Fall look 6

Here’s how we continue our list of fall looks with a nice looking makeup style that we’re sure you’re going to like as well and b certain that it would be a pity not to apply for it. This particular look comes from Clinique and it seems really youthful to us. So, in case you want to look younger with a couple of years it’s not hard to use all the details that are mentioned here. Be certain that if you listen to our pieces of advice, you’re going to end up looking really gorgeous!
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So, we start with the face. in case you want to apply for a makeup foundation then you can certainly use a makeup foundation that is really similar to your natural skin tone. In this particular case we recommend you to use just the blush in your cheeks and only that, so you can renounce to the makeup foundation. The blush tone that we recommend you to use in your cheeks is under the format of a stick and try applying for a warm dark tone.

We continue with the eyes, the next important parts of your complexion and not only! The eyes are the essential parts in this particular makeup style and fall look, so it would be a pity for you not to listen to our pieces of advice.
Here’s what you need in case you want to look exactly like the model in the picture: you need eyeliner in a dark tone, a dark eye shadow and let’s not forget about the mascara as well. So, start with contouring your eyes on the line of the lashes, on the external side and continue with adding eye shadow on the exact line traced with the help of the eye liner.

You can use two different tones of eye shadow: one in a darker tone and one in a lighter tone. It won’t be hard to place all the focus on your eyes, you can be sure of that. The mascara should be used both on the superior and on the inferior eye lashes as well and this will bring extra focus to the eyes.

As for the lips we recommend you to use a grape tone of lip stick that looks really shiny in the same time, one that doesn’t have any shimmering particles in it.

This is a nice looking makeup style and it would be a pity for you not take it into consideration. If you don’t succeed looking like the girl in the picture it’s not a tragedy, you can try and try until you finish looking gorgeous.