Face masks

57304338How do you usually take care of your face? Did you know that face masks were used even hundred of years before? Face lifting is indeed a good method for anti-aging, the doctor makes your face look younger, but the cost of this procedure, can you afford it? If your skin has a good tonus you may avoid the knife by applying several masks!

Using face masks all the time helps us maintain our beauty and young aspect, but it can also makes us look radiant. A piece of advice you should listen: make your masks at home and avoid buying them from the market because they have many unhealthy things in their composition! Depending on the elements you use in your masks you can find out how many times you have to apply it on your face and age isn`t a determining fact.

You can make a mask with clay or powder, oranges, cream masks or gel masks. The clay mask covers the entire face, it absorbs the fat in excess and the dust as it dries, it always helps in stimulating the circulation of blood, and may cause certain discomfort to sensible and dry skin; that`s why the skin with big amounts of fat and the rough one benefit from this type of mask.


The gel mask is applied on the entire face surface and it is hold for about 20 minutes, after this time you just roll it like a second skin, you begin taking it of from your chin upwards. This mask helps your face get rid of hair, dead cells and pores. It can be applied on all types of complexions, but they don`t absorb fat as well as clay masks do…

Cream masks look like a consistent material; they feed the skin cells and confer a youthful look to your complexion. This type of mask isn`t useful for young and fat skin because it contains a large quantity of oil!

Do you want to make your own personalized face mask? Start by cleaning your face very good, the zones where you can`t apply soap must be cleaned very fine! If you have a normal or dry complexion you can use moisture. Apply a coconut oil because it`s natural (if you have one) and will not affect natural secretion of sebum, if your complexion is greasy use directly the mask…

Make sure you find a quiet place and lay down for 10 or 20 minutes and it is necessarily you don`t talk, if you don`t do these things the mask won`t be efficient!


Don`t apply the mask on sensitive areas, such as mouth and eyes, these zones are to be avoided… use the mask on the cheeks, nose, chin, neck and the forehead; most of us forget to apply the mask on the neck and it is funny to see the difference between the color of the face and the neck and chest after the treatment.

Try to use your masks from natural ingredients; you can also mix them if you have a mixed complexion…this is only a general presentation, in the articles to come every complexion will be given the appropriate mask and you will know what suits you better!