Concealers- useful products 2

We promised to continue with the subject regarding the concealers this necessary product that shouldn’t be absent from no woman’s purse and we’re back with some other examples.

We start with such a make-up product that has also anti-aging features. But it’s also characterized as being a three in one product: eliminates the dark circles under the eyes making it easy for you to put eye powder easily, it hydrates the skin in the area you use it and also it prevents wrinkles and bad looking lines.

This concealer is water put in silicone emulsion and it covers the nasty looking areas, like under the eyes and badly discolored eyelids. If you decide to use this product you can be sure that it will resist all day long without facing any deteriorations or things like that….

So let’s draw some conclusions regarding this product: it gives you a natural look, without forming lines or things like that, it also helps the skin to be more firm and it avoids collagen’s destruction, and also it has anti-oxidant protection.

You don’t know how to use this product? It’s not hard at all: with the help of the applicator put a small amount of product on all the eye area and the effected areas in order to obtain a great looking aspect. Spread it easily on the entire surface of the skin and you can use it under or over the make-up foundation or even alone if you don’t feel like putting make-up foundation on your face.

We continue our suggestions with a correcting pencil. This pencil is slender and it can be used on every spot you want to cover and you think it doesn’t look nice at all. You can apply it on no matter what type of skin you have.

Put the pencil tip directly on the affected areas and next you have to spread the product with the help of your fingertips. Be sure that you’ll get rid of rashes, dark circles and imperfection during the day in which you use it.

This product must be the cheapest of all the concealers we’ve presented up to now: it’s under $30 and it’s worth every penny because it’s really effective.

Guys you can use this product as well, because it helps you getting rid of imperfections and you have dark circles too, you know…. Let’s also mention that all of these cosmetics can be found in different nuances and you can find a suiting one for your skin color and no one will notice that you’ve used it.