Evening makeup 3

Evening makeup looks magnificent on tanned skin and our first example refers exactly to this type in particular. Use gold and brown shades and you’re going to see just how great these go together. Our suggestion is to start firstly to highlight your eyes with the help of black eyeliner, adding it all around your eyelids and continue with the eyeshades: you can use gold or green tones of eye shades and a really dark shade in the exterior corner, both on the inferior as the superior side. When it comes to the eyelashes, we recommend you to use mascara and especially on the superior ones as to confer extra effect to your sight.

The lips shouldn’t be forgotten as well. You need to use a glossy lip gloss that will make your lips look voluptuous and really shiny in the same time and this will confer extra effect to your makeup.

Here’s another example that we have and it refers also to tanned skin. This time we recommend it for blond haired women with blue eyes. So, do you want to look great at a party or a special event? Well, we’ve got just the right evening makeup for you!
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Use a makeup foundation that is very similar to your natural skin tone and apply blush in your cheeks with a peachy texture. In the interior corner of your face and starting from the eyes apply concealer or illuminator in order to highlight your eyes in a gorgeous way. Continue with the eyes and use a pink eye shade in combination with blue eyeliner that will give the impression of prolonged eyes. Add mascara on the inferior and superior eyelashes and for the lips we recommend you to use a pink lipstick without too much shimmer in it and you’re on your way to that particular party.

We suggested this type of makeup style some time ago and we do it again! It’s one in which you highlight both your eyes and your lips, it’s a great looking one and it isn’t hard to realize at all. Use a light makeup foundation and apply for a red-orange blush for your cheeks. As for the lips, we recommend a spicy tone for it, similar to that used in your cheeks.

Also, you need to use brown eyeshade for your eyes and brown contour kohl and the effect is guaranteed. You can apply the brown eyeshade on the superior eyelid and don’t forget about the lower one as well. You can be sure that you’re going t look magnificent!