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Getting a Make-up Artist Just in Time with Urban Clap

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A person’s wedding day is one of the most hectic yet one of the most memorable days of one’s life. It’s a time when most relatives get together and the house is bright and lively with all wedding rituals taking place up to the wedding day. It was no different at my place when my elder brother was getting married to his childhood sweetheart. The excitement at our place was reaching peak levels and my joy was soon to be over bound. But as it was me who was coordinating things for the marriage, I had to have a calm and level head.

My older brother was getting married. While I had attended several weddings over the years, both in close proximity in terms of relations and some of distant relatives, I never got to see first-hand how things are handled behind the scenes. One-by-one the days were passing. Each pre-marriage ritual was happening with much celebration but with the completion of each ritual, we were also one step closer to the wedding day. Things were under control and everyone was having the time of their lives. Everything went well until a day before the wedding day; a huge fight broke out between our family and our hired wedding makeup artists.

With one day before the wedding, we had to search for a new wedding makeup artist in Gurgaon. As the coordinator, it fell into my responsibility to find a new make-up artist. Our frantic search for a makeup artist made us look in nearby places including Delhi but it was to no avail. Most of the makeup artists were not available to work at such short notice while some of them were already booked for other events.

UrbanClap introduced us to the perfect Wedding Makeup artist

Desperate times call for desperate measures. While my mom was ringing up relatives and setting up contacts to find makeup artists via phone calls, I decided to search for the best wedding makeup artists in Gurgaon over the internet. I always thought of the internet as a great savior for me whenever I needed something but this was the first time it let me down. I searched over numerous websites but to no avail. It was then when one of my close friends to whom I confided our problem with asked to search for makeup artists over UrbanClap.

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about UrbanClap from him as well as other from other friends but I never felt the need to utilize their services up until now. I installed their mobile application on my smartphone and registered myself on their platform. The app looked sleek and was easy enough to navigate. I put forward my service request in their search box and was astonished to see a large number of search results to my query.

Now, I was in a different dilemma: choosing one artist. Thankfully, the task was easier than it seemed to be. All I needed to do was to sort the search results by the ratings and reviews by previous users. In next to no time, we shortlisted a small number of makeup artists and contacted them via personal messages for their availability and price requests. Soon, we were flooded with replies from these artists who were up for the opportunity.

We went over their previous works and set up a meeting with one person who we deemed well enough for us. She was one of the best available wedding makeup artists in Gurgaon and accepted our request to come to our house immediately for a meeting. We talked and smoothen out the details and our looks for the wedding on the following day and we were assured that we won’t be disappointed.

Why should you choose UrbanClap?

UrbanClap helped us set up a contact with one of the best wedding makeup artists in Gurgaon even in short notice. We were a group of about 12 people who were to be styled for the wedding day in 2-3 hours. It was hard enough given that people regularly had to leave in between the whole process to go over some wedding related issues. Yet somehow we made it through. UrbanClap ensured that we had a list of a variety of makeup artists on the palm of our hands. All we had to do was put in a search request.

This was the first time I had ever used UrbanClap and I cannot stop raving about how their online platform was of immense help to us. Their app was one of the best I have ever come across and the interface was too easy to navigate through. Even a person with no real technical knowledge could make a proper use of the app without any issues.

How to find the best wedding makeup artists on UrbanClap?

Searching and getting in contact with the best wedding makeup artists in Gurgaonis not as difficult as it seems. I was able to find one such makeup artist in Mrs. Malini Kapoor who not graciously accepted to help us out but was also an immense support throughout the wedding day.

Mrs. Malini, along with her whole team of artists, from Beautique Masters and Care not only ensured that we looked our best on the wedding day but also made sure that our thoughts and the look we envisioned for the day came true. For all the help we got, we could not thank Mrs. Malini enough and would like to recommend her and her team to people who are looking for the best wedding makeup artist that one could ever get. In addition, UrbanClap also deserves to be recognized for their amazing platform which ensured that we were able to get in touch with Mrs. Malini.