Appropriate make-up for the outfit proposed

So we promised in the last topic to tell you what cosmetic products you should use before and after applying for that great looking outfit! Here you have all the details you need and we hope that we can satisfy your needs and tastes in a way or another….

First make sure that you’ve moisturized all your skin with the appropriate products. If your skin is dry then you need to use a moisturizer that hydrates and makes your skin fresh and smooth. All ladies like when someone tells them that they have smooth skin and this is also a sign of a healthy skin, let’s admit it….

Make sure you hydrate your face also, because you will begin to apply make-up to it! This make-up highlights your part that’s addicted to shopping and that you always like to be trendy, but not too much. It also highlights a sensual part of you, conferring an aspect that says “I’m available but not for you!” . Start with applying highlighting powder that will make your face shine! That’s all you need and let’s not forget about the shadows in your cheeks that give you that special touch and makes your face look interesting and thin.

We’ll continue with the aspect regarding the eyes. Use a smooth crayon all around your eyes and make highlight them really good. If you have, for instance green eyes you can apply for a beige crayon. You can also use eye shadow in order to highlight your eyes more. The basic step is to use mascara and that’s all regarding the eyes.

The next step regards the treatment of the lips. Use a crayon in order to underline their shape. After you’ve used it apply some lip color, matte in a matching color! You can apply for a natural nuance or a more courageous one. End with a gloss that will make your lips shine and give them extra volume!

This make-up will reveal both your eyes and lips and will make you look divine together with the outfit we’ve proposed. Instead of this make-up you may apply for a simple one, painting your lips red and a little bit of mascara of your eyelashes! It’s simple, yet refined and it denotes your cosmopolitan side! Be sure of that!

No matter what outfit you decide to wear, be it the one we’ve offered or another, make sure that you apply a great looking make-up too! You should pay attention to the colors you wear and maybe relate them in a way or another with the make-up applied…. We wish you a nice spring and full of joy! It’s kind of late, but we think it’s always well received….