Beautifying pearls

Let’s admit it: when it comes to the make-up containers we always feel like picking the ones that look interesting and really colored. We remembered about this thing when we were browsing for the next topic. We felt inspired by the products that looked interesting, dandy and pretty colored. So today we’re going to present you some of these products and hope that maybe in the future time you feel like acquiring them.

Here’s a powder case that looks really interesting and its aspect caught our attention from the first time. Let’s also mention that besides the great looks it also gives you a special and interesting aspect. This compact case contains multi-colored pastel beads of powder that simply combine with other and create a great looking cosmetic product. If you decide to use this powder you’ll feel a warm caress on your face and it will feel as if you’re putting a satins sheet on your complexion.

What’s the effect of using this product? It makes your complexion more illuminated and it confers you a certain radiance, it lights up the face in such a manner that everybody will feel that you’re always coming with the sun behind you.

Make sure you don’t apply much of this product on your face, it may look transparent as a first impression, but it’s not in this way.

This make-up case is ideal for women who are always on the run and they may retouch their look every now and then….

Another interesting looking cosmetic product, which is similar in proprieties and quality with the one above, is this one. But this tiny box with pearls can be considered to be more consistent than the other one. Let’s also mention that it’s effective for those that realize their daily make-up and it can’t be carried around in their purses, as the previous one.

These products are available in two different textures and are especially designed to confer the complexion a touch of light and sensuality. The two tones in which this product can be found is: pink and beige. The first color will give you a fresh touch and the other can be used both in the day time and in the night.

The basic colors may be the one presented above, but there are pearls in different nuances and each and one of them have different proprieties. For example the green tones reduce the redness you may achieve during the day, mauve “calls” light, the pink pearls will give you the fresh aspect you always want, the white ones brightens your complexion and there are also those brown and beige pearls that give you a shiny aspect.

Use the most consistent brush you have and start to play with it above those pretty colored pearls. Shake it a little bit and begin applying it on your cheekbones, cleavage area and really softly on the entire face…. And that’s how you will look radiant!