One of the biggest complaints I hear from people about Wedding DJs is, “He was just over the top and ruined everything. We just couldn’t get him to shut up!” I have been a wedding guest where I too have experienced that annoying DJ who thinks he’s on the radio and not entertaining for an …

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I showed up to this wedding like every other wedding – one hour early with plenty of time to prepare and make sure all gear is operating, check with the event coordinator, get dressed and align the wedding party for the introductions while squeezing in a warm congratulations to the Bride and Groom. This was …

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belly dancer

The days when your wedding entertainment “choices” were limited to band or DJ are long gone. One of the hottest trends today is expanding your wedding day entertainment to include special acts like wedding magicians and belly dancers. Since including elements of other cultures is another hot trend, belly dancers are riding these entertainment trends to …

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We’ve all been to weddings where the DJ plays the exact same music, with the exact same sound system, wearing the exact same tuxedo and saying the exact same words and announcements into the microphone.  Sigh. Boring? Maybe. Vanilla and chocolate, while delicious,  are typical and expected, but mango is different, spicy and really cool! …

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One of the main benefits of hiring wedding professionals instead of going DIY for your wedding is that wedding pros have a wealth of information and experience, not just about their particular field, but about the whole wedding planning process. After all, a successful wedding pro goes to over 50 weddings a year, every year! …

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When I was younger, it was traditional for an elder family member like an Uncle or old friend of the family to be the MC (Master of Ceremonies or emcee) at weddings. As DJs became more popular, and slowly replaced bands as the norm, many DJs took on the role of MC (a person who …

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Most brides tend to shy away from conversations when a DJ talks to them about gear. They maybe even tune out the conversation altogether thinking they have a certain gene omitted from their DNA when it comes to this kind of stuff. I want to tell you there is no such gene and you probably know everything

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Often couples have no idea what songs or music lend themselves best to each tradition. They often look to the wedding DJ to get the benefit of their experience and expertise without pushing them to do what the professional thinks is best. After all, it’s YOUR wedding!

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disc jockeys

You enter the room to cheers and glasses tapping and you see some guy standing behind the DJ equipment wearing a t-shirt and jeans that you have never met before pronouncing your name incorrectly. Who is this guy and what is he doing at our wedding? Where is the DJ we booked?

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The answers most Brides will give are either “tux” or “I don’t know, I never thought about it”. It may not seem important in advance but remember your DJ will end up in many photos while people are dancing. It may be in a Bride’s best interest to make sure h/she looks like what you want in your photos. Not to mention we often will be in front of everyone for the whole reception.

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At GigMasters we recently conducted a survey of brides, grooms and wedding professionals. We asked them which songs they were choosing for things like the First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, etc. The results compile our list of the best wedding songs of 2011. The survey results may surprise you, because they’re so unsurprising! Etta …

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As much as things have changed in the last twenty-five years, it is still not always easy to plan a wedding with more than one cultural heritage to consider. Of course, there are the family issues that may come into play. But the good news is that the music can meet the needs of both cultures without losing the traditional songs and genres.

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wedding dj

If you’re like most couples planning a wedding, you want wedding reception entertainment that pleases you and your guests alike. But, you’re probably not sure about how hire the best wedding DJ, right? If this sounds like you, read our list of hiring and interviewing suggestions from a professional wedding DJ and stop stressing about …

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wedding music ideas

Simple: DJs are live humans beings that create and match the energy and mood of the crowd- iPods do not know what is happening and cannot adapt. If you want your wedding to have life and excitement: hire a DJ. If you are just looking for background/ambient music, maybe an iPod is fine.

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If you aren’t paying attention, wedding trends can seem to come out of left field and change without warning. One year, bling is in, the next year it’s backyard chic. It may seem like mermaid dresses, swing bands, and cupcakes are suddenly replaced by tea-length dresses, string quartets, and macaroons. But if you DO pay …

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wedding music list

How much wedding music is the right amount to choose in advance? This is a great conversation to have with your DJ or bandleader.

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wedding party entrance songs

The importance of the wedding music for the introduction of the wedding party and the bride and groom themselves can sometimes be put on the back burner. The rest of the reception is about you, the happy couple, but the wedding party introductions are about all of you, the friends, family and neighbors. It is the celebration of your love and love itself.

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wedding musicians

Wedding Band Negotiating 101 Unless you happen to make your living as a talent agent, your wedding band or DJ is probably the first entertainer you have ever hired.  The good news is that by the time you finally say “I do” you will have dealt with so many different wedding vendors (florists, caterers, wedding …

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wedding first dance songs

Let’s admit it – many of us dance more like David Hasselhoff than Fred Astaire. When it comes to that wedding first dance as a married couple, many newlyweds are filled with absolute dread and fear.  After all, many of us have not slow danced since Senior Prom – and we certainly don’t want to revisit …

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wedding dj

The music you choose for your wedding day makes the soundtrack of all your wedding memories. From poignant to joyous, music creates the atmosphere for you and your guests. Take the time to plan the wedding and reception music according to the melody you want. Begin planning your wedding and reception music as soon as …

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