
  • Couture Museum Preservation
  • Hand Pressing
  • Gloves For Gown Inspection
  • 3 Accessories ***
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Process
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$189 + free shipping

*Shipping in the Continental US only.

**Additional insurance can be purchased when you send in your dress. Forms included in the kit can be completed and payment returned with your gown.

*** Have more than 3 accessories? Purchase additional items to be cleaned with paperwork included in your kit. Accessories include veil, garter, headpiece, gloves, slip, bag, handkerchief, detachable train.

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Words From The Official Wedding Gown Preservation Company

Kelly Crasper, account representative with WGP comments, "As the oldest and most experienced preservation company in America, Wedding Gown Preservation Company sets itself apart from the others by giving the highest quality of care and ensuring piece of mind to each bridal gown we preserve. As a third generation family business we have combined our time tested methods with today’s technology to perfect the science of caring for the delicate fabrics and elaborate appliqués that go onto a wedding gown. We allow each bride the opportunity to inspect her gown and give her a 100 year guarantee.

Top Wedding Sites has been a Premiere Authorized Dealer of our service since 2004, and has helped over a thousand brides preserve their gown and its memories for generations to come! Both having a keen eye to detail and customer service, Top Wedding Sites and Wedding Gown Preservation Company have been a perfect fit, and it has been our pleasure working with the team at Top Wedding Sites."


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