A bride, groom, and wedding guests dancing while holding glow-in-the-dark sticks
Credit: Katelyn Faye

10 Unique Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Good entertainment is an integral part of every wedding. Your guests have taken time out of their day to celebrate you and your loved one, and you want them to enjoy every minute of it. While a delicious dinner and a bouquet toss are staples at every wedding, other entertainment options can feel overused or outdated.

If you’re looking for some fresh ideas for wedding entertainment, we’ve listed 10 unique ways that will help make your special day the most unforgettable event of the year.

Kids Play Area

Kid's play area set up with a tent, play blocks, mat, and arts & crafts

Credit: My Perfect Parties

Receptions can be long and boring for kids to sit through, so set up a special area where they can play to their heart’s content. Some companies offer on-site wedding nanny services, which include providing games and activities to keep children occupied.

Or, DIY your own play area in conjunction with a wedding nanny. Put up a gorgeous backdrop and add games like giant jenga, cornhole, and horseshoes, or set up an arts & crafts station where the kids can create some sweet cards for the happy couple.

Companies such as Katebackdrop offer a wide range of backdrops so take a look through and use the one that fits your wedding theme best. To complete the package, they also sell everything you need to set up the backdrop such as adjustable telescopic stands and other accessories. Want a custom backdrop? They’ve got those as well.

Card-themed backdrop with Spring decorations
This fun-looking backdrop makes for a great background in a play area. Credit: Katebackdrop

To elevate the look of a play area, string up some neon LED lights to add a splash of visual interest. Add some cute rugs, tents and beanbag chairs to make it extra cozy for the kids to lounge. These pieces will make the area extra immersive and offer a fun photo op as well!

Parents are also sure to appreciate the extra time on their hands to fully enjoy your wedding.

Late Night Comfort Food

A stack of pretzels with containers of mustard

Credit: Peach Plum Pear Photo via Glamour & Grace

Dancing all night is sure to work up an appetite, so keeps your guests fuelled by providing some late night snacks. Opt for familiar finger foods like french fries, chicken fingers, burger sliders, and mini tacos.

If you’re feeling extra bougie, a food truck gives your guests the option of customizing their orders.

Live Art

A couple holding an illustration of themselves in the same clothes

Credit: The Wedding Illustrator

Growing in popularity, live painters are an original way to capture a sentimental moment and mood that photographs cannot.

While live painters usually focus on painting one piece of heirloom art that is given to the couple such as their first dance, illustrators or caricature artists can provide 5-minute drawings for the rest of your attendees. It’s a humorous way for your guests to also get involved in live art.

Thrift some small frames from your local vintage store so that your guests can choose one to put their illustration in. These quick drawings will double as a great wedding favor that they can cherish forever. There’s sure to be a lineup for this cute personalized gift.

Audio & Video Guestbooks

Rotary phone with a sign reading audio guestbook

Credit: Etsy

It can be hard to decipher writing sometimes, so say goodbye to pen and paper. Instead, let your guests record audio and video messages of love and well wishes. You might capture funny drunk ramblings, silly singing friends, or sweet words of wisdom from your grandma. Regardless, it’ll be a message you’ll remember forever.

Companies like After the Tone provide rentals of vintage phones of all colors to suit your wedding vibe, ship it to you directly, and send you the audio messages via digital download. You can even opt for a retro vinyl record.

If you prefer to create your own setup, you’ll only need 3 things – an iPad, a tripod, a gorgeous backdrop, and voila!

Conversation Starters

A pack of TableTopics conversation cards, with the top card reading "what was the most ridiculous but very cool fashion trend you followed"

Credit: Cristy Clarke via ThoughtCo

It can be a little awkward and intimidating sitting all night with a table full of strangers. We’ve all played some sort of icebreaker game like Two Truths and a Lie before, but these games often feel very superficial and often don’t naturally lead you to chat more with your fellow attendees.

TableTopics is a fun way to spark new conversations. These conversation starters cards are designed to stimulate engaging discussions and help break the ice by asking open-ended and thoughtful questions. Throw a couple cards at each table and let the conversations flow.

Aside from TableTopics, there are many similar conversation cards such as Chat Pack, The Hygge Game, or unCURATED. If you prefer to make your own cards, create some using Canva and get them printed on cardstock at your local printing shop for an easy DIY version.

Tabletop Games

An assortment of board games with a sign inviting guests to play

Credit: Haleigh Nicole Photography via PopSugar

While lawn games are super popular, board games are a superb alternative for venues without a yard, or smaller spaces. They’re also a great option when your guests are tired of dancing and need a quick break. Go for nostalgia with simple games like Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robots, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Uno.

Avoid super long board games like Risk or Monopoly. If you want to put out newer games, pick ones that are easy to learn, and can be played in less than 15 minutes. Guests don’t want to sit around reading instructions, so try games Blokus, Sushi Go, and Exploding Kittens and provide a quick reference of the rules so your guests don’t need to thumb through the rulebook.

Choreographed Performances

Two Chinese lion dancers performing at a wedding reception

Credit: Katelyn Faye

There are so many options for performances where you can incorporate your culture, favorite genre of music, or some good old choreography. If you have the time to practice, a k-pop choreography for your bride’s favorite love song might just be the perfect surprise.

Consider hired acts such as lion dancers, a Bollywood group, or a drag queen if you want to really dazzle your audience. It’s not just limited to dance choreography. Let’s say your venue has a swimming pool – synchronized swimmers are a way to surprise your guests. The sky is limitless when it comes to entertainment!

Regardless of the performer, your guests are sure to be captivated by an energetic, heartfelt performance.

Unconventional Wedding Favors

An assortment of pink vases with various flowers to choose from

Credit: https://jessaschifilliti.com/

Instead of having your wedding favors pre-made, let your guests get crafty and create their own personalized gift to take home.

A DIY “Flower Bar” is a sweet and interactive activity where your guests can handpick their vase and flowers to take home on the way out.

Credit: Nick Yukata via Glamour and Grace

Or, try a perfume & cologne bar where your guests can leave your event with their own personalized fragrance in hand. Every spritz is a reminder of your special day and the amazing fun they had.

Secret Missions

A hand choosing a piece of paper from a jar

Credit: Let’s Roam

When a prize is involved, guests might be more willing to engage.

Try “Secret Missions”! Have a jar of notes with silly tasks intended to get the guests to mingle like, ”Ask the best man about their pet hamster” or ”Have a drink with the groom’s mother”.

When you complete the task, you write your name on the note and put it in the completed tasks’ jar, and at some point the couple picks a winner or two and announces them.

Lean into the Mystic

An open palm holding an assortment of charms

Credit: Rose Marie Cromwell for The New York Times

Let’s be honest – we all love reading our horoscopes even if we don’t 100% believe in them. Bring some of those witchy, spiritual vibes by providing readings at your wedding, whether it be from tarot cards, palms, or charms. If you want to give your guests a completely unique experiential activity, a reading is sure to bring curiosity, excitement and laughter.