Hazel eyes makeup 4

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our examples up to this moment, because there are other more to come, more exactly two other makeup styles in order for you to make a general idea and see what type of makeup would you like to apply for your hazel eyes, or at least try every one of these examples and see the stunning effects.

So, our first suggestion for hazel eyes makeup consists in using a gold tone, but really shimmering in the same time. Here’s what you have to do: you can apply for a creamy crayon in this tone or for a gold powder, both of these have great results when it comes to this marvelous eye color. Take this shade and apply it on the upper eye lid, as well as on the inferior one, just underneath the eyelashes.

The final step consists in adding extra layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes and on the inferior ones you can apply for only one layer of mascara- be sure that the effect is gorgeous.
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Another interesting combination would be to use dark shadows together with light shadows and make sure that these realize a nice visual effect. Like in this case: use black eyeliner in the interior side of your eyes and then close your eyes for only one moment in order for the eyeliner to spread from the inferior eyelid to the upper one. The next step is to take the gold eye shadow and combine it with a grey tone or even a black one, but make sure that it is as matte as possible- thing that isn’t recommended for the gold tone, but on the contrary, use a shimmering tone.

Let’s continue with the upper eyelid. Here’s what you have to do: take a grey shade and combine it with a brown one and on the arcade use the lightest tone that you have in your makeup cassette. You can continue with a cat eye impression towards the exterior corner of your eye brows and see that the effect is simply dazzling.

Another thing that we want to mention is that the eye color that you use on the arcade area should be used as well on the interior corner of your eyes in order to make them bolder and great looking. We finish with recommending you to add extra layers of mascara, at least on the superior eye lids because these count the most. Sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it?

We’ve finished with the examples of makeup styles for hazel eyes, but be sure that in the future time you’re going to have other ones that concern other types of eye colors and so, everybody will end up winning.