Makeup and hairstyle for the prom

So wouldn’t you like to look like Marilyn Monroe in the night of the prom? Well this won’t be such a hard thing to do as long as you listen to our piece of advice. Also, besides her makeup style there are also some other ones that will definitely catch your eyes from the first moment.

We start with giving you some suggestions concerning how your makeup can be realized typical to the Marilyn Monroe look. Start with adding a really pale tone of makeup foundation and apply it on all your face towards the neck area. The cheeks are also important; you have to highlight them in a very slight manner.

The eyebrows shouldn’t be forgotten ever! In this case, if your hair is really blond then you can apply for a eye color that has a warm tone, towards brown and you know that this aspect is very important when it comes to this type of makeup, don’t you?
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The lips need to have that red, really fresh looking with that great looking contour and it’s very hard to find such a lipstick, because not all the red tones are as red as you would wish and you would love; also, it needs to suit you perfectly, remember? So this is how you can look like Marilyn Monroe in your wedding day and it isn’t a hard thing at all as you can observe.

Here’s another extravagant looking makeup and indeed you would wish to look like the girl in the picture in your prom night and that’s certain! In order to obtain such a look you need a makeup foundation that offers you a tanned impression.

The eyebrows should look really nice, brushed and maybe you can offer them a darker shade with the help of a brown eye crayon. The eyes are the basic feature of this makeup. Start with highlighting them with the help of the black crayon; start with applying dark eye color around your eyes and give them an intense look.

You can add this eye color on the inferior eyelid, exactly on the area where the eye lashes are placed and continue in the upper side exactly on the superior eyelid. Finish with adding extra layers of makeup and you’re going to see that you’re going to look like a princess and you’re going to be the prom queen with this look, but we’re not finished!

Add a hot tone on your lips and you’re going to see just how great all these elements go together. The lips should look as if you’ve just licked them and they must have a fresh tone, although first you may think that these are too spicy for you.

And to finish, we recommend you for your prom night, some great looking waves in your hair and you’re going to see that the effect is guaranteed. You can apply for loosened hair aspect and also you may give the waves extra aspect with the help of hairspray or different stylistic products!