Fairy makeup

The fairy makeup can be realized very easily if you have the appropriate cosmetic products and if you listen carefully to our indications you’ll end up looking really great without hours and hours spent in front of the mirror.

So let’s see how can one make her own fairy makeup and what are the exact products that are needed, shall we? The first style of makeup that we propose is realized in brown and green tones.

This type of makeup isn’t as hard to realize as you may think. Here’s what you have to do: apply makeup foundation on the entire face including your lips. On the middle portions of your face you can apply illuminator, more exactly on the forehead, near the nose and under the lips. The next step is to realize some shades in your cheeks with the help of the darkest tone that you can have in your makeup case. Accentuate your eyebrows with the help of a pencil and black eyeliner.
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The eyes are essential for this type of makeup. Highlight your eyes with the help of a black eye color, but first find a suitable green eye powder and begin applying it all around your eyes continuing towards the ear area. If you don’t have a pair of fake eyelashes to highlight your eyes better, it’s ok to add extra layers of mascara. Take the darkest tone of eye color that you have in the cassette and begin adding on the inferior eyelid and on the exterior corner of your eyes under the arcade. Another great idea is to make a wave in the interior corner of your eyes with the help of black and liquid eyeliner.

How to you make your lips green? Well, it’s very simple: all you have to do is to add concealer on the surface of your lips and then with the help of a brush start putting green eye powder on that surface and you’ll end up with some great looking green lips!

Instead of this green tone, you can apply for other colors and it won’t be heard to obtain this great looking effect as long as you know where and how to place these colors. It’s the type of makeup that is ideal for a special occasion, like a party in disguise or between friends….

The last model we want to talk about is very easy to realize! So you know all the stuff that needs to be done firstly: applying makeup foundation and things like that. For this one you don’t need any shadows in your cheeks. Take some spicy tones of eye colors, like pink and yellow.

Start applying both pink and yellow wherever you wish; make sure that in the interior corner of the eyes you’ve applied the lighter tone. Over these colors trace a fine line with the help of black liquid eyeliner. You can take also a black pencil and start drawing nice tribal lines in the exterior corners of your eyes and you’ll see that’s nothing to it.

Also you may take a liquid illuminator and apply it in the interior side of your face, near the nose area, on the forehead and under the lips. As for the lips that we’ve just mentioned, we recommend a spicy pink tone and we assure you that you’re going to look like a fairy!