Using make-up according to the shape of your eyes

You have some imperfections in the area of the eyes? There`s no problem, most people have it, but you can repair this problems with a little make-up…

How do you use make-up on prominent eyes? These types of eyes have big eyelids and always seem to be accentuated, although you may not use make-up all the time. Use a light powder near the eyebrow area and a darker powder on the line of the superior and inferior eyelashes going to the external corner. You also need a darker eyelid powder towards the arcade zone. The contour kohl or liquid eyeliner is applied on the line of the superior eyelashes, and it is going to be accentuated in the exterior side. Also apply it on the inferior eyelashes, and finally 2 layers of mascara!

Do you have descendent eyes? What are the descendent eyes? They are those eyes that give the face a sad expression. Apply a medium nuance powder on the upper eyelid and then apply a darker one towards the arcade, in oblique style beginning from the pupil area. Apply a shimmering bright powder in the interior of the inferior eyelid. Apply in an exaggerate manner the contour kohl or the liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid towards the exterior, making sure you do it in an oblique manner. A hint is to divide your eye in middle parts: one interior and one exterior. Apply the eyeliner from the external part, letting the inferior one untouched!

Make-up for the Asiatic eyes shape is very difficult, because it isn`t a contrast between the mobile eyelid, the crease of the eyelid and the arcade of the make-up must be realized very attentively in lights and shadows. There are used bright nuances for the arcade and dark ones on the line of the eyelashes towards the exterior of the eye. You apply mascara finally.

How do you use make-up on eyes that have the eyelid soft and fallen covering the crease? In this case you must avoid using shimmery, glittery and shiny nuances with any type of effects. Neutral matte nuances are recommended. You apply a bright matte nuance on the superior eyelid and after you apply a medium matte nuance in the area where the lid is fallen and it is stumped towards the arcade. You can apply the kohl or the eyeliner on the line of the inferior eyelashes and finally you apply two layers of mascara!

Do you have eyes “stuffed” into your orbits? You must use make-up in this way: apply a dark nuance of powder on the entire superior eyelid and a medium nuance beginning from the crease lid and stomp towards the arcade. The eyeliner or the contour kohl is applied on the half external part of the eye, towards the exterior and mascara is applied in big quantities on the external parts of the eyelashes.

These being said, certainly you`ll know how to create your make-up from the moment your read, and you must take into consideration the pieces of advice concerning the shape of the eyes.