wedding planning stay calm
photo credit: goldsardine via photopin cc

2014 Wedding Planning Advice: Breathe!

wedding planning stay calm
photo credit: goldsardine via photopin cc

Wedding Planning Advice: Breathe!

A wedding day is the most enjoyable day in the life of bride and groom. Both of them must show the passion and desire for each other and have that positive energy which reflects their bonding and chemistry. In a wedding ceremony, the centre of attraction is the newlywed couple. These pair is the center of attraction on that day. A perfect wedding is possible only if there is excitement within and if it is properly managed. There must be an ample space where wedding ceremony is organized. It is necessary that couples who are going to be in a lifetime relationship feel relaxed. This is very important. There are various necessary elements which are to be taken into consideration and required to be planned properly. Some of them are:-

  • The wedding dress must be of quality fabric so that the bride and groom feel comfortable
  • Wedding ambience need to  be neat and clean
  • Depending upon the season of wedding proper arrangement is to be done. Like if it is in winter then the place of wedding must be a indoor one or if it is in summer then open place is preferred
  • Proper ventilation is very important
  • Supply of clean air at the wedding place
  • Wedding house must be nicely decorated
  • Entertainment facilities needed to be there for the kids in the ceremony
  • Proper arrangements for accommodating the guests
  • Hygienic catering facility needed to be good
  • Soothing lightning arrangement is important so that no one at the wedding place feels fatigue
  • Music must not be so loud that create headache. So sufficient volume will be effective in creating a soothing environment

All the above things are very important and needed to be planned priory.

These are the main factors which makes the wedding perfect. Now the most important thing that requires attention which will make the bride and groom to breathe is their make-up and their clothing. Make-up must be uniform and optimum and easy to care for. The professional who is hired for the bridal and groom make-up is to be scrutinized well as most of the time the people who is appointed from parlor for the above job uses expire make-up materials. So there material is checked well.  Excess make-up is also not tolerable.

If the wedding is nicely managed then there is complete relaxation. If there is enthusiasm among all of the guests, this can help all the worries vanish and the wedding to become a memorable one.