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2023 Wedding Trends We’re Looking Forward To

We are officially in the post-pandemic era but we’re all still getting used to the new ways of life. We see it reflected in so many parts of our world, including the wedding industry. And even some of our newest trends, such as micro weddings, have been inspired by the backside of quarantine.

Of course, we’re seeing some of the most sensational and creative of ideas as well – and it’s reinvigorating our weddings like we have never seen before. We are so excited about it! From brilliant color to overt personalization, let’s take a look at what changes are happening – since we already know why! Nontraditional is out and dramatics are in.

Allow us to inspire you by scrolling through 2023 wedding trends that we are so looking forward to.

Micro Weddings

Small, intimate weddings have always been an option. But, now, there’s the “micro wedding” idea that is spreading like wildfire and we’re in love. Only the immediate family and friends are invited to this celebration. The photos are beautiful. It feels genuine. The budget is far less and the headaches from planning never show up. To qualify as a micro wedding you cap your guest list at 20 people and you could be looking at spending $20,000 less than the average wedding – a smart move in the time of maximum inflation.

Offbeat Ceremony Seating

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Nontraditional ceremony arrangements are out and offbeat designs are in. From circular seating to S-shaped aisles, there are so many interesting ways to style your event – whether it’s larger or on the smaller side. We’ve seen spirals, 3-sided spaces, and even something more sporadic. Depending on your space, there’s a beautiful variety of choices – ask your wedding designer what the most interesting option is!

Charcuterie – Wherever You Can Manage

Charcuterie boards have been trending for a while. From savory to sweet to complete themes, there are so many ways to personalize the grazing plate. But we’re going to see them hit the wedding world with more force than ever before. They’ll be shining at cocktail hours in oversized displays and served up in bite-sized pieces for larger groups – but they may also make a splash tableside.

Gatsby Themes

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Art deco style is making a comeback in a big way. Basically, there are events everywhere deciding to become inspired by Mr. Jay Gatsby and his lavish events. Champagne, golden details, and lush, white florals are all included.

Classic Bridal Gowns

Despite so much non-traditional style being woven into 2023, classic bridal gowns are slipping back into the scene. Simple ball gowns and lace silhouettes are all coming back into view. We may seen these styles dipped in various colors and patterns, but the bones will still be evident.

Attention to the Ceilings

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Yes, you read that right. Attention and details to the ceilings are the big wedding trend of the year. From florals to fabric, there are so many ways to add a bit of spark to this area of the venue – and don’t skip it! Create an entire night sky or a waking wonderland of your favorite blossoms. It’s a space that you’ll want the photo-op for as well.

Prioritized Guests

Frome welcome bags to parties, prioritizing the guest experience seems to be one of the bigger concerns of present day couples. Multi-day events are being planned, especially with a smaller guest list, to emphasize the importance and gratitude of their out-of-town friends and family.

Extraordinary Colors

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Monochromatic events are out and all the colors are in. The vibrancy of multiple colors is a lasting trend among couples. And we’re here to see it. We are loving the choice of complementary tones and throwing in fun textures too. From the florals to the lighting, we love how much personality and vivaciousness gets naturally thrown into the event this way.

Afternoon Hours

Another trend we’re loving to see is the afternoon hour event. Not only does it save on the bottomline bill, a frugal couple makes sense in the present times, but it gives the newlyweds an earlier night and more time together. Families go home at a decent time and the couple gets to spend a bit more time enjoying rather than feeling rushed or too exhausted to live in the moment.

Outrageous Cakes

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And finally, over-the-top cakes are back. So long are the spread of one-tier beauties because we’re back to outrageous and memorable designs. Multi-tiers and stunning details are all the rage. For those with smaller events that don’t want to waste cake, think about going for the insanely dramatic and fun cake topper instead.