Be a glamorous bride through the 80s makeup styles

The period in which everything seemed possible and one didn’t feel any restrains has echoes in our present times not only through the clothing elements, but also through the fabulous 80s makeup style. We would like to highlight some other great looking makeup styles, which ill make you look wonderful and trendy in the same time.
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Let’s start with a sensual look, which isn’t hard to realize. This one has a hippie aspect as well and you can adopt kooky accessories as well….

The makeup foundation has to give you a special glow and the blush you use in the apple of your cheeks as well. We jump directly to the eye makeup and we suggest you some great looking colors that will highlight your beautiful eyes and also a touch of liquid eyeliner to highlight them better. For the upper eyelid use a warm tone and for the inferior one use a cold one, more exactly a blue tone.

Ok, so let’s see what you can do with the upper side of your eyes, shall we? Take a gold or light brown eye shade and begin applying it on the superior eyelid towards the arcade area. Finish with adding a think layer of liquid eyeliner and you’re going to see just how great does this makeup style look on your pretty eyes. As for the inferior eyelids, you can apply for a shimmering blue tone, exactly on the line of your eyelashes, covering almost entirely the lower eyelids. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara, especially on the superior eyelashes.

For the lips we recommend a pink fresh tone of gloss, without shimmering elements in it. add a special contour to your lips and you’re going to see just how great you’re going to look! We hope that you end up looking just like the model and with a great looking 80s makeup style.

Our last suggestion up to this moment would be ideal to be used while you go out in town with the girls or in the club. This makeup style is based on warm tones and we totally recommend it if you’re eyes are blue or green.

Here’s what you need: a spicy matte pink eyeshade, a violet matte eyeshade as well as dark eyeliner. For the cheeks we recommend a shade that has at the basis pink tones and it offers you a really special look. And the lips shouldn’t be omitted: you can apply for a lipstick that has at the basis a fresh pink tone and it isn’t shimmering at all.

We will focus all the attention towards the eye makeup, because on most of the cases this one is the essential thing. So, start with contouring your eyes with the help of eyeliner and focus all the attention towards the exterior corner, creating a slight impression of cat eye look.

Focus all the dark tones on the inferior eyelid and you can add a violet tone as well. In what concerns the upper eyelid you can apply for adding that spicy tone of eyeshade under the arcade, on the arcade towards the finishing point of every eyebrow. In the interior corner you can apply for only a slight touch of eye color and we hope that you end up with a really great looking 80s makeup style.