Bride in customized wedding dress kissing groom during ceremony
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Ways You Can Customize Your Wedding Dress to Make it Unique

Are you fed up with the same-old wedding gown styles? Have you ever visited a bridal boutique where everything appears to be the same? Today, we have some fantastic news for you! If you’re a bride looking for the perfect wedding gown that complements your personal style, we’re going to tell you how to get it. Here’s how to customize your wedding dress to make it unique.

If you’re like many hopeless romantics, you’ve had picking your wedding gown in your head for a long time. However, finding a dream dress may not be as simple as you imagined. There are thousands of wedding dresses to choose from (maybe even millions). And each of them has a variety of color options—not to mention different laces and embellishments, sleeves, no sleeves, long trains or short trains, sparkles or no sparkles. My gosh! It’s mind-blowing.

While determining the proper silhouette is crucial (and a fantastic place to start), the small elements in a gown are what make it stand out. So if you truly want a wedding dress unlike any other, here are some ways that you can customize it to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

6 Oh-So-Pretty Ways to Customize Your Wedding Dress

Detachable Sleeves

We love this option! Not only does adding detachable sleeves customize your wedding dress, but it gives you two different looks for your wedding day. You can wear your sleeves for the ceremony and then take them off at the reception when it’s time to boogie (or vice versa).

And there are a lot of different options. Today you can have detachable lace sleeves, sheer sleeves, off-the-shoulder cap sleeves, puffy sleeves, boho-style sleeves, bishop sleeves, flutter sleeves, and so much more!

Maggie Sottero has some beautiful detachable sleeves. You can channel your inner Bridgerton soul with detachable bishop sleeves. And, of course, there are romantic lace sleeves in various lengths for a more traditional look.

We especially love the bishop sleeves pictured here. They are just so romantic and fairytale-like.

bride wearing lace wedding dress with high slit and bishop sleeves leaning against a tree
Image Source: Maggie Sottero – Brava Bishop Sleeves

Change the Neckline

Another great way to customize your wedding gown is to change the neckline. Some wedding dress designers offer customizations for an additional fee. So, if you love everything about the gown except the neckline, ask your bridal stylist if custom changes are an option. And, if the designer won’t do it, maybe their seamstress can.


Crinoline is the stiff stuff under your dress. It’s used to support your gown’s outer layers. Consider crinoline as the foundation of your gown. Crinoline is a dress lining that may be removed or added to give a dress fullness.

You may fall in love with a dress only to realize that the skirt is too poofy for you. In this case, crinoline can be removed, changing the look of your gown. Also, removing that extra layer can produce a more slinky, form-fitting garment when you have an A-line wedding dress or a sheath.

On the flip side, crinoline can be added gradually to achieve the stiffness you desire or make your garment’s skirt stand out.

Add Color

One of the best ways to make your wedding dress more unique is to add color. And this can be done in several ways. One of our favorite ideas for adding color to your wedding dress is by changing the lining.

Today’s wedding dresses come in various colors, and some designers will customize the dress lining by using a color that usually isn’t offered in that style—a lovely shade of blush or soft pink or a pale blue, for example. Golds are charming too—and for extra drama, how about a medium darkish gray, or even black? That would totally make your wedding dress unique!

Another way that you can add color to your wedding dress is by simply adding a belt or sash. Many brides like to do this to tie in their wedding color or the bridesmaids’ color. It can be as simple as a ribbon or satin sash (or a sash with beaded applique). You know, for a little extra sparkle! But, if you like even more drama, take it up a notch with a satin sash that has an oversized bow in the back like the one pictured below. Now that is a look we LOVE!

One last way to add color to your wedding dress is by adding a jacket or flannel shirt. This is pretty trendy right now. Brides add a custom jean jacket or leather jacket during the reception or when they’re leaving. And if you’re having a rustic shindig, flannel shirts are always super cute!

Bride at outdoor wedding wearing ballgown with oversized pink bow
Image Source: Pinterest

Add A Cape Or Cover-Up

For your grand entrance, pictures, or when the cool night weather sets in, we adore the notion of matching your dress with a cape, shrug, or jacket. They’re exquisite, one-of-a-kind, and guaranteed to add a touch of glitz to your wedding-day ensemble.

The capes can be traditional with lace or glamorous with beading and glitz. They add a whimsical and fairytale touch to any wedding. Oh, and a little drama as well!

beautiful bride on the beach wearing fitted lace wedding dress and dramatic wedding cape by Maggie Sottero
Image Source: Maggie Sottero

Statement Jewelry

Experiment with statement accessories to add to your wedding day ensemble. Choose a pair of spectacular chandelier earrings if you’re wearing your hair down. If you’re wearing a strapless sheath, don’t forget to accessorize with a large statement necklace! And if you have a dress with an open or low back, add a back necklace. We love that look!

Portrait of the back of a bride showing her low back and back necklace
Image Source: Pinterest

Customizing your wedding dress is a fun and memorable experience. And just as your love story is unique, we believe your wedding dress should be too! So, do you, girl! Add beading, a dramatic overlay skirt, detachable sleeves, color, or statement jewelry. It’s your special day, and your wedding dress should be just as you dreamt it—perfect!