You Don’t Need More Flowers, You Just Need Better Lighting

By: Nora Foster

For a fraction of the cost of extra flowers or more decorations you can make a spectacular statement, add elegance and excitement, and create an atmosphere that is truly memorable just by using lights. Lighting can be used to highlight your flowers and other decorations, as well as add color and drama to an entire room. Below are details on the various lighting treatments you might consider for your upcoming wedding.

Ambient Lighting

This is the main light used in a room. It can be natural with the sun lighting the room, or artificial. For a tented event, white twinkle lights, paper lanterns, chandeliers or a specialty hanging fixture (see image at right) can be hung throughout the tent to provide soft, decorative lighting.



LED lights, which are the safest for use near tent walls, are placed on the ground and directed upward onto the tent wall or an element in the room, such as a column or decorations. Up-lights come in an assortment of colors so you can easily coordinate with your wedding color scheme. You can even use colored gels set on a timer to change the colors inside the tent during each stage of the wedding ceremony, dinner and party.


Gobos are stencils that go over a light to project a certain image on the dance floor, walls or on the tent ceiling (see image at right). Most couples like to project their names or their personalized monograms, but you can have any design you wish projected.

Pin Spots

These are narrow beams of light used to highlight or showcase a particular feature, such as the centerpieces or the cake, or if you have a sweetheart table, pin spots can be directed towards it.


This kind of lighting is used to cover a large area. You could do a wash of color over the dance floor, on the ceilings, or the entire tent (see image at right). With washes you can choose from colors, patterns, and images to literally paint the room with a lighting effect.

Lots of Options, Work With a Pro

If you’re a tented wedding or reception, a full-service tent provider can assist you in creating the look you want, and ensure that the equipment stays out of the way of guests so no one trips on wires or gets burned by hot lights. If you’re not sure what lighting approach you want to take, or what your event space can accommodate, you might consider hiring an event lighting professional to assist with the lighting plan and setup.

By: Nora Foster

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  1. Terri

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. Watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera can also teach you a lot about lighting. He is constantly saying that lighting makes the room. It is simply amazing what lighting can do when used correctly. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes people can overdue it with the lighting. Having spotlights everywhere can get rather annoying very quickly. Granted, I am not an interior designer but I don’t like it when lighting is the same color as the wedding colors. It becomes way too much of the same color.

  2. Great ideas! You can rent such beautiful decorations for your wedding, and some of them can do yourself,like lanterns . You will need plastic or filament (at least paper) white spheres, props or pillars, lamp holders and lamps, as well as some knowledge of electrical engineering 🙂 not that difficult,as it seems! Thank you useful tips!

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