Makeup on the run

We know that it’s hard to be in a hurry and realize an immaculate makeup style! In fact, this is a thing that you do most of the times and not in all the cases you end up being successful there’s also the case in which you try to add some makeup foundation and mascara in the car while you’re standing at the traffic light and the light isn’t helping and the story goes on….

We’ve heard all the busy women doing these types of procedures and others that simply renounce to the idea of applying makeup when they’re on the run! Well, this isn’t a good thing at all because you don’t know when prince charming appears in front of you and he asks from a telephone number. Don’t laugh! Because it may happen, in your worst day when you have dark eye circles and you’re not wearing any makeup to encounter a charming man and he’s going to loose his interest seeing you in this way.
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What can you do in case you’re in a real hurry and you have to apply makeup on your face, because it seems that you don’t look as fresh as you could be?!

Well, in this case we have a 5 minute helping hand for you and we’re certain that this will definitely seem interesting to you.

First of all, here are some wonder products that you need and that will come in handy whenever you feel like there’s no time for dealing with your complexion. So, you definitely need to have a concealer, an eyeliner, lip balm and mascara. These are products that shouldn’t be absent from your purse no matter where you are!

Here are the things that you have to do- use the makeup foundation in only one minute, spread it on your face really fast and we totally recommend you a powder one in case you want effectiveness. Take the big brush and apply it on your face.

Another thing that you have to do in another minute is to cover your dark eye circles with the help of a concealer. Add it in the most affected areas and you do these procedures in two minutes! Fast and handy and if you do it daily it’s going to take less than that.

The eyeliner is the other wonder product that you have to use and you apply it in the external corners of your eyes, in such a manner that you do it has and create the impression of cat eyes. If you feel like you can’t handle using the eyeliner on the superior side of your eyes and on the external corners there’s also the option in which you can apply for adding eyeliner in the interior corner of your eyes- bigger eyes. Finish with mascara and a transparent lip balm on your lips and you’re done!