Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Part 1

Unique Guest Book Ideas

Your guest book is a precious keepsake that you can intentionally have for years to come. Kind words and a record of friends and family in attendance on your big day, this piece of the wedding doesn’t have to be the most traditional of choices. Let’s take a look at some unique wedding guest book ideas and have you grab some alternative inspiration!

Unique Guest Book IdeasCreate a piece of art that your guests can sign and you can keep hanging in your house forever. We are loving this “family tree” style.

Unique Guest Book IdeasA couple of wine bottles can act as wonderful pieces of decor for your newlywed home, just have your guests sign the surface!

Unique Guest Book IdeasGarland can decorate the wedding reception but after it’s signed, it can become a part of your home afterwards!

Unique Guest Book IdeasCreate info cards and have your guests give you their updated contact information and the ability to leave a little note!

Unique Guest Book IdeasA basket full of wooden hearts can be used for a variety of ideas after the big day, but in the meantime your guests should each get a heart to write on and decorate!

Unique Guest Book Ideas

Sign a tag an tie it to the “family” tree and then this piece can be used to bring so many love and unique memories into the couple’s new home.

Unique Guest Book IdeasWine corks can be used for do many fun DIY projects and accents throughout your home and after your guests sign them, they become personalized and even more special.

Unique Guest Book IdeasA good quilt can be used for a lifetime, and when it’s sign by all those who love you – you’ll want to use it everyday!

Unique Guest Book IdeasSign the puzzle pieces and have the happy couple put the entire look together later for a 3-D piece of wall art.

Unique Guest Book IdeasA book full of envelopes can turn into a scrapbook of sorts for your guests to enjoy and add to!

photos via SMP