Dramatic eyes makeup

Dramatic eyes are ideal for every occasion you intend on going and they instantly offer you an amazing look! We’ve discussed some time ago about this makeup style and you have to agree with us that it is interesting. The main thing about this makeup style is to highlight your eyes with dark shades and highlight what’s best in them. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to have dark eye circles, because this makeup style highlights them pretty much….

We start with our first suggestion that has at the basis grey tones with glitter in them and without. You’re going to see what we’re talking about in the further lines. So, take the glittery eye shade and begin contouring your eyes with it.

Also, you can apply for a contour kohl in the interior side of your eyelids, this will create a nice visual impression, be sure of that! The next step consists in applying that matte eyeshade with an angle line in order to create an impression of prolonged eyes. In the rest of the eye area leave them nude, without any makeup products: use only the three cosmetic products that we’ve just mentioned. As for the mascara we suggest you to add one layer on the upper and lower eyelashes and this will be more than enough.
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Now you may think how exactly you can blend this makeup style with the rest of your complexion. Well, this won’t be hard at all! Before applying for this type of makeup you can use a really natural tone of makeup foundation and don’t add any shades in your cheeks, leave them just the way they are. The lips can be caressed with a smooth lip balm, transparent and that’s about it. Did we convince you?

Here’s our last suggestion up to this moment and it concerns dramatic eyes as well. It isn’t hard to realize and we just hope that you pay extreme attention to our indications. The piece of advice concerning the makeup foundation color remains the same and for the lips it’s the same story. Now, let’s discuss a little bit about the eyes.

You’re going to need some matte black eye shadow and black contour kohl. The rest should be left in your hands. Start with contouring your eyes with the black kohl, the next step is to take a brush and start spreading the dark eye shade around your eyes in such a manner that you cover almost entirely the upper eyelids( up to the arcades) and the lower ones as well. It sounds kind of interesting, doesn’t it?