Applying properly make-up foundation

When it comes to applying make-up foundation, many of us don`t know how it`s done properly. And speaking of make-up foundation, do you know what color suits you the most? Well, it is said that yellow nuances suit every complexion possible, and you fail.

Many of us combine multiple foundations in order to give a suitable color, it`s a good procedure, but make sure the tubes are from the same producing company, because if you use different marks of foundation you`ll get an unpleasant mixture, thus the texture differs from a producer to another….

The best way of applying make-up foundation is by knowing what type of complexion color you possess and this is a good starting point! After you see what color suits you the most, get a make-up foundation with a nuance darker!

These being said, ladies start and apply the foundation in this way: in the center of the face use a lighter nuance, in the nose area the chin, around the nose, the arcades and the area above the nose, in the exterior area of the visage use the darker nuance in order to form shadows and make your face look thinner, in the same time you`ll obtain a great color effect!

After you`ve applied the make-up foundation, make sure you get an illuminator and apply in small quantities in the same areas you`ve applied the lighter nuance of foundation! The illuminator can be used optional, because it may make your face shine too much! It`s suitable to use illuminator when you go to a party, in the club or even at the restaurant! If it`s a make up for daytime you can do well, even without illuminator!

Another important step is using the blush, in most of the times you apply the blush by sucking your cheeks, and so you apply the powder in the cheek bone area…. It isn`t hard at all! If you take step by step the hints, you`ll obtain a professional make-up! Oh, and if you don`t have blush powder, you can use the reddest lipstick around and press gently with your fingers or a brush in the area mentioned before! It`s a trick many women don`t know about!

A procedure that was forgotten to be mentioned is that before you apply the make-up foundation you make sure your complexion is clean, you may apply a mask, or even hydrate it if it`s in the exfoliating period! In this way you`ll make the adding of the foundation much easier and the product will penetrate your skin, obtaining a natural effect!

Many women don`t use make-up foundation, it takes some time for applying indeed, but in time you`ll get used to it! Another thing you need to know is that it doesn`t cover the acne, and the marks on your face it also protects you from the exterior, the UV rays, dust and many other “ingredients” of our polluted air! It`s like a mask against the wonders of nature!