Traditional Vs Airbrush Wedding Makeup: Which Is Best?

One of the many decisions you have to make about your wedding is the makeup. Airbrush makeup is a popular trend among brides after celebrities increasingly used it to look camera-ready. It involves applying lightweight makeup through an air gun machine. It creates a flawless, matte finish that lasts all day. If you cannot decide whether to splurge for airbrush makeup or go the “traditional” route, read on!

Natural Look

Airbrush makeup results in a completely natural look because the application is so fine it allows your real skin tone to show through. The stuff does not come off on clothing and never looks caked on, unlike regular makeup. Foundations are mixed to create a perfect blend that matches your skin. Airbrush makeup is also waterproof, so it will survive any happy tears. Just be sure to blot instead of wiping airbrush makeup!

Lasts All Day

The supreme durability of airbrush makeup is another reason to consider it over traditional makeup. Regular makeup can smear and requires a lot of blotting and maintenance to remain shine-free and ready for photos. Airbrush makeup is guaranteed to last 16 hours, meaning you will still look fantastic by the time the reception and even the post-reception party is over.

Ideal For Photos

The matte, flawless finish and long wear time airbrush makeup offers makes it ideal for photos. Your wedding pictures are those you will treasure for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to want to look as perfect as possible. Reminiscing over your wedding should not involve comments such as “I can’t believe how shiny/cakey my makeup looks.”


Airbrush makeup is much more expensive than going to the drugstore and stocking up on regular options. However, many brides are more than willing to make the investment because the results are so flawless and long-lasting.

Is airbrush makeup worth it? We think so!