Mistakes in bridal makeup

Who doesn’t want to have a perfect makeup in the wedding day? A mistake as little as it is, can mean for the bride compromising the entire photo album.

In case in which you don’t apply for the services of a professional, here are some of the things that you have to take into account and you shouldn’t avoid in order to having a perfect makeup.

The lack of makeup foundation!

Even if you have a perfect skin, it’s not going to end up looking in pictures that great if you don’t apply some makeup foundation. Don’t forget that using the makeup foundation is the key of a successful picture.
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Applying the makeup foundation directly on the skin….

If you jump the part in which you apply the moisturizing cream, the makeup foundation is not going to resist more than three or four hours and it’s going to suffocate your skin.

Using mascara that isn’t waterproof.

Maybe you’re not the type of person who cries, but you never know what surprises the wedding day has for you. The wedding is perfect and it can start bunch of tears. Don’t let emotions ruin your makeup. Use products that are waterproof!

Taking care of the eyebrows is another important aspect.

Don’t leave the tweezing on the last moment. Even if the salon which you usually frequent presents confidence, there are some mistakes that can appear. Tweeze your eyebrows in 5 days before the event, at least, in order to have time to correct the eventual errors.

The lack of usage of the powder.

Apply a layer of translucent powder over the layer of makeup foundation in order to fix the makeup foundation. On the contrary, you’re makeup is going to look great only for some hours after which it’s going to be really faded away.

Omitting the application of the basis for the makeup foundation and eye color.

You know what can happen in the case in which the experiences of the daily makeup: the eye color is going to look great after which it’s going to fade away or you’re going to see an unpleasant line. Don’t let this thing happen in your wedding day!

Using wax eyeliner….

The wax eyeliners have in their composition wax that is going to melt. Use the eyeliner with gel that is going to remain intact up to the moment in which you’re going to remove your makeup.

Applying the crayon for eyebrows.

For a contemporary look use brow powder that is going to offer a new loom to the eyebrows and it’s going to confer them a really natural aspect.

The usage of ultra – resistant lipsticks.

The majority of lipsticks leave your lips dry and cracked. It’s not exactly what the groom wishes to kiss. Contour your lips with a crayon apply the lipstick and remove the excess through the usage of a napkin.